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Fear vs Love: The Real NWO Battle

September 15, 2017

esq-alex-e5x5zq-jones.jpgBoth the mainstream and 
alternative media are
dedicated to creating 
mass anxiety and fear. 
Why? Fear keeps us
from experiencing God
as Love.


The front line of the NWO is Consciousness. 

 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesian 6:12


"It seems our society is dedicated to perpetuating a collective anxiety."

Why Am I So Anxious?  Revised from 19/8/16
by Henry Makow Ph.D

My life is good, so I ask myself, "why am I not happier?"  

I literally have no reason to be anxious. No money worries. Good marriage. A job that is a hobby. Live in a stable, peaceful country. Things are really awfully good yet my anxiety level often prevents me from enjoying life. My mind is a torture rack. An invisible hand is tightening a vice around my soul. I analyze possible causes.

1. I'm Jewish. Many Jews are driven, anxious people by nature.  

2. I am demoralized by the state of the world.  We live in a society that is satanically possessed. A satanic cult exploits and controls its members by making them sick and selling "a cure." Public schools groom children for pedophiles. The natural order (heterosexual gender ) is being dismantled and we're under an anesthetic. There are few genuine constructive influences in society. The ruling elite consists of Satanists, criminals, and psychopaths. The ship of humanity has broken free of its moral moorings and is drifting for the rocks. 

But none of this affects me personally. It's true I write and tweet about it but none has hit home yet. In fact, I live in a neighborhood which belies many things I rail against. White couples are marrying and having babies by the bushel. 

So why fret? Jonathan Swift said, if you can't stumble over a stone, you'll trip over a straw. Am I fixing on any excuse?

3.  It seems that the goal of the media is not to expose or deter evil but to perpetuate a generalized fear. Did you see how they created panic around Hurricane Irma and were almost disappointed when it was downgraded? We're complicit in this fear mongering --we become addicted to fear, checking the media for the latest updates. 

 Fear sells. "We're all going to be chipped and put into FEMA concentration camps etc." The Pacific Ocean is irradiated!  The big earthquake is nigh.  Turn the channel and you have an orgy of sex, violence, and greed also calculated to make you anxious. The commercials parade beautiful women and products to tempt you. 

This drumbeat seems calculated to paralyze and prevent action. "What is the opposite of fear?" I asked my wife. "Courage," she replied.  

I think it's love.  Have you noticed that we are in a sour mood? The author of The Protocols of Zion (c. 1895) chortled that the mood in large European cities was "cold and forlorn." They want us to be fearful and on guard. It prevents us from radiating love, coming together and taking action.  The war takes place in Consciousness. 


I believe there are four dimensions to reality. We all know about width, length, and height. The fourth dimension is morality i.e. God, Consciousness. This spiritual dimension is timeless and therefore more Real than the three material ones.

In this state, Truth, Goodness, Love, Beauty, and Justice are self-evident. Occasionally I glimpse this dimension and am reminded to seek God consciousness instead of fretting about the state of the world. 

"Let go" of the world."  Even if it is completely destroyed, which is unlikely, God is eternal, supreme and immutable. I have to worship God and not mankind. 


The earth fits on a postage stamp in the universe. We parade and posture as human beings but we are less than ants. God is eternal and all powerful. However, on earth, He is handicapped by using an agent who is in the thrall of Satan. 

We're all going to die anyway. Best to die to the world now and contribute something positive while we're still around. 

Let's save our soul instead of our skin. Let's die to the world now and live. 

It's counterintuitive but maybe the way to regain the world is to give it up. 


First Comment by Peter S

Sin makes us anxious. Why? Because we know what is right, but we choose to ignore it. Therefore Truth convicts us. And for Truth to be proved Truth, sin, becomes the weapon of the enemy! If you have no sin, the enemy has no weapon against you! It is that simple.   That is why you will find that the conspirators seduce the gullible to sin because it makes their work easier! They are the "Useful Idiots" Secret societies are steeped in sin, and that is why they remain secret societies. Who is afraid of the light but the wicked?

