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America's Race War? Jews versus Goyim

August 28, 2017


This Huffington Post, Goy Bye, caption made a lot of Jews 
nervous because it acknowledged 
there indeed is a race war in America
not between Blacks and Whites, but
between Jews (and their minions) vs. Goyim. 
Jews and Gentiles are both in denial. 
The Masonic (Communist) Jewish Conspiracy is real. 
Are the bankers stoking race tensions to scare 
Jews and discredit patriots?  

(How can there be a genuine race war when the leaders of the goyim are Zionists Stephen Bannon has said he is not an ethnic nationalist, except when it comes to Jews (Zionism.) Then, this paragon of US nationalism will include preserving ethnic character.)  

by Henry Makow Ph. D. 

The Huffington Post was back-pedalling almost as soon as the "Bye-Goy" headline appeared August 18 in response to Stephen Bannon's banishment from the Trump White House.  

Many Jews "thought it was offensive and played into age-old anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish control," wrote the Jewish

"I love your work, but wish you hadn't gone with this headline," journalist Julia Ioffe wrote.

"Yes, this is disgusting, on so many levels," Joel Berkowitz, founder of the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project responded on Twitter.

The Anti-Defamation League even weighed in. "Not sure your intent, but strikes me as poor taste at best, very offensive at worst," ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt wrote in a tweet.

The headline was removed, replaced instead with the (also provocative) "White Flight." Lydia Polgreen, HuffPo's editor in chief tweeted an an explanation.

"HuffPost splash headlines have always been edgy and playful," she wrote. "Today's splash was intended to be a mashup tribute to Yiddish and Beyoncé. Any other interpretation was completely unintended."

The change to "White Flight" in  fact emphasizes the racial implications of Bannon's dismissal. He is considered responsible for all the dog whistles in the Trump campaign promising to liberate the Gentiles from Masonic Jewish domination. 

"The central base of world political power is right here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people," Trump said on the campaign trail.  "Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited."

By firing Stephen Bannon, and later Seb Gorka, Trump was breaking part of his "Contract with America."  Jews celebrated. But nationalists must consider there will not likely be a race war
because Bannon and Breitbart are all Zionists. 


The incident inspired a debate among Jews as to whether the term goyim is actually derogatory.  In an article entitled, Why I Won't Stop using the Term Goy,  Forward Executive Editor Dan Friedman disingenuously argues that the term simply refers to "the nations." 

But "goy" is neither at heart offensive nor has it become offensive through usage. For those Jews who believe that being the Chosen people makes us better than others, it's easy to see how the term could easily slip to insult. 

Friedman's remarks were in response to an earlier, more realistic article by Rebecca Einstein Schorr: Stop Using the Word Goy: You're Empowering White Supremacists 

While the origin of the word is benign, the pejorative overtone of the word goy is not new. Take, for example, the phrase, goyisher kop -- a gentile head. Not a term for any non-Jew, goyishe kop refers to an "idiot." Or the observation that "the goyishe groomsmen were all drunk and bawdy; of course, you'd never see that at a Jewish wedding." The moral implication could not be clearer.

In other words, to say that the word goy historically has not been a slur is simply incorrect. It has long been used by Jews in a negative sense when talking about non-Jews who cannot be trusted and whose values writ large are lacking...

(left, Charlottesville nationalists look as phoney as a $3 bill. This is theatre.) 

Ultimately, however, it is our word. One with a historical use that is neutral, at best, and extremely offensive, at worst. And if we are to be allies with our non-Jewish friends, neighbors, and family members, it is time to eliminate it and other racially and culturally derogatory words from our parlance. Not because, as some have suggested, we want to be "politically-correct," but because it is how we maintain God's demand that we be goy kadosh -- a holy nation.


Both Friedman and Schorr's remarks reflect the Jewish state of self-delusion. Jews simply do not realize the true nature of their religious affiliation and the jeopardy it places them in. Most have never read the Talmud which is founded on the principle that non-Jews are animals put on earth to serve Jews. The term "Goyim" refers to these animals i.e. cattle. 

There is an incredible cognitive dissonance taking place when Jews hurl the aspersion "hate" at people who are simply resisting the hatred which is central to one of their most important religious texts, the Talmud

The essence of their other central text, the Kabbalah is that Jews channel God's will. They will redefine reality to serve their interests and perversions, and the goyim will be re-engineered and exploited accordingly. This is the true meaning of the New World Order.  The goy establishment has been created and defined by Kabbalah (i.e. Freemasonry.) Many Jews are warm, brilliant and industrious people. But they're not "a holy nation." Their leaders dupe them to champion "the underdog" to undermine their rivals.   

Organized Jewry are the only people who have a licence to hate. They hate anyone who resists their dispensation.  Anyone who wants to be master in his own house is their enemy. They hate Trump because he seems to offer a lifeline for the people they wish to dispossess. 

