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Unanswered Questions: The Quebec Mosque Terrorist Attack

February 1, 2017

("Islam out of my house" is a slogan related to Quebec nationalists.) 

There is a cover up going on here; the police are not releasing complete details of what really took place. There is at least one individual missing from the incident who carried out and possibly directed the entire operation. 

The author, Salman Hossein, is a Muslim radical who lives in Bangladesh. 

by Salman Hossein

Canada's first real terrorist attack (as opposed to fake terrorism) has been executed by up to three individuals (but most probably only two). Here is what we know so far. 

At 8 PM on Sunday, January 29th, two gunmen in balaclavas/ski masks walked in the middle of Esha'a (night - not evening/sundown) prayers and killed 8 worshippers. Earlier, the same mosque had a pig's head left on the front door; and subsequently three weeks later - letters containing threats of genocide against the Quebec Muslim community - something many in the White Trash brigade , err the White Nationalist/Supremacist movement is currently cheering on after the executions of six Canadian Muslims in Quebec.

They were armed with AK-47 type machine guns. They quickly escaped on foot. The 27-year old native Quebecois accomplice had a dose of white guilt and decided to turn himself in. He was apprehended 14 miles east of St. Lawrence. He was found with two AK-47s and a handgun. His Mitsubishi was thought to be rigged with explosives. Another suspect Mohamed El Khadir has been cleared as a witness to the shooting according to the Journal Du Quebec's Jean-Nic Blanchet. 

The Moroccan individual is clearly innocent because he was the one who called 9-11 to immediately notify the police. If he wanted publicity in order to promote hatred against Islam and Muslims, all he would have to do is follow the Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Salman Rushdi routes and join the anti-Islam brigade. This seems like another Baruch Goldstein moment right here. This was not an intra-Muslim massacre as many fools want to believe. It was also not a spontaneous attack by some loner seeking public attention. This was a well planned and executed operation with another accomplice (and it wasn't the Moroccan) - no doubt about it.

(This kid is proficient with a machine gun?)

Why did the initial number of shooters drop from three to two masked individuals?  Then it finally dropped to only 1 individual - Alexandre Bissonnette - who turned himself allegedly only due to a pang of guilty conscience. 

There is a cover up going on here and the police are not releasing complete details of what really took place. There is at least one individual missing from the incident who carried out and possibly directed the entire operation itself. 

This incident was carried out in order to trigger racial and religious tension within Quebec. I have seen no evidence so far that it was a hoax with crisis actors. 

Many questions remain unanswered - who provided the AK-47s to the shooters? Where are the other two shooter?  Six people died from this incident while eight others were injured. There is no way a single shooter could do it considering the fact that he would eventually have to reload the gun's clip once running out of ammo. 

In fact, they reloaded three times and shot worshippers in the back. Not only that, Alexandre (or any other possible shooters) were described as professionally trained. The witness states - "It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm.....He killed and he killed. It was really horrible."  

(left, victims) 

The operation was carried out by an expert as it is difficult to actually properly shoot with machine guns unless properly trained. I believe multiple well-trained shooters carried out the hit on 14 individuals - 6 of whom became casualties. It isn't the same thing as playing with a BB or paintball gun. 

This was not a "lone wolf" operation. CCTV footage of what transpired in the mosque should immediately be released or else the Quebec police are a part of the cover up. Why did Facebook delete his account and posts? Would it reveal too much information - including his connections to Israelis, Jews, and Zionists?

What the police have unearthed is nothing more than a joint covert Israeli Mossad (as the Jews are the most protected species in the entire Western world) backed right-wing terrorist gangs operating within the province of Quebec. There may be many more such secretive cells operating not only within the province but also throughout the rest of the country as well. 

The Quebec police are covering up for this terrorist operation and are thereby accomplices to mass murder and terrorism themselves. The police are accomplices and complicit in this terrorist operation and they should thereby be prosecuted in this matter since they are denying the presence of another shooter. If Alexandre didn't give himself up to police, then no suspects would have been located. 

