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Germany's Spirit Has Been Broken

August 22, 2017

weimar-germany.jpgIn America, there is a semblance of cohesive resistance to 
Marxist influence that Western Europe lacks entirely.

"The spirit of this country has been destroyed by the bludgeoning 
of its youth with the sins of its ancestors."


"I spent One-Month at the Epicenter of Cultural Degeneracy"
by Frederick Barbarossa
(abridged by 

Before my month in Dresden, I often told my American compatriots who spoke of the certain demise of Europe that they failed to see the more pressing situation unfolding in America, where the white population was closer to being an outright minority. Once I witnessed first-hand how degenerate German society had become, I had to retract my statement entirely.

While "American values" are often defined to suit the audience, there is nevertheless a semblance of cohesive resistance to Marxist influence in America that Western Europe lacks entirely. It could be the greater religious presence in America in which God acts as a shield against the nefarious influences of post-modern culture. The only God left in Germany is environmentalism, where recycling is substituted for weekly sacraments, perfectly pruning one's garden is a form of prayer, and fields of sacred windmills are erected like shrines.

Dresden lies in the Free State of Saxony, and has been noted for its rallies for organizations such as PEGIDA and the Alternativ für Deutschland political party. One shouldn't be fooled, though - this city is still dominated by Marxists. There is graffiti everywhere, and the theme is uniform. "FCK NZIS," "FCK PEGIDA," "FCK AFD," "No people are illegal," among other pro-Antifa slogans are plastered on nearly every street.

Germans don't just have a taste for putting graffiti on their streets, either, as a large portion of the German youth are covered in tattoos (sometimes extending to their jaw-lines), and disturbing lobe-gauging earrings are another popular practice. The number of women with dyed hair is obnoxious as well, and it seems there is a general consensus that once a woman has eclipsed the age of 35, she must sport a short haircut suited only for punk rockers and bull dykes.

A professional dancer connected to the local drug scene told me that ketamine was the drug of choice in this city, and added, "You would be amazed at how many drugs a German has to take to open up to you." On any given night, one can stroll through the city's region of bars and clubs and find people littered about the street drinking amidst roaming packs of Africans and Middle Easterners sending their kids out with cups of change begging for money.

In the clubs, men outnumber the women by a staggering ratio, which made sense after seeing how many girls were packed in the university library. German women are extremely career-oriented and don't need to blow off steam about their impending demographic time bomb.

An overall view of the people reveals a population that is childless and growing very old. Seeing German babies is a rarity, and when you do it is usually a sole child being pushed in a stroller. Middle Eastern men spending time with their children, lounging in the grass, or playing soccer was a much more frequent sight. 

The root of this phenomenon was perfectly captured when a lone, thirtyish German woman covered in tattoos and wearing the appropriate blue-dyed, dyke haircut stepped on my bus, followed by a Middle Eastern man tending to his three young children. It was almost poetic how perfectly this moment captured the inevitable demise of German society.

The central issue in understanding the modern, passive nature of the average German is in the level of trust he places in his media. While even average Americans now know that their media is fundamentally anti-American, the Germans live in an entirely different world. Imagine an America where CNN is relied upon for accurate depictions of world events for a better understanding of the German's complacency. This has also resulted in Germans harboring an embarrassing obsession with Donald Trump very similar to American liberals.

The spirit of this country has been destroyed by the bludgeoning of its youth with the sins of its ancestors, and the collective choice to extinguish the possibility of such a mistake being repeated is an understandable tragedy. Obviously, each region of Germany experiences this cultural phenomenon to a different degree (Berlin being the epicenter), and one cannot question the industriousness of the average German. One can question why they would feel the need to be industrious, however, when the fruits of their labor will ultimately be passed on to foreign peoples. Herein lies the nihilistic heart of childless, Cultural Marxist decadence.

