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Boston Marathon Psy Op Four Years Later

April 14, 2017

(left, Jewish-looking spectators nudge explosives under railing April 15, 2013.) 

Tamerlane Tsarnaev had told a masseuse that he was "going with his company to run a drill, for security". Obviously, he had been set up. Salman Hossein believes the false flag was perpetrated by Zionist Jews, who orchestrated the entire event through their assets in the pro-Israeli DHS entity.

To Trump's credit there hasn't been a false flag on US soil since his election. 
[Editor's note- I would have no time for other things if I analyzed every false flag. I leave this for people like Salman who provides many hard-to-find links with this story.]

by Salman Hossein

As I reported back in April 2013, the Israelis and local American Jews framed the Tsarnaev brothers for the Boston bombing hoax in which nobody really died. With the fourth anniversary of the 2013 Boston Bombing "hoax" Saturday, we have a case study of Jewish vengeance unleashed against gentiles. 


(Notice that in the aftermath of the explosion none of the two women and elderly Jewish man (above) are anywhere near the barricade where the brown bag with the bomb were planted.)

Even though the evidence is crystal clear that the Tsarnaev brothers were running a "terrorism" drill setup by Kraft International and the main (((suspects))) caught on CCTV just happen to look like (((JDL terrorists))) tied in to Israeli intelligence, the motives behind the killing of two Chechen Muslims (Tamerlane Tsarnaev and Ibragim/Ibrahim Todashev) and the life imprisonment of a third (Dzokhar Tsarnaev among others including young Central Asian Muslim men who were tried and convicted on trumped up charges in kangaroo courts) only help expose the (((tribal nature))) exacting maximum vengeance on defenseless individuals.  

The main Israeli hit man showed no remorse in attempting to murder an innocent young man in an extra-judicial fashion but rather regretted in failing the mission. Tamerlane Tsarnaev was essentially accused of committing a crime after being shot by (((police))) without any provocations and due process or trial, more specifically by Israeli mole(s). He had told a masseuse at a massage parlour the weekend before the "incident" that he was "going with his company to run a drill, for security". Obviously, he had been setup for the kill and then a whole gang of (((false flaggers))) started to pin the staged hoax (where three fabricated identities were manufactured as casualties).

For years, Tamerlane had been harassed by the (((FBI))) to spy on the local Chechen and general Muslim communities in Boston. He had been killed because of his ethnicity and religiosity and paranoid vengeance by the local Jews. He had been shot by the cops without any provocation but later on, the reports were totally changed. Meanwhile, his younger brother got manhandled in the jew-dicial system and convicted in a kangaroo court for false terrorism charges. Another (((rat))) was involved in filing the criminal complaint against the living Tsarnaev.


(Not a suspect? This man is obviously carrying the packsack)

This wasn't just an operation conducted by members of the Israeli/Jewish mafia but includes and further implicates greater involvement from the Boston Jewish community and their shabbos goyim assets as well. For example, everyone from (((tribal doctors))) giving false testimony to fake (((eye)))-witnesses and crisis actors are seen as participating in the cover up and framing of the younger Tsarnaev.

When it was revealed that the (((conspirators))), (((framers))), and (((planners))) of the ((("terrorist"))) incident in Boston were none other than members of the tribe, and the Chechens were clearly innocent, the Judenpresse started accusing them of allegedly murdering three Jewish drug dealers. Not only that, the greater Jewish communities in Boston were involved in covering up for the perpetrators and blaming the innocent Chechens. The excuse used by the usual suspects were that he and his fellow Chechen pal Todashev (whose wife insists they were never questioned by the FBI about the murders). These (((drug dealers))) were supposedly devoted to their faith but somehow facilitated the use of narcotics.

Not only that - the alleged killers dumped the marijuana and $5000 worth of cash on their corpses after slitting their throat in this triple murder incident which members of the Jewish community tried to pin on the Tsarnaev brothers and Todashev. 

Of course, dead men tell no tales and we will never know if these Chechens had anything to do with the incident or not. So the question must then be - what did these slain Jews do to provoke an attack by anyone (regardless of whether the attackers were the accused Chechens or not)?


(Jews like Gene Rosen, left, played a major role in Sandy Hook psy op) 


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First Comment from Glen:

  The most in-depth analysis you will ever find on the false flag that was the "Boston Bombing".  R.I.P. Dave McGowan...

Ken Adachi writes:

Tamerlan did not die from being run over and then shot by police. That's a fabricated story and the Youtube link in the article to the FM radio station conversation with  "Linda" is either a planted call or "Linda" witnessed  a staged event (doubtful) or she witnessed someone other than Tamerlan being shot. Listen carefully to the interview where "Linda" tell the newsman she witnessed the run-over and supposed shooting at 11:30 PM on April 18, 2013. However, Tamerlan was taking into custody by police, ONE hour later, at 12:30AM on April 19. .

The fact is that Tanerlan was taken into custody naked at 12:30AM on April 19, 2013 after being told to remove all of his clothing, including his underwear. He was first told to lay down on his belly in the road with his arms outstretched in front of him, after he was told to get out of the car he was driving.     

The very Youtube video that has the audio of "Linda" describing how she saw police run over and then shoot Tamerlan, shows the very video of  the naked Tamerlan being put into the back of a police crusier where he sat until the FBI arrived. FBI then took Tamerlan out of the cruiser and over to the front of a building where he was photographed and then led away towards the entrance of that building (where the news video cuts off at that point). Tamerlan was never seen alive again after FBI led him away. 

The MSM tried to cover up Tamerlan's capture and custody by FBI by saying that the naked man was a case of a mistaken "suspect" and that they had let him go. BS. It was TAMERLAN. I did many screen capture side-by-side photo comparisons of the video captures with Tamerlan's photos and it's definitely the same person. Tamerlan's Aunt also confirmed on a Youtube video that the "naked man" taken into custody at 12:20AM on April 19, 2013, was her nephew, Tamerlan. 

Tamerlan's body supposedly shows up at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center about one hour later, approximately 1:30AM where Dr. David Schoenfeld falsely reported that Tamerlan went into immediate cardiac arrest, and they were unable to save him. The ghastly photo that shows up inexplicably on the internet the following day showing a bullet-ridden body of Tamerlan with a gaping hole in the left side of his chest about the size of a football, was suspicious from the beginning since there was zero chance that Tamerlan could remain alive with a hole the size of a Howizer shell in his left side. I later had to conclude that the photo was faked, fabricated with Photoshop.  What is certain is that Tamerlan was in FBI custody at 12:30AM of April 19, 2013 and then supposedly shows up riddled with bullets and "run-over" injuries at Beth Israel Medical Tenter ONE hour later. We never see Tamerlan again alive. It's unlikely, bit it is POSSIBLE, that Tamerlan is still alive, since EVERYTHING presented in the media about the Boston Bombing is Zionist deception and fraud from top to bottom. 

The whole story of Tamerlan's capture and custody with photos is here, posted on May 2, 2013:

Tamerlan, Captured Alive & Uninjured, Was Mortally Wounded in Custody, Then Delivered to Hospital Claiming Mortal Injuries Were Due to Concocted SUV "Runover" & "Shootout" Fable (May 2, 2013)

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