So, where does the "Jewish" element factor in here?  Let us face the Truth. It is not so much that the "Goy" would have been an angel were it not for the "Jewish" conspirators" No. The "Goy" would have been just as much a fool even if the Jew did not take advantage of him. Am I endorsing the "Jewish Conspiracy" Absolutely not? Is the Jew alone in this conspiracy? Absolutely not! Would there be a conspiracy if we were to remove the Jewish element? OF COURSE! Precisely because, besides the Jewish conspiracy, there are very many other conspiracies!  Only that they are not of a global scale! That is the reason these other conspiracies are not as infamous as the Illuminati Conspiracy! I know it. Because I have found that it does not take two, to make a conspiracy! One person is enough to create and execute a conspiracy! Sin. That is the problem! The Jew is not the only "Sinner" Only that he is more perfect in his enterprise.! St. Paul stated the truth about them. 

"For you my brothers, have been like the Churches of God in Christ Jesus which are in Judea, in suffering the same treatment from your countrymen as they have suffered from the Jews, the people who put the Lord Jesus to death and all the prophets too. And now they have been persecuting us and acting in a way that cannot please God and makes them the enemies of the whole human race, because they are hindering us from preaching to the pagans and trying to save them. They never stop trying to finish off the sins they have began, but retribution is overtaking them at last"  Thessalonians 1: 15-16.

Jews are more perfectly in their  "sinfulness"  than all races.  Judaism is Humanism in its worst form! It enslaves the Jews and through them everybody!  That is why it stands out! The day the Jews and their lackeys will realize that they are Spirit Beings, like all the rest, and there is a consequence for defying Logos, that, will be the day they will seek Salvation-from their leaders, and everybody, hopefully, will also be saved!  Why are we anxious? Precisely because the Illuminati  Bankers conspiracy cannot work unless the masses are maintained in a permanent state of anxiety? These are the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" Degrade, Deprave, Distract, Debase, and Dumb Down.

Why are you anxious? The Illuminati must keep you in that state for it to rule. It makes it safe for the Jews and the Central Bankers!   The New World Order is not an "Order" it is the World in Disorder. So whether you are a Jew or a Goy, everything that keeps you in permanent state of anxiety,  is on the table. Now, you know!  My two pence.


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Comments for "Fear vs Love: The Real NWO Battle "

Mike in MD said (September 17, 2017):

Well spoken sir. Psalms 90:10 offers threescore and ten years and if by reason of strength – fourscore. Verse twelve tells us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

The battle is for the mind, but Isaiah 26:3 says that God will keep us in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee. The world wants to have us unfocused.

Jeremy C said (September 16, 2017):

Ah Henry..your best article..thanks. I share your feelings. I think you are right about it all.

I believe in God's will. I believe he allows us free will. We must turn to Him and prepare by getting on our knees and praying to Him. If that's what we do then it is what we are supposed to do. God is intelligent and we are idiots by comparison and we know nothing. God is not limited by time. Satan cannot hurt God...but Satan seeks to corrupt and destroy God's children. Satan finds open vessels through human corruption and desire for lust, power, authority, etc.

Our entire world is set up to reward human corruption. Basically, we are eating ourselves. We need to put down our weapons and all look for God. Of course many and even most tragically will not do this. May they each be saved by the mercy of God - which is endless - and may they repent here on earth and go to their Father in prayer - but if they do not then may they still be saved by his mercy and made clean.

I stopped "prepping" by buying ammo and devising survival plans for eventualities. Without God we cannot survive. In God we must trust.

