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Archeological Hoax Quickly Exposed on Reddit

June 25, 2017


(Cro-Magnon Man  remains found in BC?) 

Friday "a Canadian graduate student" posted a 2500-word article on Reddit claiming academics and government were suppressing evidence found in British Columbia that Europeans predated Asians in the settlement of North America. "Cro-Magnon remains have never officially been found in North America. If Cro-Magnon remains were discovered in North America, they're mostly associated with the European Paleolithic, and so that would be very politically incorrect."

His account didn't pass the smell test. The author refers to Canada's "federal administration," something Canadians never do. He fears for his family's safety when from what he revealed, it would be easy to identify him. He slips up when he refers to carbon dating. And it's very unlikely that this evidence would first come to light in a very remote part of British Columbia.

The interesting thing here is that someone is trying to discredit conspiracy theorists by posting fake news on Reddit. The hoaxer deleted his account when he met with skepticism. Below is my abridgement of his entry.  Hard to believe anyone would go to all this trouble if they were not being paid by someone.


I am a graduate student studying archaeology at the University of Calgary. I have done a lot of work along with other students working in the field, getting my hands dirty, that sort of thing. I really do enjoy archaeology, it's my greatest passion in life, and even after this is all over, I still want to continue my education in that field.

However, because I have such a respect for science and for ethics, I can not, and I will not tolerate the flagrant suppression of real science that I've experienced, and that I believe has occurred on a much larger scale.


(Arrow points to where these remains were supposedly found)

Let's start at the beginning of where it all happened. In Entiako Provincial Park, over a year ago, a small group of archaeologists going over the area with Ground penetrating radar (GPR). They detected the walls of a longhouse and tumili (a kind of burial mound) approximately 1.8 meters underground. Multiple hollow chambers with contents that were yet unknown at the time were also detected.

Naturally, the University of Calgary's Department of Anthropology and Archaeology got involved, including me, with the permission of the gracious provincial government, of course. I don't think they thought we were going to find what we did...

Anyway, as of now, we have excavated about 2.5 meters down, we're into the very late Pleistocene era, but the middle strata is definitely from the Neolithic time period. What we've found so far includes hand tools as well as a number of the distinctive flat, thin, leaf-shaped Solutrean-style spearpoints, arrowheads, and blades in the level one strata.

Of course, we got them carbon dated by the UC's very own Department of Chemistry. The strata that has been excavated so far has been dated to approximately 9,800 radiocarbon years of age, roughly 11,000 calendar years.

This, on its own would be a very significant find. Something that would demand exposure, and I hoped that it would gain some exposure as I was very proud by this find, and so were other students who worked at the site. However, the department around this time began to engage in sketchy behavior that went against common protocol in these situations that made me suspicious. It was like they were trying to draw attention from the Entiako site. That is not the most dramatic thing that we found. This is where things get really interesting.

The skulls of the site's former occupants were also excavated down at Level 1, about the very end of the Paleolithic era. The frontal plumb of these skulls was straight, with small brow ridges, tall foreheads, and prominent chins. Both computerized and clay facial reconstruction of the skulls showed men and women with long faces, deepset eyes, aquiline noses, thin lips, and straight hair. What residual DNA testing we were able to get revealed that their hair was likely either blonde or red in color. Additional testing on residual mitochondrial DNA revealed that their mitochondrial group was Haplogroup N.

In other words, these were Cro-Magnon remains, the only remains ever discovered in North America, or the only ones that I know about, since I suspect that this is not the only coverup. They are ancient Caucasians, and of course that is very very politically incorrect with the narrative that I have come to believe that the Canadian government and others have been pushing in the West for such a long time.

I'm going to assume you're familiar with the Solutrean hypothesis, a very controversial archaeological theory, for the sake of time I won't go too much into it. This site had supplementary evidence that this hypothesis may in fact be true, which is a very politically incorrect fact indeed. It is for that reason that I think the DA&A and the Canadian government had motive to suppress the nature of what we found on this site.

Anyway, speaking of the site, what I personally think is that we've mostly uncovered is basically a village area. We've found postholes and petrified wood slivers from a stockade of almost three acres that surrounded the site at one time, but the ruins are all centered within that area, so there were probably gardens and small grazing plots for livestock surrounding the structures, if they'd gotten around to domesticating animals in those days, which we're not sure of. We've found skeletal remains of dogs, not wolves, which may have been domesticated by then, and we've found the bones of pigs and turkeys and pigeons, but there's no way to tell if they were domesticated or if they were hunted in the wild.

There's the longhouse and about eight other smaller buildings we've been working on, but some of the other structures were probably barns, workshops, granaries, and other storage facilities. Most of the people themselves probably lived in the longhouse. Of course, the site was inhabited on and off over the course of thousands of years. We figure that the area must have been quite a bit deeper back then, so it was a source of water that kept people coming back to settle in the area. There are multiple artifact bearing strata at the site which supports this.