It is obvious that the foreign cultures residing in Germany should have little respect for this society, just as I have little respect for the present condition of the German world. I do have sympathy, though, simply because I share common ancestry with these people. The fundamental Islamist will have no sympathy, and he certainly will have no urge to join this cultural degeneracy. And so the central question concerning Germany's fate should not be, "When will foreign elements conquer these people?" but rather, "Why haven't they already tried?"

First Comment from Julia, a German ex-pat in US:

What the author observed is pretty accurate. Every year I visit Germany, I feel more and more like a stranger when I stroll through my home town.

You can see a lot of black Africans, mostly young men, riding on their bikes through town. They are bored but have no inclination to attend language classes. It's so ridiculous, Merkel said one time a few years ago that we needed African people to fill in vacant jobs. Too bad these people have a different work ethic and only come because they get generous support from the government.

My generation (who was born at the end of the 60s), has reservations about the many immigrants who do not want to adapt. But most people I know still believe obediently what is in the newspaper and do not question authority. What is interesting, while the older generation has some reservations about the foreigners, the offspring of my generation are high school students who are indoctrinated in school to welcome these foreign elements with open arms. A friend of mine and her 15 year old son have hot debates at her house about how to handle the situation with the never ending influx of strangers. She told me she gave up trying to get some sense into his brain for the sake of the family peace. It's a sad, sad story.
At the same time you see a lot of German girls and women going out with these Africans. There is a shortage of German men interested in the the traditional marriage. I heard a lot of stories where men need to go see a psychologist. Some of these may be in a relationship, some may not. But it is appalling to see that men not even 50 years old cannot manage their own lives and need advice from psychologists. And these are well off people. Maybe the demands of their female partners drive them crazy. It"s not uncommon for men to make dinner and make themselves useful in the household when they come home from work, while their better-halfs watch TV or go shopping on the internet so Amazon can deliver packages all week long. Should they have kids, they entertain themselves with electronic devices for most of the day. When I was a kid my parents could not get me in the house because I wanted to play outside all day long. Nowadays you cannot get kids out of the house. From my own experience I can tell that raising kids in this day and age is not easy. The digitalization makes it hard to get a true connection to your kids. They want to live a life in virtual reality and are distracted constantly, while they can"t solve easy real life situations.

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Comments for "Germany's Spirit Has Been Broken "

Dan M said (August 25, 2017):

Lysander Spooner, the misunderstood anarchist said nations are like game tokens on a board. But cultures, like people, have souls, and in "Tragedy and Hope," Quigley says the English are the most conforming race of Europeans, AND he--exhibiting the Irish weakness of inculcated subservience--worked to further the goals of the Anglo-American establishment. (I'd listen in on his lectures in college.) He says Germans suffer guilt because they value a strong leader but mistakenly blame themselves for destroying the Roman Empire. Germans have a dogged perseverence that can achieve great cultural achievements or maintain this guilt. Vernon Howard has a "Picture" of false guilt moving like unnoticed tactonic plates deep in the psyche, curable by realizing its falsehood. The astrology of the recent eclipse has a factor (discovered by the German astrologer Witte during trench warfare in WW I) which requires us to take the spiritual and mental high ground of truth if we are going to come through this Cities-of-London-and-Jerusalem engineered crisis. Also, notably, the beginning of the total eclipse was the exact moment of sunset in Jerusalem. God speaks in wonderous signs and asks we do the same!

John B said (August 24, 2017):

This article encompasses, sadly, everything I have also come to conclude regarding the now pathetic, emasculated German people subjected and broken for a century under the WW1 AND WEIMAR MARXIST REPUBLIC AND WW2 assaults by the Anglo-ZIO schemers.

Peter R said (August 23, 2017):

Many countries had the cream of their crop killed, but left alone after the war, they gathered their spirit and went back to work, under their own culture.

The Germans didn't have the benefit of that. The re-education programs the money printing parasites perpetrated on the Germans were beyond this world. They were executed mainly through the money printer surrogate nations Britain and USA, and often managed by Jews. As a result, many Germans became the most brainwashed people in the world, even worse than the Americans today.

