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The Wizard of Oz - Allegory for Our Mental Enslavement?

May 10, 2017


Although dressed-up as merely a simple, innocent children's story, 
The Wizard of Oz tells us who we are, our place in the New World Order 
and how we can end its oppression.

By John Hamer 

The 1939 film of the 1900 "children's" novel The Wizard of Oz follows 12-year-old farm girl Dorothy Gale who lives on a Kansas farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, but dreams of a better place 'somewhere over the rainbow'. After being struck unconscious during a tornado, Dorothy dreams that she, her dog Toto and the farmhouse are transported to the magical Land of Oz by the tornado. 

There, the Good Witch of the North, Glinda, advises Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and meet the Wizard of Oz, who can return her to Kansas. During her journey, she meets a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion who all join her, hoping to receive from the wizard what they themselves lack (a brain, a heart and courage, respectively). All of this is done whilst also trying to avoid the Wicked Witch of the West and her attempt to get her sister's ruby (silver) slippers from Dorothy, who received them from Glinda.

It has long been assumed that the story is allegorical - but the usual, de facto explanation is that it is a simple political allegory representing the state of affairs in the USA in the 1890s but given author, L. Frank Baum's [1856-1919] background I find that difficult to believe - more disinformation to throw us off the scent perchance?

Another explanation is based upon Baum's membership of the Theosophical Society and tells of the spiritual journey to the ultimate truth in theosophy. This is quite plausible - however I feel there is another possible, more plausible one...


Although dressed-up as merely a simple, innocent children's story, the Wizard of Oz is an allegorical representation of the Crown Temple, 
the controlling force behind the British Crown and all its foreign offshoots including the United States of America which was provably never really given independence from the 'Crown,' despite all appearances to the contrary.

The Wizard of Oz tells us who we are, our place in the New World Order and how we can end its oppression. In fact 'Oz' represents gold by weight (shortened form of ounces) and the yellow brick road, bricks or ingot bars of gold. So the 'Wizard of Oz' is one of the Elite, the owners of wealth, one of the 'powers that be' who tightly control every aspect of our day-to-day existence.

The character known as the scarecrow or 'straw-man' represents the non-existent ALL-CAPITALS legal fiction straw-man, in other words, the PERSON that the State created as a legal representation of you with the same spelling as your birth name.

And what does the straw man want most of all from the Wizard of Oz? A brain. No legal fiction PERSON has a brain because a PERSON is not a living entity. But all that the straw-man gets for his troubles instead of a brain from the great Oz is a certificate, a Birth Certificate perchance, as a newly legalized entity - as indeed we are all regarded in the eyes of the State. 

He is so proud of his new 'legal' status, plus all the other legalisms he is graciously granted that he then becomes the true epitome of the brainless sack of straw, proudly clutching his Birth Certificate and defying all common sense. This tells us much about the state of affairs today and the mind-set of the utterly brainless populace duped into believing that they have rights of freedom from servitude.

Likewise the Tin Man. TIN is the Taxpayer Identification Number. The poor TIN Man is simply a mindless, robot-like worker striving to fulfil his master's wishes until his body literally seizes-up and stops functioning. He works himself to death because he has neither heart nor soul and is merely just an emotion-less creature robotically carrying out his daily tasks as if he were already dead. He is the horse pulling the carriages of the wealthy and the mule toiling under the yoke of slavery.

His masters keep him numb on the outside and heartless on the inside in order to control him totally. He is the physical representation of the millions of soulless entities that throughout the ages are born, serve the system from cradle to grave and die miserably in poverty.

The pitiful Cowardly Lion is always too scared to stand up for himself. Of course, he is a bully and picks on those smaller and less powerful than himself. He represents those people who on the outside appear to possess great courage, but in reality have none at all, the kind of person who will bully his way to a minor position of authority but who is really too much of a coward to stand up to those at the apex of the pyramids. 

The Cowardly Lion will always back down and whimper when anyone of higher status challenges him. He desperately wants to be granted courage by the great Wizard, so he is awarded the 'medal' of 'official recognition' by the powers that be. These people thereby remain loyal to our oppressors in return for a few crumbs from the metaphorical table.

These are the armies of bullies with 'official' status who hide behind their 'officially' recognized authority and are people such as politicians, the military, the police and security forces and the legal profession who first and foremost protect the Masters of the Universe and their status and power, from the masses.

