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May 1 - Does "Loyalty Day" Reveal Trump's Satanism?

April 30, 2017

Donald-Trump-666-hand-sign.jpgBait and switch? 

Couldn't Trump have chosen some other day
to celebrate America's ostensible core values? 
May 1 is a Satanic High Holiday
and the birthday of the Illuminati. 
Why didn't he reject them both by choosing another date?

Update May 1, 12.25 pm cst- As far as I can tell, this proclamation is being ignored. 

Must read!  Lynda's First Comment below article. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

On Friday, President Trump proclaimed Monday May 1 "Loyalty Day"  dedicated  to "recognize and reaffirm our allegiance to the principles" upon which America was built and express pride in those ideals.

"The United States stands as the world's leader in upholding the ideals of freedom, equality, and justice. Together, and with these fundamental concepts enshrined in our Constitution, our Nation perseveres in the face of those who would seek to harm it..."

Trump called on Americans to observe this day with ceremonies in schools and other public places, including reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He also called upon all government officials to display the flag of the United States on all government buildings and grounds on May 1.

Here are some reasons to question this action:

! ! SRA children-born-for-sacrifice.jpg
1. Together with Halloween (Oct. 31) May 1 (called Beltane or Walpurgisnacht) are the two most important celebrations in the Satanic calendarWhile superficially a fertility celebration, complete with phallic maypoles, this is also an occasion for satanic ritual sacrifice, specifically of a girl baby or woman up to the age of 25. 

"The period between April 30 - May 6 is dedicated to the worship of the horned god. Altars were built and human sacrifices were made. The goal is to create some event on the planet to stir human emotions and or create bloodshed or death. Powerful energies are released and fed by those in high places on the dark side." 

2. The progenitor of Communism, the Illuminati, was created on May 1st 1776. This was also the year that the American Declaration Of Independence was created. April 30 to July 4 is exactly 66 days. Is it a coincidence that many of the creators of the Declaration were themselves high degree Masons?

3. Israel's "Day of Independence" is also May 1.   Birthday of the Illuminati, Satanic high holiday, that's all you need to know about Israel.

4. International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in some countries, is celebrated May 1 by labourers and the working classes. It is promoted by the international labour movement, socialists, communists or anarchists.

According to The New American, this was the traditional day in the Soviet Union and the communist bloc countries for massive parades, replete with missiles, tanks, rank upon rank of goose-stepping troops, red flags, and huge posters of Marx and Lenin. This has not changed in countries that are still officially communist, such as China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. In non-communist countries, the communist and socialist parties have continued to hold May Day celebrations, usually under the banner of International Workers Solidarity Day.

Andy McInerney, a staff member of the communist Workers World Party extolled the glories of May Day in the Spring 1996 edition of Liberation & Marxism:

" On May 1, the world working class displays its strength in demonstrations and strikes. May Day -- International Workers' Day -- is a reminder to the ruling classes that their days are numbered.... From 1919 onward, the success of May Day in the United States would depend on the success of the communist movement.

"The decision to make May 1st a day of annual demonstrations," says The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, "was made in July 1889 by the Paris Congress of the Second International, to commemorate an action by the workers of Chicago, who organized a strike for May 1, 1886, demanding an eight-hour workday, and held a demonstration that ended in a bloody confrontation with the police.

In the aftermath of the terrorist event, Captain Michael J. Shaack of the Chicago Police Department releaseded a 700-page investigation entitled Anarchy and Anarchists. He said what appeared on the surface to many people to be spontaneous, desultory incidents were actually very meticulously revolutionary events planned from Moscow.

American labor unions, recognizing the communist effort to exploit May Day worldwide as well as the communist effort to penetrate and control labor, refused to follow the Marxist-led Second International and instead have traditionally celebrated Labor Day in September."


Couldn't Trump have done as these labor unions did? Trump's choice of May 1 supports the view that the US was taken over by Communism almost 100 years ago and now democracy is just a smokescreen for a de facto Communist country.  For example, International Women's Day March 8 is celebrated in the West although it is a longtime Soviet propaganda trick. 

The Illuminati are masters at disguising their diabolical agenda by offering a false explanation for their signs and rituals. For example, Winston Churchill's V-sign was presented as "Victory" when in fact it represents the upside cross of Satanists. 
Then there is a Sign of Baphomet which people think means "rock on" and the Eye of Horus which passes as "OK." 
Thus we are inducted into their satanic cult without our knowledge. 

On the other hand, Trump did not originate "Loyalty Day". It began in 1921 as Americanization Day, a genuine antidote to May Day. 

According to Wikipedia, "during the Second Red Scare, it was recognized by the U.S. Congress on April 27, 1955, and made an official reoccurring holiday on July 18, 1958 (Public Law 85-529). President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed May 1, 1955, the first observance of Loyalty Day. In 1958, Eisenhower urged Congress to move Child Health Day to the First Monday in October, to avoid conflicting with Loyalty Day. Loyalty Day has been recognized with an official proclamation every year by every president since its inception as a legal holiday in 1958."


The Illuminati have come up with a great cover story. But Eisenhower was Illuminati too. Wouldn't it make more sense for Trump to celebrate this day on July 4 or not at all? I find it very suspicious they have Americans signalling loyalty on May 1, and I question exactly whom is this loyalty being given to: God or Lucifer? 

