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Rule # 1 - Maintain Civility (Sanity)

February 13, 2017


We are programmed to be anxious.

As long as I can remember, they have been frightening us 
with discord and war.  Hiroshima. The Cuban missile crisis.
The Cold War. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, 
and now potential war with Iran, Russia and China. 
"They" are on both sides of every issue. 
Isn't it time we got off their roller coaster? 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I don't have to tell you how toxic political discourse  in the US has become.  

It began in the election campaign and hasn't let up. The Left so demonized Trump that their supporters are literally traumatized by his victory. They are losing their minds.  Calling publicly for Trump's assassination. Punching his supporters. Floating stories that he is insane or that the election was "hacked by the Russians." Threatening violent resistance. In a country where semi-automatic weapons are freely available, things are volatile to say the least.

We have what I call, "cult induction interruptus." Under Obama, the Masonic Jewish globalist agenda was in full blossom. National, racial, religious and gender (family) boundaries were disintegrating. Americans were sinking deeper into the Cabalist Jewish (Communist) satanic cult. 

20170122_judd1.jpgTrump's victory has interrupted this process. He is "building a wall." Those indoctrinated by globalists (liberals, feminists) are confused and angry. The Left has always resorted to ridicule and slander because at some level they know their cause is evil. They have lost any sense of common decency, decorum, historical perspective or respect for the democratic process or truth. 

Events confirm that we live in a de facto Communist society. The mass media is almost completely controlled by the Soros-globalist faction, i.e. Cabalist congenital liars. This control even extends to the government-owned media in Canada, Australia, the Uk and Europe. The large corporations are also controlled by these Masonic Jewish central bankers. Never have I seen corporations take a political stand and risk alienating at least half of their potential customers. 

What are conservatives to do?  

1. Maintain civility (sanity). We have to remember that "liberals" "feminists" etc. mostly are well intentioned people who have been deceived. We have to model the kind of behavior we expect. Be patient. Don't fantasize about their demise. 

I used to be a feminist, liberal and Zionist myself. It's only because of a respectful political discourse that I was able finally to see that conservatives were right.  Let's not dehumanize the "enemy." Help them see the truth. My wife and family are mostly "liberals" but we are able to see beyond that. Mutable ideas should not divide us. 

2. Get off the roller coaster. As long as I can remember, politics has been a source of major anxiety. More so now. Do you suppose this is a coincidence? The more we obsess on current events and the evil enemy, the less energy we give to more constructive, health-giving things. 

In other words, it keeps us in a debilitated state. We need to limit the energy we devote to the political circus and focus instead on what provides peace, health and happiness. The world is a distraction from our own lives. Often it is an excuse not to have lives. 

3. The Political Divide is a charade. Trump makes the same Masonic inverted triangle hand sign as Merkel and George Soros. All the more reason to detach ourselves. Detachment may be the path of real resistance. 

Angela Merkel masonic hand sign[1].jpg

4. Remember the Big Picture.  We are a species of ape-like creatures occupying a ball floating in space. Shouldn't we try to discern Creator's intent and comply as best we can? Isn't that where happiness lies?
The enemy, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons, are Luciferians. That means they deliberately seek to thwart the Creator's Design and imprison humanity in a dark dungeon of depravity dedicated to Satan. 

We stumble onto the stage of life, not knowing what's going on, trusting in a deeply subverted society for guidance. Unconscious, most of us die without ever having lived. 

We are the only creatures who have foreknowledge of our death. We are surrounded by the ghosts of those who came before. Soon, we lose our glorious youth and eventually start to count our days. We deserve a pat on the back for our courage and dignity and for upholding some excellent ideals. 

We enter the world to a mother's bosom but, when we leave, there is no one to meet us but God. Naturally, the Luciferians have made God a dirty word, like Hitler. This is how they control us.

But, in fact, God is the truth, love and bliss that our souls crave. 

God Consciousness is mankind's common destination. Let's ignore distractions, join hands and pursue our common destiny. 

They will divide and conquer. Only love of God will unite and keep us sane. 


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First Comment from Andrew:

Ancient sages EXPLAINED what you explain in today's essay, Rule # 1 - Maintain Civility (Sanity).

Jesus said, "And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet." Matthew 24:6

Mind control hasn't changed in 2500 years: temple priests operated like MSM editors today to trigger adrenaline in PANIC, FIGHT, FLIGHT stories.

When nervous systems are flooded with adrenaline, no one thinks.

So do not amplify mind control paralysis, MAINTAIN CIVILITY & SANITY. Be Buddhist, be Christian, be Sufi...BE NICE!


