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Charles Lindbergh - Bankers Bury an American Hero

August 6, 2017


Charles Lindbergh is an example of why 
there are so few positive role models depicted 
by Hollywood movies.
American heroes must first receive 
the kosher stamp of approval.
We live in a de facto Communist society and
all "entertainment" is agitprop.

"We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us..."  Protocols of Zion 16-4

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

If Americans weren't mind prisoners of the Masonic Jewish banking cartel, there would be Hollywood epics about American heroes like Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974.) 

As is, there is only one movie The Spirit of St Louis (1957) about the flight. The movie bombed partly because Lindbergh was played by 50-year old Jimmy Stewart. Lindbergh was only half that age when he made his historic transatlantic flight in 1927. The movie's director, Billy Wilder, a German Jew, said it was the worst movie he ever made.

There is no Hollywood epic about Lindbergh because his congressman father opposed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act which gave control of US credit to a mostly foreign private cartel. He also opposed US entry into World War One. The cartel made sure Charles Lindbergh Sr. was defeated in 1920 and he died bankrupt four years later. This is the fate of American patriots in a subverted country where patriotism is punished and treason is rewarded. 

Charles Lindbergh Jr. campaigned against US entry into the Second World War, and said Organized Jewry was promoting  it. This is why he is persona non grata in Hollywood. He was a complex figure who had a remarkable career. Yes, he erred by exaggerating pre-war Nazi air strength and could be called "a defeatist." More accurately, he didn't want the US to fall into the banker's trap. Let Hitler fight Stalin instead. But once war was declared, he flew 50 combat missions against the Japanese.  In addition to his own six children, later in life, he fathered seven more children with three German women as a gesture of racial pride. A movie of his life would make a remarkable character study. 


After Lindbergh's triumphant transatlantic flight in 1927, the Aero-Club de France presented him with a gift of 150,000 francs (about $250,000 today.) He refused the gift asking that it be given instead to the families of French pilots who had died in the Great War. Lindbergh turned down other lucrative offers including an offer of today's equivalent of $5 million from media mogul William Randolph Hearst to star in a Hollywood movie. Who turns down money today? 

lindbergh-with wife.jpg
(With wife, Ann Morrow Lindbergh, an author who flew thousands of miles with him) 

After their child was kidnapped and murdered in 1932, the Lindberghs lived in England. At first Charles enjoyed the respite from the US media, but he soon showed his preference for Germans. The English were always stopping for tea "which seems a little effeminate to me." There was a combination of "bluff and vanity" about the English which made them infuriatingly opinionated, so that "anything you say to them has about as much effect as spray on a rock."

But these were minor annoyances compared with the fundamental faults in the English character. They had "confidence rather than ability, tenacity rather than strength, and determination rather than intelligence." It was a land made up of "slow somewhat stupid and indifferent people" and a few geniuses who were becoming increasingly hard to find. ( Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, A Biography, p.236) 

When a drunken woman approached him at a party, the abstemious Lindbergh was repelled, saying, "She is a shame to American womanhood." Drinking by women became a serious preoccupation. It troubled him that so many American women of marriageable age were mixing and working on equal terms with men, and matching them drink for drink. It encouraged loose living and loose living led to the deterioration of the race. One of his objections to the USSR was its eradication of the "God made difference between men and women....God fearing mothers and wives were essential if America was to preserve the purity of its people and the strength of its ideals." (Mosley. p.250)

Michael Hoffman recently featured Lindbergh in his Revisionist History newsletter (June-July). His epitaph explains why Lindbergh is not held up as model for Americans today: "In spite of his personal sins and foibles, Charles A. Lindbergh was among the highest types our people produce, by the grace of God." 

It should be clear that the Cabalist (i.e. Communist) agenda is to root out all traces of European Christian culture and make Europeans a minority in the countries they founded and built. Only Jews and colored people are allowed to maintain their racial identity. Whites have almost become a minority on TV commercials. 

On the other hand, there is no shortage of movies glorifying Communists and homosexuals like Trumbo or Kinsey or Milk. Movies are expensive to make and the bankers only fund those which advance their pernicious agenda. We are their mental and spiritual prisoners.
That's the whole point of the NWO.

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Comments for "Charles Lindbergh - Bankers Bury an American Hero"

James Perloff said (August 8, 2017):

Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for 16 years before resigning in disgust. He stated: “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as ‘America First.’”

It is not a coincidence that “America First” was the phrase employed by BOTH Congressman Charles Lindbergh, and then his aviator son, in efforts to keep us out of World Wars I and II respectively.

The Talmudic banksters hated young Charles with a passion, and their fear was that, as the greatest hero of his day, he would become President and fulfill the objectives of his Congressman father, who had attempted to impeach the entire Federal Reserve Board in 1917. Lindy, still too young to run for President, was tolerated because he advanced global aviation, thus unwittingly assisting a critical component of the globalist agenda.

When Pat Buchanan ran for President in 1992 as an opponent of NAFTA, he revived the Lindberghs’ motto “America First.” I consider it probably no coincidence that in 1993 the book CRIME OF THE CENTURY was published, ludicrously claiming Charles Lindbergh had perpetrated the 1932 kidnap/murder of his own son. It had become time to publicly destroy the Lindbergh image. One of the book’s two coauthors, Stephen Monier, was subsequently appointed U.S. Marshal for the state of New Hampshire by George W. Bush.

David A said (August 7, 2017):

Henry, I grew up with a framed picture of Lindbergh beside the Spirit of St. Louis on my bedroom wall. He was a true blue American hero of my 1950's and 60's youth. It was only later in the 70's when the campaign to sell "The Holocaust" to America through press and cinema that I began to hear smears against him as an anti-semitic nonentity. Only very recently I came to appreciate for the first time Lindbergh's incredible prowess as a pilot and complete fearlessness (when commercial aviation was still in its infancy) after reading a portrait of him in One Summer, America 1927 by Bill Bryson.

What he accomplished flying solo across the Atlantic, reading navigation charts spread across his lap with a flashlight held between his teeth and a couple of sandwiches packed in a lunch box, is still difficult to comprehend. Especially when more famous explorers like Richard Byrd with big-bucks sponsorship, an entire crew, full-court press, hesitated and stalled until Lindbergh scooped everyone and made history.

I think the genuine accomplishments of giants like Lindbergh are minimized because his example makes the tantrums of SJW's, "snowflakes" and even members of the US Congress appear more pathetic than they already are. He is a hero for an age that sorely needs heroes.

David S said (August 7, 2017):

Your article about Charles Lindbergh makes sense: Bankers bury what does not promote their agenda and buys what does. After all, in our debt based monetary, we are paying for our illusions.

JJ said (August 6, 2017):

I just had to share this personal anecdote.

When I was in the 6th grade, an elderly gentleman came to my school and gave a lecture on the life and times of Charles Lindbergh. I'll never forget, he wore flight goggles and a bomber jacket, both the real thing, obviously not reproductions. He used slides to illustrate everything, and whenever he came to a milestone moment, he would say, "our hero, Charles Lindbergh."
This happened sometime in the early 1980s. Can you believe it?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at