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Malala - Illuminati Tool is Made "Honorary Citizen"

April 4, 2017

Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op
130712110059-malala-un-speech-0612-story-top.jpg("Educating girls will change the world," Malala,17, told the UN in July 2013. She is spearheading a lucrative for-profit school initiative.)

 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau     announced Monday that Malala Yousafzai will visit Canada on April 12, 2017, to address the Canadian Parliament and to officially receive the honorary Canadian citizenship bestowed upon her in 2014.

Malala has the hallmarks of an Illuminati psy op. The article below by Zahar Bangash outlines the Illuminati connection to Malala and confirms once again we live in a de facto Communist regime. 

Malala is a champion of education for girls. "Education" today is gendercide ( feminism.) The Illuminati use this toxin to destroy traditional societies and reduce population by alienating women from marriage and motherhood. 
Who says learning only takes place in a classroom, and not in a home where the Illuminati can't control the message?

Liberal (i.e. Masonic) education has degraded Western society and created many generations of lost souls. 

As usual, the Illuminati "do well by doing good." 
Malala's father owns a chain of private schools and huge UK/US education corporations are vying for a share of the "Malala Fund" cash grab. 

Anyone who watches the Malala hagiography can confirm that Western society is run  by hypocritical, sanctimonious, shameless intellectual whores and liars.

First Comment by AA:

The locals of Swat also have a very different story to tell from what the media is telling us. There was an interview on YouTube of a woman who grew up in Swat and was there when Malala was shot. The main points being:
- the people of Swat were living peacefully under Taliban rule, with their girls going to school without any problems
- the Taliban were in the process of implementing Shariah (Islamic law), and had no issues with girls' education
- around this same time the Malala issue exploded
- the woman was shocked and had no idea why Malala should be struggling for a right that she wasn't deprived of in the first place
- her conclusion is that the whole situation was manufactured in order to push for military aggression in Swat against the implementation of Islamic law

by Zafar Bangash
(The Crescent, Nov 2012)
(Edited/abridged by

The attack on Malala Yousafzai [in Oct. 2012]  evoked worldwide condemnation. From US President Barack Obama to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, all condemned the attack. The question is: why is Malala given so much prominence when other attacks on girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan go virtually unnoticed?

The attempt on the life of Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl from Mingora in Pakistan's Swat Valley on October 9, 2012 aroused worldwide outrage. Two other girls were also injured in the attack as Malala was returning home in a school bus. There were rallies in her support not only in Pakistan but some very high-powered global players also weighed in on her case. In what must be a first, US President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown all condemned the attack on Malala as did most politicians in Pakistan. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie suggested Malala should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize [she got it in 2014) while Madonna put Malala's name on her bare back!  

Let us get the basic facts straight before we proceed. She was attacked and badly injured when a gunman boarded the school bus she was riding home from school. The gunman demanded to know who Malala was. When another girl student pointed to her, the gunman opened fire, hitting Malala in the head and neck. The gunman also shot and wounded two other girls before escaping. The badly wounded girl was rushed to Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province....

wounded.jpgBut who exactly is Malala Yousufzai to attract so much international attention? What about the two other girls that were injured in the same attack? Even their names are not widely known, much less information about their parents. Apart from the fact that they are out of danger, there is little that we know about their plight. Are they not worthy of attention and sympathy? Within days of the assault on Malala, American troops killed three Afghan children on October 14 in an aerial attack in the Nawa district of Helmand Province in Afghanistan. It may not be adjoining Swat Valley but is not very far either from where Malala was attacked and injured.

Malala2dad-295833.jpg(Father with exploited daughter)


Malala was born on July 12, 1997. Her father, Ziauddin Yousufzai, owns a number of for-profit schools. While almost everything else in Pakistan is going down the drain, for-profit schools and the closely related non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are generously financed from abroad are thriving businesses. [Guess where the money from the Malala Fund is going. ]

It was a BBC reporter [Abdul Hai Kakkar who discovered Malala in early 2009. His assignment was to find a courageous schoolgirl willing to share her experiences of the threats by Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) against girls getting education. The TTP led by Mullah Fazlullah was shutting down schools in Swat Valley as it flexed its muscles. Kakkar approached Ziauddin Yusufzai for help and he willingly offered his own daughter's experiences.

