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May 5, 2017

Chabad Zionist Pope Francis: The Historical Background 

by Lynda

You might like to read some background to your tweet: George Soros has put the Vatican under his control 

I think everyone has spotted Pope 'callmejorge' Francis the pseud. By now it will be clear to Catholics (who actually hold the faith and tradition of the Church) that the Revolution (inaugurated 1789) has succeeded at the level of the hierarchy. Faith, morals and tradition are all undergoing subversion. 

And it is now clear to observers (disinterested in the doctrinal conflicts raging internally for decades) that the Church has undergone a whole new look . They might also be aware that Masonic errors condemned by the Church (prior to the Vatican II Council) as 'against' the faith are now being pontifcated. And policies such as the desirability of Christians living under Muslim law, historically contested by the Church by force of arms, are now part of the kumbaya of world peace. 

Cardinal Suenens put it like this: "Vatican Council II is the French Revolution in the Church." This phase of the Revolution started at the time of the Risorgimento. Under the Holy Roman Empire (HRE,) the Italian peninsula was a patchwork of principalities, city states and little kingdoms - all with their own head of state. 

The papal estates (Lombardy, Burgundy and Ravenna) were the estates of the pontiff who was the monarch of those estates. The Church was the basis of the unity on the peninsula as the estates had successfully opposed the Protestant Reformation. That is one reason why the Italian peninsula could so long enjoy such a rich flowering of its Italian cultures. 

People identified with their estate as Genovese, Montovian, Calabrese, Tuscan, etc. After the Battle of the Three Emperors (Austerlitz 1805) Napoleon was victorious over what remained of the HRE and emperor Francis II (also Francis I of Austria) abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor in 1806. The construction of the Arc d'Triomphe, commemorating the fall of the HRE, was begun the same year. 

Francis I meanwhile continued as emperor of Austria which continued to be the protector of the papal estates on the Italian peninsula - estates which had their own financial structure. Much like N. Korea, Syria and Iran today have their own independent financial structure. All of this was swept away in the Risorgimento. The Grand Orient organized the advance of the Revolution (inaugurated 1789) into peninsula under its Masonic commandatores Garibaldi and Mazzini. Insurrections all over the peninsula followed in the wars of independence. Napoleon III and Victor Emanuel II sign a pact against Austria in the second war of independence. Italy is unified in 1861. 

One of the first acts of the 'unification' under King Victor Emanuelle II In 1862 was a new central bank to monetize the debt for the war. Presto Italy has a new usury/debt based monetary system. When the French Bourbon army retreats from the papal estates 1870, Rome and the papal estates are taken over by the new gov't. 

They passed under the central (Rothschild bank) of the unification under their own arrangements. It won't be too difficult to construct a timeline of the establishment of the Italian and Vatican central banks and their substructures. They will both be tied to the Empire of The City (on the sq mi of London) and the BIS cartel. 

So now the Chabad Zionist faction of the NWO (the Kushner/Israel axis) is clearly the Overlord of the Church as an international organisation. Francis is always down at Lampedusa to meet the Soros NGO boats ferrying the Islamic invasion into Europe. Maybe we'll get to see a photo op. I see in my mind's eye the two great humanitarians embracing on the beach and kissing the Koran together. Because the Roman papacy and Czarist Russia were the two great autocracies named specifically in the Protocols as obstacles to Zionist world control, this is an important part of the historical narrative.

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