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May 20, 2017

(left, Steve is an environmental activist)

Bizarre Persecution of Steve Katsikaris by Ontario Police State

by MG 

 In November 2015, Steve Katsikaris, a Ryerson University student who went to see the school physician, Dr. Brooke Hogarth, about his nightmares only to be involved in the criminal justice system.
Some of you may know that there is a law in Ontario that requires any medical professional to report a patient who is exhibiting signs of suicide or threat to harm to another person, but usually those reports (Form One) will be resolved by police escorting the patient to a psychiatric facility to be evaluated, and then either kept in the hospital after 72 hours, or released.
Steve was escorted by Toronto Police, evaluated and released early, illustrating that Steve was not mentally insane, nor was Steve a mental risk to the public.

However, shortly after his release, he was charged with uttering threats by York Regional Police, though Steve was in the City of Toronto, and Ryerson University where the alleged "threats" to have occurred, is in Toronto.
What I found out was that Dr. Brooke Hogarth lives in York Region, so that can explain why York Regional Police went after Steve, though the alleged "threats" were against Paul Martin who lives in Durham Region.
Yet, there is another finding where that it was speculated that Dr. Brooke Hogarth claimed that she feared for her life during that medical appointment (which was the reason that her name was listed as a non-contact on the Peace Bond), yet the Ryerson Medical Centre video illustrates that she went back into the office to antagonize Steve, despite the fact that Toronto Police were waiting at the reception area of the clinic to escort Steve to the hospital.
The latest is that Ryerson University student Steve Katsikaris suffered numerous court hearings for the past 18 months only to be forced to sign a Peace Bond to not contact Paul Martin (of Durham Regional Police), and the Ryerson University Family Physician Dr. Brooke Alexandra Hogarth (of Don Mills Medical Group).
Preceding to this, York Regional Police is seen forcing Steve to "plead guilty" over the trumped-up charges, which is bizarre.
What is very bizarre is that when Steve was on Bail last summer, his Bail was mysteriously revoked without notice, so the Ontario Provincial Police went to Steve's brother cottage home in Norland, Ontario to illegally kidnap Steve without a warrant, claiming that the City of Toronto authorized the order.
It ultimately ended with the cottage being blown up with a military-grade explosive, leading to thousands of dollars in damages to his cottage.
Unfortunately, Steve Katsikaris is fixated on his mission to fight corruption against the government in Ontario that he doesn't realize that it was the female physician Dr. Brooke Hogarth who acted like a feminist arm of the police state which caused him to be arrested in the first instance.
In my opinion, if Steve sought medical assistance at a private clinic, he wouldn't have been treated as suspect that he would be trivially reported for complaining about nightmares against the police.
Even if, to argue, that Steve was worthy to be reported, his release from a hospital before the 72 hour evaluation is evidence that Steve neither threatened anyone or posed a risk to society, and he shouldn't have been later arrested post-discharge by York Regional Police as if he was mentally sane.
Though to the average citizen this incident is very complicated, because we entrust our medical professionals to act in the best interests, this incident at the Ryerson Medical Centre reeks of feminist suspicion of men.
The biggest mystery is that even though Steve was alleged to have threatened Paul Martin of Durham Region (East of Toronto) at the Ryerson Medical Centre (in downtown Toronto), York Regional Police (north of Toronto where Dr. Hogarth lives in that area) arrested Steve in his Mid-town Toronto residence.
Furthermore, one of the York Regional Police officers was constantly intimidating Steve in the Toronto courthouse to plead guilty, even though the courts ruled that Steve was not guilty of the accusation.
The last person that a man should speak to regarding government corruption in Canada is an employee of the government such as a university doctor, especially when she acts like a feminist.  The academic institutions, along with the system in the City of Toronto equal definitely a feminist police state.

Chad comments-

People should know by now.  When you're in need, never involve yourself with or interact with any institution, agency or corporation that has any ties or connections to any government or law enforcement agency.  That means stay out of public schools, hospitals or clinics.  Never ask for help of any kind.  If you must, go to a church anonymously and seek guidance from a preacher (after offering a sum of money to keep his lips shut).  Learn self-help, self-remedy and self-medication.  If you require surgery, find a qualified doctor who's willing to be paid cash. 
When you want government, you get government.  This guy learned the hard way.

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