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Why Do I Remain Jewish?

June 22, 2017


The short answer is I have no choice.  As I explained in the Epilogue to Illuminati 3, you can't jump out of your skinAs you know, I have no use for the Jewish "religion."  The essence of Cabalist Judaism is satanic: to enthrone the Jew (i.e. Cabalist Jewish banker) as God and turn reality upside down (i.e. revolution.)  The ordinary Jew is the instrument ("useful idiot") of this subversive megalomania.

Just because your people, and consequently much of humanity, has taken the wrong path, you cannot abandon them, especially if you're a writer and "saving the world" was the mantra of your generation. 

What Being Jewish Means to Me


By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

This Epilogue was inspired by an email from David Masada, my French Translator:

You know Henry, when I did the first translation, it was all about putting you in the map in France, and I don't want to sound too pretentious, but I believe we achieved just that!

You're now at the core of the few authors dealing with the subject and with the regular updates from the blog, I know that we get a constant flow of new people gaining awareness of your work...

Now, I sometime have the hardest time to make French people understand that as a Jew, you can support a national viewpoint. Because everyone tends to believe that a Jew is international per se, and that he's supposed to hate the country where he settled (I think it might be true historically, and I don't know if you would agree with that...) So I end up fighting tooth and nail to present you as a Canadian citizen, and not a member of a worldwide tribe... (I know it's crazy but it's the prejudice against Jews in general...)

I also often get the smart remark that you can only be a shill because otherwise the Jewry would have shut you down with all the nailing you've been doing... (I personally believe that you must stand a lot of pressure as those articles are ripping the cover off of freemasonry and all Jew's many proxy in general...)

It's frustrating, I wish I could do a video interview of you with a good set of questions that would cover all this things, so you could clarify for the French audience...


I am an assimilated Jew. My Polish Jewish parents survived the Second World War by passing as Catholics.

After the war, they wanted nothing to do with the identity that resulted in their parent's deaths and almost cost them their lives. They gave their children common English names. Jewish observance was limited to lighting the candles on the Sabbath.

I have always identified with the human race first, my country second, and being a Jew third.

Until the age of 50, I was a typical brainwashed, dysfunctional, liberal, socialist, zionist, feminist Jew. My return to health began when I started to question these memes and obey my own instincts and perceptions instead. I discovered the Illuminati conspiracy which has become my work.

In contrast to the Cabalist Jews, I express the authentic Mosaic Jewish spirit, a commitment to universal truth and morality. (This spirit is shared by good people everywhere.) I have always sensed there is an immanent moral order, an intuition that inspired my game Scruples.


When I was young, a friend's father used to say, " Henry. You can't jump out of your skin."

My interest in learning, writing and teaching, my idealism and my sense of humour are all Jewish qualities. (So are many of my bad traits.) I cannot deny who I am.

I support any religion that upholds an universal moral order and family values. As you know, I believe God is synonymous with absolute spiritual ideals like truth, justice, love, peace and beauty. I do not join a religion because I want a direct relationship to God. But I encourage everyone who finds sustenance in religion.

In general, I have had little to no reaction from Jews, either positive or negative. The same applies to Freemasons. I am ignored, a tiny gnat.

In 2007, the Canadian Jewish Congress tried to force me to remove all references to Jews from my web site. However, nothing came of it. The Internet "hate laws" in Canada were changed because Muslims started to use them to their advantage.

Obviously, I do not expect to influence the course of world events. I write to empower my readers so they are not manipulated (subverted) and can make informed decisions.


I would serve the Illuminati Jewish purpose if I actually promoted anti Semitism.

On the contrary, I show that Jews are not all brainwashed. A handful are capable of being objective, truthful and fair. As result, I have won more friends for "the Jews" than anyone. I combat racial prejudice and anti Semitism.

For this reason, I don't expect the B'nai Brith to hold a Gala Dinner in my honor, since it thrives on anti Semitism which forces Jews to contribute money and conform.

Of course, I am critical of the majority of Jews for being used, but this applies to most groups under the auspices of Freemasonry today.

Far from "hating" my homeland, I have always been a Canadian nationalist. My PhD is in Canadian literature. Our political leaders like Trudeau, Trump, Biden, Bojo and Macron are the real "Jewish shills" and national traitors.

We should not be prejudiced against people on the basis of group. I am proof that individuals have a unique character and learning curve.

At the same time, I find the physical and cultural traits of other races and nations attractive. I want to see these differences preserved in order to resist the Illuminati agenda. We are one big family, each bringing something unique to the table.

Human beings all want the same thing - to enjoy the precious gift of life. Life on earth is a miracle. 

We are the Family of Man, children of God who looks out through our eyes, the windows of the soul.

We should dedicate our lives to praising the Creator and discerning his Will. We should not allow the Illuminati to usurp our Birthright.