Prayers matter. Acts of love and mercy matter. Human beings must love one another and refuse to kill and hate one another. Be kind to others even if it is awkward. Acts of love are very important and uplifting especially in times of crisis. The fake media tries to cover it all up that people still love each other. They deliberately construct stories in times of crisis of price gouging and looting to make you feel like isolating and locking yourselves in fear and avoiding other humans. But the reality is that there are amazing love stories happening in the wake of hurricanes as floods. They won't tell you that once people are facing danger and having their power and cell phones cut off..we bond like crazy :)

Nobody gives a shit what colour you are..people just help each other. They save each other's lives. They do nice things for perfect strangers..they talk!

Marriages are forged in these kinds of things. Trauma bonds people together in love as much as it also destroys trust sometimes. We need to heal and ask God for healing. God is a healer of ALL wounds. You turn to God and he can increase in you if you invite it and recognize you need it. Better than any drug.

William B said (September 16, 2017):

Henry, your chronic anxiety stems from your lack of faith in your own belief structure. Your concept of God is, just that, only a mental construct. Your God is not real. You quote the New Testament of the Bible but you do not believe in Son of the living God.

Php 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
Php 4:7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.
Php 4:9 The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.

You are not alone. When my faith is weak, I also feel this same anxiety.

MG said (September 16, 2017):

Just wanted to add that the Christian road-map for dealing with our fears is in Psalms; there King David shows us how to deal step by step with our inner darkness ... in a few words release it to God and let him heal you.

The thing is once we deal with our inner fear and darkness the outside fear and darkness become way more manageable and we can start truly being filled with Love and responding back with Love to the world around us.

Dan M said (September 16, 2017):

In C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters,” the devil uncle tells his nephew-in-training that Hell’s Intelligence Service has never been able to penetrate the Enemy because they project love. Despite devils’ famished need for energy, evil must chunk down positive emotions into negative emotions in preparation to being predigested into mechanical reactions which—alone—evil, as primarily sadistic nature, is able to consume as food: hence the need for continuing degeneration (in both senses) Satanism. //

William said (September 16, 2017):

I have found that a solid part of overcoming the artificially-induced fear imposed on us is to be judicious with television watching (or stopping it altogether).

A good example of fear mongering lately was the hype over Hurricane Irma hitting Florida. The news networks plastered such banners on the screen as "Storm of the Century", with ominous intro music to accompany it. When it did make landfall in Florida, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as they had made it out to be. To hear their reports, one was led to believe that the storm was going to destroy the entire state. This is just one small example from the news media.

As for the rest of TV, I have found myself occasionally, for example, watching a TV comedy of some sort or another and sitting there stone-faced as they play the canned laughter over parts that were really not funny when I stopped to consider it. Nowadays, the programmers try to make us believe that unrestrained anger, screwing other people over to get an advantage, people getting physically or emotionally hurt, and having indiscriminate and plentiful sex are humorous and are the norms to which we should aspire. Is this healthy? When you really stop to think about it, it's downright awful stuff that most of television is foisting on us.

Despite this, millions sit glued to their TVs and absorb all the poison.
If you're hooked to television, try cutting back on it and eventually weaning yourself off of it. It's like having a pipeline of negativity (including unwarranted fear) emptying right into your home.

G said (September 15, 2017):

Hi Henry. Thanks for that deep honesty. I agree about the near, all-pervasive "sour mood." It's like an ooze telling us things are not as good as they seem. In other words, we sense impending doom. I am sure that many can make the same claims as you. We are yet comfortable, but a glance out the window reveals a dark storm approaching, one that has already hit much of humanity. I find it a good thing to remember that that 4th dimension you mention is certainly a "here and now." It can be accessed at any time.

I spent yesterday being horribly angry. Somehow the state of the world creeps into the home and things need ironing out. Today is a little lighter, but I believe all our challenges, from financial, to health, to inter-personal, are augmented by this ugly new way of life the controllers are forcing upon us. Being poisoned and losing liberty are the darkest of threats. Still, like you remind, we reach for love and all the nourishing things it brings with it. Can get exhausting, but reaching is better than standing still.