The character of Dorothy represents the ubiquitous 'everyman' on his / her journey through life trying to find happiness and contentment, in Dorothy's case her trying to get home to Kansas.

The two witches, Glinda the good witch and the Wicked Witch of the West, represent the perennial struggle between good and evil. The Wicked Witch of the West is a dig at western society and its appalling values. All she cares about is procuring the legendary 'silver shoes' worn by Dorothy which she believes will increase her powers. 'Silver shoes' represents the wealth of the masses, that is silver the precious metal, representing our meagre wealth and our constant chasing of illusory dreams whilst the Elite do everything they can to deprive us of as much of our financial resources as they can.

The journey through the field of poppies represents the fact that the Crown (and to a lesser extent the US government) controls the world-wide drug trade and has done so for centuries. Even in Baum's days more than a century ago, there had been the long and oppressive Opium Wars. The Crown already had vast experience, for example in the conquering of all of China with drugs, so why not the rest of the world?

And who was it who finally exposed the Wizard for what he really was? Toto, Dorothy's small dog. 'In toto' in Latin means 'in total, all together'. It is significant that Toto is not scared of the Wizard's theatrics, despite his diminutive stature compared to the Wizard.

The Wizard's smoke, flames and holographic projections are simply designed to frighten people (we the masses) into doing his every bidding. 'Toto', representing us 'all' (when we get our collective acts together) simply looks behind the curtain, sees that it is all one big illusion and begins barking to draw it to the attention of the others (the rest of the world). This enables them to see the Wizard as he really is, just an
ordinary, vulnerable, defeat-able man controlling the levers that create the illusion of his non-existent power and authority.

So, metaphorically the veil hiding the truth behind the ultimate flimsiness of the New World Order is removed and the Wizard's illusion is easily exposed.

And the moral of the story?

We as a group do not realize how much power we really have, to expose and thereby end the current state of affairs. How loud can we all bark to draw the attention of the rest of humanity to the scam being perpetrated by the fraudsters and criminals who control the world and our every move?

In reality, their façade is every bit as flimsy as the one erected by the seemingly 'all- powerful' Wizard behind the curtain. All we need is a brain, a heart, a soul and courage and if we can learn to somehow work together, 'in toto' we can change the world.


'The Wizard of Oz' Used in Monarch Mind Control?

Almost all documentation relating to the MK Ultra project and Mind Control mention the importance of the Wizard of Oz. In the 1940s, the story was reportedly chosen by members of the US intelligence community to provide a thematic foundation for their trauma-based mind control program. The movie was edited and given a different meaning to enable it to be used as a tool to reinforce the programming on the
victims. Here are some examples taken from Fritz Springmeier's 'Total Mind Control Slave'...

The close relationship between Dorothy and her dog is a very subtle connection between the satanic cults use of animals (familiars). A Monarch slave child will be allowed to bond with a pet. The child will want to bond with a pet anyway because people are terrifying to it by this point. Then the pet is killed to traumatize the child.

Monarch slaves are taught to 'follow the yellow brick road.' No matter what fearful things lie ahead, the Monarch slave must follow the Yellow Brick Road which is set out before them by their master.

The rainbow-with its seven colours, has long had the occult significance of being a great spiritual, hypnotic device.

Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble, which is 'somewhere over the rainbow.' To escape pain, 'alters' go over the rainbow. (This is a.k.a. in Alice In Wonderland programming (another MK Ultra process) as 'going through the looking glass.')

'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' is probably the most dissociative song ever written and is often played in movies during violent or traumatizing events (see the movie Face-Off). The strange effect produced, where the violence doesn't seem real anymore, is exactly how dissociation works on mind-control victims. We may also speculate that the scene where Dorothy falls asleep in a poppy field is a reference to the use of heroin to relax and manipulate the victims of mind-control. Also consider the snow falling from the sky that awakens Dorothy from her slumber. Could this be a reference to cocaine? 
John Hamer is a British researcher and author.  Twitter: @johnhamerauthor

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-First Comment from Dan:

big error here:

We may also speculate that the scene where Dorothy falls asleep in a poppy field is a reference to the use of heroin to relax and manipulate the victims of mind-control. Also consider the snow falling from the sky that awakens Dorothy from her slumber. Could this be a reference to cocaine?"

