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Jim Stone: FBI Responsible for Vegas Shooting

October 6, 2017


"This operation was carried out by heartless communists after everyone's guns."

FINAL CONCLUSION ON VEGAS: The shooting probably happened, but not as stated and emergency responders were not allowed in to get the death toll as high as possible. This is the type of thing that happens in communist countries.

Latest- Video captures 2 shooters in crowd  Wearing POLICE vests ??

"The writing is on the wall with Vegas. With vegas, we have proof that:

1. The FBI is rotten to the core and is now simply doing the job of the KGB.

2. The MSM is absolute crap from start to finish and is now doing the job of Pravda and Tass. WHO CARES if FOX sometimes offers a differing opinion when Fox will circle the wagons along with the rest of the media, to drive home a lie like this?

3. All levels of government, Federal State and Local, have fallen to the Communists in many places, and they will cooperate to keep their mouths shut. I HAVE A QUESTION HERE: How many people who could have blown the whistle on this are dead? Probably lots. But they will be buried in the suicide/car accident stats. That's how communists roll."

Disclaimer- I am offering Jim Stone's perspective. Obviously, many of the details of this event are still unknown or in dispute. 

by Jim Stone

1. The shooting happened right at the concert. There are many videos out there now, and they prove the shooting was much louder inside the concert venue than anywhere else. Even in the video of it all starting, the shooting clearly comes in at a level much louder than the concert speakers.

2. The singer performing at the time was lip-synching. This is actually an important point because, in a couple of the videos, when the shooting starts, people are seen laughing. Some people commenting on subsequent videos says that proves the shooting was fake because no one would laugh when being shot at. The reality is that they were laughing because the singer ran off stage, leaving the mic behind, and his voice kept going. At that point people still thought the shooting was fireworks.

3. There are a lot of videos out there now, many in HD and a lot of them show the hotel in the background and not a single one shows any muzzle flash from the hotel at all, even when the hotel is crystal clear. 

4. I found this super high definition image taken with a great camera and it proves that after the shooting was done, and the lights were out on the stage, there were no broken windows in the hotel and there was no ongoing investigation.

There was no emergency response, the media used shutter stock.

5. All the people who got badly shot were left on the field to die overnight (to maximize the death toll) because there was absolutely no EMT response. There are videos where a lone man who stayed on the field rather than run was going around from person to person desperately, shouting WHERE ARE THE EMT'S IMPORTANT, VERY IMPORTANT: All venues of that size are required to have EMT's on site. Yet even those did not respond, and no one at any point came in from the outside either. They simply closed off the field and let everyone die. Just like old time, Communist Russia would do.


There are two choices for people to believe with a photo like the one at the top.

1. They are crisis actors and this is purely a psy op.

2. The Jewish-controlled government and Jewish-owned media were so heartless they'd do this, and block any and all medical help afterward. Since they have a history of this type of thing, (just ask Ukraine) I'll say #2.

There is no place whatsoever for the storyline "Lone Muslim nut case" in that photo.

The scamming media claims they shut down the strip so the EMT's could set up an emergency response center. That's a lie, there are no pictures of this on social media despite thousands of people having a bird's eye view from hotels, AND THE SCAMMING MEDIA USED SHUTTER STOCK PHOTOS!

FACT: This operation was carried out by heartless communists after everyone's guns. The fingerprint of what was done matches perfectly! only this time there's the internet to counteract, so an army of trolls has been released to explain the lack of emergency response because according to them it "took hours to secure the scene".

HEY LYING TROLLS, the shooting lasted 9 minutes and 15 seconds. According to the official story, that's when the scene was secured because the police took the "lone nutcase" out. There are radios and cell phones, the EMT's would have been notified within 10 minutes of the shooting stating that they could enter. So 12 minutes max for EMT's on the scene.

Yes, agendas here, agendas there, fat troll paychecks EVERYWHERE.

imageedit_3_6516491625 (1).jpg
(No tattoo on dead man's neck - who was he?) 

6. The patsy had plans to move to the Philippines, as evidenced by the fact that he wired $100,000 there days before. You don't do that if you plan to die shooting up a place. No word on what else he wired, but he probably wired more. And his little philippine chica knew nothing about the plot, despite being with him immediately before it! Ha, she was not with him during it because FBI sponsored fast-and-furious deals are private!

7. As it turns out, the patsy was an FBI agent who was assigned to run guns for ISIS fast and furious style who at all times had more people in the room with him as proven by room service receipts. The FBI obviously knew that he was running guns, and assigned him to do it. Most likely the two guests that show on room service were the ones who killed him before six other people showed up, as shown on security, only to have none of the other (total of 8 people) make the news after the FBI did a show bust and kicked in the door. All 8 additional people were in the room during the shooting. None did anything to stop it. All left later in FBI uniforms. Obviously, with no broken windows there was no shooting from that room, and it is all a hoax at that level, but it just goes to show how filthy the FBI and the rest of American intelligence is, they can take their pretty face Hollywood TV drama series (all of them) and shove them.