Ordinary Jews have a choice. Ignore the truth, and hope to benefit, or dissociate themselves from Organized Jewry, as I have done and champion a genuine diversity where various nations, races and religions retain their identity, and are masters of their own domain. 


 The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.  The Masonic bankers (Soros etc.) are fanning racial tension to discredit the right. We have seen signs of this hoax in Charlottesville where the "Unite the Right" rally was organized by a leftist Jew, Jason Kessler.  The other leaders of alt right seem to be plants as well. An eye witness said Antifa and KKK arrived on the same buses!  Victim, Heather Heyer's mom began her acting career at Sandy Hook. Are these psyops just a way to discredit Trump and nationalists? 

Tom Mysiewicz has an interesting take on Charlottesville"As for the actual provocateur in Charlottesville, we are now hearing reports that his case is similar to the recent Varnell indictment. That alleged white nationalist/racist supposedly wanted to bomb banks and the Federal Reserve yet the car he drove was not his, he had no driver's license, he was in an adult guardianship, that he was given the car by the FBI who groomed him, that he had been repeatedly institutionalized. (We hear nothing about Fields in the Charlottesville case, likely because his records were sealed under HIPAA, which is likely as you are hearing little or nothing about him.)"

Patriots need to find a way to resist the America's slide into Communist tyranny. I'll give you an example: People should join together to start an agency to fund lawsuits against Internet companies that censor free speech. We need to go after media companies for bias. We need to fund groups like Judicial Watch. We need to fight for freedom, for sanity and for our children's children's future.

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First Comment by CK

There is another very important aspect to this end game by the Jews.  That is the total destruction of the original culture, as was accomplished first in Russia, then in Germany with two world wars and now Merkel; the United States is next on the chopping block.  This is the reason this final gambit involves the destruction of historical monuments and demonization of Christians and morality, the destruction of family, sexual deviation, etc.  A race war is internal to a society, so it's even worse than a war between nations and the culture will never be the same again.
As Marx himself said (Communist Manifesto - Chapter 2) "There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc., that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience."  You can see this Marx and Alinsky playbook embodied in Antifa.  Your readers might find the attached images from Jim Stone to be enlightening.  We are witnessing the end of history and creating of a new cosmos.

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Comments for "America's Race War? Jews versus Goyim "

Marti said (August 30, 2017):

l of these protests ( especially Charlottesville) were staged by globalists to create more divides between Americans, attack out civil liberties of free speech and peaceful assembly, and create a civil war with aim of bringing on martial law. I`m sure you know that the mayor of Charlottesville ordered the police to stand down which was a go ahead for the violence to start. There is a video made by Faith Goldy showing that there were no police anywhere when that car rammed into those people. I`m sure the white nationalists were in on the act but it`s pretty obvious that Antifa and BLM definitely were. BLM never protests when black on black violence occurs but only when white people are involved. Their job is to create more divides between Americans and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Antifa speaks for itself as a terrorist organization and Americans know it and are petitioning the government to declare them as such. I have a feeling that Trumps ban on illegal immigration has a lot to do with this. If globalists can`t create problems with illegal immigration then they go to the next plan with these staged protests. What do you think? I`m hoping you will llok deeper into this and write an article.

Brendon O'Connell said (August 29, 2017):

Yes they are Henry - seems to work every time.

I guess they want that hate speech law in. Expect a synagogue or two to burn.

Bi Bi and Vlad say they are keen to take Jews in. All we need is a funny walk and short mustaches and the fix will be in.

Tom said (August 29, 2017):

We should not forget this chapter of our fake history.

Bjerkness- The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

N said (August 29, 2017):

I thought you may find this article interesting. It looks like all white nationalist websites are being targeted now. I believe
that this proves your racial civil war in the USA prediction.

Neo-Nazi site Stormfront goes offline

Marco A said (August 28, 2017):

I wonder if behind all this rioting, and divide in America there is in Kabbalist fashion a 'meaning behind the meaning'. To many it looks like America is in or fast approaching what Yuri Bezmenov called the 'Crisis' stage of a Communist takeover of society, but are we truly going to see that in America?

I'm far more interested in knowing the truth behind Trump portrayed as an Emperor on the cover of the Economist 2017, as a tarot card.

Is one faction in America, what is being dubbed 'the Right', truly not under the influence of our Kabbalist masters?

We are in a centuries old plan, with thousands of NGOs, billionaires, government agencies, media, etc. all against you, as an individual. They require our consent to go forward with their plans, and one form of consent is by joining a side in their game.

As for me, I am not satisfied with the narrative of Trump as a savior who can unite a broken America, I'll keep my mind for myself and make my own conclusions. For example, the basic understanding of someone privy to the conspiracy would be - if Trump was genuine he would simply not be in power.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at