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Conservatism Coopted by Freemasonry in UK

May 22, 2017

Freemasonry is the reason conservatives are impotent and the white race is going 
down the toilet. It is the reason
why you always hear about
the Jews but never the "Juewes"
-the Freemasons who betrayed
their nation, race and religion for a
seat at the devil's table. It is the reason the West is quite literally satanically possessed. 

"Masonry permeates every aspect of conservative civil society in the U.K., which helps explain why  radically subversive ideas such as same sex marriage have insinuated themselves almost effortlessly into the mainstream of society. "

by Jude Duffy

'Conservatives have conserved nothing but the record of their own impotence' the 19th century French Catholic writer Louis Veuillot, once observed'

As this epigram makes clear, conservatism's problems didn't start with the takeover of the movement by the Neocons in the 1970s and 1980s. That takeover was a symptom - not the cause of the conservative malaise. Rather than endlessly lamenting the co-option of the right by Trotskyist Neocons, paleocons would do better to reflect upon why the right so often succumbs to such co-option. 

Modern conservatism, even the admittedly less toxic Paleo con brand, has its roots in British Whig Masonry.  That explains why ideas, which, as recently as the 1980s, only lurked on the most radical fringes of Trotskyist cultural subversion, are now mainstream policies of the British Tory Party.

Indeed the very use of relativist and subjective terms such as "extremism" and "radicalism" to marginalize or even criminalize dissent is a giveaway to the Masonic nature of modern political discourse. Any movement that exalts the 'religion on which all men agree', as Anglo-Masonry does, exalts consensus and worldly expediency over eternal principle.  Freemasonry is relativistic by its very nature, and this applies as much to Anglo masonry as to the continental European variety.

Apologists for Anglo-masonry, from Augustin Barruel in the late 18th century to Nesta Webster in the 20th, tried to draw a distinction between radical "nasty" continental Grand Orient Masonry and "nice" moderate conservative Anglo-Masonry. Many conservatives, even traditionalist Catholics, unconsciously accept this distinction, hence their obsessive focus on the French Revolution as the source of all modern evil.

But the French Revolution's influence on world history has been negligible when compared with that of Anglo-Masonry. It is the English language, English sports (the English Football Association was founded in the Freemasons Arms hotel), English liberalism, and  Anglo-American culture both high and low, which have conquered the world. Furthermore the French Revolution itself began as a British Whig conspiracy to subvert French Catholic power. Anglo-Whigs only turned against the Revolution when the conspiracy started slipping beyond their control, and trained its guns on its "moderate" Masonic sponsors.

At first glance monarchical Britain may seem a more traditional place than Republican France, but first glances can deceive. When the British Conservative government legislated for so called gay marriage, almost no one in the UK seriously opposed it, whereas in France a huge organic movement mobilized against a similar law there. Furthermore as continental Europe becomes more anglicized culturally and linguistically, it becomes more socially nihilist.


Around twenty years ago I asked a young Spanish woman how most of her compatriots viewed the British. She curled her lip and uttered one word: "Tattoos". Two years ago I visited Spain for the first time since 2009, and found tattoos pretty much ubiquitous among the natives, male and female. Mocking, as they say, is catching. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the British should feel very flattered indeed.

Freemasonry in Britain never appears very radical or threatening. Often it seems like a rest-home for the terminally uncool: gin sodden golf club bores (Denis Thatcher), cheesy 1970s comedians (Bob Monkhouse, Jim Davidson) cheesier MOR pop stars (Phil Collins, Brian May)- middle Britain embodied in institutional form. Its close association with the established Protestant Church of England and the British Royal family only add to its image as a bastion of fuddy duddyism.

But therein lies the rub. The very conservative image of "the Craft" in Britain makes it an ideal vehicle for cultural subversion. Masonry permeates every aspect of conservative civil society in the U.K., which helps explain why  radically subversive ideas such as same sex marriage have insinuated themselves almost effortlessly into the mainstream of society. Once such ideas are part of the cultural furniture, Anglo-conservatives condemn any efforts to reverse such laws as dangerous extremism - or horror of horrors, a form of inverted radical utopianism.

All revolutions need a conservative element of stabilizing ballast, and in the western context, the Masonic cult of unquestioning obedience provides that ballast. In a culture where constant change is institutionalized, a conservative temperament can, paradoxically, speed up, rather than slow down the pace of destruction. 

This conundrum is summed up in the old saying: If we want things to stay the same, things are going to have to change. If you're on a speeding runaway bus heading towards a cliff, the really conservative thing to do is not to sit quietly reading the collected essays of Roger Scruton, but to rush to the driver's cabin and jam on the hand-brake.

Perhaps, it is the very protean nature of Anglo-Masonry that makes Catholics and other conservatives so reluctant to acknowledge it as an implacable enemy of Christianity.  