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First Comment from Lynda-

   Yes, I would say May Day (think may-day! may-day!) is certainly the No 1 choice.  The Day of the Beast on the Satanist calendar should be the day  for "recognizing and affirming our allegiance to the principles" of America's Masonic foundation - the Jacobin principles of the French Revolution executed by the Grand Orient Lodge.  A brief tour of the capital should impress the loyal  minion with the historical certainty that Freemasonry/Luciferian doctrine is indeed the basis of the political foundation of America.  The dome of the capital even depicts Washington 'the god' ascending into the firmament with all the pagan gods, those supreme moral exemplars, bearing witness.  All we need is the golden boy on top.  And I'm sure we have one somewhere.
To get a handle on the French Revolution as the basis of the Masonic foundation, the inquiring minion must actually go to France and tour outside of Paris and the ski resorts.  Have a look at the censored history, the commemorations in Brittany and the Vendee which document  the history of those who took up arms and fought against the French Revolutionaries.  There is where you see the depiction of the Bleus, the infernal columns marching through the countryside, the burning of the parish churches, the execution of priests and religious and the seigneurs and their families, the barns filled with people being burned alive, the imposition of the Republican Marriage (shown in not a few stained glass windows), the guillotine looming over the thatched roofs, the broken crosses and the heads of cattle and people on bayonets. And everywhere the badge of the Chouannerie: the red Sacred Heart with the words Dieu et Roi. 
That is where the history of the American foundation begins - in the wars of Masonry [the Masonic Agentur] for its Revolutionary principles.
The masters of The Political, the Elders of Zion sum up the tragedy of America's foundation in one paragraph. 

"In  all the corners of the world, the words: 'liberty, equality, fraternity' brought into our ranks (thanks to our blind agents) whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. 
And all the time these words were canker worms boring into the well being of the GOYIM, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the GOY states.  As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph and gave us the possibility, among other things of getting our hands on the master card - the destruction of the privileges, or in other words, the very existence of the aristocracy of the GOYIM, that class which was the only defence that peoples and countries had against us.  On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the GOYIM, we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications  for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge for which our learned elders provide the motive force." (Protocol 1.26) 
Here is the real 'must know' for the American civics exam and May Day.
Today, the fake aristocracy is the sporting and entertainment industry.  And it is worse than fake.  It is openly Satanist and openly shows the Satanism of the elites.  In Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut" the Satanic ritual opened with the scene of the elites going into the Rothschild mansion of Mentmore (which was the set of the fictional Somerton on Long Island). They love to mock us and they sacrifice children with impunity.
It is a great sadness that so many Americans do not believe in the existence of heaven, but by now they should believe in the certainty of hell because it is being established on earth.


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Comments for "May 1 - Does "Loyalty Day" Reveal Trump's Satanism?"

Shawn said (May 1, 2017):

Yes indeed-Halloween, May Day, Equinoxes, and Solstices... festive occasions for Luciferians and Satanists to commune with The Inhuman Ones. Quite surprising that May Day is not a National Holiday here in the USSA. We all know Ritual Sacrifice by the Sabbateans and Others still goes on-never ended with the advent of Modernity. Would want to stay away from those tunnels beneath certain buildings on a day like today.

Jude said (May 1, 2017):

Lynda makes some great points about the Masonic origins of the French and American Revolutions, but I would argue that the English Cromwellian and Williamite revolutions (the latter actually being more akin to an invasion of England) were even more pivotal. To take a random example of the power Masonry wielded before 1776, the British rulers of Dublin designed the city around a "Masonic grid" well before the same thing was done to Washington DC.

Traditionalist Catholics of an anti-Americanist bent often cite George Washington's membership the Masons as evidence of the evil origins of the American Revolution, but what they usually neglect to mention is that Washington became a Mason when he was an officer in the British army - as did most British officers at the time. Masonry was as much part of the old British colonial order as it was of the new revolutionary one.

In his book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, E. Michael Jones quotes a Dutch diplomat at the time of the French Revolution: "The French have outrun their masters the English [in revolutionary fervour]". Initially the British Masonic "mother lodge" sponsored the French Revolution as a way of undermining French Catholic power. British Masonry only started giving the events of 1789 a bad press after the radical elements of the revolution turned on the Anglo-Masonic self-designated "moderate" faction.

Pedro said (May 1, 2017):

Then perhaps it should be called DisLoyalty Day. Disloyal to king and country, disloyal to family, disloyal to God.

From the Red Symphony by Dr. J. Landowsky quoting Rakovsky.

"You know that according to the unwritten history known only to us, the founder of the First Communist International is indicated, of course secretly, as being Weishaupt. You remember his name? He was the head of the masonry which is known by the name of the Illuminati; this name he borrowed from the second anti-Christian conspiracy of that era - gnosticism. This important revolutionary, Semite and former Jesuit, foreseeing the triumph of the French revolution decided, or perhaps he was ordered (some mention as his chief the important philosopher Mendelssohn) to found a secret organization which was to provoke and push the French revolution to go further than its political objectives, with the aim of transforming it into a social revolution for the establishment of Communism."... "What is not known are the relations between Weishaupt and his followers with the first of the Rothschilds. The secret of the acquisition of wealth of the best known bankers could have been explained by the fact that they were the treasurers of this first Comintern"

How about Rothschild's day? Everyday? Celebrated under Semiramis, aka the Statue of Liberty, welcoming the revolutionary weaponized Soros (mean Stone Coffin) funded muslim hordes and the demise of liberty.

Dan said (April 30, 2017):

May 1st has been reserved for Marxist and anti-American protests and propaganda for years. This year Media has been amping up the "Day Without Immigrants" stunt.

Trump is simply creating the antidote to May Day from now on for the United States. We need this. Anti-Americans have owned May 1st for far too long.

So credit where credit's due. Score one for Trump. It just goes to show that Americans shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at