KC said (September 15, 2017):

Your article today was sobering and struck a chord. If love is the only answer, then if you hate, however justified, you're part of the problem. Maybe there is something to this turning the other cheek thing...
Enjoy your life, take care of your family...maybe living well really is the best revenge.
We can't win, we can't 'fix it'.

Thanks for being there every day with your hobby. KC

Breaker said (September 15, 2017):

Opposite of fear and anxiety is Faith says the Word of God - but yes ! Love conquers all !

I agree that many websites are huge anxiety and fear producing agents. Propelling fear when it is not warranted 95% of the time. I don't know how many times God says in the bible "fear not".

I note very recently on Alex Jones website that Jones said that he might even get assassinated for what he was about to say, but that he must "spill his guts" on it anyway. He and his occasional off-sider Roger Stone went into a diatribe that Trump was slowly getting literally poisoned by certain high level 3 generals, giving Trump dementia type symptoms (slurring speech, etc) and that one of the generals gets drunk and brags that he controls Trump (of course, as always, "top notch reliable sources" - has better sources than the President this guy) .

Then shortly there-after comes on Steve Pieczenik on Jones show and argues the case with Jones firmly, also telling Jones to concentrate on more important things like Hurricane Irma and the security of the Republic ("Presidents don't matter but the Republic does"), also told him to leave the General alone and "hold back on your fear Alex", "the President is not going to get assassinated" (Wow!).

Pieczenik also said the Generals are really with Trump and then guess what, only about 4 hours later I could not find this video anymore on Jones website (appeared to be pulled, although remained on Youtube). Certainly, anxiety-provoking Jones stuff, but why did Jones not leave it on his website if it was so important that he might be "assassinated"?

Did Pieczenik know it was more Jones fear fluff? Why did Steve Pieczenik (ex-CIA and Trump supporter) have so much control over Jones, that Jones normal braggart ways were stifled live and story pulled or did Pieczenik simply catch Jones with his fear fluff pants down? Pieczenik shoved it up Jones like no one else I have seen shut up Jones before! Wow! Left Jones a blubbering child like fool !

see: (Pieczenik totally owns Jones)

Even God says, fear and anxiety do not please him and we must come before Him with Faith.

I suspect another Jones anxiety pumping video to hold our precious attention and make sales, perhaps you're on to something here Henry (that constant anxiety anaesthetizes us, stops us contributing Godly positive achievements and leaves us tripping over many manufactured anxiety/fear straws?

L said (September 15, 2017):

Brilliant article and so timely.

My anxiety levels have been sky high lately.

When I tune in to the world too much, I can become almost paralyzed with fear and anxiety which is what the Satanic energies want. I need reminders such as your article that I can "be in the world but not of it".

The true reality is God/Love is quietly waiting for me and humanity to tune into this vibration. Yes, you are so right Henry. We have a choice in every moment to choose Love or fear. It's so difficult for us because fear is so loud and in our face 24/7. And Love is quiet and patient and eternally waiting for us.

I recommend meditation for everyone. It calms the inner seas and brings the light, truth and ultimate reality of love into our own reality.

Thank you for your many contributions to humanity Henry, helping us all steer our course in the right direction.

DS said (August 21, 2016):

In all seriousness, try reducing all processed, man-made foods, foods with names you can't pronounce, also reduce as much as possible white sugar, dairy and any meat. These are mostly acid forming foods. Excess acidity brings on anxiety in the body.

Anxiety is a biological necessity/inevitability from eating foods that are not in the Order of the Universe/God produced foods, like from farms..

Eat more greens, grains and beans.....There are hundreds of great cook books. I like the Macrobiotic ones as they come with a philosophy.

LoisAnn said (August 20, 2016):

The entire world suffers from anxiety and exactly the reasons/comments you just expressed and listed. You are wrong, however, in believing none of these things should affect you personally. ALL of them are cause to perplex the human soul and the soul IS a part of you. A very important part as you well know.

