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Poland in Crisis -- Globalist Traitors Battle Nationalists

July 25, 2017

(Left, Soros' useful idiots take to the streets) 

We're in a life-and-death struggle
for the future of the human race 
between Communists (satanist, globalists,"liberals") 
and nationalists. 
As in America, globalists in Poland are 
resorting to extreme behavior to intimidate
their opponents. In the article below
a Polish reader conveys the
urgency of the situation.

Latest! Polish President vetoes law to purge
Polish Supreme Court of traitors. 

by Patriotic Pole

Poland is under massive attack right now. They want to destroy the present right wing government (PIS Law and Justice party) and get back the former communist, traitor PO government that served the Germans and Brussels. Majority of Polish media belongs to German owners, which continually attack Polish right wing, conservative party.

They produce fake news and horrible, lying propaganda among Poles and abroad to discredit PIS and the President as well. They mock and ridicule them and are very vicious in what they do.

Poland, like Hungary does not want to OBEY Brussels, Merkel and Big Brother, so now it's going to be destroyed like Ukraine and many other countries. This is always the same plan, to make people hate the government and riot against it, and we know what happens next.

It's getting serious; they have a very detailed 16 points plan to do it, step by step. There are people connected with Soros, this woman- Lyudmyla Kozlovska, left, is Ukrainian, (a friend of Soros). She started the foundation called -Open Dialogue. They spread lots of info, how to act, what to do, and agitation against this government through Facebook. 

On Facebook she talks people into switching this government off and paralyzing the country in order to force this government to give up on introducing changes in the old, communist and corrupted judiciary system and to resign.

 Since this gov was elected by the majority of Polish people, the former government which is full of traitors and communists cannot stand it. They are afraid of being exposed, their frauds and thefts, their corruption and connections, so they (the present opposition) have been doing all they can to destroy the present government which is very bravely and steadfastly trying to repair the country. If it was not for this government, Poland would be no more, just a shell with nothing left, no jobs, no money, no babies as thousands of Poland emigrated to various countries for lack of prospects, very low wages etc. This was done and promoted ( emigration) under the former leader, the prime minister Donald Tusk. 

They are pure evil, the opposition is extremely arrogant and will not hesitate to destroy the present gov in any possible, vicious way in order to get the power back into their hands. 

The head of the former gov was Donald Tusk, left, who now works as the president of European Council in Brussels. Many people mock him calling him the king of Europe. He is the traitor, always working against Poland, even now, the best friend of Merkel. Sold out most of Polish industry; whatever was worth anything he sold it for pennies. 

This is his latest letter Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) on Twitter where he urges the President to veto judicial reform measures. 

It's such a shame as this man always acts against Poland. He is not on our side, he has no respect among Polish patriots and Polish people.

The people who are rioting in the streets now are also spreading fake news abroad on purpose. Their call to action is : "Act in the streets and abroad" (to slander and destroy the present gov). So they scream - "Dictatorship!, They take away our freedom! They destroy our democracy!" etc. which is all lies. They go to Brussels and report on this gov accusing it of various, evil things, which is all done for the sake of destruction of this gov as they hate everything that comes from PIS ( Law and Justice ruling party).

This is the best gov, Poland has ever had since WW II. It's very patriotic, Christian, supporting family and tradition, national identity, traditional values, Polish history and it's working for people not for their own benefit, it's trying to repair and restore what the previous one had damaged and stolen or sold out. 

For the first time in history Polish parents are receiving financial help for their children which helps them in a huge way to supply their needs, so the number of new born babies started growing sharply, 14,000 more babies born this year than a year ago. This government exposes lots of frauds and also murder in Smolensk, the plane crash with the Polish gov and president Kaczynski). The ruling of former gov under Tusk was just constant lies, emigration, poverty, fraud and deception. Many believe that it was involved in murder of 90 people in the plane crash in Smolensk. They have always had pure hatred towards PIS and Kaczynski brothers. (One of them was the President of Poland who died in 2010 and the other one is now the head of the ruling party but does not hold any formal function in the government.)

