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The Man Behind the "Anti-Semitic" Memes

April 2, 2017


(left Scottie Spencer, 25, American hero?) 

I had a great influence 
on Scottie Spencer but
his influence on society 
has been greater than mine. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Few people have done more to alert the world to its subjugation by Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry than an unemployed 25-year-old
man from Youngstown Ohio, Scottie Spencer, who is the genius behind the memes. 

In the last five years, Scottie has created hundreds of memes which perfectly articulate the threat satanist Judaism poses not just to Jews but to humanity as a whole. Search Google images for any subject related to the New World Order, and you will find his memes. His website gets between three and six thousand visits a day. 

Scottie credits me with his awakening in 2008 when his mother caught the feminist virus, divorced his father, and evicted her family from their home. He recognized the Communist Jewish agenda which is to destroy the institution of marriage and the nuclear family. 

His mother decided his father, the sole provider was "too controlling" i.e. traditional. "TV channels such as Lifetime highly contribute to this sick Illuminati agenda being shoved down our throats every day," Scottie wrote on this website in 2013. "The divorce economically devastated my family, but not my mother. ...She didn't even have the compassion to let my father keep that house and let my siblings and I always have a place to call home...nope but she has her new house. My mother is basically with a dude she didn't even know 5 years ago that she met on, let my boyhood home go in foreclosure and has ultimately changed the course of my life."

Scottie says that if it wasn't for this traumatic event and the understanding gained from this website, he'd probably be another liberal snowflake playing video games and marching in George Soros' anti-Trump rallies. The moniker "Smoloko" was originally intended for a videogame site. Instead, Scottie is now a big fan of Adolf Hitler and his is a leading alt right venue.


Scottie and I disagree about Hitler, who I think was a consummate actor and false opposition. For a man dedicated to saving Germany, he did an excellent job of rubbing it out. 

Scottie is stupid to discredit himself by taking on all the Nazi baggage. All sides committed unspeakable atrocities. Scotty is resisting white genocide. Doesn't he know the Nazis planned to ethnically cleanse Poles, Ukrainians and Russians and reduce them to slave status? That's why they fought him to the death. If Hitler weren't false opposition, he would have liberated Russians and Ukrainians from the Bolshevik Jews.

While the numbers may differ, the Jewish holocaust did happen. My parents were posing as non-Jews. Sympathetic Germans warned them about the gas chambers. Check out this never-broadcast film about Bergen Belsen where my grandmother and aunt died. Yes, it was caused by typhus, like Anne Frank who was also there, but why were they doomed in the first place? My other grandparents were shot. 

 As the son of holocaust survivors, I believe Zionists instigated the holocaust and I resent they still use it for political gain. However the real holocaust is war, period; all are instigated by central bankers for profit and to advance their NWO.

However, I am able to support people like Scottie on the basis of what we have in common. I believe "white nationalism" is absolutely necessary and healthy. It is not supremacist. Different races constitute the family of man. Each member of this family has its unique qualities. Why is everyone but whites allowed to take pride?

Of course, Scottie knows I am a Jew and says that for my tribe, I'm a rare exception. I tell him that for his tribe, so is he. 

Scottie says he would never advocate violence against Jews, just that society be immunized from Organized Jewry's pernicious agenda. 

(An immature approach.)


Given Scottie's influence, it's remarkable he hasn't suffered any pushback. However, last September anti Semitic graffiti written in chalk was found in a local park. The park police started interrogating visitors and finally hit upon Scottie. In his car, they found a copy of St. John Chrysostom's classic, Against the Jews & Judaizing Christians.

Scottie was arrested and charged with "ethnic intimidation" and "criminal mischief." He spent seven hours in jail until his father bailed him out. 

The police still have his laptop and cell phone which they will not return because it "contains evidence." His name and picture were spread across the local media as a notorious anti Semite.

Recently, the charges have been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanour and Scottie is hopeful they will be dropped.  There are no witnesses or evidence connecting him to the graffiti. The case has prevented him from relocating.

He has been banned from paypal and gofundme. He doesn't make any money from his work and lives with his dad. He had worked as a cleaner for a janitorial firm for four years but the company went under. 


Scottie believes the Jewish agenda is the cultural genocide of the white race by means of multiculturalism, intermarriage, homosexuality, feminism, white guilt and migration. He says the Jews regard the white race as their principal rival for world racial supremacy because of their Christian values. The "most racist people in the world," Jews want a world with no white people, he says. 

He says Hollywood and TV are Jewish mind control operations. They don't care if a movie flops. Propaganda and corruption are their principle goals. 

He agrees that Freemason Gentiles are as bad as Jews but he focuses on Jews because the goyim (our political and cultural leaders) are just a subservient class of traitors and toadies. 

Some days he is very pessimistic about Trump, fearing he is false opposition. On other days, such as when Tillerson announced the US could accept Assad, Scottie is more optimistic. Generally he is reserving judgment. 

He cites Brother Nathaniel, David Duke, E Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald as people he admires. He agrees that his generation is moving to the right in reaction to the constant mind control they are subjected to in school and the mass media. 


Most Jews and non Jews do not realize that the New World Order is imposing an insidious tyranny on mankind. It's about substituting a reality defined by Jewish finance for the Divine intent. (Eg. attempt to erase gender.) Unless Jews disown the NWO, they will take the blame for it, as scapegoats for the traitorous Masonic Gentile leadership class.

