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The Loaded Language of Abortion

February 5, 2017

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Mothers inducted into satanic ritual sacrifice?

"But the most frightening aspect of this matter is that given that society has been awash in occult activity--which includes the ritual sacrifice of both animals and humans--mothers have been brainwashed into taking part in the sacrifice." 

By Mark Anderson



Every word associated with abortion is loaded. 

To "abort" means to bring something to a premature end, like aborting a mission due to a problem. But that neutral-sounding word utterly fails to describe what happens to a child in the womb when it is murdered via violent dismemberment. This is a "choice" of the mother, so how dare you object to that

Language is a powerful weapon to the powers-that-be who want to reduce the population. That's why the PTB must own and weaponize the media. Who needs armies when you "own" words and the means of their transmission?

Such a media cannot let precise language take hold. So pro-life people are called "anti-abortion," portrayed as "intolerables" who oppose "women's reproductive rights," as if anyone has a "right to choose" to literally end the life of another (which practically speaking only applies to self-defense against, say, an intruder breaking into one's home). 

Above all, what the media cannot simply permit is a probe into the concept of "choice," i.e. allowing a mother to "choose" to have her child killed insider of her. 

"Fetus," akin to a meaningless blob of tissue, is the mandated cover word for a human being. However, a child, according to south Texas MD Lawrence Gelman, is born at conception. Think about this. "Birth," strictly speaking, means when something first comes into existence. But we call the child's departure from the womb "birth." Not so. Leaving the womb, as Dr. Gelman told this writer, is only "delivery" from one physical place to another. Thus, the first manifestation of existence is--and can only be--conception.

And as Notre Dame Law Professor Emeritus Charles Rice told me in extended discussions, there are people who evidently don't realize that the growing person inside the womb is the offspring of human parents. "What do people think it is, a giraffe, an orange?" Rice exclaimed, as we pondered the refusal of people to face even the most basic realities.



That flight from reality was certainly on display at the anti-Trump, anti-life March of Deluded Women Jan. 21 in Washington D.C., the day after Trump's inauguration. They made it clear that no man, (or woman who thinks womanhood consists of bearing children and treating men like valid partners) is going to tell them what to do with "their" bodies.


Furthermore, patriots need to keep something in mind, as well. Many fret and warn that "some day," in the "New World Order's End Game," we might all be executed in FEMA camps due to a "coming" world tyranny. But the actual world tyranny, busily twisting the minds of women via radical feminism, is a real thing--right here, right now--which has used women as disposable foot soldiers to rid the world of some 60 million human beings (in the U.S. alone) since the underhanded sabotage of the social contract known as the Roe V. Wade U.S. Supreme Court "ruling" in 1973.


That was the "landmark decision" in the high-sounding words of the weaponized media, a decision that advanced "reproductive rights" via "legalized abortion"--consummating women's ballyhooed "right to choose."


Sixty million, notably, is about twice the current population of Canada. It's like having a 9/11 each and every day. But do the nations typically list "abortion" as the top cause of death in official statistics? Of course not. (An occasional exception: Sometimes when a pregnant woman dies in a car wreck, the police will record two deaths). 


The nations have thus decreed that until a person in a mother's womb reaches at a certain stage of development, they are not even people. So, no one is there to die. Ergo, no one dies. And even if an especially hideous partial-birth "abortion" happens, no one with a name died. Every slain child is literally written off as if they never existed. Thus, every child dies twice, if you will. Ladies and gentlemen, Satan is showing his face for all to see.


Through the constant repetition of such putrid pap, the orthodox press--as if it were using a form of Chinese water torture--word by word assaults the moral sense, reducing the decision of whether the most defenseless human beings live or die to a purely utilitarian consideration, often based in the immediate sense on the perceived situation of the mother (I cannot afford to keep the child, so I won't) and based long term on the noxious Roe V. Wade "ruling" that simply sought to invalidate state laws that prohibited abortion. It didn't directly "legalize" anything.

But the most frightening aspect of this matter is that, given the fact that society has been awash in occult activity and control far beyond what the average person imagines--which includes the ritual sacrifice of both animals and humans--mothers have been brainwashed into taking part in the sacrifice. That critical distinction is what's manifestly satanic about the abortion mill. What force besides Satan himself, via his Illuminati minions who litter our political, academic, medical and media institutions, could wreak such havoc with the human psyche that the very creation of human beings is extinguished by mothers themselves?

But to pull back from the abyss, we must not let such dark forces cloud our resolve. While the U.S. Congress in 2015-2016 made some marginal efforts to stop federal funding for the deceptively named "Planned Parenthood" (watching Democrats drool as they defend the abortion mill transcends what most people can endure) there is under new President Trump noticeably more resolve to carry this through.

