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Fuddhism - The New Religion

June 1, 2017

(left, The food court is the new temple. There, we see a naturally reverential attitude to food.) 

Enough with Buddhism
It's time for a new religion
based on worship of food-
I call it Fuddhism, 
pronounced "foo-d'ism." 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

It's time to make food the basis of a new world religion, and to recognize that Food is our God.  

Have you noticed that animals spend all their time foraging for food? Human aren't much different. 

This is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but there is also a serious message. We live in a time when religion and other genuine sources of meaning are under constant attack by the satanists that control government, education and media. The cool people think it's chic to believe that God, race, country and family are obsolete. 

Love of food is filling this vacuum.  A plethora of TV shows are dedicated to restaurant reviews, cooking instruction and cooking competition. Anthony Bourdain travels the world expounding on the unique dishes he discovers. People are fixated with organic, locally-sourced, gluten free foods. 

Food is a natural basis for a new religion. It's connected to God by the fact that He gave us so many delicious ways to nourish ourselves. Families still gather over a meal at Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter. Many people say a prayer at mealtimes.

Increasingly we are recognizing that healthy and wholesome food is the mainstay of health, while a bad diet is the cause of most illnesses. 

Food is something we all love. It naturally brings us together. It's something we can all agree on. And it's relatively cheap! Yes there are vegetarian and vegan schisms but Fuddhism is a tolerant inclusive religion. (The only real heresy is fasting.) 

So, as a religion, Fuddhism has a basis in truth.

(left, foodie)

A Fuddhist should be distinguished from a "foodie" who, according to Wikipedia, "seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. The terms "gastronome" and "epicure" define the same thing, i.e. a person who enjoys food for pleasure."

Food is not merely a hobby for Fuddhists. It is a religion. It is a quest for perfection, health and a celebration of God's goodness and bounty.


I am a Fuddhist.  A good meal lifts my spirits. Fireworks go off in my brain. A bad meal depresses me. 

So far my practice of Fuddhism has involved a search for the perfect coffee, hamburger and restaurant.  

I have literally sampled scores of coffees looking for the perfect combination of taste and stimulus. In the past few years chains like 7-11, Tim Horton's and McDonald's have really stepped up their game. Used to be Starbucks was the only source of premium coffee but no more. 
Frankly, after a years-long search, I prefer coffee from those chains. Often my walks or bike rides will include this destination. 

The same applies to the hamburger. I do not deal with steak here since you cannot find flavorful steak in Canada as you can in the US. I can still remember steaks I had in the US twenty or more years ago. But never in Canada. So I confine myself to the lowly hamburger. My wife and I swear by the A&W Teen Burger. Canada does have the best smoked salmon though. One Ocean brand. 

I have a couple of favorite restaurants in Winnipeg but nothing to boast about. My favorite restaurants are in Toronto where I make an annual pilgrimage. They are Cafe Polonez, (Polish); Pomegranate (Iranian) and Banjara (Indian.) These restaurants are superb and entrees are just $16. 

Generally I prefer to cook at home. I do all the cooking because my wife is a techie and can't cook. She could eat the same thing five days in a row. My joy is to listen to my appetite, and then to satisfy it.  Appetite is the body's way of telling you what you need. 

Generally I don't use recipes. I can't read instructions let alone follow them. I like to improvise.


But enough about me. What do you think of me? (Just kidding. What is your take on food?) The world could unite around food. In a way, this is already happening. 

Religions are supposed to give us a purpose in life. This one has been staring us in the face literally three or more times a day. 

Those people who merely "eat to live" are missing out on the secret of happiness: living to eat!

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Comments for " Fuddhism - The New Religion "

John E said (June 2, 2017):

Best advice I can give you about foods is “Moderation and balance” Eat a LITTLE of this and that.

Best advice about life, read a book and take a walk with your family, get some sun and exercise, It is the little things that bring the most happiness.
God bless and take care,

LD said (June 2, 2017):

Be aware you have tapped into one of the three big ecological religions of the cosmos, the other two reproduction and recreation. Can't wait to see how you write about those!

These, too, can be healthy manifestations of the human race when they are regarded less exotic and more in keeping with the family first, community second and so forth.

I'm a separatist and keep my "vitals" out of the mix where food, sex and recreation are all done in the same location away from home and without regard to what is eaten, whom is, well, you know, and what is going down on stage.

My favorite recipe is Autumn Fish stew (recipe online) but not only because of the marvelous flavors this food produced. It was the company I kept when I made it. THAT was good family eating!

Tudor said (June 2, 2017):

As I'm getting older, soon 50, I like simple food and despise a complicated dish.

I follow my instincts, tastes are the body's needs, and not the nutritional and medical advices. That's why sometime we like/need more salt or less in our meal. By the way, salt is an essential mineral for our health, the body processes as much as he needs only.

I rarely enjoy a restaurant meal, despite the fact the food prepared in bigger pot taste much better, of course if it's cooked properly with natural ingredients. When eating I prefer intimacy with family and people I like.

I eat only seasonal local food - the tomatoes in winter are awful, greenhouse vegetables the same - because only then they match together. That's why the lamb and sorrel goes so well together in soup only in the spring (North Hemisphere).

The best meat is of course from the natural grown animals. Unfortunately some people don't know what is the real taste of meat or fat.

I started to make my own wine, not a big deal, the process is natural, the secret is only in grapes. I'm not talking about fancy name varieties but fresh, ripe, not chemical treated grapes. Since then I cannot drink bottled wine anymore. I wonder if it is fully made from grapes.

