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Did Israel Kill Kennedy?

October 26, 2017

(The three people most responsible for the assassination are on the cover: mob boss Meyer Lansky, Israeli PM David Ben Gurion and James Angleton of the CIA)  

Donald Trump is releasing CIA Files on the JFK Assassination today, as required by a Congressional Resolution in 1992. 

It is doubtful that the new information will incriminate the real perpetrators. But this
is a good opportunity to revisit "Final Judgment" (2004) by Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015) who believes Israel assassinated JFK because he would not let them acquire nuclear weapons. 

If true, the Israeli government is responsible for the two most formative political events of my lifetime, the assassination of JFK and 9-11. Of course, there were many accomplices in the assassination and cover-up - LBJ, CIA, FBI, the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans and the whole US political establishment. 

I present excerpts from Amazon reviews. 

"US intel never had the nerve to kill Kennedy on its own." 

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-----------------   Final Judgment Pdf

Edward Hendrie-  "Piper takes off the blindfold and pins the tail on the donkey." 

Michael Collins Piper in his book, Final Judgment, presents a compelling case that Zionists in general, and the Israeli Mossad in particular, played a primary role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent coverup. His book is chock-full of sources and evidence to support his hypothesis. He has provided ample authority in his book with over 1,000 endnotes, and 10 appendices. 

Other books have revealed the separate involvement of Lyndon Johnson, the Dallas Police Department, the CIA, the FBI, anti-Castro Cubans, French intelligence agencies, and organized crime in the assassination of President Kennedy. The intrepid Mr. Piper methodically explains how all of these persons and organizations were tied together in a conspiracy that at its core was set in motion by the Israeli Mossad. 

One of the key players in the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy was Meyer Lansky, who Piper reveals was the de facto head of organized crime in the United States. Piper explains how Lansky had deep and continuing working relationships with both the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. 

BenGurion Angleton.jpg
(left, CIS's James Angleton is the man most responsible for planning the assassination. With his handler, David Ben-Gurion.)

Although Piper's book deals with the assassination of President Kennedy, which happened over 40 years ago, the lessons he imparts are important and topical today for all American citizens who love their liberty. This book is an autopsy which dissects the putrid body of a world conspiracy that is so pervasive, so intrusive, so powerful, it can assassinate the President of the most powerful country in the world and then conceal its involvement in that crime by controlling the mass media and even the very organs of that government. 

Piper takes off the blindfold and pins the tail on the donkey. His book is aptly titled; it is truly the Final Judgment in the assassination of our beloved President, John F. Kennedy, who valiantly and selflessly tried to wrestle the control of the U.S. government from a Zionist cabal. After assassinating President Kennedy that cabal resumed control of the government, which they have maintained to this day.

Albert Doyle - US Organized Crime run by Zionist Jews. "US intel never had the nerve to kill Kennedy on its own." --- 

The book is critical in exposing how Israel's state security organization Mossad was formed by the founding members of CIA and how that relationship, forged during WWII, continued on up to Kennedy's day. Once Piper enlightens you of this, you then understand Clay Shaw's appearance and position in the Assassination. Shaw was OSS Military Intelligence and worked directly with this OSS/Mossad nucleus. The reason he shows up in the Assassination is that he was a board member on CIA's Permindex storefront operation in Italy which was a shell facade for a dirty money laundry network between CIA, the syndicate, and Tibor Rosenbaum - who was Israel's main facilitator for these illegal funds. 

When you understand Shaw's true position in the Assassination you understand how New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison had a very dangerous player in his hands and why CIA needed to intervene to keep him from being exposed. Shaw was a critical keystone because he had an interface between CIA, Mossad, Cuban exiles, and the mob. Something CIA was desperate for people not to know.

Kennedy wasn't a fool and he saw this unholy alliance, that Eisenhower euphemistically labeled the "Military Industrial Complex," forming and took measures to control it. What Piper does is show this unholy triumvirate was threatened by Kennedy and had the greatest motive to get rid of him. 

Unknown to most Americans is the fact the US's organized crime syndicate was universally overseen by its treasurers, who just so happened to all be Jews. Because of this the US mob's main men in power, culminating in Meyer Lansky, left, just so happened to all be ardent Zionists. This led to a dirty deal between the CIA and mob to allow the mob free rule of the Caribbean in return for preventing another Castro. In return, the CIA looked the other way. The CIA's end of this was getting a healthy cut of mob proceeds through a dirty money laundry network of banks Piper details. These banks ultimately channeled towards Tibor Rosenbaum's Swiss Banque De Credit Internacional, which was basically a mafia money laundry used to finance the formation of Israel. 

So while Rosenbaum is hailed as a national hero in Israel he is so for basically funding Israel with prostitution, gambling, extortion, murder, and heroin money. What Piper does is proficiently follow the money. And what is shockingly amazing is how open and brazen this dirty CIA/Mossad/Mob underground government and its rogue financing structure really was. Kennedy threatened this directly, and Piper's deft exposure of the stage and its cast of characters leaves no doubt about the outcome of the plot....

