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Toronto Woman Describes Demonic Attack by Satanists

May 3, 2017


When is sexual harassment permitted today? When it is conducted by a satanic cult. Margaret Davis describes what happened when she rejected a coworker's offer to become a "high priestess."

"I have gotten the police involved and they were afraid to do anything - the two female detectives that interviewed me had monarch butterfly tattoos and triquetra tattoos on them (Illuminati symbols)."

by Margaret Davis

I have been following your posts for some time now and speaking from firsthand experience, I am quite aware that a lot of the things you write about are actually taking place here in Toronto. While it might be hard for some to believe - there is a world around our 'normal and mundane day-to-day reality' which affects us on various subconscious levels. This is the world that the Illuminati forms. 

Six years ago, I fell into an unfortunate situation with someone who - unbeknownst to me at the time - is in the Illuminati and who developed a sudden obsession with me (he calls this an "infatuation.") I had just started working as a Lab Technician for an important clinic in the city and being only 24-years-old at the time, I was naive, innocent and gullible in many ways. He sensed this and did his best to win my trust by sending me numerous e-mails throughout the day, and eventually asking me if I would be a High Priestess. 

When he described my role as a High Priestess, what disgusted me the most is that 90% of it was sexual in nature - I would be required to bathe and 'look after' all the members he would have sex with (there would be one for every night of the week); basically, the only thing that would make me superior to them is the fact that I would get to choose whether I wanted to be sexual with him (the High Priest) or not and when that would be (it would be my choice), whereas the members would not have a choice. He tried to sell the idea by giving me options - I could reject him or have him whenever I wanted and he would be as he put it my "sex slave". This was utterly disturbing and disgusting to me and it's strange that he would ask me to be a High Priestess without knowing anything about me ... if I was even cut out for that role. 

Oh, and the High Priest's responsibility was to have sex with all the members whereas the High Priestess could be sexual only with the High Priest - that was another requirement.

I have a folder with all the evidence in case anything happens to me since I believe sex is just one of the ways he used to manipulate me so as to initiate me into the cult - in other words he used sexual harassment and intimidation to attempt to brainwash, program and manipulate me. 
Typical of him. I caught on quickly and refused to even go on a date with him since I knew the seduction he uses is a hook that he uses to lure naive individuals. It's how they all function.


Little did I know that he would prey on me and stalk me until this very day. He had his mind set on me fulfilling a certain role and he would not stop until he achieved this objective. His intensity and singularity of purpose were terrifying, but even more terrifying was what I would be made to experience soon after ... . 

 I started to get knocks on my door in the middle of the night (around 2am or 3am) - when I would look through the lens I would not find anyone standing there. This went on for a while. 

When I would show up to work, he would send me such bad vibes that I felt like I was being paralyzed. He would follow me to the subway and stand beside me without making any conversation (which I was glad for because I had been so traumatized by my interactions with him.) Indeed, my encounters with him were so strange and disturbing that I quit my job a few months later. However, this did not help much as he continued to stalk me both in person and on social media. 

Recently, his obsession and stalking got so intense that he got his family, friends and fellow cult members to call me, stalk me, and attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate me. 

Then he starts to drop hints that he belongs to the Illuminati, until one day he also admits that he is a Satanist - he even randomly blurts out "I like Satan." Soon after, he confesses to me for no known reason that he is a pedophile and that he is "proud" of it because it means that he is "unconventional" and a "free-thinker", better than the rest of us who choose not to abuse children. 


I was severely psychically attacked last December (it's become their thing to do this at certain times every year). 

I knew right away they had done Black Magic on me because I am familiar with the symptoms - I started to behave out of character. I went without sleep for 4 nights. I had flu symptoms for no reason and a sudden, irrational and irresistible attraction to the person who I have been escaping from this entire time. He would post things on his fake Facebook accounts meant to brainwash me during that very vulnerable time (my mind was almost not my own) and it was all things from/about the ET movie, the Templar Knights, the Aryan race being superior, images of galaxies and universes, graphic sexual content and Satanism-related images. 

Because I was in a mentally vulnerable place (this was supposed to be my "sunken place" if you've watched Get Out which he suggested that I watch over and over again) I revealed things about myself like the fact that I was brought up in a family that practiced a form of Magick, but quickly I clarified that I am personally not involved in that and neither do I want to be! 