Evil breeds and seeps into the lives of every human being rather we are aware or not. Perhaps most people who care about what is happening to our world, our lives, our 'future' suffer the most. It is an empty feeling as most probably acknowledge, so, don't blame it on your Jewish heritage...blame it on the evil workings of the satanic leaders who have invaded the human soul to this extent. At least you're aware something is wrong. Missing!

This is a plus as it gives you the courage to continue the good fight using your gift of words to enlighten others. Had you been un-aware of this inner un-settlement there would be cause of worry. To all who are experiencing these same emotions/thoughts keep lighting the path for others who have yet to be awakened and guide them along to inner awareness.

Damon said (August 20, 2016):

Very nice. Thanks for sharing your insights. We are fellow travelers on the same bandwidth as I was born in 1950. The Fourth dimension IS the REAL place of PEACE.

Marco said (August 20, 2016):

You write, "best for me to die to the world", and that is exactly what God commanded of us in the New Testament. But when we die to the world we will become exiles in it, we will be foreigners living in a strange land and society (fellow mankind) will hate you, dislike you, think you a fool or insane. When I write that society will hate you, I am not writing from paranoia, I am being honest and perceptive; this is what I have personally experienced and what is written in the Bible for followers of Jesus. Spiritually when you turn away from the world, the world will not understand you anymore (you are a new man, a citizen of Heaven); I find that there is a spiritual perception in all mankind that judges whether you are a slave of the Devil or a servant of God and hence a brother - or an enemy. In these dark times, I find that there are many slaves of the Devil.

You also write that we must be less self centered, and I think this is 'to die to yourself' as preached by God.

This suffering in the World for followers of God, is what is called the Way of the Cross, and I think it fits in with your Fourth Dimension explanation.

When we decide to ' die to the world' and live fearlessly rejecting the World with its dark Ruler, you are going to need a whole lot of courage, because the world will hate you for it. And the closer you come to God, even your fellow Christians will largely reject you because to come close to God is to become like Christ who was rejected by men.

Ultimately, I think turning away from society for God will lead you to your true self because this is a solitary road. This is my experience and what the Bible teaches.

A said (August 20, 2016):

I liked your article today on the anxiety you feel. I share so much of your outlook; bouncing back and forth between caring so much about the state of our world and at other times knowing it’s futile, and to just do as Christ and so many other Yogis have admonished -to forget about the world, and seek God. There is so much I could express, but no time to write so I will simply say that, I think it is the love in you that cares about this Earth and Humanity. I do believe that this world could be so wonderful - not perfect, but very good indeed if we did not have these psychopaths setting up a matrix all around us. So we sense what could be and what we hope our children will be able to experience, but alas, at the present moment anyway, Evil rules this domain and we would most likely serve ourselves better trying to live by the admonishments of Jesus and his saints to find any real peace.

MF said (August 19, 2016):

God knows we tend to be anxious about many things. Jesus told Martha that she was worried and bothered about many things but really only one was necessary (i.e. Jesus).

He also said What man amongst you can make one hair black by worrying about it?

And Paul wrote to the Philippians Be anxious for nothing but in all prayer and supplication make your request know to God

Fozdyke observed to you that most people were prepared to live in their knees rather than die on their feet so I tend to agree with you that the cure for anxiety is to live fearlessly. Die now and live joyously.

Finally The author and perfector of our lives summed it up this way (Luke 17:11): Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.

AA said (August 19, 2016):

Your article ‘Why Am I so Anxious?’, couldn’t be more timely. I’ve been reading a lot lately, on the End Times, from an Islamic perspective, and all I can say is, that if it doesn’t leave you feeling anxious to say the least -your not human.

Sorry for sounding a cynical pessimist -but the storm before the calm is going to be a big one. We will be looking at a most definite World War -the Malhama (or Armageddon), most likely going nuclear; Muslims will face the al-harj -increased global killings everywhere; and to top it all off, a nasty little bugger will claim Godhead in Jerusalem, once the radioactive dust will settle!!!

