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Did Nazis Single Out Jews for Persecution?

September 6, 2017

(left. A total of 350 Czech residents of the village of Lidice were massacred in reprisal for the the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in June 1942 by British agents.)

"Today, inconvenient facts subvert the official narrative of the Holocaust - that the Jews of Europe were somehow singled out by the Reich for special treatment and genocide. Under the Nazi occupation, nationalists and non-Zionist Jews were brutally repressed and there were mass executions and internment. "

by Linda

Thank you for two recent reports on psychological warfare and its uses.  The report on Josef Burg (Sept 4 017) and Sefton Delmar (Sept 5 017).
Burg's testimony perhaps should be read in terms of a witness against the ZOG use of Jewish internment and brutal subjection to German martial law as psychological warfare during WWII. 
He is not denying that the European Jews suffered terribly under Nazi occupation. Rather his testimony places the Jewish experience side by side with the experience of populations that were conquered and subjected by the Hitler regime.  And this is where the historical narrative ceases to be of service to Zionism.   Burg is the spanner in the works of ZOG propaganda which is always at pains to emphasizes Jewish exceptionalism under the National Socialist regime, an exceptionalism that is central to ZOG psychological warfare and establishment of the Empire of the City's empire state of Israel.
There were two nations that the Architects of the New World Order - the global totalitarian state - were at pains to eliminate.  One was Germany; the other was Poland.
Nazi occupation of 'untermenschen' nations was brutal.  Czech, Polish, Hungarian nationalists all testify to this.  Modern White IDs and nationalists will never be able to drop this down the memory hole - nor should they ever be permitted to do so.
Under the occupation of the Nazi Reich, nationalists and non-Zionist Jews were brutally repressed and there were mass executions and internment.  The Czech Catholics were brutally repressed with entire villages being executed.  People of these nations might have originally bought into the Nazi propaganda that the Reich was seeking to invade the USSR in force with a view to liberating Russia (and all of Europe) from the threat of what all Europe knew was an expansionist, genocidal totalitarian regime. But when the Wehrmacht actually arrived they would have been quickly disabused of that notion. 
Plan A of the Jewish/W. ZOG created  Revolution in Russia was to impose communism through Sovietisation first in Russia and then in Europe.  The Russian Soviet was the base from which the Red Army under Trotsky launched the invasion of Europe in 1919-1921.  Poland and Lithuania stood against them in what they called the 'War of the Annihilation' - a war that is completely censored in the West.
Poland halted the Red Army invasion of Europe at the Vistula in Aug 1920 and proved a formidable barrier to the ZOG objective of the sovietization of Europe.  Therefore, Plan B.  Poland had to be removed.  That is one of the reasons why ZOG had to install a controlled opposition in Germany - to remove Poland and the Roman Catholic Central European nations that stood athwart the advance of the Jewish/ZOG sovietization of Europe.
Hitler was a (covert) Zionist and the official anti-Communist in the WWII script.  For the Jews of Germany, therein lay the rub, because Agent Adolf was tasked with Herzl's 'the Jews must suffer more' programme. 
Jews were massively over-represented in the Communist organizations in Europe of the decade of the 1930s. In his speech at the Willard Hotel in 1963, Benjamin Freedman references a work by Professor Charles C Tansil of Georgetown University, a historian for the U.S Senate.  He had access to all the secret documents of the State Dept.  Tansil's work is Back Door to War (1952). 

 In that work, he quotes a State Dept document written by Hugo Schoenfeld, a Jew, sent by Cordell Hull to Europe in 1933 to investigate internment camps for political prisoners - then being set up all over Europe and especially in the German Reich to deal with the threat of Communist revolutionaries and subversion.  [After the failure of Plan A, the Internationale Comintern was using the USSR as a base from which to launch revolutionary actions in all European capitals]. 

 Schoenfeld visited the German Reich.  And he wrote back that the internment camps were filled with political prisoners "they were in fine condition.  They were in excellent shape with everybody treated well.  And they were filled with Communists. Well.  A lot of them were Jews because about 98% of the Communists in Europe at that time were Jews. And there were some priests there and ministers and Masons and others who had international connections. " 17mins40seconds - 18mins25seconds.
This information was classified at the time.  According to Freedman " Now.  The Jews sort of tried to keep a lid on this fact They didn't want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany [in WW1] and the Germans resented that."   @18mins43seconds.
And, of course, it was a state secret of the Jewish role [from top to bottom] in the Bolshevik revolution and its expansion into Europe in the decade of the 1930s.
Today, these inconvenient facts subvert the official narrative of the Holocaust - that the Jews of Europe were somehow singled out by the Reich for special treatment and genocide.  I think that for those who did not obey the Zionist leaders to go to Palestine or were hindered by the British Mandate were looked upon by the Zionist leaders as in the same way the US looked upon Japanese Americans.  They controlled ZOG USA and so pressure was brought to bear from above the highest levels of government not to accept of Jewish refugees from Europe. 

By the time of the MS St Louis 1939, the Jewish population of occupied Europe had been handed a script.  And the Zionist agency of the German Reich rounded them up and interned them - right along with the nationalist groups of the nations that were being invaded.
More data will come to light on this.  At present, I think the State Dept data from before WWII - completely orchestrated by all the ZOGs against their controlled opposition of the German Reich - supports mass internment before the war with the largest numbers of internees being Jewish. And these Communist revolutionaries (for whom there would be zero sympathy among the Gentile populations) were rehabilitated in the psy-war propaganda by the suffering of so many completely innocent Jews caught up in the great net and strategem of Zionism and its world war.
Your website continues to be a must read because the Zionist Architects of WW III are again setting up a controlled nationalist opposition which they hope to convince us is White 'supremacist'.  They may even have to trot out National Socialism because like Lincoln greenbacks, the credit issue must be "allowed" to be independent in order to be seen to be independent and in the hands of the national sovereignty.