8. The FBI did more than set up a patsy, the FBI actually carried out the shooting at the concert. Once you see the high def photo that proves there were no missing hotel windows, you know the FBI did it, because if they are not pointing their fingers at anyone outside that room, and no bullets came from that room, THEY HAD TO HAVE DONE IT.

9. None of the windows on the large hotels in Vegas open. I have stayed in several. My joke about it was that "They had to keep the people contained because too many would suicide jump after losing their butts." Destroying windows in a place like Mandalay Bay is no small task, they are super strong windows that are extremely resistant to breakage. There's no way an old chap like our patsy would take the time to break out two, and the lack of muzzle flash in any of the videos, plus the very clear picture showing them in place after the fact but before sunrise, says it all.

10. The mainstream media, from top to bottom, including even Drudge and Infowars, is as filthy as hell. The facts I pointed out here are for all to see, they can't possibly be so stupid they overlooked the obvious.

11. Most likely the people at the FBI who did the shooting are all Jews, because an Israeli paper had the shooter connected to Islam before any investigation could be done, And the high def photo that shows the room after the shooting and before the windows got kicked out proves the lights were off, so there was no ongoing investigation in progress for that Israeli paper to get its facts from. So a fully compromised FBI is what did this.

12. Someone took the effort to block all emergency exits and several gates, to trap people inside the venue. There are many accounts of people scaling 10-foot walls to get out (this is done often in panic scenarios) which begs the question, WHY WERE SO MANY EXITS CLOSED? It was against the law to have them closed, inspectors come through to make sure they work and are open, yet they were closed and locked. WHY? ANSWER: The number of people in on this op had to have been quite large.


This video has been served by this web site more than 30,000 times. I still have plenty of bandwidth. GET THIS OUT THERE. HERE IS THE KEY VIDEO THAT DESTROYS THE LIE AND PROVES THE STAGE CREW COOPERATED BY LIGHTING THE CROWD UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE SO SHOOTERS COULD GET A LARGE NUMBER OF HEADSHOTS. This is the same video that is posted below, with an explanation for how the audio in the video proves the shooters were right there, at the concert. if you already have it, you don't need to click it again.
People are suspecting the snipers were on the Sphinx across the street. That would work. I still say they were probably above the stage, right where the huge bright lights come on. I don't think any of the musicians were in on the plot. Stage crews would be easy to infiltrate. One thing is certain, they absolutely were not shooting from the 32nd floor.

IMPORTANT: I just noticed another detail - in the video above, which was taken from the back of the crowd, the gunfire sounds close, but not immediately close. In other videos, where the people were right at the front of the crowd, the gunfire sounds like it is RIGHT THERE. If the shots originated at Mandalay, there would not be that different.

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--------------------- Confirmed by Caesar's Palace Guest 
---------------------- Digital Footprint PreDates Event 
Julian Assange -Terror is FBI Business Model 

----------Another alternative View of Las Vegas Shooting - Communists suppress analysis. 

First Comment from William

I'd urge you readers who are skeptical of any deaths or injuries having occurred to view the following clip.  It's a disturbing video segment, so do not view it if the sight of blood profoundly affects you.

What I find curious is where the one man tells the guy who was helping that everyone on the ground is already deceased (at 3:33), when they obviously hadn't been checked.  It fits in with the narrative that people were intended to be left there to die.

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Comments for "Jim Stone: FBI Responsible for Vegas Shooting"

Paul said (October 8, 2017):

Thanks. Another good article. So many false flag evidences and junk in the latest that it's about impossible to keep up with them.

No one is mentioning how much this event also served to divert attention from FEMA atrocities during the latest man-made hurricanes and the deaths, mistreatments and other atrocities at FEMA concentration camps. How many people were taken away vs. how many will come back vs. how many will die or be used for other FEMA "training?" As you know, when a major event is soon replaced with another, there are other major things being covered up in DC and elsewhere.

Yvinne said (October 7, 2017):

I appreciate the Vimeo at the end showing that people were actually injured/killed. It would be coldhearted to dismiss genuine tragedy.
But Stone states is that:

"3. There are a lot of videos out there now, many in HD and a lot of them show the hotel in the background and not a single one shows any muzzle flash from the hotel at all, even when the hotel is crystal clear."

I've found 3 videos showing muzzle flashes from what looks to be the 4th floor:

You may have already seen these but I thought I'd share.


Thanks Yvonne

The hotel was a diversion. If real, there would be head wounds and brain splatter everywhere. There were shooters in the crowd.