I digress, anyway, what we've uncovered here is game changing, it really is. Not only have we found Cro-Magnon style tumili, but the actual skulls of Cro-Magnon persons is even more of a discovery. However, the ensuing events destroyed my faith in archaeology in Canada and have brought to light many things that I believe have to be changed, that have to be acknowledged.

The Cover-up

Usually what would happen with such a big discovery such as this one is that an Eminent Persons Group would be sent, something like that. The world should know about what we found here. However, that simply has just not happened. I'm going to try to keep this is as short as possible since you've already had to sit through enough of my ranting and raving as it is. I am also really eager to get this all off of my chest.

The main thing, the most important thing that you understand is that they covered it up, what I have seen in the way of the most blatant and violent disregard for scientific protocol and ethics shocks me to my core, it makes me the angriest I've ever truly been, I'd say. That is the most important thing I can impart on to you, there was an intentional effort to stop what we found here from going public. I, and other colleagues at many points were ordered to disregard protocol, to destroy documentation, and to turn a blind eye to what was right under our noses.

The question they're going to ask me is, "Why didn't you go through the proper channels?" I can say with 100% confidence that I, and others did go through the proper channels. Throughout this entire situation, on multiple occasions I approached supervising staff, including the Head of the Department, who was overseeing the Entiako site, about my concerns. I was told that I was being, "Insubordinate" and/or, "Out of line" on many occasions there was the implicit threat of reprisal and the destruction of my career as an archaeologist.

Cover Up

It makes me boiling inside just to type this all out. In my anger, I decided that the only thing to do was to try to document what was going on myself, including documenting the various things that we found and the data that we collected on them. I did not do this without help, and it pains me that my acknowledging their names, I could be putting their lives, and the lives of who they care about in danger.

Sadly, I was not able to really [take] any of the physical artifacts themselves due to a variety of circumstances. To my ever growing shock and something that makes me sick to my stomach, the destruction of these artifacts was covertly ordered by the federal administration of Canada. I know that this a bold claim, and I plan to prove it, all in good time.

Anyone who is familiar with Canadian politics, and the larger world of the West will know why they'd want to suppress something like this. Science has been greatly infected by political correctness, especially in Anthropology and Archaeology for the sake of not offending anyone's sensibilities. It is something that's bugged me for a while, and it's always been something I've been against. The truth is the truth.

Do you remember what I said about leverage earlier? This is what I was talking about. I have set up a dead man's switch, and in the event of my kidnapping, assassination, or otherwise suppression, a sizable leak of all the things that have occurred at the Entiako site. It will go out to many journalists and other pertinent people worldwide who I can rely to spread it as far as possible. That is my leverage until I can guarantee my safety and the safety of my loved ones.

It may seem extreme to some of you, but it is in my sincere belief that it is necessary. I do eventually want to make this entire data dump open to the public, all in good time. I have planned this out over the past couple weeks in great detail, this is how I'm going to do things.


I really would like to include so much more, but for the purposes of efficiency and brevity, this is a relatively short summary. Believe me, this is not the end, a lot more information is going to be coming your way, the entire public's way hopefully. This is basically what has gone on. I need this to be known, I need this to be spread. Don't let this be buried, let the truth be known.

I would like to emphasize, that I do not blame all of the participants in Entiako, as I mentioned before, many of them actively did their best to dissent against the highly unethical things that were going on. Some of them chose to keep their mouths shut and they just did what they were told, no matter how abhorrent. I forgive them as to make mistakes is only human. However, the facts need to come to light eventually.

My main request to you is to spread this around to everyone you know, do it on other social media sites, don't stop talking about it. Let the truth be known. This is not goodbye, additional proof and information will be provided. I have a process for this whole thing, and it will come to fruition if I have anything to say about it. If the media wants to give me a name, call me Mx. Entiako.

First Response: 

You can't carbon-date inorganic material. A grad student in Archaeology would know that, I'd think. Everything else in your post reads like good science, very convincing. But this part leads me to believe you're making this all up. Again, a grad student in Archaeology would know you cannot use C14 dating on stone tools. recent appearance 

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Comments for "Archeological Hoax Quickly Exposed on Reddit "

Karen said (June 27, 2017):

There is a lot of pre-existing controversy over this subject in the Pacific Northwest.

"Great Surprise" - Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins

Interestingly enough, BC Similkameen storyteller Harry Robinson says that originally, North American Indian peoples and the white man were created as the closest of brothers - twins

Chris G said (June 26, 2017):

The biggest hoax I ever heard of is that crap that came from Charles Darwin. Scientists have been so brainwashed they can't tell the difference between "science" and "theory". Unproven "theories" are not science, proven "facts" are science.

Originally Darwin's book was called "ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES OR THE PRESERVATION OF FAVOURED RACES IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE"; It's all about Eugenics! Irish people weren't even considered Caucasians but were catalogued as Negroes so other whites could feel good about treating them like animals; When Eugenicists say Black Africans were the first man, it's not a compliment but an insult since they are implying they are animals that haven't evolved; The Piltdown man's skull hoax only shows how desperate these "scientists" are to prove Darwin's lies.