Makow Comment-  Victimhood doesn't automatically guarantee a kind of martyrdom. The controlled media must shine a spotlight on a particular sacrifice for political explotation. This being done in the case of Jews is repugnant and naturally arouses resentment. However, I don't think we should go to the other extreme and try to normalize or excuse the Nazis, or say Jews weren't singled out by the Nazis for persecution. My father was 16 when the war began. He and his parents moved to a rural community where he found farm work. My father recalls the farmer saying, "David is such a good worker; too bad he has to die." The ethnic cleansing of Jews was common knowledge. This was also my mother's experience. Friendly Germans warned her of extermination camps. The only reason I am here is that my parents were able to pass as Polish Christians. 

The Nazis murdered a thousand of their own members in the 1934 "Long Knives" purge. There is nothing normal or civilized about them. Of course, the Allies were also guilty of heinous atrocities, especially the firebombing of German cities, Tokyo, and the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

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First Comment by Paul-

Both of my parents were Sudeten Czechs born in the early 1930s, who fled to the U.S. when the Soviets invaded Prague in 1968. They were Catholic, although I suspect there is some Jewish blood in my Mom's ancestry and her maiden name -- Heine -- could certainly pass for Jewish. 

Both have now passed on, and at times I wish I could ask them more questions about this period of history, but in truth they both strongly disliked talking much about either the Nazi or Communist era. I think their mindset was that they preferred to leave all that behind them and start over w/ a new, if somewhat involuntary life in America. 

I'm writing just to corroborate what you're saying -- my father once spoke about seeing Jews in his home village rounded up and killed in those "mobile execution vans" -- the type where the exhaust pipe is plumbed through back into the cabin of the van so the occupants are killed. At the same time, I think there was an understanding that this terror was in some ways "selectively" applied. At the time Prague was, and had been for hundreds of years, the largest Jewish quarter outside the Middle East and -- from what I gather -- certain synagogues in places like Prague or Berlin were allowed to remain "open for business" provided the members could pay the necessary "fees" (which were, generally speaking, exorbitant and out-of-reach for most common people).

It's almost as if WWII was a genetic bottleneck where all the faithful, anti-Zionist Jews were conveniently killed off, while the small minority of criminal pro-Zionist Jews made out like gang-busters. People are never surprised to hear about internecine conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, or between Sunni and Shi'ite. Why should internecine fights amongst Jews be any less bloody? It's that old saying -- "A Jew's worst enemy is another Jew" .. But the point is, yes the terror was very real, and is not something that should be romanticized by today's alt-right. 

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Comments for "Did Nazis Single Out Jews for Persecution?"

Peter C said (September 8, 2017):

Two German cities were taken over by Communism in 1919, Berlin and Munich, both cities had Jewish Communist leaders. I believe the first Internment camps were anti Communist.

4000 New Yorkers went to Spain to fight Franco before WW2, most were Jewish Communists.

Even today on the so called 'very free' tv documentaries never talk of Rosa Luxemburg or the Nazi belief that Communism had a Jewish origin. It seems to be a bridge too far.

JC said (September 7, 2017):

I think this is a good article and discussion. I think there certainly was a Nazi anti-Jew policy as evidenced by so many witness accounts, historical and physical evidence that common Jews were persecuted by the Nazis and that a menacing Nazi finger was pointed at the Jews from the earliest beginnings of the Nazi party.

However, I also believe that the persecution of Jews was popular among many non Jewish citizens throughout Europe and around the world and even had its admirers in England and the United States.

I also believe that it was deliberately targeting Jewish families and people that were not the protected ones of royalty and international finance..the richest most powerful Jews were untouched. For example the Bank of International Settlements - the Central Bank for Central Banks - was set up in Switzerland and Jewish Rothschild certainly had no objection to Nazis exchanging looted European Jewish gold for credit to prosecute the war. Obviously the Nazi bankers involved had no objections to doing business with the "International Jews" that control global finance. If Hitler was sincere in wanting to rid the world of evil Jews you would think he would have invaded England just to exterminate the Rothschilds alone. No such thing happened and Hitler relied upon Jewish bankers just like England and just like the USA.

I find this damning evidence alone that Hitler WORKED on behalf of and with the assistance of filthy rich globalist Jews like the Rothschilds. Meanwhile the less affluent Jews were processed and exterminated with the help of Jews with connections like young George Soros - Gyorgy Schwartz - in Hungary.

Certainly Hitler persecuted Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians with equal or perhaps even greater zeal but they are not given respect because they were not behind the whole scam to begin with. WW2 was real and so were concentration camps and mass murder and violence..however the reasons for the war I am beginning to realize..were completely fraudulent and I believe strongly that it was deliberately started by the richest Jews and their rich henchmen for their own profit and control.

P said (September 6, 2017):

Jews were looked upon as Untermensch like the Poles, Czechs, etc. Also as traitors after WWI. Involved in vice, porn, etc. And communists. But it was also the actions of the Zionists who helped round them up and prevent other countries to take them in. The Zionists detested the non-Zionists. And that was one way to get rid of them.

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