The Jan. 4 online Washington Post, with its subversive abortion-defending verbiage on full display, begrudgingly noted, "A House panel formed by Republicans to investigate the procurement of human fetal tissue for medical research has recommended stripping federal funds from Planned Parenthood, heralding a new congressional assault on the nation's largest provider of abortions and women's health care. The GOP majority on the Select Investigative Panel included the recommendation in the 471-page final report [which was issued in early January]."

And House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), in the wake of Trump re-instituting a ban on federal funds for foreign abortions, among other pro-life overtures that Trump has made, seems to have more resolve to push through the Planned Parenthood funding cut--which is the crucial first step to stop what amounts to satanic ritual murder seductively cloaked with the word "choice."

Accordingly, the very existence of Roe V. Wade stems from a radical act of war on the human mind and the social order, as the late former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who helped set the stage for Roe V. Wade, confessed before his passing. He was profoundly saddened by all the abortions he performed and by his legal actions. He lived a tortured existence while struggling to repent in his final days.


 Plaintiff "Roe" became pro-life anyway. But, early on, she was exploited and maneuvered into the case by radical activists spouting Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's murderous ideology to reduce the population, especially minority populations. (Memo to minority women at the D.C. march: That's why so many PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods). 

         Nathanson's awakening was better late than never. But when will society as a whole have a similar awakening? Hard to say. But the time to start is now.

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First Comment from Peter

My wife has had several miscarriages over the years and she has noticed recently that when she is consulting with doctors about her problem they always mark down these miscarriages in her file as 'abortions'. When she sets them straight on the fact that they were not abortions they tell her that 'abortion' is just short for another term 'spontaneous abortion' by which they mean miscarriage. 

Talk about manipulating the language. Trying to make abortion seem to be a common aspect of pregnancy. 

One doctor noted in her chart that my wife was a 'radical anti-abortionist' because she objected to the use of 'abortion' as a synonym for miscarriage.

Mark Anderson responds to comments:

The part about not wanting the state too involved, while it's understandable, is highly debatable. If there is ONE THING the state exists for, it's to protect the weak from the strong--the defenseless from human avarice and from the unhinged free will of misguided or desperate individuals. We have to drop this notion that freedom means you can do ANYTHING you want. That said, if the concern is that the military needs enough births to form armies, the answer, mainly, is to end the debt-based monopoly-capitalist monetary system that is so corrosive and monumentally flawed that war is guaranteed, since it's needed to keep the economy going. Please read carefully at

A friend of mine wrote, "These psychologically damaged women [many of whom have aborted their children] proceed with political careers -- not having children and now belonging to the feminist cult of anti-men, anti-marriage, anti-family -- [so] they become divorce lawyers and feminist trial judges and social workers and politicians and radical college professors -- and they were all there [in D.C.] on January 21, 2017 -- a coven of women whose souls and moral sense is dead and whose values have become the antithesis -- not an alternative, not a thought-out superior alternative . . . 'If Christians or conservatives or moralists are against killing a full-term baby . . . then I must be in favor even of that,' in solidarity with the coven of women guilty for aborting their own children and for coaxing pregnant women -- mothers -- into having their child killed by the all-Democrats abortionists. And yes, the Democrat Party is also a network of organized crime covering for each other. That is why all-Democrat Hollywood producers make so many horror and criminal-glorifying pictures . . ." 

And to think that Texas has been stopped in court even for trying to require that doctors who perform "abortions" (murder) have a formal connection to a local hospital, so as to keep fly-by-night abortionists from carrying out their killing sprees. That's proof-positive that both woman and child are the intended victims of this "pro-woman" "legal" super-Holocaust -- yes, Holocaust--whose practitioners should be getting life in prison. As soon as Planned Parenthood was exposed for selling baby parts, where were the SWAT raids against PP clinics? Why weren't THEIR doors kicked in? (yet such raids happen often when someone is growing pot or some other harmless activity).

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Comments for "The Loaded Language of Abortion "

Doug P said (February 7, 2017):

The assault on our language is the most deadly assault of all. It happens when we engage with all professionals, doctors, accountants, attorney isn't even the same thing as a lawyer but they gladly let you err in calling them lawyers. The assault takes place when you are pulled over and "understand" (stand under) the charges to Re-Venue the admiralty corporation with phoney money. It never ends.

Know this and you will know the NWO very well.

Pam said (February 5, 2017):

Words do matter as this author says. I've always been rankled by Microsoft's prompts:

KILL (the unresponsive page)
ABORT (program not loading)
SUBMIT (form, agreement, application, etc)

We are being programmed to kill, abort, submit by these words that were probably carefully selected by military psychologists for their subliminal effect.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at