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NewYorker Cover is Illuminati Taunt

July 1, 2017


On Independence Day, 
the Illuminati bankers
are saying 
the American Dream is dead. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The latest cover of The NewYorker magazine (July, 3, 2017) grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. (I subscribe to the magazine.)

It refers to Tuesday July 4, American Independence Day. I put the cover on my Twitter Feed and commented, "this is how Cabalists say, up yours."

Why is that? The NewYorker is owned by the Newhouse Media Group which is part of the Masonic Jewish near-monopoly on information and discourse. It peddles the Illuminati (i.e. Communist) agenda.

Superficially, the cover is about diversity. "It's a beautiful image of a patriotically-attired young lady all set to enjoy the holiday weekend," one reader responded to my post.

Indeed, what's wrong with a black girl in an American freedom pose? 

But diversity isn't really about diversity. "Cabalists empower minorities to dispossess European Christian majority," I also tweeted. "They care nothing about minorities." The Communist faction of the Masonic Jewish establishment are anxious to  get rid of Trump because he appears to represent national interests. The painting is entitled "Bright Star" a possible reference to Lucifer which is "morning star" in Latin. 


This cover isn't about American independence. It's about European dispossession. 

The girl isn't attractive. She looks sinister, like an alien or an insect. 

If this were really a celebration of US independence, diversity and "inclusiveness," she would have been attractive.

The real meaning is found in the stars on her bathing suit and the stripes on the ball. The message is that America no longer belongs to Americans of European origin. 

America belongs to her. Her arrogant expression and the way she holds the ball say "possession." 

But WAIT, she is only the face of European Christian dispossession. She is only a pretext, a ruse.

That insect alien is not her. That is the face of the satanist banker. 

The Illuminati are taunting us.  They are saying, "We own the media, corporations, politicians and education. We own you. We own the future. The American Dream is dead."

They don't own our hearts and minds. The Dream is not dead.  


First Comment by Kathy:

 I agree with your assessment re the cover of the New Yorker.  What clinches it for me is the reflection in her sunglasses.  The former, quintessential all-american girl (white and long blonde hair) is taking the picture.   Looks like the what was once considered the all-american girl is being replaced. [Another reader suggests this is the grim reaper.] 

MM writes:

Looks like a tranny to me. Muscular shoulders wider than hips, no figure and waist indentation at the hips, large hands, flat chested. Note the extended pinky of left hand, giving a subtle devil's horn.

Anon writes:

First, let's get one thing straight (Pun Intended.)  The number one reason "she" looks so alien is because it is not a she at all.  Composite image or not -that is a boy.  Can't believe it?  They've been getting away with this kind of degradation for decades for that very reason.  The viewers eye is drawn first to the ball and bathing suit, then to the sunglasses; probably without noticing within them, the girl divided against herself.  This is a great way to keep our attention off those high, broad shoulders and freakishly long man-arms.  Seriously, there's not a real woman on Earth with arms like that.  We won't notice the long torso with low-set male hips either.  There's an angle to the jaw and a male brow ridge can even be seen above the glasses... If this were a simple photograph, I'd say that maybe the shadow over the neck is so we won't notice the remains of his shaved down Adam's apple.  That's a trick from Old Hollywood.  That is a trannified boy.

There seems to be an interplay of 2's and 3's on this cover.  Charles' (in comments) mention of the "fanciful" hairstyle is spot on.  Rather insectile, it expands the otherwise singular head into a triad.  I hope I'm wrong, but those afros look more like one big plume of smoke...  And, I hope I'm wrong, but "grill-man" looks like he's holding a golf club rather than an (upside down) spatula; and the grill cover looks more like a tombstone if you ask me.  Also he's got two  wrinkles on the back of his shirt that make the number 11.   Just above, "the girl" is holding her left hand in the symbol of baphomet horns, otherwise known as a triad claw.  This is also the letter "M", the 13th letter of the alphabet, indicative of murder.  The hand holding the ball has three fingers visible and there are three trees in the bottom left corner above cannonball-guy and snorkel-boy.  The date is July 3rd.

As for what's going on below the umbrella, I'm not entirely certain.  There are three heads and the first one to the left of "grill-man" seems to be fading into the woodwork.  As for the other two, one is wearing  shades and the other has no discernible face.   Above them on the underside of the umbrella there are three lines intersecting two more which make another 11, mirroring what's on the back of "grill-man's" polo shirt.