But hey, all is not doom and gloom. The calm will eventually come, and truth and serenity will hit the airwaves from all four corners of the world. So how I do I relax and not let it get the better of me? I pray to God, and seek his protection; I keep myself busy focusing on the kids, their education; I focus on appreciating my good health and enjoy eating the wonderful foods my wife cooks for me; and I just take life a day at a time, for no matter what obstacles I may face tomorrow and perceive will happen in the future, there is no point in worrying about it.

As you say, Henry, we are all going to die, in a way that has been decreed by our Creator, so lets focus on whats good and keep on praying for that greater intimacy with God Almighty.

On a side note, your wonderful website, has been providing me with so much solace and meaning, over the years-so thank you Henry, my dear Sir! Thank you very much.

Rollin said (August 19, 2016):

Some good observations in your memo to yourself. But it's not enough to have such thoughts occasionally. You need to focus on the spiritual dimension of reality on a regular basis. I'm sure you know what I mean: prayer, meditation, the reading of (and reflection on) writings that are inspired and inspiring. I was trained in meditation, having lived for years in a yoga ashram, though I now pray instead. (The simple difference is that meditation tends to lend itself to an attitude of self-sufficiency, and a spirituality without humility, whereas prayer is relational and acknowledges one's need for a power greater -- and wiser and more loving -- than oneself.) Nevertheless, meditation can be very beneficial, and in fact there is a large area of commonality between prayer and meditation.

I'd also recommend not only reading, but writing -- putting your own spiritual thoughts on paper (or online). Of course, you already write online, but most of your writing (with some excellent exceptions) focuses on the negative. This is helpful to all of us, but for your own sake, it needs to be balanced, or over time it will influence your outlook adversely. This needn't be done online, it can be done privately,

Dan A said (August 19, 2016):

As an adult I consider myself to have a rather high degree of anxiety that varies from day to day. I have no fingernails from chewing on them. Another habit I've had since I was a child.

Historically I have experienced panic attacks, but have been free from such attacks for quite some time now. This may be due to my living environment now combined with a drug called seroquel I take at night to help me sleep.

Seroquel is an atypical antipsycotic that can cause weight gain along with other side effects. Now I take a low dose of seroquel so side effects are not a concern.

One pleasant side effect of seroquel is it makes me a bit apathetic. Apathy leads to emotional stability for me.

Yes I agree that the cure for anxiety is to live void of fear. I feel I am void of fear now due to having nothing really, but anxiety still presents itself within me intrinsically from time to time.

Anxiety may be due to fear. Or there may be a genetic etiology for anxiety as well.

Also life experiences can cause anxiety to present itself within an individual.

For some time now I manage my anxiety through exercise and writing. Exercise frees myself from symptoms associated with my anxiety.

When I write about trauma in my life, it lessens the effect of that trauma on me. Because I have divorced myself from that trauma when I write about it in some way.

Finally I believe anxiety may be a cause in some way for any success I've had in my life. It has made me persistent and at times I'm able to focus very well possibly due to my anxiety.

Kaz said (August 19, 2016):

I had been through the same before for decades and finally overcame my anxiety after I accepted Jesus Christ without any reservations and finished reading the New Testament.

I know you're jewish and jews generally don't believe in Jesus Christ. However, I do believe accepting Jesus Christ and living life according to the Word in New Testament is the solution to our problems, including general malaise and anxiety, regardless of our origins whether jewish or gentile. And I don't mean to say this in any kind of condescending, presumptive or disrespectful way, rather out of my Christian love for all, more so for those I hold in high esteem. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, with peace, forgiveness, and eternal life being most important of all.


Thanks Kaz

Jewish is an ethnic designation. I do not subscribe to "Judaism" and do derive inspiration from Christ's words and example.


RS said (August 19, 2016):

I really liked your essay today “Why am I so anxious.”

It reminded me very much of this quote:

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is courage.” Thucydides, c. 410 BC

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at