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April 15, 2017

Christian Zionists & End Time Prophesy Stir Middle East Pot 

by Lynda

 The enormous support of the Evangelical JudeoXtian Zionist churches for Trump and their understanding of his presidency is an important feature on the current schmo screen. 
All these churches (millions of cultists)  have created full-on endtime prognostications and scenarios for their (heretical) ideas of the Anti-Christ, Gog (of Ezekiel 38), the Book of Revelation etc. They are all big Israel firsters, Third Temple builders and Messiah rapture doomsdayers.  They are the goy imitation of the Chabad Lubavitch.
Here is a good potted version of their basic 'endtime' schedule of events. All Christian Zionist churches - Southern Baptists, Pentacostals, TV evangelists etc have some version or other of this synopsis.

 They have thousands of channels all over the world devoted to 'endtime' prophecies relating to their 'endtime' scripts and scenarios.l
A lot of their thinking is based upon Ezekiel 38.  They all have this idea that Gog (Antichrist and his federation) will make a peace treaty with Israel (Gods Chosen people) and break it and invade together with a confederacy of nations. The Bad Guy in this script is usually the Anti-Christ (a European or American political leader) together with Russia (as GOG) and a federation of five nations.
Now this is where it gets seriously interesting.  In the Patristics, the Eastern doctors of the Church have written about  the prophet Ezekiel following the histories of Josephus in Antiquities (1.6[123]).   Josephus recognizes that the land of Magog was the land of the patriarch : Ashkhenaz and the migration of the people of Ashkhenaz was to land of the Black and Caspian Seas encompassing the land. They ruled the ancient people of Meshech (in the land of what is today Armenia).  The ancient people of Tubal were in what is today central Turkey.  And they were all ruled by the Khazarian Khaganate of the Ashkhenaz.   
Thus they fail to recognize that (in terms of their own Biblical worldview), the invasion of 'Gog' has already occurred.  Those who invaded the ancient land of Judea and Roman Palestine are exactly the people of this ethnicity.  And the Crown of their Supremacy is on the sq mi of the City of London.  They set up the 'British' empire as an engine of world conquest and they regularly parade their tribal gods through the City of London.

And it gets even more interesting.  The '7 nations in 5 years' take down GOG mandated for for their mighty USSA ZOG involves the nations of Ezekiel 38.  I refer to: Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (which became Nubia and then Sudan), Libya, Togomorah (later Phrygia, then Turkey).
From the time the state of Israel was declared in 1948 until the Iranian Revolution and the fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty in 1979, Israel and Iran were very close.  It was only the second Muslim majority nation after Turkey (still controlled by the Donmeh) to recognize Israel. The terrible civil wars in the Sudan could well be between warlords who want to see Sudan as part of an alliance with Israel - a greater polity of satellite nations around the Rothschild state. Libya at present does not recognize the state of Israel and this is probably the reason why it is on ZOG's hit list for regime change. 
So there would be a lot of support among the JudeoXtian doomsdayers for regime change wars in the nations round about the apple of g_d's eyeball - Israel, because some of these nations  are to be part of the GOG federation which they have projected as a future threat to the apple of g_d's eyeball.  If Ashkhenazi Judaism, its invasion of Palestine under its British Empire and then it Jewish state, is in fact the GOG of Ezekiel' s 38, then yes - regime changing those nations will, in fact,  bring them into the GOG federation.
This is why I am now calling the ZOG regime change wars, the GOG wars.  My homage to the prophet Ezekiel who has much to say about Judaic 'anti-christ' scripts.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at