First Comment by Jack L

 My wife is Jewish and we are raising our baby boy to recognize his Jewish heritage. I understand the disproportionate number of Jewish persons in banking, politics, media, entertainment, etc.  However, at the end of the day, we are all human beings. My own research leads me to believe that those behind the New World Order are an elite few drawn from various groups including the British/ European royal families, the Vatican, Freemasons as well as some Jewish elements. 

My concern is that the Jewish population in general will get the entire blame as in the past. When I did my thesis on the Nazi Holocaust I learned how European monarchs used the Jewish population as money lenders and then turned on them when the majority population became dissatisfied with their lives. The Jewish population was conveniently blamed and due to their minority status unable to defend themselves from mobs and pogroms. 

All the while the royal families and Church leaders remained insulated from blame or attack. I'm not denying or excusing those Jews (Rothschilds, Warburgs, etc) who are part of an ongoing generational conspiracy but Jews have only made up a tiny percentage of the world population at any given time in history. Any power they have is at the tolerance of groups that are part of a larger population base and with greater resources such as the British Royal family or the Vatican. However, this is all a hypothesis based on my limited understanding of the conspiracy. I must defer to those more knowledgeable in the field like yourself. Thank you for your hard work in bringing the truth to those of us thirsting for it. I have all of your books and read them over and over.


Thanks Jack,

Based on how Freemasonry is rarely mentioned, but Jews get plenty of play, you can bet innocent Jews will take the blame for the guilty ones, if it is necessary to throw anyone under the bus. 



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Why Do I Remain Jewish? "

Luis said (June 26, 2017):

To be a jew is to belong to the jewish race and has nothing to do with Judaism, judaism which is one of the big hoaxes of our times since it is pure laganism - it even has luciferianism in the form of the cabala and gnosticism (cabala disguised with christian terminology to fool people - they are the whore of babylon).

But nowadays the majority of those calling themselves jews, havent got a single drop of jewish blood. It is these people who control israel, banks etc. Of corse there is a tiny minority, counted less than 100, whjch are true jews from the banned tribe of Dan. Banned from the Book of Life. The antichrist, false prophet, annais, judas and caifas all shared this evil bloodline.

Most of those who came from poland or the east of europe are then KAZARS and true jews, SHERPADIC, come from palestine, portugal or spain.

Milton said (June 23, 2017):

You are quite correct in that you cannot jump out of your skin. Identity is important. The solution to the Jewish problem is to liberated Jews from Judaism.

Accept Christianity and you can be reconciled. His burden is light - he has condensed the Ten Commandments to only two - Love God with all your might and Love your neighbour as yourself.

The Jews should be loyal and integrate into the society they are in, or leave for the autonomous Republic set up for them in Russia.

The Jews say that we gentiles should learn the lessons of the Holocaust and say "Never forget" and "Never Again". It is the Jews who should learn the lessons first and apply them in Israel - that is why they are still the Hypocrites and Liars that Jesus called them. It is also the reason Anti-Semitism will increase as time goes on. The Jews will use up their Holocaust nine lives.

Most Jews will never change, and this is predicted in the Book of Revelation, and is why they will perish in the second Holocaust of Hell Fire on Judgment day.

God is a monarch and you cannot vote him out. His is a right wing government - there are no Communists in Heaven.

His is the power and the Glory for ever and ever! Amen.

Amber H said (June 23, 2017):

Like the Islamic religion--is in the throes of being hijacked by “ISIS’” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service)—so has the Jewish religion of the Mosaic spirit you speak of has been hijacked along the way it appears – by the same satanic beings—whose only purpose is to subvert Humanity, God and the moral order. It would serve Humanity immensely if we simply called them for they are – and not identify them with any or either Religion. At this point, we, the Human Race, will find that we actually have an Alien race existing amongst us – with ALL THE TRAITS that are not Human—viciousness, cruelty, pedophilia, cannibalism—and other evil beyond belief. Their hive / headquarters / sanctuary to further their demonic aims is in the Rothschild-created FAKE / FALSE / Impostor Israel.

The above is how we all can make a quantum leap in unravelling the orchestrated, artificial, highly controlled reality we are all existing in—and not make our own divisions that actually are senseless, like “Illuminati,” “Freemason”, etc.

They have been differentiated here as the Serpent Race – which they themselves acknowledge:

Brendon O'Connell said (June 23, 2017):

That's a great article Henry. I always wanted to ask you the question...but you've answered it.

I was so disgusted with the Catholic Church and the world in general I went to become a Monk in the Russian Orthodox Monastery in New South Wales, Australia. I was ready for a full immersion baptism into the Orthodox Christian sect. But something told me there was, "still good in the Church."

I've always known your example to others who identify as "Jewish" is important.

Israel and Netanyahu's clique are getting desperate and they need cannon fodder for their Greater Israel project. More than ever, the likelihood of "Jew" setting fires to Canadian and American synagogues is high to get the immigration to "Israel" happening. In that, your presence in the ongoing narrative is more important than ever Henry.

All your work is obviously appreciated by many - Jew and non-Jew alike.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at