Obviously Brussels is not happy as Poland is getting stronger and richer, and the gov listens to Polish people who said clearly, they do not want Islamic invasion so the gov is strongly against any so called refugees in Poland. This drives Brussels mad as they try different tactics to take those people in. They threaten Poland with sanctions, isolation etc. The former gov agreed to take thousands. 

They blame now the new law, which is going to change the judiciary system but the change is very much needed as the system is terribly corrupted by the former, communist governments. Moreover, the changes are to make that system just as it is in Germany and many other Western countries so this is just an excuse to overthrow this government. 

This government is very gentle with rioters. The former one, led by Tusk, would have had police forces chasing away all those people by water guns etc, which happened many times. 


Most Polish people support this government and many have changed their mind and started supporting it seeing what is going on. 

Poland's prime minister B. Szydlo DESTROYS the elites and political correctness

And this amazing speech by D. Trump. I have never been his fan but that speech was amazing. It happened two weeks ago and now there is destruction of Poland going on. It's too brave, too rebellious, too family and God oriented for communists, for Soros, for Brussels for the devil himself.  

This is the info in main media
Poles protest for 8th day over contentious judicial changes

Victor Orban, Hungary supports Poland, He built a wall to stop refugees, very strong leader.

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Comments for "Poland in Crisis -- Globalist Traitors Battle Nationalists"

MN said (July 26, 2017):

I'm Polish and I can confirm this article being spot on target! It encompasses most important facts in a nutshell and even though there is so much more that could be said this is pretty much it. One thing to add is that the the socialist system never really fell in Poland it gently transformed into this ugly and very corrupt mafia style regime which robbed our citizens viciously for nearly 30 years, no former high calibre oppressor was ever trailed and sentenced, and now when we fight to rid ourselves from the "solid beton" judiciary system which does everything to prevent any justice happening we not only are being attacked by our own crooks but also by their masters from the EU who want to be able to rape our country continuously as up until recently...

MG said (July 26, 2017):

To me this is more a battle between Stalinist's (Total Opposition which consists of 3 parties in the Parliament and the EU President Donald Tusk) vs Trotskyst's (the governing party led by the Kaczynski brother who is the one steering the government from the back seat and he was steering the President until the nullification of the bill)

First of all what all these 4 parties have agreed on; TTP, CETA, GMO food into Poland, Forced vaccinations and staying in the EU.

Now what these parties disagree on;

Total Opposition sees Poland as basically an extension of Germany and are for International Socialism

Law and Justice for the most part want to be an extension of the US and Israel and they want National Socialism

While I really like Law and Justice's policy of not letting in any migrants I really don't like their brainless Americanism/Zionism, their disturbing Russo-phobia and their tendency for economic socialism.

By the way I voted for the 4th opposition party a party that calls it's self an anti-system party and it's main goals are a new constitution and overall political reformation of Poland as well as to bring new ideas, young Poles and new people into the political scene that is filled with names that have been being recycled for over 25 years (all the other parties are filled with those recycled names).

This party was not a part of the protests but decided not to vote for the bill which they said (and I agree) would give way too much power to the Minister of Justice over all judicial decisions. They congratulated the President when he made the decision to nullify 2 of the 3 parts of the bill as well as saying he is for judicial reform but a fair and balanced judicial reform.

PR said (July 26, 2017):

In no way am i defending the former ruling party PO.
But you have to know that the deceased president - Lech Kaczynski was the one who brought back b'nai b'rith to Poland. Most of PIS is being accused of being jewish, under changed names. I can not confirm this, however it seems plausible. The party is definately dancing in the tune of the establishment, although the music strikes a chord in catholic, nationalist Poles, it in no way strays from the plan. They are still letting Poland to be raped by foreign capital like Chevron with fracking.

There are also voices that it is starting to get "hot" in Israel/Palestine, and that the Jews may want to return to their "Polin". While it sure sounds great that PIS is listening to the voters and not letting in "refugees" (called "uchodzcy" in Polish but jokingly referred to as "nachodzcy" wich means "impostor") but more probably it means that the Jews may not want any "nachodzcy" in their future home. Poland is also being molested to pay up reparations for the Jews for the 2WW. Can You believe it ? Us ? They want a sum that totals our whole one year budget.

I believe forgetting that all major and visible political forces are part of the problem is letting yourself to be fooled by the oldest trick in the hat.

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