The plan gelled into Malala, then 11 years old, writing her diary that the BBC World Service would put on its website under the title, "The Diary of a Pakistani School Girl." In order to protect her identity, Malala was given the pseudonym "Gul Makai" (corn flower). The diary detailed Malala's life under Taliban rule, their attempts to take control of the valley, and her views on promoting education for girls. One cannot help but wonder whether her father's motive was in promoting girls' education or he feared his income dwindling if the girls' schools he was running were shut down.


Malala's cover, however, was blown that summer when Adam B. Ellick of the New York Times featured her in two videos describing her family's life as well as showed her at school. This was the time the Pakistani military was about to launch an attack on Swat Valley. What was the reason for the Times to go public with this information and who is Adam Ellick?

ellick.jpgScott Creighton, a war veteran who writes for the blog the American Everyman, had this to say about Ellick, left, on October 17. "Meet Adam Ellick, the Council on Foreign Relations member and apparent CIA mockingbird stationed at the New York Times. He's the guy who helped create the Malala Psyop in the first place, the plan to bring for-profit school systems to all of Pakistan."

The Times' videos led to Malala gaining instant international fame. For the Pakistani media -- print and electronic -- this was a great opportunity to project their loyalty to America. That is where the dollar pipeline comes from. In the WikiLeaks cables released in 2010, the US embassy messages to the US State Department say Pakistani journalists are easily bought and can be made to do anything for a mere invitation to the US embassy. Despite such insulting revelations about their low character, the US-doting Pakistani journalists are not deterred.

Malala's Times videos brought the Pakistani media flocking to her door. She began giving interviews in the print and electronic media. We need to keep in mind that she was barely 11 or 12 years old at the time. At the same time, she was appointed chairperson of the District Child Assembly Swat. Further accolades followed when the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, nominated her in October 2011 for the International Children's Peace Prize. But there was something else that was even more striking. Richard Holbrooke, the US special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan who died on December 13, 2010, had also discovered Malala, or her enterprising father. Their picture together has gone viral on the internet. Why would Holbrooke, a no-nonsense diplomat, be interested in Ziauddin Yousafzai unless there was a larger plan at work? Two months after Bishop Tutu's nomination of Malala, the Pakistani government came up with its own award: the "National Youth Prize Award," a first for Pakistan, that was given to Malala.

timemalala.jpg(April 2013- One of TIME's 100 Most Influence Illuminati Pawns in the World)


For decades, the Pakistani establishment has been obsessed with the Indian intelligence agency RAW. In the last decade, Pakistan has become a battleground for the CIA, British MI6, Germany's BND and the Israeli Mossad, to name only a few, whose agents roam every nook and cranny of the country, mostly disguised as journalists, aid workers or businessmen. So it is not surprising to learn that poor Malala was used as a pawn by these monsters that will stop at nothing to advance their nefarious agenda. It does not require a genius to figure out what the US-British-Zionist and their allies' agenda in Pakistan is: to entangle Pakistan in a never-ending conflict with its own people from the tribal area to provide the pretext for grabbing Pakistan's nuclear weapons... 

malalabrown.jpg(Pedophile Gordon Brown, "UN Special Envoy for Education" with Malala)

There is one other dimension worthy of attention and that is what the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has done. He has launched a United Nations petition using the slogan "I am Malala" demanding that all children in the world should be in school by 2015. He plans to present the petition to Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari later this month. Brown's activities on behalf of Malala and indeed other children would sound more noble were it not for the fact he heads the "global campaign for charter, for-profit school systems." There is tons of money to be made in this enterprise.

Brown's campaign is supposed to work in tandem with the UN's scheme run under the alluring title, "Education First." This is a global public/private partnership scheme whereby not-for-profit institutions would be privatized. The "not-for-profit" institutions are run under the label, "Global Business Coalition for Education," and set up by such Western -- mainly American -- corporations as Accenture, Hess, Chevron, Pearson International and others. Their targeted countries are Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Nigeria. One is constrained to ask, what interest do these multinationals have in promoting education in the third world, especially Muslim countries?