Furthermore, why is this Kosher Nationalist/IDF-supporter charged with 6 counts of first degree murder and 5 counts of attempted murder when he should be charged under the anti-terrorism clause? This is certainly a politically motivated murder. If a Muslim had been framed or setup to just look like a "terrorist" he would be charged with "terrorism" offences. 
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Makow comment- If this was a false flag, what is the purpose? I'd like your opinion. My first thought is that it is designed to garner sympathy for Muslim migration, as well as demonize "Islamophobia" and anything else Bissonnette is reputed to represent.  

First Comment from Ryan 

The CBC published a opinion piece on Monday evening entitled "Inconvenient truth is that white Christian men are Canada's mass shooters".  This inflammatory piece of garbage was written by CBC's very own, but not only, globalist suck-up and lackey - Neil Macdonald.  

It's obvious the intent of this story was to solidify the new false narrative that was now being presented, while stirring up some racial BS portraying Christian white males as hateful Trump loving radical nuts.  Readers quickly debunked Neil's examples of so called "Christian white males" as mass shooters.  The CBC also dropped Christian from the headline as well.  The flood of negative comments was amazing with many asking if Neil Macdonald was being paid by George Soros.  People are awake. No one is buying this crap anymore.

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Comments for " Unanswered Questions: The Quebec Mosque Terrorist Attack"

Sikander said (February 3, 2017):

Regarding some of the comments on “Unanswered Questions: The Quebec Mosque Terrorist Attack”, people deliberately or unknowingly mistranslate or misinterpret the Quran and Islamic History to promote Islamaphobia as pointed out by Sid Green. We have also seen the same deliberate misinformation techniques against Christianity with the production of the Scofield Bible and infiltration of the priesthood by people whose job is to misguide the flock. And then, to make these false interpretations appear genuine, we even have situation actors with posters acting as pied-pipers. Regarding Tony B’s comment, it is again an out-of-context misinterpretation of the Quran created to fit a particular meme.

Yvon said (February 2, 2017):

As a nationalist Quebecker, white male, who feels quite ashamed of 2 mass murdered that have happened in Quebec in the past 30 years, both aimed at innocents persons, I think that we are attacked by islamic propaganda forces alined with the Liberal party. Those are fake islamic forces typical of a Mossad operation aimed at transfering a conflict toward another futur jewish territory. A tactic that makes all government pay for jewish expansion and gain the destroyed territory assets at bargain price to repopulate with their own mixture race of the month !

The author of the first massacre, Marc Lepine, who killed 16 young womens for the reason it was wrong to persue career as engineers, made all of us white male look like mysogenic retards in opposition with women educating themselves.

NOT exactly a feeling i have heard or felt from any of my fellow French speaking citizens.

As it was revealed, Marc Lepine was raised by an Arab father and had another name prior to the mass murder.

Feb 1 article about the Quebec mosque being a more than one shooter Attack is perfectly in line with the continuous discreditation of french speaking white male.

By using young apparently frustrated white male, it marks the collective consciousness so strongly that i feel guilty and unworthy because of the actions of those higly brain washed individuals.

The first purpose of such propaganda attack is to discredit a whole group by constantly creating events that makes them look bad. Our politiciens, our publicity, all of the Quebec propaganda machine is aimed at extinguishing that particular group.

Such discredited white males are rejected by the system and for the first time in Canada’s history earns less on average then the preceding generation.

As conséquences of the Quebec mosque Attack, and the previous discreditation mass muder, the islamist ( who have been working that one for a long time ) are legitimate to commit terrorist Attack within Quebec. Probably towards a Young white male group.

Such attacks will be supported by gays and women, as a legitimate punishment for those deranged murderer that we all look to be now.

You have read it here, Bomb explodes at .... hockey Arena !

Sid Green said (February 2, 2017):

Because of people like Tony B (below) the Illuminati has everyone who would be awake fooled
I studied Islam in a UNIVERSITY. There is nothing like that in the Koran.
A statement such as his, there is no logical basis for an opinion like that. This is simply an example of someone who does not care at all what the real truth is. He has definitely not read the Koran. I am not Muslim. This ignorance angers me
GO TO SCHOOL (to Tony)

P.S. not that I am a big supporter of the school system, but it's good when BARE BONES BASICS are lacking.
In this case for Islam, has the person commenting read the Koran. No. In this case, school actually IS useful.
and I thought nobody was retarded enough to make it useful

Cecil said (February 2, 2017):

Henry: While the terrorist attack is a tragedy, it does NOT address the issue---ON PURPOSE.