If the above report is accurate and also true elsewhere in Germany, it is a very sad story but not surprising. To call it the revenge of the money printers, that are mainly Jews, would not be incorrect. One of their henchman, a psycho called Theodore Kaufman, had a plan called "Germany Must Perish". He would have done away with Germany altogether, sterilized all Germans, plowed over the whole country, and parcelled it out as agricultural land to surrounding nations.

The good thing is that the psychos have only partially succeeded, and that the German spirit is not completely dead. There are still good Germans who know what they are up against. The civilized world should help them to prevail.

Jerry said (August 23, 2017):

To read this article brings up the question of just how much does the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 play into the destruction of Germany? It is an important and vital question because no other nations in the world have been demonized more so than Russia and Germany. Back before WW1 most preachers couldn't stop talking about the end of the world and blaming these 2 nations for it all. I often wonder what if, what if the true teaching about this prophecy that it occurs after the 1000 year millinium and that it has nothing absoloutly nothing to do with either Russia and Germany or even Israel for that matter and if these 2 nations would have suffered so terribly?
It is interesting too Chris Hedges speech on the death of the liberal class {} and how the powers that be destroyed the many popular movements and the demonization of Russia and Germany by saying and I quote from "the dreaded Hun to the dreaded Red." 18:13 mark
To me this makes for an important connection because at that time prophecy plays an important role in the minds of many and all these lies just continue to this very day. Too many I dare say have innocent blood on their hands. Instead of being caught up in the emotional aspect they should have been more intellectual and asked the right questions which by the way the bible gives us as in the City with Seven hills Chapter 18 of Revelation. "Here is the mind that has wisdom' Only two cities fit that description Rome and Washington, DC. Now I'll leave it to you to determine which the book of Revelation is talking about.

Tony B said (August 23, 2017):

Tony B:

I find it unkind that so many, when describing what has happened to Germany, never mention that in one century it was twice destroyed with the cream of its crop murdered twice by the same evil forces and for essentially the same reasons. I doubt if the citizens of other nations who describe this decay would find their own homes any better, if not in worse shape, had they suffered the same mass destruction of both body and soul.

Both WW1 and WW2 were engineered out of the British Isles. For the British controllers at the top the reason was that the little island's rulers rightly understood that there was no way it could compete commercially in the world market with Germany so, motivated by greed, they wanted Germany destroyed. Both times dragging in the Americans to do their dirty work as Britain was incapable of success against Germany in war.

With the Rothschild cabal the true reasons were more sinister and they saw to it that Germany's manufactured enemies were sufficiently financed to win the contests in the cabal's ongoing agenda for world conquest. Whomever they see as opposition they will do all in their power to destroy. At present it is not only Germany but all of Europe - at the least, all of western Europe.

Wade said (August 22, 2017):

My Grandparents were born in Germany and immigrated legally to the USA.

The author of today's article is correct.

Here is what I see...there will be a revolution in the USA between Marxist, communist, progressives and traditional, manly Christian leaning patriotic conservatives. I think Russia has already given up on their almost heroic efforts over the past decade at diplomacy with Washington.

I believe that in the middle of chaos and civil war within the USA Russia will feel she has no other choice but to defend herself and attack the US with nuclear weapons.
I also believe that both Russia and China are convinced that a nuclear first strike against them has been the strategy of the Pentagon for many years. The tension between nuclear powers in this world has NEVER been as high as it is now.

Trumps promises during the campaign have been check mated. With the most recent evidence in the firing of Bannon and Trumps reversal on Afghanistan. Would I rather have must be joking! In order to get back on track Trump would need to fire Jared and Mc Masters, and stop listening to his daughter!! I don't see that happening.

Unless God gives this Nation and the world a miracle...I don't see any way around the scenario I have laid out above. Henry If all this unfolds as I have predicted...remember that this enlightenment came from God's Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. The time is short. All this could take a different route, however I believe the world will not get past 2018 without a catastrophic event that will totally change all our lives.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at