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October 29, 2017

In 1930 General Ludendorff wrote that the Nazi Party was being infiltrated massively by Freemasons... 

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 ... and also that they were steered by the Vatican.

(this was posted on a number of conspiracy forums. Ludendorff's book is an amazing insight into the real schemes of Freemasonry. Unfortunately, this book is only available in German. Another amazing book in German is "Entente, Weltkrieg and Freimaurei" which exposed how high degree Freemasonry controls world politics and was behind the first world war) In his book called "Weltkrieg droht auf Deutschem Boden" ( A world war is menacing Germany) he predicted that "the powers that be" (TPTB) were secretly pulling the strings of not only the Nazi Party but also all the nationalists parties in Germany at the time (there were several). He wrote that Hitler and Mussolini were being used by the Vatican and that the Vatican itself was a creation of TPTB.

He also wrote that "conservative" Masons from the old Prussian lodges were massively infiltrating all the right-wing parties at the time, including the Nazis despite the fact that they officially forbade membership to Masons. General Ludendorff was himself a former high degree Mason but he wrote several books denouncing Freemasonry and exposed their secrets.

He predicted in 1930, 3 years before the Nazis took power, that Hitler would bring about a new devastating world war that Germany had no chance of winning but this was all part of the grand plan of TPTB toward their world government.

BTW, don't you think all of this is eerily familiar with the sudden appearance of all those "alt-right" groups that we see now?


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