While violence is a concern, the prime reason we don't want non-Whites and Muslims is because we have the right to have our own countries.

The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for "all races and nations". To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

They are coming to conquer. That they use passive means — moving in, demanding society adjust to them, and reproducing until they can vote themselves into power — does not matter, nor does it matter that they do not consciously intend these things. Their presence, whether they mean it or not, amounts to an invasion.

White Genocide: is a crime, not a 'policy option'. Jail for Justin!!!

Tony B said (February 1, 2017):

It is becoming ever more obvious, thus impossible to ignore, that those who want to rule the whole world openly see their only viable enemy as the white man. We see it in the insane engineered and paid for movement of non whites into all white nations but absolutely no reverse movement.

We see in every white country so invaded different levels of violence. Obviously that violence did not exist before the invasions of so-called "refugees," etc. yet, in every instance, the violence is officially blamed on the native white population.

It is also NEVER pointed out that the Koran advises, just as it is the regular tactic of talmudism, that Muslims be very cooperative with "infidels" when in the minority but to crush them, murder them, once they have the power. This is not just the M.O. of "radical Muslims," it is a part of the Muslim religion, admittedly not followed by most Muslims, but as seen on a daily basis in Syria for over the last five years. "Radical Muslims" might more honestly be called "literal Muslims" who follow its creator exactly.

So which is the violent side, the native citizens or the new invaders who refuse to assimilate into the existing societal customs but insist on those they invade changing and following theirs, especially their religion which the white man generally finds to be a false one? The "west" already lives under such talmudic subjugation and transformation of Christian civilization to the talmudic chaos of self interest above all. Is this present invasion the next step?

Regardless, this is obviously an agenda to get rid of the white man's opposition to imposed oriental despotism.


All Islamophobia and Muslim migration originates with the Zionists. Anti Muslim terror is designed to win sympathy for Muslims so more can immigrate.


K said (February 1, 2017):

This shows his face book page which was taken down. A neighbour stated that the twins dressed the same; almost impossible to tell one from another; and they only had one car that they drove together. Thus there may have been an evil twin in this equation. They shared the same apartment together so we really don’t know who was who do we? This becomes a very confusing issue that needs to be explored as why did the patsy phone the cops later to meet him where they found what
may have been a gun in the car and nothing else that was material in this shooting event? Something is wrong with what we are being told as those that knew the patsy were shocked as he was not the one they had known before in life.

Peter said (February 1, 2017):

The Quebec Shootings: Might well be a set-up. The press in Canada has been heavily laying the groundwork over the past couple of months to convince the people of the threat posed by a supposed right-wing vigilante (Quebec-first) group called 'Le Meute' which, if it exists at all, was most likely the brainchild of the RCMP or CSIS and a few hot-heads that they were able to get to join up.
Let's wait to see if they try to pin this on 'Le Meute' or some similar group. If they do then it was most likely a pretense for claiming that there needs to be even more 'surveillance' of groups, chat rooms, conservatives, the PQ, Christians, gun owners, etc.

In fact, just the other day one of the new federal cabinet ministers said that he would be convening a new working group to look at reforming Canada's gun laws yet again.

Robert K said (February 1, 2017):

Early reports were that the man in the Mosque went low when the shooting began, then that four were shot trying (presumably in succession) to disarm the (pipsqueak) gunman, then that they were (treacherously) shot in the back, now that most wounds were to the abdomen. The flow of fake news never stops.

By the way, I saw a photo of the outside wall of the mosque that announced that it had 24-hour video surveillance. I have seen no mention of this in news reports. Have the police alluded to it? How the surveillance cameras were arrayed would be of great interest, but maybe, like the Pentagon cameras apparently on 9/11, they weren't working at the critical time....

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