Near Entiako is Bella Coola and the Nuxalk nation; They have stories of when the earth was flooded, they stayed on Nusatsum Mountain and say there is rope up there to this day.

In Nevada, "scientists" could no longer dispel the Paiute nation's stories about their ancestors battling red head Giants around the Lovelock cave, since they keep finding evidence like: arrows, artifacts & ACTUAL REMAINS OF RED HEAD GIANTS! So why are you all convinced this Entiako find is a hoax?

What supposed "science" likes to ignore is any proof that validates the Bible. The Smithsonian and other museums are quick to coverup any real history; THE REMAINS OF RED HEAD GIANTS HAVE BEEN FOUND ALL OVER THE EARTH! Genesis 6 explains how Nephilim mated with beautiful female Humans, creating a race of giants. And NO, to all the religious people with rocks in their head that like to misinterpret scripture - Nephilim are not invisible spirits flying around, they are tangible EARTH creatures just as HUMANS are. Invisible spirits do not get erections!

Doug P said (June 26, 2017):

Back in 1980 or so I was not a conspiracy theorist and working as a salesman. An archeologist came into the store so I started a conversation about archeology. He explained to me that this science was absolutely corrupt back then and if they ever make a discovery of importance it gets covered up and hidden then the PTB decide what they will tell the public.

Ken Adachi said (June 26, 2017):

It probably doesn't apply to this case, but a key deception element mentioned in Project Blue Beam is the use of faux "archeological finds" to promote some vector of propaganda they need to promote their One World Government justification.

I know most people don't believe that time travel is possible, but the Montauk Project demonstrated that the government has the ability to travel in time and space and can travel back in time and plant any sort of BS material they want and then arrange to have it "discovered."

I feature a woman on my web site named Jane Tripp who has presented the most astounding photographic proof of government time travel operations in which modern-day individuals have been photographed with modern technological equipment alongside long-dead people who were all photographed together over 110 years ago. I am not exaggerating one bit. View this link to see her 233 Photo analysis titled, "The Pirates of Time." It will amaze you.

C said (June 26, 2017):

Well, carbon dating or not, I was surprised that this article didn't mention Kennewick Man, found in Washington State in 1996.

That discovery didn't sit well with the narrative, so he got relegated to some museum. Last I read (I believe in the WSJ) Kennewick Man artifacts were fast diminishing. So is he now "disappeared?"
And I used to think "Science" was above all that!

Ray said (June 25, 2017):

If we had a little more information on a specific location in Entiako provincial park where this hoaxer claims to have made this game changing find I could go have a look. I don't live too far away and my wife and I have for some time made a hobby of remote backroad travel.

We have a well equipped and capable 4X4 that serves us well and in our travels out that way. We've heard or seen no information on any excavation or discoveries out that way. If you have or come across anymore information concerning location, let us know. We'd be more than happy to take a burn out there and have a first hand look.

On another note, we love you Henry. We're thankful for your insight and your contribution to revealing the truth of all we know to be truth. We have gone through this kind of strange journey from being victims completely ignorant of how we are/we're being manipulated and used by satan and his workers, both ((members)) and non members, to slowly over time overtake humanity.

With much reading, discussing, and pondering we increasingly became stressed right out, scared, angry, restless, not knowing what to do. All told it took about a year and a half or so to find ourselves where we are today with this knowledge and you have been there with us every day with your truths and insight on the ((who)), what, why, where, when, and how of it all. We are so much happier and at ease these days since we've built our "fence".

The world can do what the world does and there's nothing we can do at present about that, but we can live our lives how we choose inside our fence.

I can't express to you how thankful I am to you Henry for how you've helped my wife and I make sense out of the chaos that one experiences when first learning the truth of the world when you start to wake up. Your articles such as Rushing Through Life and Rule #1-Maintain Civility, Thinking is an Addiction, Why am I So Anxious, and the like has done a lot to help us understand how to deal with this new knowledge. How to relax and find our centre and balance in some ways. We get it Henry. We see it now. We love you very much Henry, Thank you.

Tony B said (June 25, 2017):

Haven't bothered to read this guy's dissertation.

However I have read and seen photographs in past years of well documented proofs of mummies found in Washington State and, I believe, in Oregon, burial grounds which were proved to be Caucasians - bigger and differently constructed - and were older than any of the Asiatic "American Indians." These in particular have been pushed "down the tube" by all "professionals" in academia and media and probably government with the discoverers vilified.

Seems there are also similar findings in the eastern U.S. (but not mummies) which have been attributed to "Norsemen."

Logic tells me that these whites were genocided by the Asiatic invaders we now call "Indians" or, dishonestly because exclusively, "Native Americans."

Was never interested enough to study deeper as I believe it is too late to get overly involved in history as we have way too much work to do for our survival right now. All of us, no matter the background.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at