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Homosexual Blows Whistle on Hollywood "Freaks"

October 24, 2017

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("C'mon in! The water's fine!")

Projecting light on powerful Hollywood freaks 
who have gender identity disorder & don't 
have a clue who they are.

"This is not a [gender] revolution  - it's just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely."

Makow comment:  We wouldn't drink from a toilet but we continue to get our entertainment from people who want to make us sick. 

A Comment to the article 

by Tomo Stojanovic
(Judging from his book, the author is a homosexual.) 

Unfortunately like most other things in the USSA - this sexual 'revolution' is not at all what it seems. 

I've lived in LA for many years, I've met and befriended many famous gay producers and actors. writers etc from Hollywood (Mostly HBO), I've met many dikes and even trannies. 

So I know their mentality and objectives. 

Most of these freaks don't even like having sex with anyone - for them, gayness is like a religion/cult. It's mostly to do with non-sexual aspects of life: you must love/vote for Hilary, you must think Wookie (left) is 'beautiful' etc... otherwise, the other gays will not want to hang out with you - they excommunicate each other on these grounds. 

Most of them don't like sex with anyone - they just have  Gender Identity Disorder, and/or often Borderline Personality Disorder (almost like Schizophrenia). Most of them have been molested when young, mostly by priests (sometimes sisters' boyfriends etc). 

Pretending to love sex with men is just a mask for these freaks - I know it sounds strange but it's true - I 've seen it over and over again. I've asked them all kinds of questions (I studied psychology). It's kind of like fake Jews ...which reminds me many of these people are Jews and I think they are scared of or hate their mothers and they project that on other women. 

And they are mostly depressed, unhappy, manic ( a caricature of happiness) people. They don't even have real friends - its mostly very superficial - they have a mentality of a high school kid. I think because they were bullied there they never had a chance to grow out of it. 

And these are the rulers of Hollywood I am talking about - a bunch of fearful little girls with a talent for accounting. Very little art and no balls at all. Most interestingly they don't even like each other and are fundamentally lonely and unable to relate /love anyone. I have seen the same thing in London. 

So this is not a revolution  - it's just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely.

Like my neighbors in Venice Beach - although they had a big house, they loved to go out at 3 am in the alley in a densely populated area and suck asses to strangers they meet in a bar - and scream like little girls so that everyone has to wake up, including children to hear them. 

A pathetic , unhappy bunch of losers  - with Gender Identity Disorder - that's all they are...that's why they are all alcoholics, on drugs, prozac etc - it's not easy to be an anti-social freak like that (and to pretend you love sex with guys - when in reality you just have a Gender Identity Disorder and don't really have interest in sex at all). And you know you are lying to yourself and others.


It's worse than what I described. I've heard stories (from first-hand victims) about very strange, psychopathic things like gay men deliberately inflicting their BFs with HIV  - 2 guys told me about what happened to them. 

It gives me no joy to see these people so fucked up, immature, being such useful idiots for Hilary etc and being so depressed. They are victims of pedos, parents who chase money and neglect their kids, predatory priests etc. 
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What pisses me off is when such people shape the opinion of normal people (like a friend who's produced a very famous show most women in the US used to blindly follow). This guy is a gay geek who does not even have women friends (or understand women at all). I've been to his birthdays and there was only 1 fat lezbo (he knows from work) and 200 gay men. That's how much he understands and loves women. 

And there are many like that -  freaky geeks who can only survive in Hollywood because everyone there would kiss any Neanderthal -ass to get any role in any shit movie that comes out of Hollywood these days. 

That's what pisses me off - there is nothing we can learn from these people, they don't know much and they lie to themselves (as I said I think most are not even gay they don't even  like sex at all - they just use the fake gayness to cover up  many other psychological defects - mostly Gender Identity Disorder (which is triggered by early child-abuse) etc.

 It's due to this fakeness (and they know it) that they overdo the tranny-like way they carry themselves, talk like chicks, cross their legs etc.) I've seen gays in other cultures - even Australia they don't behave like that they are comfortable with who they are, look normal, talk normal and don't give a fuck what others think about them. 

It's this dishonesty about the whole religion of FAG-ness and the loud megaphone of HOLLYWOOD - the shittiest industry of all. 

IN other countries like Serbia, Latin American guys can fuck guys and it's their own business, it does not mean they have to fuck guys forever (as the Hollywood legend wants you to believe - once you look at a guy - you MUST be gay forever - there is no way back, sister! with a whispy voice). Full of religious-myths like that. 

My grandmother in Serbia had a GF - and was a respected woman (was married twice and had 4 kids). Her GF looked like Elvis, used to fight (and kill) Germans in WW2. She did not have to rub it in anyone's face - and everyone loved her. 

The opposite of the loud religion of idiotic girls sucking strangers' asses they never want to see again (in back alleys on LA). It's a bunch of trannies basically with a loud megaphone (and nothing important to say)  - but all they want is attention (like that 'only gay in the village ' character from Little Britain). 

The same goes for the Hollywood for the UGLY - i.e. Washington DC and the State Dept which is about 40% gay as I was told by a friend who works for the White House/Pentagon. Their motivation of angry, power-starved little girls is the same as above. And the psychopathology behind it as well
I wrote a book about it (because one of these producer friends persuaded me to) - not to make money it's dirt cheap on Kindle. 