...However, once you read it you will understand the previously unknown binding motivations and allegiances that were the initiating spark behind Kennedy's killing. It wasn't an accident that the orders to kill Kennedy came from the precincts of this particular contemporary cabal. Nor was it a coincidence that Ruby (Jack Rubenstein) was inspired by dual loyalties in his suicide attack on Oswald. When you read 'Final Judgment' you see the binding mortar that explains things that were never fully understood before in the conspiracy evidence. US intel never had the nerve to kill Kennedy on its own. ---

Mark Braver - "The book does not say that "the Jews killed JFK."

Anyone who has any interest in finding out the real reasons why President Kennedy was killed must read 'Final Judgment'.

Piper exposes a secret unknown to most Americans that Israel's Prime Minister David Ben Gurion was in a desperate battle with Kennedy over Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapons. Kennedy was dead set against it because he knew that the current imbalance between Israel and the Arabs would result and also that the Arabs would be forced to side with the Soviets in order to defend themselves. Few Americans know Ben Gurion was driven to such a state of mental instability over this that he was forced out of office because of it. And to this day the letters between JFK and Ben Gurion are still listed as classified.

There seems to be a lot of misperception of what Final Judgment does and does not say about the JFK assassination. The book does not say that "the Jews killed JFK." That's horse manure.

What the book does say is that: When New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison charged businessman Clay Shaw with participation in the JFK assassination conspiracy Garrison stumbled upon the Israeli Mossad connection to the murder of President Kennedy. Shaw served on the board of a shadowy corporation known as Permindex. A primary shareholder in Permindex was the Banque De Credit International of Geneva, founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, an arms procurer and financier for the Mossad.

What's more, the Mossad-sponsored Swiss bank was the chief "money laundry" for Meyer Lansky, the head of the international crime syndicate and an Israeli loyalist whose operations meshed closely on many fronts with the American CIA.

The chairman of Permindex was Louis M. Bloomfield of Montreal, a key figure in the Israeli lobby and an operative of the Bronfman family of Canada, long-time Lansky associates and among Israel's primary international patrons.

(left, Michael Collins Piper) 

In the pages of "Final Judgment" the Israeli connection to the JFK assassination is explored in frightening--and fully documented--detail. For example, did you know:

* That JFK was engaged in a bitter secret conflict with Israel over U.S. East policy and that Israel's prime minister resigned in disgust, saying JFK's stance threatened Israel's very survival?

* That JFK's successor, Lyndon Johnson, immediately reversed America's policy toward Israel?

* That the top Mafia figures often alleged to be behind the JFK assassination were only front men for Meyer Lansky?
* That the CIA's liaison to the Mossad, James Angleton, was a prime mover behind the cover-up of the JFK assassination?
Why didn't Oliver Stone, in his famous movie "JFK" not mention any of this? It turns out the chief financial backer of Stone's film was longtime Mossad figure, Arnon Milchan, Israel's biggest arms dealer.

The very fact that the Israeli lobby has gone to such great lengths to try to smear Michael Collins Piper and to try to discredit Final Judgment gives the book great credibility. If the book was really so silly or so unconvincing, it doesn't seem likely that groups such as the Anti-Defamation League would go out of their way to try to suppress the book as they have. The fact is that Piper demonstrates that Israel did indeed have a very strong motive to want to get JFK out of the way and that numerous people who have been linked in other writings to the JFK conspiracy were (as Piper documents) also in the sphere of influence of Israel's Mossad. Not only Clay Shaw in New Orleans, but also James Angleton at the CIA, who was Israel's strongest advocate at the CIA and also the CIA's liaison to the Mossad. The Israeli connection is indeed "the missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy."

...What's more, the book is not--I repeat--not "anti-Semitic" and the book has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of the Holocaust.

In fact, anybody familiar with any of the standard writings on the JFK assassination will recognize the names of some of the key players in the scenario Piper documents: Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and James J. Angleton, left, of the CIA--and none of them were Jewish. So where this reviewer gets off saying that Piper finds "a Jew under every rock" is beyond me.

I have read literally hundreds of books and magazine articles and other material on the JFK assassination and not in a single one of them--with the exception of Final Judgment--did I ever learn that President John F. Kennedy was trying to stop Israel from building the nuclear bomb and that this literally touched off a "secret war" behind the scenes between JFK and Israel's prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who resigned (among other reasons) in disgust over JFK's policies with Israel. In fact, Israeli historian Avner Cohen in his book, Israel and the Bomb, documents this quite thoroughly.