(left, Crackerjacks, Now With Nobel Prizes!)

Let us be clear: the West and its corporations are not in the business of doling out cash to third world countries or caring much about the children there unless there is a hidden agenda behind the façade of their good work. One is clearly to re-route the billions of dollars to their own pockets. The other equally sinister plan is to promote Western culture, thoughts and values by using the label of education. The third and equally sinister plan is to force targeted societies -- in this case Pakistan -- to launch military operations against its own people in North Waziristan to achieve America's geo-political objectives.

Whether Malala knows it or not, if her father has any sense he would realize that his family is being used as dupes for America's criminal enterprise. Malala is a tiny piece in this jigsaw puzzle.


More details - Malala - Neo Liberal Martyr by Scott Creighton  (We don't agree that the attack on her was staged.)

"Charities"Gearing Up for Big Malala Haul

Huffington Compost (Illuminati Mouthpiece): 10 Things about Malala Speech that gave us Goosebumps

Dan writes:

Ah yes.  The girl whose fame literally started out with a bang in 2012.  Shot in the head by the Taliban!  

I usually reach for a loaded gun when people try to write current events into the Bible, but Revelations 13:3 is too close to pass up:

"And I saw one of the heads of the Beast as it were wounded to death; but his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast."  

I don't believe Revelations was prophecy for our time, it was all fulfilled long ago.  The notion that it's for our time came of the the 'Dispensation theology' of John Neslon Darby, Joseph Smith, and Scofield, that's spread through Churchianity like a virus in the 20th century.

But I do believe this malevolent cult that gives us out 'leaders' love to write themselves into the Bible and the Qur'an when they can.  If you believe Revelations is happening today that's alright, but at least read the book and get it right.   A lot of people think the one that gets the head wound is the Antichrist, but all John said is "one of the heads of the Beast" - and the Beast is the System, not a person. So it really does fit:  Malala is definitely one of the heads of the Beast.

So let's not get excited.  Zafar Bangash is exactly right:  little girls get shot, in Pakistan all the time - whether by the Taliban, or  Obama's drone strikes that splatters Pakistani women and girls all over sidewalks. (see Obama's boast, "I'm really good at killing people".)   When Malala had her summit meeting with the President of the United States she only complained that drone warfare "fuels terrorism".

We don't need Bible prophecies or Nostradamus to know who Malala is.  Just look at the company she keeps.

See TIME Magazine, April 2014, HILLARY CLINTON (an essay by) Malala Yousafzai

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Malala - Illuminati Tool is Made "Honorary Citizen""

Glen said (April 5, 2017):

Good God, how many times must I ask, when will the sheeple of the western world wake the hell up. The use of a young middle eastern girl to tug at the heart strings of the poor dumbed down masses was first used by none other than "Poppy Bush" and his neo-con buddies to sell gulf war 1.

How many here remember the story of Nayirah, who supposedly witnessed Iraqi troops taking babies from Kuwaiti hospital incubators and throwing them on the floor. This supposedly took place after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Turns out Nayirah was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by American Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. She was coached on and rehearsed her tearful congressional testimony many times. It was all just a giant psyop to sell the first gulf war and I must say it worked like a champ. We ended up with a new term after that, we call it "atrocity propaganda".

Here's hoping we will learn to trust absolutely nothing we hear on the main stream media. Here is a link to her Oscar winning performance.

Brendon O'Connell said (April 5, 2017):

I guess if Henry Kissinger can get the Nobel Peace prize for bombing Cambodia and North Vietnam to kingdom come...why not a little girl from Pakistan?

Let me guess the first round of propaganda? An AK47 round is big and fast. It will take half your head off at close range. The gunmen fired into the bus and all three were wounded by shrapnel. There's your first round of bullshit. The rest follows.

Henry, I have decided to nominate you and your regular dog walker, as well as the guy who washes the dog, for the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations. [applause]

TW said (April 4, 2017):

Thanks for the warning, Henry, about Malala being hosted by Trudeau on the 12th. Had I caught what's likely to be a nauseating display of grovelling by our feminist, multiculturalist "leader" unawares, I might have gone mad. Now I can avoid the spectacle altogether.