The cult members would start to share images of a lightning bolt among each other and refer to me in strange ways, saying things like "The basketball is in the net". It was such a strange few weeks that my friends traveled from out of town to Toronto so they could take me away because they were concerned for my safety - they made me stay with them for a few days after finding me on the floor with alcohol poisoning (I never drink) and cold for no reason - as if I had caught hypothermia.

 Whenever they recited verses from the Bible I felt incredibly uncomfortable and the little part of my mind that I still had control over knew it was because the cult had 'demonized' me. If my friends hadn't been there and I had not used what I had learned in my family to banish the dark entities/energy they had sent me, I would still be under their control. 

After this incident was over, they continued to hound me and ask for 'recent photos' of myself - they resorted to begging, trying to charm and seduce me into giving photos, trying to trick me into calling them so that they have my new number, trying to trick me into "comment with photos of what you're doing right now!" on their sneaky deceitful posts, etc. etc. - they desperately needed my photos and new phone number, but my social media accounts have been deactivated and whenever I go online I do not post anything personal. The times they called me on my previous number they seemed so nice I was genuinely charmed by them ... . 

(left, statute of female cop finishing Illuminati pyramid in front of Toronto Police HQ on College Street. SEE THIS ARTICLE


I have gotten the police involved and they are afraid to do anything - the two female detectives that interviewed me had monarch butterfly tattoos and triquetra tattoos on them (IlLuminati symbols). They did not take notes at all during my interview, they argued with me, interrupted me and tried to discredit everything I told them. I soon realized they had an agenda to hide the story, so I let it go to preserve my life. I have been threatened and asked strange questions like do I live alone, etc. These people (and I refer to the Illuminati members from all levels of society) are very powerful and not just on a material level; in addition to easy access to human and material resources they have 'demonic power' - yes, I've said it! 

But since it's hard for a rational person to believe in demons; I suggest thinking about it in terms of 'negative energy'. The Illuminati members are good at manipulating this 'negative energy' to control, silence, spiritually paralyze, coerce, influence and affect others in any way they deem fit and if an individual is weak in any aspect it will be used to exploit him/her. This is why the wolf symbol holds special meaning for them - because like the wolf, they operate in a pack (the pack mentality) and see themselves as the 'superior predators' and the victim as the 'inferior cattle". For them, might is right.

The members I have met and talked to, while charming and seemingly disarming, are actually emotionally and mentally disturbed and unstable; they speak in an unintelligible manner and their train of thinking is disconnected and incoherent. They are extremely deceptive and will lie just for the fun of it; they are also very manipulative and have an utter lack of empathy - this much they have admitted to me themselves. Their worldview is the reverse of what the majority of society deems 'healthy' or 'functional' - for them up is down and down is up, bad is good and good is bad, etc. While I never agreed to become part of the cult I have become very familiar not only with the psychology of the cult itself but also with its politics, philosophies and ideologies. 


I am writing to you because I have been contemplating the direction of the world and I am filled with concern for humanity - it seems that the Illuminati are closer than ever in achieving their diabolical objectives and yet there are so many people that still call them "just a conspiracy theory". It is these people - together with the Illuminati - that will bring about the downfall of mankind because they have taken deception for truth - in fact, unfortunately there's too few of us that know the 'real truth'. If people don't believe that the Illuminati actually exist they should just go to and find out for themselves - they are recruiting new members as I write this.

Do you know any anti 'Illuminati support groups' here in Toronto? These people (although, I can honestly tell you there is nothing human about them - they are all demonized) call themselves "free thinkers" and fully believe in their own lies and delusions. Their whole world is one of deception and illusion - every member I've talked to has been at the extreme end of delusion. They are out of touch not only with human conscience and morality, but also with compassion and empathy - their ideology is one based on a purely carnal level of existence which destroys all that makes us human and that separates us from other animals: our ability to reason and feel. 

I needed to share this with you before they attempt to silence me as I am aware that they continue to stalk me.

