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Traditional Dance Company Vexes Communist China

February 14, 2017


Shen Yun Uses Animated Backdrop For Dancers.( )

With five companies, Shen Yun has become the largest classical 

Chinese dance troop in the world touring more than 100 cities every year.

This makes the Chinese Communist Party ballistic because this dance 

represents everything good and beautiful that the Communists have destroyed.

Naturally they are determined to destroy Shen Yun as well. 

Communism is Satanism.

by Titus


Shen Yun has aroused the opposition of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) because the dance show is attracting full houses in theatres across the whole world. 

US based, it was created by Falun Gong practitioners and it shows the beauty of traditional, divinely inspired Chinese culture while also informing people of the atrocities against human rights and free speech in China today. 

In 2006, a group of leading classical Chinese artists came together in New York with one wish: to revive the true, divinely inspired culture of China and share it with the world. They called it Shen Yun. Shen means divine being and represents the myriad of divine figures in Chinese history. 

Yun means rhythm and and conveys a person's entire bearing. Shen Yun means the beauty of divine beings dancing in the heavens. Shen Yun combines traditional Chinese dance with a live orchestra blending western and Chinese instruments.

Since its beginnings with one touring company Shen Yun attracted full houses in many cities across the world. Today Shen Yun has five touring companies and has become the largest classical Chinese dance company in the world touring more than 100 cities every year.

Since its beginnings the CCP has done everything in its power to interfere with Shen Yun shows including threatening theatre directors across the world, slashing tires on touring buses, sending threatening letters to MPs and putting pressure on foreign departments etc. This year they have a new tactic: Paid advertisements in large media outlets such as Washington Post, The Telegraph (UK) and The Age (Australia) where they slander Shen Yun in primitive ways.


There are two things with Shen Yun that makes the CCP go ballistic. The first thing is that the dance company was founded by Chinese Falun Gong practitioners living abroad. Falun Gong has been persecuted in China by the CCP since 1999 and it has been named the No 1 enemy of the CCP. The primary reason is perhaps not that Falun Gong has a spiritual content but rather that it can´t be controlled by the CCP since it has no fees, no membership, no assets and no hierarchy among its followers. Furthermore,  it attracted 100 million Chinese people in seven years.

The second thing is that Shen Yun tries to revive the brilliant and divinely inspired 5000 year old Chinese culture with all its different dynasties, legends and traditions spanning the whole of China. This is something which scares the CCP since it has distorted the facts of ancient Chinese culture and history and then make its own rotten history of killing and destruction look better and more glorious.

Shen Yun restores the reputation of good ancient rulers. All ancient emperors and kings were not evil tyrants like the CCP has told people. That is why China could become the largest country in the world and survive for 5000 years. Shen Yun shows people the goodness and beauty of ancient dynasties, traditions and clothes.

Shen Yun tells the true history of the evil CCP - which includes having murdered about 80 million innocent Chinese people and destroying the whole 5000 year old Chinese culture inspired by a myriad of legends, divine beings and Buddhas. Today, the CCP kills many Falun Gong practitioners - and this includes brutal live organ harvesting.

All of these factors make Shen Yun a completely unique show in our modern Marxist society. Many people are truly fascinated and attracted by this traditional show because of its innate beauty and kindness. This is of course a nightmare for the CCP who wants to have monopoly on traditional Chinese culture while distorting it into a Marxist darkness and depression.


The CCP recently published a paid ad in "The Telegraph" which was headlined: "Shen Yun Is A Blaspheme Against Real Art". The article tells how bad Shen Yun is and how poor ratings some art critics have given the show. It also claims Shen Yun "demonizes the CCP". The art critics quoted don´t seem to be any experts of classical Chinese dance.

The best way to know the quality of a dance show is to look at the audience numbers. Shen Yun has simply outclassed all the CCP shows around the world for ten years and it is the "only" Chinese dance show filling up theatres across the world today. This is the best proof of Shen Yun´s quality.

People across the world are starving for spiritual food, divine inspiration and beautiful traditional culture. They go to see Shen Yun because they get a unique blend of divinely inspired culture, hope, spirituality and beauty. 

Shen Yun comes with a message that human beings are fundamentally divine beings that came down to earth with the hope to do some good things before returning to their divine realm. This message is indeed powerful, inclusive and beautiful and it´s a message people won´t hear in other dance shows.


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First Comment from Stephen Coleman 

While in college I befriended a number of Chinese students from communist China. They were bright and some were survivors of the Cultural Revolution. I recall them telling me that they were learning more about Chinese culture and traditions in the USA than what they could learn in China. 

They were also critical of the US universities saying that in China they go to the university to learn, while American students attend the university have fun. One mentioned in amazement that the library was empty, yet in Beijing University he'd be lucky to find an empty chair to sit in.  

Chinese universities are graduating ten times the engineers than the US and this should be a warning enough not to pick a war with China. 

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