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Ronald Bernard - "Have Our Hearts Turned to Stone?"

August 23, 2017

Bernard's Illuminati initiation required him to
murder children in satanic ritual sacrifices. 
This was a line he could not cross. Why?
In Part Three, he tearfully recalls how as a child
he was sexually abused for two years by his foster guardians. 
The Dutch banker has emerged as a courageous opponent
of the illuminati, and deserves our attention and support.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

The truth is painful. It is hard to listen to. Ronald Bernard is a former Dutch banker who confirms everything we have been saying about 
the Illuminati. They are depraved psychopaths who follow a perverse Luciferian creed much as a devout Christian follows Christ's example. Unfortunately they run the world, or at least the West. Apart from satanic ritual sacrifice, they are engaged in arms, drugs and human trafficking, including sex and organ trafficking. Here are some of the "highlights" of his latest video interview. 

+ At 6.30 min he is asked what is the explanation for the political and social degradation in the West. Without hesitation, he points to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and says that people who read it at his behest were amazed at its relevance to the West today. They realize they have inhabited a matrix created by the Illuminati controlled mass media.

+ His job was to launder money for the Illuminati. To do his job properly, he needed to know what was going on. He says that the people at the top of most world conflicts are colluding. These conflicts are profit centers. People further down the ladder are kept in the dark of course.  

Secret service agencies do not serve the national interests. They are "criminal organizations" engaged in the above mentioned crimes on behalf of their Illuminati masters. "Terrorist organizations" are much the same. 

+ He estimates that 8000 people run the world. They are linked together by Freemasonry and a vow of silence. 

+  He was quizzed about why he can't document his past with a "curriculum vitae." He said he was always self-employed in shady businesses and didn't require such a document. To reveal his bank employers and colleagues would expose them and invite retaliation. He says no one is going to admit to their crimes so what is the point?

+ He regards his homeland, Holland, as the "darkest corner" of the world. He has started a movement there based on "unconditional love" to cleanse it of Illuminati influence.  About 5000 people have rallied to his cause. It is the "good people" who do nothing that disturb him more than the Illuminati monsters. He asks his detractors to look inside and ask  themselves why they need to destroy him.

+ Seventeen thousand children in the Third World die of hunger every day. Organ amputations are performed on live children. "Are we made of concrete?" he demands. "I am concerned with the heart," he says and predicts that unless we right our moral ship, humanity will be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. 


He who pays the piper calls the tune. The almost universal hostility of the mass media to Trump confirms that the Rothschild banking cartel controls it. The same applies for most large corporations, academia, politicians and the "entertainment" industry . We have de facto Communism - a central banker monopoly over everything finally leading to enslavement and dispossession.

Trump has interrupted the smooth induction of society into the Cabalist Jewish satanic cult, i.e. Communism. His nationalism has given a voice to the silent white majority slated for national, racial, cultural and finally economic dispossession. 

Ronald Bernard confirms that the Illuminati cult engages in the worst depravity conceivable. It intends for mankind to mirror its own madness. While we are distracted by the media, humanity is careening down a precarious road. We need to heed Ronald Bernard's example. Only a mass spiritual revival like Bernard's own transformation will save us now. 

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First Comment by Anon:

My wife having grown up in a remote area in a third world nation was taught since her early years by her family to hide from helicopters. She was told that on several occasions that helicopters had landed and forcibly abducted children to be never seen again. 

They didn't know who or for what reason the children were being stolen away. These incidents were never reported by the press. 

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Comments for "Ronald Bernard - "Have Our Hearts Turned to Stone?""

Robert K said (August 24, 2017):

Bernard says he is working to spread unconditional love. The financial system he worked for and now detests has been intentionally designed to alienate people from their fantastic cultural heritage, which is completely antithetical to unconditional love in the critical field of economics. Money has been used for the perverse purpose of intimidating, coercing, and dominating God's creatures. This system could easily be modified in order to enhance freedom (demonstrating in a practical way unconditional love to a population who, not experiencing it, no longer have a concept of it) rather than to limit freedom as we see happening today--but clearly not while the discredited people-haters currently at the top are operating it.

As Dante Alighieri wrote, there are no limits on the reach of unconditional love.

TWH said (August 24, 2017):

I believe the hearts of the majority of people in our society have turned to stone. When most people hear of someone else's misfortune, they will usually engage in schadenfreude and victim blaming to one degree or another. Like Al Thompson said, people defer to authority far too much. If an authority says someone deserved to be screwed over, the people slavishly bow and accept the edict.

Jesus Christ says in Matthew 24:12, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." People are so enamoured with evil, they don't know what real love is anymore.

Al Thompson said (August 24, 2017):

The "hearts of stone" comes from the general public in their lack of concern for children who have been kidnapped by the government or other entities for sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, the selling of body parts, and cannibalism. The heart of stone only cares about their own situation and they don't care about the plight of innocent children. Assuming Ronald Bernard is the real deal, he is doing what all of us are supposed to do when confronted with the evil. The problem we all have is that we have such a reverence for authority figures, that we can't make proper moral judgments. The government is completely immoral and the people who work there will lose their moral compass. The authority figures are still subject to the natural moral order that God the creator laid out and we should use our brains to figure out anything that is in controversy.

Simon said (August 24, 2017):

Out of gratitude for the many insightful articles you provide us with, I need to make you and your (non-Dutch) readers aware that Bernard is a disinfo agent and a fraud. He is supported by the 'mainstream alternative' media and has also caught the attention of the MSM (which by itself is a major red flag !) for his supposed revelations. The interviews and staging are obviously crafted by professionals and full of NLP techniques, employed to tune in on the emotions of its 'awakened' and outraged viewers. In the end the interviews are a cheap means to lure people into buying into his fraudulent financial schemes. Please don't buy into this scam!

(I asked how this scam benefits Illuminati)

two things: making money out of naive people that somehow think this is a way to get out of the system, while in the process cause further disillusionment in the truth seeker community in yet another cynical way. It's again a highly manipulative way by the 'powers that be' to control and undermine the opposition. The mainstream publishing of these 'revelations' by a fake insider (Ronald is easily exposed if only you examine more closely his mixing up of the timelines of his career, which doesn't match his age (allegedly 55) either) referring to obscure topics like the protocols, satanical rituals and child sacrifice is highly disturbing.


Thanks Simon

As far as I know, there is no solid evidence Bernard is a hoax. Even if he were, it would not change many peoples' view of the Illuminati. I don't think they care about their public mage by now.

It's a wonder there are any whistle blowers when they are greeted with scorn.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at