Mohammed in SA said (October 7, 2017):

in addition to what Brendan said, i just wish to add that there's no shortage of gullible, bigoted Americans who will very easily believe that somehow Muslims were involved/responsible & then consider it their "patriotic" duty to enlist(for a paycheck of course).
I'm seeing so many young & VERY dumb white Americans who just want to enlist & go kill some Mooslims & they get to do it with "cool" weapons too.

this way, the Zionists pit their 2 main enemies against each other -get dumb Americans to kill innocent Muslims.

theres quite a few Zionist shills like Alex Jones & PJ Watson out there- just spewing out nonsense & these people just seem to believe everything they say.
even if half the people who comment/post on Twitter & Facebook etc, in agreement/support of these guys are just paid Zionist hasbara trolls, its still leaves a VERY large number of gullible Americans who cant seem to think for themselves.

as far as this incident goes, there's lots of maybes...
so many things that we don't know for sure what could be this or that & ppl are providing convincing arguments for each scenario. the ONLY thing i know for sure is that whatever mainstream media says is a lie & Zionists/Israel is directly responsible or had a very big part to play in this op.

AH said (October 7, 2017):

Looks like they have a new MO — they appear to now be mixing “real” with “scripted” — I think they started doing that with the Florida nightclub shooting. Looks like they needed to do that because eyewitnesses would be telling you the Truth–as the taxi cab driver would who was videoing the gunfire that was coming out of at least 3 locations. He was also questioning “where was everybody” and “why was no one running away?” — so looks like they LOCK EVERYONE IN PLACE so they can get their real body count.

Sick, disgusting elements now implanting themselves in the life of the nation. It is no doubt the “Deep State” who are all the intelligence agencies (mainly CIA / Mossad / Israelis) in conjunction with Jewish Rothschild Wall Street:

Know this: “Every single terror attack in the U.S. is a false flag attack” – Robert David Steele- Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer and Whistleblower:

Further: He went on to say, that the plan was to put these devices in high schools, universities, federal buildings, you name it. The main producers of these machines are the Chertoff Group and OSI Systems. He specifically states that Jewish Neo-Con former Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff and Jewish billionaire Neo-Con Sheldon Adelson were involved. Chertoff, an architect of the Iraq war, is the CEO of the Chertoff Group, a global security, and risk management company. He was accused of abusing the public’s trust in 2010 by raising security fears unnecessarily to sell more body scanners.

We need to start a cleansing in this nation if we do not want live in a world designed by Satan. First step here:

and here:

This would also be desirable:

It’s what the Second Amendment is for.

Further, we must NEVER FORGET those who are set-up, the hapless, innocent victims of these satanically-created false flag schemes who were murdered brutally and in cold-blood — the frail, elderly man sitting in his chair in his room watching tv in Abbottabad, Pakistan — as the scripted “Osama Bin Laden.” The Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ and countless others in “Islamic” terror false flags (including 9/11)– and now also totally out of character as friends and family say of Steven Paddock — Mossad spokeswoman (Rita Katz or was it Pamela Geller) – tried pinning it on Muslims again by saying Paddock was a recent Muslim “convert.” These intelligence agencies need to be shattered and blown into a thousand pieces into the wind (with these vile creatures still inside) — paraphrasing JFK — who was also murdered by these evil demons residing among us.

Brendon O'Connell said (October 7, 2017):

Israeli kill squads. Kay Griggs, "The Israeli's train with the SEALS. They do Wet Op's in this country (United States). Murder, assassination. They kill 5, 10, 20 people. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on somebody else."

Vegas is Israel security country. Jewish Power and Israeli Intel ALL over the place. Drug money laundering on a large scale. That's what keeps Vegas alive.

They recruit from Yeshiva Military Academies, on into special forces, Israeli intelligence and specialist assassination teams.

Alex Jones, chief propaganda officer for Trump and his Netanyahu cable, was stating three days ago the man was with Islamic State and there was IS literature and ANTIFA all over his room. Jones is a self agrandising agent for Israel but he needs to be observed closely because that is where the narrative is going.

The goal is not to get hold of American gun - it will never happen.Ever. The goal is to make Americans hate Islam. So, when Netanyahu kills a million more very soon, no one will care.

"The Left", including leftist Jews have turned on Israel. Netanyahu needs to move quickly - hence the alliance now with Putin. No "lefty Jews" in Russia bleating on about Palestinian rights.

Marco A said (October 7, 2017):

I have yet to find reliable evidence that this event wasn't a complete fabrication - a hoax. After events such as Sandy Hook, it is clear to the cabalists that the mob will believe anything, even the most outrageous lies. Every time one of these events occurs, and there is no response from society, I believe they solidify their control all the more.

If you are lied to once, shame on the liar, if you are fooled twice shame on you.

There is no reason at all to believe the narrative that there was even guns involved until there is reliable evidence (such as genuine wounded speaking out, not audacious crisis actors).
Stop believing liars... defend yourself. Cut the psychopaths out of your life - in this case, our worlds controllers.

Just look up videos of the duping delight of some of the people in the crowd or the wounded in hospital beds... Ridiculous.

Has anyone even found videos of genuine grief being displayed by family members of the deceased? For something of this magnitude you would expect it to be shown all over the news.

The more audacious a lie, the more they take control. They are constantly testing just how deep their control is on the people.

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