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April 11, 2017

by Karen

The United airline thing is disturbing in several ways.  Not only ought it not to have happened in America why did no one come to help the man?  The were happy to video it on their phones but not one person actually got out of their seats to confront the security officers.  Why not?  The passengers outnumbered the officers.  What's a security force going to do if they get attacked by a plane full of passengers for their disturbing, to say the least, actions?  We pay more attention to animals who are beaten which we ought to pay attention to them since harming animals is one of the first signs of a dangerous person.  Why couldn't these people come to the aid of a defenseless fellow passenger?  I would not want to be on a plane with people like this if it was in the air and suddenly taken over by hijackers.

The other thing that I question is why under those vicious circumstances did no one, no one, offer to leave the plane in that passenger's place so he could be spared what happened?  Are we stupid as a society?  That would have been a simple act of kindness and it wasn't like United was going to put them in a prison if they left the plane.  I could use an extra $800 and a free hotel stay until I could get on a flight.

This action by United and its passengers is very questionable on more than one level.  While United bears the force of the blame I really wonder about what has happened to our society that we would not come to the defense of an apparent innocent man.  These are our neighbors.  These are the people we won't be able to count on for help if the crap hits the fan.


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