Not cocaine.  OPIUM.   It was sold over the counter when Baum published his Oz books. 
BAYER owned the patent to heroin.  Millions of young mothers were quietly addicted to legal, off the shelf heroin, morphine and opium.   Also sold to 'quiet' crying babies. 

Baum's reference to opium is the Witch's spell to slow Dorothy down so the flying monkeys can catch up with the quartet. 

Gordon writes:

That's a fascinating explanation of the Wizard of Oz. Part of it was swirling-around in the DeTax thing, about 20 years ago.  
Lately,   a man called Bix Weir presents a similarly far-out - yet coherent and very intriguing -  explanation of the precious metals racket on his website 

it takes him a while to get down to the nub of his proposition, but he does spell-out the premise of his theory
he seems to have evidence that Alan Greenspan was one of the original computer geeks, who literally wrote the software on which modern financial-ization of the markets, runs.  Weir says that Alan Greenspan / the people who run the Federal REserve have secret legal authority out of the US A's Gold Act,  to literally "rig the commodity markets", including gold/ silver.  

 what  Weir puts forward as facts, is mind-blowing, if true.  

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Comments for "The Wizard of Oz - Allegory for Our Mental Enslavement?"

MM said (May 12, 2017):

"Likewise the Tin Man. TIN is the Taxpayer Identification Number..."

The Taxpayer Identification Number is used by the Internal Revenue Service. For most of us, it is our Social Security Number.

"The Wonderful Wizard of OZ" was published in 1900. predating the 16th Amendment, the creation of the Internal Revenue Service and the creation of the Social Security Administration.

In short, the John Hamer is way off base. The Taxpayer Identification Number did not exist when the book was written; thus, L. Frank Baum could not have been referring to it.

MG said (May 11, 2017):

A very good analysis although The Wizard of Oz can be looked at as a metaphor/allegory on many different levels including the spiritual one ...

The Wizard of Oz being the devil who is stated in the Bible by Jesus as the master of all lies, deception and false promises as well as the master of this earth. The 2 witches represent another demonic deception gaining ground on this earth; that there is a battle and difference between white magic (supposedly benign peaceful magic ... Jedi idea in pop culture) and dark magic (aggressive form; the Sith).

As for Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow there all the little people caught in between this world of magic and deception; so all the victims of it. Like in a lot of stories written by an occultist there is no character that represents God.

Sal said (May 11, 2017):

Could it be that the Wicked Witch's skin is green to represent money? Not only is it a tool representing greed when misused for idolization or manipulation, but it's a fairy tale in and of itself as a fiat currency. Follow the yellow brick road because perhaps that represents commoditizable wealth. Toto may also represent value not inherently distracted by superficiality -- dogs tend to be loyal. Perhaps the scarecrow also represents a person who thinks they matter but doesn't because they can't think independently and this be self-sufficient, not worshiping the globalist slave master temptations put forth.

Tin Man may just be the worker who "chops" until they "seize up" and need oil -- medicare. The lion is perhaps the so-called trigger movements that are scared to expose any real conspiracies or to present any advice that can really elevate the commoner to a level of true self-sustenance. Dorothy may be the consciousness we seek or should seek that awakens and empowers commoners and exposes the "mighty" masters as really scared of the masses unifying and awakening. She may in a sense be the true God, perhaps.

The flying creatures may be law enforcement. The munchkins may be simple good-hearted people sold short for being poor or unsophisticated yet have value in unification.

Skip said (May 11, 2017):

I read your articles daily, and rate this as not just a home run, but a grand slam. Bravo!!!!!!!

Sid Green said (May 10, 2017):

"There was a man, in the land of Oz"
Oz is from the book of Job 1:1
Job, formerly Jobab, was an Edomite
Is it a coincidence that this story
is set in the land of Edom?
Hint: No

p.s. some versions may say the land of "Uz", but as you know "U" and "O" are both sounds that the letter "Vav" can make so Uz and Oz are Identical, it's Ayin, Vav, Zayin

BG said (May 10, 2017):

Wow, what a synchronicity. I haven't thought about this film for probably north of a decade, and yesterday was refreshing my memory about the story, but mainly the ending, and came away thinking about how similar the great Oz is to our controllers and that this story mirrors the world we are currently experiencing. Awesome stuff.

Shawn D said (May 10, 2017):

Yet another great article could write scholarly dissertations ad infinitum on OZ's Esotericism. Gotta end this comment as I am already beginning to Disassociate into Self Hypnotic Somnambulation!

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