The vent on the "tombstone-grill-cover" is also an 11.  That's Three 11's side by side in the bottom right corner.
That's 33.  And that's a triad claw looming above it, on the hand of Tranny-McManny with the smoky hair.  And once again, the date is July 3rd.

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Comments for "NewYorker Cover is Illuminati Taunt"

Ann said (July 2, 2017):

The "white man" in the background grilling. Saying "White men now serve us." My question is aren't the Jews or whomever is controlling things....aren't they white? That's like shooting themselves in the foot. Or they are so secure in their palaces that none of this "kill the white man" will touch them? Or it's not a white man heading up things here on earth, but rather Satan himself. It's all so awful. But then again, how could it be otherwise? We are here to learn, not to sit in comfort and paradise. Thank you for your contribution to the truth.

David said (July 2, 2017):

we should be encouraged that corporate owned "news" organizations like the New Yorker, CNN, the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost are losing subscribers and viewers at an alarming (for their CEO's, editors and boards of directors) rate. They are being displaced by 1000's of independent media source (like your site, for instance).

To me this cover screams "Pay attention to us! We are still relevant, damnit!" much like the network hosts have meltdowns on-air, plunging necklines or D-cup bra sizes. They are a dying institution.

Chad said (July 1, 2017):

Seems to me the commenter [below] is a little closer to the truth. Not all black people follow the Caucasian body lines and yes, they do look like that. Blacks on average tend to be more lean and with narrower hips. Insect? That's a stretch. Some may think of it as offensive. I thought it was irrelevant and distracting from the story.

The part about the reflection in the glasses tells volumes. Yes, black people are interwoven deeply into the fabric of America and who cares the ethnicity of a person wearing the red, white and blue with white stars. But yes, the classic view is that "all American" would constitute a white person. Blond no less. And coming from the New Yorker, you know they've got some underhanded intention of punching America in the gut, with every expression of theirs.

Putting a black person on the cover, as the article suggests, is not in any way to promote or uplift black people. It's to displace whites or at least usher them to the back of the line.

Corine said (July 1, 2017):

Once more you are right! This is nothing about diversity but definitely about white dispossession.
The reflection in the sunglasses shows some some kind of pyramid with stairs up front. Besides, the gal looks way too masculine! So they are like saying
" thank you negroes and LBGTQ for your willful collaboration, we have succeeded! America is no longer christian and white!!"

Al Thompson said (July 1, 2017):

This photo of this lady in the Jew Yorker is an example of an attempt to twist the minds of the people who "read" it.

The black woman has a "fro" but look at the right arm. It is almost masculine. Then she has the five-pointed stars on her bathing suit and the expression on her face looks like the bitch from hell. This is why black men go out with white women. In addition, the flat boobs may suggest that she is a tranny.

The whole photo is grotesque.

JJ said (July 1, 2017):

The New Yorker has been my parents Bible and devotional for as long as I can remember. Ever since the 1970s, they've had a subscription. To me, it represents everything soulless, narcissistic and just plain wrong about the baby boomer generation, even though they were war babies. Close enough.

You don't have to read what's inside when a casual look at their covers say everything. No need to go over them in detail, as that would take too long and besides, you and your audience are familiar with them already. Great writing and cartoons my ass. Liberal smarminess at its finest. Just look at the advertisements if you think the average reader is in a lower tax bracket than those nasty, rich Republicans.

Charles said (July 1, 2017):

I like to make a point about the July 1, 2017, New Yorker magazine cover depicted in your article, "Illuminati Speak Through Magazine Cover."

The teen's hairstyle is very unusual. She has a straightened hairstyle over much of her head and an Afro hairstyle on the back of her head. But the Afro style looks too large for her head, it also looks pasted on the back of the head.

My ethnicity is African American, and I know groups of African Americans have hotly contested (often politicized) certain hairstyles. To see a black person, particularly a black woman, simultaneously wear a combined straightened and Afro hairstyle, let alone a straightened style with a huge Afro, is extremely rare, if not fanciful.

I want to add to your insightful critique of the image my observation that the New Yorker magazine editors are subtly using anti-black humor. I agree with you that the editors weaponized multicultural diversity with the aim, among a number of things, to rip America and Americans into pieces, into nonexistence.

Henry, I look forward to reading the material on your website. I have learned much from you and your contributors since I discovered your website around 2009.

You (and similar like-minded folks) guided me in reeducating or to liberating myself from the various manifestations of Marxism that I fell into in the late 1960s and 1970s and held onto in diminishing ways for social analysis until 9/11. Your website has given me hope and a purpose to help make America great again and to get to know God, specifically through Christianity.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at