Judaism is a satanic cult but like its spawn Freemasonry, the rank-and-file do not understand the diabolical intent. 

Scottie is right. The self-admitted goal of organized Jewry is fatal to every other race, nation and religion on earth. 

The Jewish World of Feb 9, 1883 stated: Jews "are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity must act and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is ...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a universal Brotherhood of Nations - a greater Judaism, in fact -- all the separate races and religions shall disappear."

This is the explanation for anti Semitism, and why Jews have been expelled from 109 countries throughout history. In this context, everyone should be an anti Semite including every Jew, most of whom actually would prefer to assimilate. Focus on the initiated Jews not the dupes, and remember that society as a whole has been judaized (satanically possessed.) Everyone on the Left is part of this plot or dupes, regardless of whether they are Jewish. Millions of conservative Christians also have been duped into supporting Israel. 

Despite my reservations about Scottie, it's a shame there are so few young men like him who have the courage to stand up to tyranny. He is smart, personable and articulate. He will outgrow his early missteps. 

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Comments for "The Man Behind the "Anti-Semitic" Memes"

James Perloff said (April 4, 2017):

Hats off to Scottie. I thought he was at least in his forties.

Stuart said (April 3, 2017):

Whilst it without doubt there are many wicked Jews in high places doing wicked deeds, Christians should not get drawn into turning against Gods chosen people. Any judgement is Gods alone. I cant help believe that judgement is not far off looking at the state of the world today against Bible (KJV) prophesy.

Q. Are all Americans wicked just because the Clinton's are?

Please keep this in mind and don't get drawn into Satan's trap which will happen soon when the nations turn on Israel. Don't be part of it. Get down in prayer and tell God the father you have no part in it.

David said (April 3, 2017):

This is for Scottie Spencer. I guess he never heard of the saying in Judaism about Two Jews, but three opinions. Not all Jews lean to the political left.

Some of us such as myself did vote for Trump. Scottie website is full of nothing but all this hatred for Jews. Not all Jews as he tries to state want to control the world. I am Like everyone else here in the states, most of us want to have successful and normal lives. We have no desire to control the world.

Dan said (April 3, 2017):

Not sure how you got the impression this fellow is more influential that you've been. I don't see it.

I've never heard of Scottie Spencer or his website. I just looked at it - it sucks. I mean it's not intelligent. It's just a wallpaper of slogans, mantras, and expletives with a mashup of swiped images. It's a mess. That only reflects badly on anything he thinks he's trying to represent. You shouldn't encourage him.

Alan said (April 3, 2017):

Thanks for your restless pursuit of truth your support for the right side is usually balanced. You know how with your wisdom and experience to take a bird's eye view and see the Big picture.

Scottie took a bad experience and took his "gift" and sought to understand the guy behind the smoke & mirrors and expose the trouble makers.

His artwork and memes are brilliant and to the point; you see we are all victims and conquerors alike.

But because the world is carved in two, it's called a court and the game has 2 sides. But the court always collects & wins, house is the system and they are the real enemy.

We waste so much energy fighting each other when we should cut the puppet strings and embrace the other puppets.

The puppeteers I believe are the Rothschild's banking network and not their minions per se.

Shawn said (April 2, 2017):

SS praises Hitler and Drumpf but never mentions Jewish-Masonic Power behind both.

Scottie replies:

Henry, in respone to Shawn's comment. I have indeed posted about Trumps Zionist connections.

George said (April 2, 2017):

Personally, what I am seeing is a meltdown due to the dysfunctional dynamics that have been pushed for so long. I don't think sweet reason is going to fix anything. The Aesop fable about the wolf and the lamb is as true now as it was two and a half millennia ago. The idea is not to be a lamb.


A wolf comes upon a lamb and, in order to justify taking its life, accuses it of various misdemeanours, all of which the lamb proves to be impossible. Losing patience, the wolf says the offences must have been committed by someone else in the family and that it does not propose to delay its meal by enquiring any further. The morals drawn are that the tyrant can always find an excuse for his tyranny, and that the unjust will not listen to the reasoning of the innocent.[2] The tale was included with scarcely any changes in the fable collections of Jean de la Fontaine (I.10) and Ivan Krylov.

Diane said (April 2, 2017):

Scottie, I read your site often and do not accept the extreme views of Jews in general. What I pay attention to is that you highlight now young women degrade and humiliate themselves by pre-marital sex and traveling in packs a la Sex and the City.

Also landing in jobs that demand their focus and they let go of and deny their innermost need to nurture others and start a family. You are doing an important job for young women. Do more of it! I am trying now to help the ones I know avoid my mistakes. Thank you for admiring domestic work--it sometimes feels like us stay at home moms are useless to society. You make us look good.

As far as your political memes: its hard for me to accept so many men in my family fought, served and were killed --for a lie. I cannot make myself accept that yet. My paternal grandfather was a war orphan at 2. My maternal grandfather died of a heart attack after his oldest son came back from Vietnam disabled. Please keep going with the warning to young women--you and Henry are doing a very important job for young men and women. helped wake me up--I now can understand how I was led to the path of moral corruption through the university. As a Mom, I say, thank you and keep up the noble effort --- be sure to take care of yourself and your own dreams.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at