I'm looking to make my own beer, not from kit, also a drink from a natural process, actually gruits, beer without hops. Hops is known to be a strong tranquiliser and, more important, a very strong oestrogen, female hormone, stimulator. That's why the need for the beer purity law?

I avoid distillate drinks, that's not a natural process. Probably our body is not prepared for that.

Food (vegetables, seeds, meat) and wine cannot have the same taste year after year even are coming from the same region. Starbucks coffee has the same taste all over the world. Without treatments and artificial flavours it's impossible. I came close to the real taste of coffee when I started to roast small quantities of green coffee and grind only as much as I need. What a difference!

The cigarettes in these days, in most parts of the world, are simply awful. No wonder the number of smokers, beside persecutions, is decreasing. For instance, regular Cuban and Turkish cigarettes are far better. Of course any smoke is not good for our lungs but depends on quantity. One becomes a heavy smokers because his sorrow life, his sufferings makes him ill. The same with heavy drinking.

The key, I think, is going back to natural.

Tony B said (June 2, 2017):

I know I can buy meat, the origin of which I am not sure. But what I AM sure of is that the government has given the packers the okay to inject it with water. Yes, water. Lots of it. I can't fry meat anymore, which is the way I love it. Any such attempt ends with boiled meat that is now half the size it was before losing all that water. What really galls me is being forced by a criminal government and the GREEDIEST DAMNED HUMAN BEINGS WHO EVER LIVED to pay meat prices, which are sky high anyway, for water as half my meat budget. I had a local packer prepare a pig for me. Mostly I got sausage. This sausage does not fry. Once all the water is boiled out there is no fat! Whoever heard of sausage without fat? And what does one do to pork to extract the fat and replace it with water? And where are they selling the fat, for what sort of use?
For these reasons and more I now eat more top notch supplements than food. Even though some are a bit higher than Walmart Chinese weeds (poison?) they are tons cheaper than man's worst ripoff, so-called "insurance," and beat doctor and hospital bills by millions. If I'm lucky, the supplements will be able to keep up with the poisons that come under the label of "food." I doubt if it will gain me any longevity but I'll be happy if I'm not sickly for the days I do have left.

Anybody know of a decent beer that has no GMOed grain in it? Or good red wine made with grapes not soaked in some nasty killer?

BB said (June 2, 2017):

You and I must really think alike! I thought I had come up with the concept of being a practicing “foodist” but you took it to the next level. I have a close dining friend named Judy so I called our little clique “Judith’s Prudent Foodists.” Also her son Luke and his wife Cate Shanahan, actually wrote a book called ‘Deep Nutrition’ and they helped the L.A. Lakers with their nutrition program! No wonder we are all so obsessed with food.
And continuing the Buddhist theme, when I used to post on the Gather site I actually invented a religion called “Casselliterian” or the “Cassellic” religion — based on Mama Cass Elliott since she made a great "earth mother" figure. This one really fits well with the food theme too. And remember some of the later songs she used to sing, like “New World Coming”? Makes sense to me!
So the next time a form asks you which religion you embrace you could just say “Cassellic”, then explain and see what the reaction is! Thanks for all your inspiration and insights, and have a swoonful June!!

JJ said (June 2, 2017):

The great thing about the food religion is that it allows people to be prejudiced, discriminating, opinionated and whatever else they feel like being without reprisal. A meat eater can thumb his nose at a vegan without worrying about losing his job or standing in the community, for example.

JJ said (June 1, 2017):

The great thing about the food religion is that it allows people to be prejudiced, discriminating, opinionated and whatever else they feel like being without reprisal. A meat eater can thumb his nose at a vegan without worrying about losing his job or standing in the community, for example.

Diego said (June 1, 2017):

On the topic of nutrition, I am working in a psychiatric hospital with a large number of admissions. As a sort of personal crusade, I have been testing people's blood level of Vitamin B-12. And I have found a very significant percentage of low levels, even people as young as 18. The reason for the low levels vary.

The lab tells me that a level of 200 is adequate, but that is misleading. Most people have 550-900, and that is what I consider normal.

I am not the only one who has pointed this out, but too many doctors ignore this unless the patient has anemia.
When somebody has a low level they need to examine their dietary habits, or take B-12 pills or injections. It is a vital vitamin.

TW said (June 1, 2017):

"My joy is to listen to my appetite, and then to satisfy it. Appetite is the body's way of telling you what you need."
If I heeded my appetite, I'd probably weigh 250 lbs and sit and eat nothing but chips and dip all day.

G said (June 1, 2017):

Henry, another brilliant statement of yours:

"My joy is to listen to my appetite, and then to satisfy it. Appetite is the body's way of telling you what you need."

I could use this, Henry; it's so much saner than menu-planning, whims, exaggerated nutrition concerns, four major food groups. We just gotta listen!! I am going to test out your theory. Thank you!! And please pass the salt.

Art said (June 1, 2017):

Great stuff old man. Will reblog, but to my blog.

I'm basically a vegan, who could not say no to cheese, yoghourt, & ice cream.

I came back today with a great Munich rye, coconut fat, & an avocado pear. Which I enjoyed with fermented apple cider vinegar, & a good coffee sweetened with dates.

I sincerely believe that the eating of flesh 'foods', satisfies your lust & not just your hunger.

Andrew said (June 1, 2017):

Yes, food is very important, and...

"man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live".

Deuteronomy 8:3
The Old Testament
The Bible

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