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Astana: Masonic Capital of Eurasia?

May 5, 2017

(Left, The pyramid houses the Congress of World Religions)

Overnight, Astana his risen to 
become the NWO "city of peace"
Are we witnessing the diminishing role 
of cities like New York City representing
the old world order
and the rise of Astana 
representing the New World Order?
Are we witnessing the reign of the antichrist coming 
to fruition in Astana? 

by YM

There are few places in the world that resemble Astana, the capital of oil rich Kazakhstan which is the size of Western Europe but only has 16 million people. The modern and occultic city, pop 850,000, packs a mixture of Masonic symbolism, strange architecture and eerie designs straight out of a sci-fi movie. Named capital in 1997, Astana is the first capital built in the 21st century. The city's high paced expansion and growth is nothing short of incredible. In two decades, the city has become a global power player in  international conferences, summits and expos designed to further the new age agenda (NWO). Maybe it's for this reason  Astana has been branded "City of Peace". 

(left, Beyterek tower aka sun idol worship)

An example of such gatherings is the Syrian International Meeting on Syrian Resettlement hosted by Astana in January of this year. This time (May 2017) they are back in Astana with delegations from Jordan as well. From the looks of it, Astana is being rolled out as the Geneva of the east.

The name 'Astana' has a few meanings in different languages. In Kazakh it literally means 'Capital' but its origin is in the Persian 'Astane'. Astane (or Astaneh in Iranian accent) means "Threshold" or "gate". 


According to Islamic Echteiology, the antichrist will come to rise from "the East". It's narrated: "Dajjal (antichrist) would come forth from a land in the East called Khurasan, followed by people whose faces resembled shields covered with skin". 

In another narration, it specifically states: "The Hour will not be established till you fight with the Khudh and the Kirman from among the non-Arabs. They will be of red faces, flat noses and small eyes; their faces will look like flat shields, and their shoes will be of hair." 

Khurasan once encompassed a large region of land of which Kazakhstan was apart of. Kazakhs match this description. They are descendants of the Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes and are for the most part 'flat faced' with small eyes and traditionally wear hair and fur garments such as camel hair shoes. 

(Astana is located in the geographical center of Eurasia) 

Although the antichrist is of Jewish origin originating from an island nation, quite possibly Britainaccording to Islamic traditions, his ascension will manifest from the east. This is profound, given the definition of Astana/threshold according to the Cambridge dictionary as: "the level or point at which you start to experience something, or at which something starts to happen:"


The sun theme is found from everything from the country's flag to architecture and monuments. 'Bayterek' (photo above left) is the most famous landmark in Astana. The tower is so iconic it has been commemorated on the national currency note. The legend behind the golden sphered tower is that it represents a poplar tree (kabalah tree of life), where the magic bird 'Samruk' (phoenix) laid its egg. The egg (the sun) containing all of humanity's wishes and desires (peace and paradise) is then eaten by a  dragon named 'Aidakhar' (satan/antichrist) and the cycle repeats itself. A myth only Satanists can find inspirational and worthy of celebration. 

The twin golden pillars anchoring the skyline of the city are named by the architect as "Boaz" and "Jachin". According to the religious texts, two brass pillars named 'Boaz' and 'Jachin' stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple. These are the same pillars Freemasons use in their craft and rituals. 

palace (2).jpg(Left, Boaz and Jachin pillars/gateway )

In addition to the pyramid and Masonic pillars/towers at the heart of Khazakhstan's capital, left, there is a giant bizarre and downright satanic pentagram in a remote region of the country. The giant pentagram is visible  from air and can be seen in satellite images. Not so strange maybe when considering that even the designated phone code for Khazakhstan is 7, the most sacred of numbers to Freemasons/satanists.


Not to be overlooked, 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation' is a bold  pyramid shaped building designed by world famous British architect Norman Foster. 

Religious leaders of various faiths have gathered every three years in 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" around an image of a giant sun to discuss various issues, in essence concocting a new world religion. Inter-faith dialog to prepare us to accept the imposter Christ (antichrist) 'sun' [of] God. 

The plan appears to be uniting various faith and denominations under subtle undertones and seemingly harmless pagan beliefs wrapped in furry myths. Similar to the man-made adaptations of most Christians worshipping on SUNday and most Muslims using the crescent moon as a symbol of religion, both of pagan origin. 

(left, Global leaders to gather around the sun inside the Pyramid 'of peace and reconciliation')

With all the Satanic and antichrist symbolism that Astana has come to enshrine, it may not seem so trivial to note that Kazakstan is also said to be land of origin of the apple tree, the same fruit said to have caused the expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Aden. Which begs the question, are we witnessing the beginning threshold of the antichrist coming to fruition in Astana? 


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First Comment by Kat:

    Ellen McClay documents Astana, Kazakhstan in her book, "In the Presence of Our Enemies - A History of the Malignant Effects in American Schools of the UN's UNESCO and Its Transformation of American Society from the Lips of Those Who Did It".

     "...the UN and UNESCO continue their plans for a universal world religion in which there is no place for the Christian God or The Christ - to be in place by the year 2020. 'They' continue to amalgamate several esoteric occult religions designed to embrace all non-Christian religions in order for all to be compatible.

     In a 2-day UN meeting in the 'new capital city, Astana, Kazakhstan, 18 religions met to iron out their 'differences'.

     ...Those present enjoyed their get-together (all expenses paid) and decided to do it regularly as the 'Congress of World and Traditional Religions'...Kazakhstan decided to provide a permanent new building the the new NGO, 'United Nations of Religions'."
(page 639)

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Comments for "Astana: Masonic Capital of Eurasia? "

IN said (May 6, 2017):

My money is on the NWO globalist religion center being based in Jerusalem (a city which will be internationalized sometime early next decade). Shimon Peres indicated that he would like to see Pope Francis head it. They both know that it will be based in Jerusalem. The Vatican is being used to internationalize Jerusalem and the holy sites so it can be handed over to this new religious system once it is created.

Tony M said (May 6, 2017):

i noticed something i thought
was very interesting. You have covered the pattern
that kabbalah and satanists use.. moving letters
around in a pattern, OR...hidden in plain sight.
if you simply change the position of the
first 'A' in the name, and the 2nd letter ' S'
the word spells " Satana"
Just thought i would share that and pass that
along. Hoping that might be worthy to share
on your comments under the article sir?

May God bless and keep you and loved ones
as you continue to expose the evil and SHARE
the Truth sir!

KK said (May 6, 2017):

Astana looks like an amusement park for occult/cultists.

Dan A said (May 5, 2017):

Do you know much about the airport in Denver, Colorado? I read it is the suspected Western Headquarters of the New World Order. Fascinating what I've read about this airport

Angela said (May 5, 2017):

Very interesting article for one (me) who knows next to nothing about Kazakhstan. However I think YM spoiled it in the last paragraph in talking about an apple tree. It was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, depicted often and mistakenly by artists as an apple.

Gen 2: 16-17 Of every tree of paradise thou shalt eat: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat. For in what day soever thou shalt eat of it, thou shalt die the death.

If they disobeyed God they would lose their innocence.

Thank you anyway for drawing our attention to Astana.

Shawn said (May 5, 2017):

Very informative article. No telling what kind of evil goes on there Henry. Kazakhstan-not only home to huge oil reserves, a colorful ancient history....but also the Soviet decommissioned Bio-Weapons Laboratory/City located right in the center of the nation. Perhaps some Master Builders have built an even more interesting underground city beneath all that sand.

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