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"Anti Semitism" Cry No Longer Deters Resistance

June 18, 2017


Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult synonymous with Communism. 
First Jews, then Freemasons and now humanity is being 
inducted into it.
They are trying to criminalize resistance to this tyranny
by banning criticism of Israel.

"... the discourse of the oppressed is defined by the sensitivities of the oppressor". Gilad Atzmon

In a country where flag-burning and unfettered criticism of the President is part and parcel of the First Amendment, why is it that criticism of Israel and questioning its history and even its 'right to exist' is deemed highly immoral, socially criminal and utterly unacceptable? 

by Taxi
(abridged by

We are living in the peak of Jew World Order.

If you find this statement antisemitic, if you disagree with the facts and statistics that identify American Jews as heavily dominating or fully controlling American Media, Banking, the Judiciary and American Culture (Hollywood/Education/Book Publishing) - controlling through the Jewish lobby our Congress, the Senate, the Pentagon, Policing and Intelligence Agencies as well - if you are still in denial of the above facts, then this article is not for you....

What is up for debate, however, is how much longer will the American masses remain asleep to the biggest threat of all to our nation by Jewish influence and caprice.  Will Americans sleep right through the destruction of the First Amendment at the corrosive hands of American Jews seeking to silence criticism of everything Jewish and Israel because the cat is now out of the bag on Social Media: an unruly platform that cannot be controlled without a fisty dictatorship?  

Will the American masses freely and passively give up their fundamental right to free speech to appease the tyranny of the Jewish minority?...  

Are American masses really that inattentive and absent-minded to even note that the pernicious Jews are fast making it a crime to speak ill of the self-styled, self-proclaimed Chosenites in any form or measure right here in the United States, the land of freedom itself?  

Are Gentile citizens even aware of the aggressive Jewish campaign seeking censorship of their Internet Free Speech that's already currently gaining traction in our Congress - as indeed it has already successfully done so in the UK parliament?

Instead of writing the long list of what Global Jewry are currently endeavoring on behalf of their headquarters in Tel Aviv, I'd like to refer you here to Alison Weir's latest epic article on the nefarious moves that the Jews in DC are making towards criminalizing any negative speech regarding Jews and Israel, globally, not just continentally.


Yes, Jewish power exists.  It is not a figment of a twisted imagination nor the delusion of a tin-hatter high on drugs.  It is simply so.  Jewish power exists.  In glaring abundance.  Therefore it must be rationally examined and critiqued as one would any other brand of dominant power.  Jewish power is not exempt from thorough investigation, cynical or otherwise.  Why should it be?  After all, openly examining and analyzing power is the hallmark of a sanguine democracy.

In a country where flag-burning and unfettered criticism of the President is part and parcel of the First Amendment, why is it that criticism of Israel and questioning its history and even its 'right to exist' is deemed highly immoral, socially criminal and utterly unacceptable?  This is definitely not the democracy that Americans have died and live for.  Yet, this is exactly what has been happening for quite some time and not a pip squeak of objection about this from anyone on Capitol Hill has been heard - not one politician has defended the First Amendment in the face of the Jewish Lobby. 

Curiously too, not many voters have demanded that their sacred right to Free Speech be protected by their Representatives in DC.  Begs the question here: is it the enduring Jewish mass-brainwash of Americans, or is it American mass low self-esteem that allows their resolve and dignity to be so downtrodden under the boot of Jewish cultural terrorism?

Perhaps it's a combination of both.

Yet, lately, where politicians have failed to protect Free Speech, it is notable that a growing number of citizens themselves are countering the Jewish assault on Free Speech by speaking even louder and more frequently about it on Social Media.  Fortunately, they too are gaining traction.  We are seeing an increasing number of Americans from a vast spectrum of ethnicity, age, class and religion bypassing the Jew brainwash despite it having deluged the American psyche in all areas of American life for decades.  

A quick and cursory view of Social Media clearly indicates Jews are not popular on Social Media: Social Media being the platform that provides the most uncensored freedom of speech. 

Witless Jewish leaders have noted this and are now therefore hyper-aggressively attempting to censor the Internet to protect the so-called sensitivities of their tyrannical minority - even if it means massacring the most vitally important Amendment in our constitution: the First Amendment.

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Thanks to AZ for the tip!

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Makow comment- The reason there is no opposition to this oppression is that the Masonic Jewish bankers have installed a class of Gentile traitors, Freemasons, to administer their tyranny.  I wish "Taxi" would include Freemasonry in his otherwise excellent presentation. Anti Masonry is a way to sidestep the spurious charge of anti Semitism. This site monitors Masonic influence. 

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Comments for " "Anti Semitism" Cry No Longer Deters Resistance "

Cliff Shack said (June 20, 2017):

The Jew World Order of which you speak is synonymous with World Order. It is not new. Only our understanding of it is new and that understanding is still scant. The population has yet to fathom the breadth and depth of that power which has shaped civilized humanity since the time of the Persian empire when Darius I, the son of the Jewish Queen Esther ruled the world. The Jews were literate masters of law and accounting, armed with great chutzpah to protect themselves from the brutish illiterate hordes. Small in number, the choice was, and will always be, rule or be eaten alive.

Lisa said (June 19, 2017):

I dont know why Americans and white people in general are so freaked out when Jews call the antisemite or use ridicule tactics. When anyone comes for me I NEVER back down. I dont let people win if they have the nerve. Growing up in America, people have called me far worse names than antisemite. LOL That word is amateur.

Doug P said (June 19, 2017):

The root of the Jewish influence is in the courts. The transformation from dead Christian law to living Jewish law is at the heart of the NWO transformation. Under Christian law we have dead laws and living men, under Jewish law we have evolving living laws and dead men (dead = death commercially speaking). I've had more than one attorney tell me 80 % of their profession is Jewish. Everything else is just noise to blind people to the fundamental transformation and the practical destruction of Christianity. I explain it all here:

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Peter said (June 19, 2017):

More and more it's looking like a hundred years ago and what the same mob did in Russia. Solzhenitsyn in his 200 Years Together goes into details about how anti-semitism was seen by the Soviets as counter-revolutionary as was, I might add, Jesus Christ back in the day.

Solzhenitsyn is very careful though not to be blind to the other forces that were responsible for Russia's ruination, for example Jews getting into the clerical professions ahead of often vodka addled Russians. Then again, it it was more likely that the grog trade was largely run by Jews, the same as Ford lamented with regards to the bootlegged Kentucky Whisky replacing it's quality indigenous product.

Though it's nice to be able to discuss it, Jordon Maxwell says they allow some discussion, but as soon as you begin to become potentially an effective movement, eg the Tea Party, Occupy, BDS, they will go hell for leather to destroy you. Challenge them for real as they respond "where's your army?".

They are organized, to disorganize any opposition. I can't wait for the 3d printed micro drones to follow them into their boardrooms, halls and temples and show them for what they are and what they really think of us and spread it with this 21st Century bush telegraph. What the buzz? tell me whats a happening!

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