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Comments for "Rule # 1 - Maintain Civility (Sanity)"

AA said (February 15, 2017):

As a Muslim, I know that things are going to get steadily worse before they will get better.....I have foreknowledge of this. God Almighty has already explained to man 1400 years ago, as revealed in the Quran, that the only path to true happiness and containment is by following the prophetic way of life as exemplified by the prophets that came...Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed (Peace be upon them). Deviating from that lifestyle and unwittingly following the material world of excess consumption will only lead to a life devoid of any purpose or meaning-no matter how wealthy you may end up being. Our role model, Prophet Mohammed owned nothing but a few clothes, a hair brush and a walking stick when he died. He slept on the rough ground in his tiny hut, with little to no possessions at all, yet he had attained enough power and authority to muster all the wealth in the world for himself- but he rejected all of this. Why? Becuase, like you Henry, we are here for one purpose only...and that is to worship our Lord and to do his bidding on earth to the best of our limited abilities. Period. No ifs and buts. We are not here to accumulate material wealth-that does not mean we cannot enjoy this life.

God Almighty has blessed us with the golden treasures spread generously all over this gorgeous planet of ours-to explore, study, admire, love, nurture and respect. That is loving and worshipping God. Yes, we all deviate , we all fall at the first hurdle-but we are meant to, for that is what makes us human. But being mindful of this and striving to create a balance between the spiritual and material is ultimately what God wants us to achieve. Balance=PEACE.

I pray my five prayers and I enjoy watching a good movie on Netflix. I try to meet that balance, and if everyone can visualize our existence on earth as just that, we would find happiness a lot easier to attain.

David said (February 14, 2017):

We stumble onto the stage of life, not knowing what's going on, trusting in a highly subverted society for guidance. Unconscious, most of us die without ever having lived.

It is that same subverted society which teaches what really living should be. We have become God's children having purpose and preferred destination. Why should we not be an alien experiment on auto-pilot.... which is governed by predators? Where are the acts of rulership by a God?

Of course, when these acts are absent, we claim that they are simply covert! The elites propagate religion to confuse man as to the true causes of the human condition. It is all man-caused....whether it is the elites directly or via their clones among the darkside masses.

Human existence is an absolute waste of time. Experience says this. In 500 years none of us will be remembered and whatever we do with the highest principles in mind, loses impact in an infinitely shorter time....unless the elites deliberately preserve it for their purposes. All past civilisations (even those by the giant races that lived) count for nought! But religion gives us concepts like karma and reincarnation, heaven and hell, good and evil etc etc to guide our thinking away from this futility into hope. And, in nurturing that hope we stay alive to nourish their systems of control. Earth is a big prison complex. If you try to live in freedom, they come for you.....and God does nothing!

Just look at the onward march of time and see that no matter what good things are done or what enlightenment is spread, they all get lost and have no permanent good impact. Then, the earth re-configures itself and all recollection of our existences disappear.

All that remains is the earth and its capacity for generating evil. Yet, the soul is real and it doesn't fit into this evil world of the elites. Instead of creating a MAHABHARAT WAR #2, we let religion turn us into sheep!

Jonee said (February 14, 2017):

It´s called the marxist LEFT because common sense, decency and not being a complete asshole took a f**king HIKE.

Diego said (February 14, 2017):

Read your article on Civility. I was really puzzled by the picture of those cute girls with the sign. As a good psychiatrist I try to understand the dynamics. Are they craving for assertive males? Tired of effeminate males?

Thanks Diego

When you've figured that out, can you tell me why they march wearing vaginas?


Ryan said (February 13, 2017):

Henry, your story on civility reminded me of a recent event. During a birthday dinner out with family, my elderly mother brought up Trump as a topic of discussion. Well, my brother instantly became enraged and LOUD, spewing anti Trump CNN talking points verbatim.

I threw my hands up and said "We have to change the subject!" My mother then suggested we talk about the Pope. We all had a good laugh. It helped to break up the tension. I couldn't believe how quickly things got heated. The brain washing is working.

The problem, as I see it, is that we are forced(in society) into choosing a side. So whether you choose left or right, it doesn't matter as this satanic cabal control both horses in the race and the narrative, thus they control YOU.

I refuse to play that game. Not to say I don't have a side or stand for something but my absolute distrust of the political system just doesn't allow me to have any personal or emotional attachment any longer to any side, person or party. I refuse to be boxed and labelled. I finally got off that ride.

George said (February 13, 2017):

A case can be made for what is sometimes called Quietism. [Definition: (in the Christian faith) devotional contemplation and abandonment of the will as a form of religious mysticism. ...calm acceptance of things as they are without attempts to resist or change them. "political quietism"]

However, I am seeing an uptick in violent behavior from the left, and do not expect this mess to end quietly.

Passivity in this case would result in a Soviet-style nightmare, IMHO. I can tell you as an NRA member that there is a huge cultural gulf between the gun people and the anti-gun crowd. The gun people tend to be very quiet and technical about it all. They don't shout and push and shove. But there is a lot to know about guns, and that knowledge cannot be acquired overnight. Unlike the disaster that befell poor Russia, I cannot foresee a similar catastrophe here... at least for the gun crowd.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at