For such folk, the French Revolution is simple to understand: secular, anti-Christian, fanatical. Ditto the Bolshevik revolution. Many traditional Catholics even condemn the American Revolution as a secularist project. When it comes to the so called Glorious Orange Revolution of the late 17th century, they don't seem nearly so sure of themselves. Traditionalists like monarchy, pomp and circumstance, an  established church, ancient institutions, and the United Kingdom still has all these things. The only problem is they've all been put to work in the service of a godless police state at home, and endless Zionist sponsored revolution abroad.

The UK is the land with more CCTV than anywhere on earth, the land where bakers are forced to make cakes with pro-gay marriage slogans, the land where criticism of the Zionist lobby can land you in jail - and the land where false flag terror was a way of life for the security services in Northern Ireland and elsewhere long before 9/11, or even Operation Gladio. 

To make matters worse, the same UK government that many nationalist British small c conservatives are hysterically cheering on for confronting the tyrannical Brussels bureaucrats, has just presented an election manifesto vowing to completely control all modes of expression on the internet.

The Anglo white nationalist fraternity tend to dismiss talk of freemasonry as a diversion from the real issue of Jewish control.  However they always struggle to explain how, if Masonry is a red herring, Jewish supremacism has progressed in tandem with the Craft's rise. 

To adapt a favourite rhetorical device of David Duke, is it just a coincidence that the Balfour Declaration was the product of a British Masonic government, that the two World Wars were instigated by Masonic regimes, or that even in modern times, many of the leading facilitators of the Zio endless war agenda just happen to be members of Masonic secret societies like Skull and Bones?

Note- Jude Duffy on Brexit-  Re Brexit, you're right, the EU is Masonic, but I agree with Dr Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina who said on David Duke's radio that he thought the City of London had decided the EU had outlived its usefulness as far as Britain was concerned. British alternativists (for want of better general term) tend to see the EU, the U.S. etc as the source of all  their woes, when in truth the real enemy is even closer to home. In general such folk don't like being told that most hardcore Zionists in Britain supported Brexit, but the facts on this score are irrefutable. There are no establishment efforts to undo Brexit - quite the reverse - it's going full steam ahead.

First Comment by Dan:

"is it just a coincidence that the Balfour Declaration was the product of a British Masonic government, that the two World Wars were instigated by Masonic regimes?"

Freemasonry was banned in Italy by Mussolini in 1924;  in Germany in 1935;  Franco banned it in Spain in 1939;  Vichy France in 1940; and all occupied territories during the war.   
The Axis bans vanished with defeat in 1945.   Spain sustained Franco's ban until 1978.  

In contrast, the United States was founded by Freemasons.  The 'Great Seal' (Illuminati All Seeing Eye) with Weishaupt's motto 'Novus ordo seclorum 1776' appeared on our dollar in 1935. 

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Comments for "Conservatism Coopted by Freemasonry in UK"

TW said (May 22, 2017):

Real conservatism doesn't seem to exist politically anymore. The mass media has presented a twisted worldview where anything remotely conservative is labeled as "extreme", "intolerant", "xenophobic", or "hateful". The people, in turn, have largely bought into it. They have those few of us who are real conservatives afraid to propound our beliefs above a whisper, since it's impossible to reason with a brainwashed mob.

Our problem, as conservatives, is that we're always striving to be seen as "moderate". Of course, such "moderation" is always defined by the left, isn't it? They want us to be passive, since that works in their favour. As a result, we have "moderate" conservative politicians going right along with the insanity the globo-leftists foist on us. The battles over morality and immigration have been ceded without any real fight. Show me one political party in Canada that wants to stop mass immigration, for instance. Our fake "Conservative" Party, no doubt in an attempt to appear "moderate", doesn't want to stop mass immigration, but only slow it a little. When your country is on a train headed toward a cliff, is the right course of action to just slow the engine marginally? We've surrendered, haven't we?

As former U.S. senator Malcolm Wallop once lamented about the American situation, "If the Democrats were to suggest burning down every building on Capitol Hill, the Republican moderates would say, 'That's too radical. Let's do it one building at a time and stretch it out over three years.'"

I'm not sure if it's Freemasonry at the root of all this bullshit (although it's definitely a tool, at the very least), but it's some kind of satanic power at the highest levels globally.

The people have the power to stop it, but it's become a game of "go along to get along".

Tony B said (May 21, 2017):

In this article this man states exactly the reason that "Mady" de Shishmareff and Edith Starr Miller wrote "Occult Theocrasy." I.e., Nesta Webster's constant excusing British Grand Lodge as benevolent in her not so honest "exposés."

One of many descriptions of masonry could be: A front of fake humanism controlled from behind (or above, degree wise) by real satanism. (Using stolen Old Testament terms as ritual fodder for the gullible.)

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