Makow comment-  I wouldn't recommend the book. It's mostly about his memoirs of life in London and Los Angeles, name-dropping, wine sipping and conversations with gay friends.  Tomo should write more social and political criticism. He is an astute observer. 

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Comments for "Homosexual Blows Whistle on Hollywood "Freaks" "

JJ said (October 25, 2017):

Another book you might want to read if you can find it is rock and roller Little Richard Penniman's autobiography, which may or may not be in print anymore, I'm not sure. I've only read excerpts, but what we have is former homosexual turned evangelist who describes homosexuality and the mindset in a way we're not supposed to hear about.

In other words, it's a perversion, and he really nails the lifestyle and how big it was in the music business long before it became streamlined for the general public. All this being described by a black, American flamboyant icon. I'm going to look for it online.

James C said (October 25, 2017):

Tomo Stojanovic failed to mention one of the leading causes of homosexuality: failure to bond with one's father. If a boy fails to bond with his father, he will spend the rest of his life looking for a father figure. A study needs to be conducted to find out how many homosexuals failed to have a close relationship with their fathers. I'll bet the numbers would be significant.
Thanks James

Another huge factor is being assaulted as a minor.
Tomo's boyfriend Ken was a skating champ who was assaulted by coach.


G said (October 25, 2017):

"Most of these freaks don't even like having sex with anyone - for them, gayness is like a religion/cult. It's mostly to do with non-sexual aspects of life ..."

That certainly was a new perspective on Gay-gate. So much said here was sitting in the back of my subconscious for a long time. I felt it on a deep level but could not bring it forward to articulate it. That is because the premise is so absurd and odd: It's not about sex!

It was almost a relief to read the words: "Pretending to love sex with men is just a mask for these freaks." Who would write that?! Someone as close to the scene as Tomo Stojanovic was. What insights! And with a backdrop of Hollywood invading Washington.

"Gender Identity Disorder" sure cuts out a lot of life. The extreme and dedicated focus on it overshadows everything else that makes life whole. Tomo specifically mentions "art." So of course the consequence of that is that most of the art delivered to us is focused on the disorder, giving it a life of its own, a sacrosanct system of eternal false hip-ness.

To be gay/tranny is one thing; to be programmed into it is a whole other phenomenon, bound to result in unhappiness because it's not SELF-determined, and I'd say 80 to 90% fall into this category: not authentically gay, but the product of a decades-long steering process. In other words: victims.

Thanks, Henry for this publication. And especially, thank you, Tomo. You took the chimera and fully undressed it. Naked, it seems far less threatening to our society.

MM (S Africa) said (October 24, 2017):

the REAL culprits, the Rothschilds & others at their level, are def not gay but they promote & support these insecure deviants & make them seem so cool & stylish etc.
meanwhile, these homos & lesbians are dying on the inside bcos despite what claims they make about being "born this way"- its a LIE and they crave the stability of normal relationships.

the more they deny this & continue in their wicked ways, the more physically & spititually sicker they get- this is Gods punishment upon them & is a SMALL taste of whats waiting for them in the hereafter.

when i look at all these ppl, i can see the sickness of their souls reflected in their eyes.
sometimes i wonder at how stupid these "elite" are: the worship Satan & do his bidding as if he is some kind of alternate power to God, when in fact he is just another creation of God who is just here as a means to test us- to see whether we give in to his whisperings.

no matter how long anyone lives, we all have to die & all the riches & power of the world cant help u after that.

Brian said (October 24, 2017):

I am just a blue collar worker, with a small amount of college and I am well versed in the conspiracies that are trying to ruin our country and others. In Europe, and North America there is a huge anti Nationalist push against people who are for putting their countries first, excluding the desire to join the Satanic world order that we all know about, that is attacking us on many fronts.

...I took a trip to American Flyover Country. WVA, for WVU football game. On the campus, and at the game, as well as local eating establishments all showed me the type of people that I usually do not get to see in South Jersey area I reside in. I was so moved by the patriotism I could see when the whole stadium sung the Anthem and did so with pride. The people we met on our trip were so polite, and friendly, it was such a breath of fresh air, to see societies goodness on display in a remote area. I was genuinely moved by the people who were amazing to say the least. True American values from proud people in remote places are what will save us from a Global NWO takeover in the end. True patriotism, villified basically by snobs in Hollywood and News Media, is going to be the demise of the Hollywood Media News conglomerate.
More people waking up to reality is what is happening, there will be an uphill battle for our society to change and a fight of ideals is coming. I hope people see that the Socialist dream is just a stepping stone to a Communist takeover of any country that allows it to flourish. Watch out for George Soros also. He was a traitor to his people and profited from the failure of other countries currencies. He is evil and needs to be dealt with swiftly. Anyone who does his bidding is assuring their spot alongside Satan as well

Jude D said (October 24, 2017):

"Most of them have been molested when very young, mostly by priests"

No mention of vicars, pastors, imams, teachers, scout-leaders, etc., much less rabbis. How very Zio-media friendly.



He mentions Jews specifically later...but yes I noticed that too.

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