These people are everywhere - they are infiltrating everything! While they use their individual skills and preferred avenues of reaching and targeting naive individuals and the crowds, they all use deceit to a great extent! They lie and deceive like it's going out of style. Some of them even believe their own lies and deceptions. It's incredible, really. These things, whatever they are, are not human! They wear human flesh suits but there's nothing human underneath. Honestly, I don't know if there's any hope for the world at this point - they are working fast and there's so many unintelligent and unaware people out there that it's easy to swiftly build a following of victims who see themselves as "saviours of the world." These lunatics think they are "Ascended Masters" - they actually believe it just like Hitler believed he was doing humanity a favour with all the atrocities he committed! History hasn't taught them anything. I thought that a One World government would be an issue in itself, but a Satanic One World government is a whole other thing!

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Comments for "Toronto Woman Describes Demonic Attack by Satanists "

MG said (May 6, 2017):

First of all I would like to say I'll pray for Margaret for Godly leading and protection in her life.

Second of all I would tell her that the antidote to all our problems is in a deep relationship with God and his son Jesus.

Finally I would advise her to find a good biblical Church; I don't now which part of Toronto she lives in but [I went to] a small community Church called Runnymede Community Church. It seemed like a genuine biblical Church to me. Either way from experience in Toronto I would not recommend the bigger Church's but a smaller community Church. From my experience and research the bigger the Church the bigger the chance that it was either created by Masons or at the least at some point has been co-opted by them.

Patrick said (May 4, 2017):

Hi Margaret Davis thank you for sharing your experiences and hardships created by the satanists and the police . What a creepy bunch . I practise Nichiren Dashonin's Buddhism through the SGI . I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo , the title of the Lotus Sutra . And I thank the Environmental Protective and Healing Entities for being in my life-environment . There is more to the practise than this however if you recite this mantra and work with this prayer it will definitely help you , your family and friends .

The Buddha nature comes from within and so the chant works best coming from my heart . The SGI stands for Soka Gakkai International which means value creating .

The Canada email is . It sounds like you are Christian or at least coming from bible verses . This Buddhism works with what ever your religion is . Please try it , Nichiren describes it as a "ship to cross the sea of suffering" . Thank you again .

Kathleen said (May 4, 2017):

In response to the article Toronto Woman under Demonic Attack, I would like her to know that I believe her, and that I will be praying for her.

I agree completely with the suggestions of others to forge a strong relationship with Jesus Christ through daily prayer and reading the Bible. Praising and thanking Jesus (even, or perhaps especially, in the midst of difficulties) are powerful protective weapons.

As for support groups, I recommend Survivorship:

This is an online community of survivors of ritual abuse (Satanic or other types of ritual abuse) and mind control.

Sid Green said (May 4, 2017):

I agree with Patrick, according to former Satanists, their sorcery can't work on people protected by a strong relationship with God and the Bible because God physically surrounds his people by an astral force field. The devil needs authority to be able to affect people, and he only gets authority when they are not living right

Al Thompson said (May 3, 2017):

One of the things I use to get rid of Satanic influences is to repeat the commandments over and over in my head if I feel like I'm getting harassed by demons. The demons exist and the best way I've found to get rid of them is to repeat the commandments. This works because no demon can be near the influence of the commandments which are in God's natural law.

I had my favorite place in Lompoc prison and I demonstrated this fact to someone who I was teaching. There were about 20 guys sitting around a quad area and I told my friend that I could clear out most of the area by just stating God's commandments. As I started talking about just the commandments, the crowd started to thin out. By the time a few minutes went by, there were only a few left. This works and it might save the writer from any more "demonic attacks by Satanists."

Patrick said (May 3, 2017):

READ THE HOLY BIBLE every day for at least one hour.
The power of the Holy Bible is in the Words. All words are magnetic. If you use positive words like "God" you attract light. If you use negative words like "Devil", you attract darkness. The Holy Bible is the Word of God. Just reading It, fills you with light. Speaking It, turns you into a Beacon.
God Bless You Margaret.

Tony B said (May 3, 2017):

There is a very powerful support group for this lady. It's called Christianity. But REAL Christianity, that which is also involved with the supernatural, the POSITIVE side of it, in fact, the Creator of all, natural and supernatural. Sunday morning back slapping churchianity is NOT Christianity.

God and His own are there for whomever truly searches with proper intent including willingness to sacrifice the short lived, unfulfilling desires of this world by subjecting our own will to God's.

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