GL said (April 4, 2017):

Malala's father Ziauddin Yousufzai is most likely Pakistani intelligence. They are using for-profit schools as part of their 'rat lines' for delivering drugs, organs, & for human trafficking. The Clinton foundation has been linked to the development of these 'rat lines' starting with Mena Airport.

Pakistani intelligence i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US government and has established the same type of schools and rat lines in the US. Please google George Webb on YouTube for all of the evidence supporting the statements that I have made in this comment.

David said (October 11, 2014):

So Malala takes her place beside Nobel laureates Barack Obama, who has just launched his 7th war of aggression against a Mideast country whose natural resources the US covets, and Al Gore, promoter of the biggest scientific fraud ("human caused global warming"), perpetrated to ram a carbon tax down the throats of all humanity for the crime of breathing.

The "peace" prize has become the catch-all route to instant notoriety for anyone who really hasn't accomplished anything significant in medicine, chemistry, literature or physics, but who is a useful tool for the globalists. The Nobel Peace Prize has been turned into bling.

JG said (October 10, 2014):

This happened only two years ago and it seems like ancient history. Back then the Illuminati went to the time and trouble to create a psy-opted character to promote their counter cultural agenda in countries like Pakistan where cultural traditions were still strong and prevalent among the masses.

Today, the Illuminati creates "cultural overthrow" not through these manufactured politically correct media icons anymore but by banking. Countries that reject Modern Western/Israeli decadent values such as feminism, as noted here, will have IMF or World Bank loans withheld from them. It's either "change" or starve.

But soon this strategy like the past one will be abolished for a more brutal one. As a matter of fact it's already happening in the Ukraine.Their gold has been looted and their democratic elected government has been overthrown.They don't even have the opportunity to conform or surrender to this "change". Kiev does not want peace or change with the Ukrainian people they want death and the pillage of all their resources.The Ukraine is now the "Gaza of Eurasia" where there is no mercy or options.This IS the final end game of the NWO.

Jeff said (October 10, 2014):

She is the antichrist. Look at her name in a mirror. 666. I'm sure the LLM, the remainder of her name, means something in Roman numerals.

Zahid said (July 17, 2013):

I went through the facts you have revealed about the Malala who has been world wide promoted soon after the attack by the Taliban. I am still wondered why US and blind Secretary General of the UN (mixture of international white criminal unit) have not showed their concerns on other brutal killings of the innocent people in many parts of the world where US military is involved?

There was drone attacks by the US military but Mr.Ban ki Moon is silently watching the scene and doing nothing for that. Every one knows about the rise and fall of the roman empire , however; same case would be with these states very soon if they not mend themselves. It is UN which has declared universal brotherhood among all the countries around the world but UN herself breaking the law.

Malala is a new game played by these international terrorists to own geopolitical gains. Keep it continue for more truths before the blind world.

O said (July 14, 2013):

Malala said “All women had the right to be educated.” I remarked to my wife that what she really meant was that all women had the right to be indoctrinated and that being indoctrinated was certainly not a right.

Evil repeats anything that works for its benefits which is why there is mandatory organized education today. It worked so well for the Pharisees from 300 BC to 200 BC as they brainwashed the Israelites that they just played it again as soon as they acquired enough control to do it again.

Shazia said (July 13, 2013):

Thanks Henry I thought I was being paranoid. Good to see this article. The question always bothered me why and how this little girl got picked up from my part of the world; the father is a ruthless and rightly illuminati material.

Guess what, the latest is that women of Swat make their own Jirga showing their lack of faith in men led Jirgas ! women freedom my foot! While Malala drama is on millions of women earning their bread sleep hungry as what ever little they can buy they feed their little kids and this shameless b**ch gets treatment in London paid in pounds while every best treatment is available in Pakistan. Millions sleep hungry and this little tramp takes away billions of our tax payer money and that too for what foreign money to run her fathers chain of schools at the cost of sitting with a sexual pervert yakkkkkkkkkkk

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