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----------------- Aangirfan: OSWALD'S MOSSAD FRIEND

First Comment from Michael C-

There is good info here, the CIA as well as the US Mafia had a dislike for the Kennedy, but after reading much over the years on the assassinations, in my opinion, it is Piper's "Final Judgment" that ties it all together. It was the CIA's James Jesus Angleton who established Israel's Mossad, and served as its liaison during the Kennedy years. He was described as a "rogue" agent, doing all sorts of things on his own. 

According to Piper, pay for the hit on JFK was funded through Meyer Lansky's organization where he sat in control of BOTH Jewish and Sicilian Mafia, but French assassins were in Dealey Plaza that fated day to carry out the killing. 

New Orleans DA Jim Garrison suspected Israel, but perhaps wisely was not going public with his opinions at the time, but planned to write a fictional book with that theme. One example of the Mossad connection was shown regarding businessman Clay Shaw who Garrison successfully brought to trial in the conspiracy. He served on the board of Permindex, which was actually a Mossad front company dealing in arms trading and money laundering.   

When we talk of world money power, certain Jews and Zionists are at the top of the heap. Zionist Israel is a major player in establishing unrest and chaos leading to NWO goals here and abroad. There were certainly other groups who profited in his killing, and there had to be some cooperation, even the Secret Service did not protect him. People were hushed, threatened of died later who knew anything, but I think "Final Judgement" takes in the fullest scope of why Israel was probably behind the planning and execution. An avowed Zionist, Barry Chamish is quoted, " 'Final Judgment' makes a petty cogent case for the Mossad being the moving force behind Kennedy's assassination."

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Comments for "Did Israel Kill Kennedy? "

V said (October 30, 2017):

Since you have been thoroughly disputing the official story of how JFK was killed, I wanted to add something of possible note which dawned on me some time ago.

Meyer Feldman, Zionist Plant in White House (WH): As you likely know, JFK reported that when he was running for the presidency, he was offended that a group of financiers at a meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel told him he could be elected (they'd back him) if he allowed them to choose their own man to direct Middle East affairs in the WH. If JFK refused, they told him, he would not win. JFK cooperated and was saddled with Meyer Feldman. Jackie, in her memories publish by her daughter, related that both JFK and RFK constantly tried to keep Feldman out of their business and in the dark.

I had a chance to meet with Feldman in the early 1990s on a business matter. I did not know his full background them. While waiting in his office, I noted he had two large signed photographs of LBJ on his walls. One I could clearly see was dedicated to Meyer (Mike).

Later when I checked out who he was and found that he had worked for JFK too, but had no memorabilia of that visible, I was sure he was the plant JFK had referred to. Jackie's memories later confirmed this. What normal attorney would not portray having worked for President Kennedy?

Now I note archival documents from Feldman showing how close he was to LBJ and how quickly LBJ delivered the goods for Israel after JFK's assassination. I do agree with M.C. Piper and you re the Mossad element viz the Dimona issue, however we must remember that our own CIA and other intel services were long before infiltrated and run by such operatives - thus it's rather the same thing as per 9/11.

Here's link to some Feldman materials.

Jeremy C said (October 28, 2017):

I agree it is a Satanic farce and also a distraction and a taunt. We are being forced into WW3 and bringing up old acts of conspiracy distracts from the very pertinent conspiracy of the mass murder of civilians in Las Vegas. I think the private CIA is clearly complicit in that atrocity as well. (A lot of people are taught that there is a big rivalry/conflict between the CIA and FBI. This is certainly true on the surface..but the real issue is the private Rothschild/Rockefeller FBI and CIA working together for the central banks. These three letter agencies were corrupted from the outset by fraternities like the Bonesmen to serve elite globalist central banks and at the top are essential in keeping Satanic worship and Masonic adherence as part of the control and vetting and extortion. The real “crown jewel” they want to keep secret FOR NOW is the historic Satanic worship of the globalists that run the show. The real swamp - if you will.
They are taunting us with the Kennedy files. They may even be taunting us with Trump. Satanists characteristically despise and hate God and his children and so acts like desecration and degradation and tormenting are all ritual for them. Releasing enticing snippets of Oswald and JFK is not something they fear or oppose. In reality, they are showing us the knife before they plunge it in again in the next cataclysmic atrocity they do towards us.
They are arrogant and prideful. There is a conditioning effect that they can get us worked up about the old conspiracy and release some stuff and keep us hanging (pun not intended). So we are told there will be a review in 6 months to release the stuff they wouldn’t let us see now. In 6 months we could mostly be dead or WW3 might be over by then.
They murdered Kennedy - we all know it. The also gleefully murdered all those people in Vegas. There was probably some Satanic spells and witchcraft and orgy before and after both these events. The coverups of both are sloppy and they are relying on their great power and influence and control to manipulate. They do feel threatened by God. They know that they can’t stop judgement. The good news is that they clearly haven’t been able to solve human mortality. They all look very old and Rockefeller died and Kissinger won’t be around forever. Just a bunch of old people. Their judgement is coming. Funny thing about Satanists is that they are human vessels and they end up believing in God. If not, then who are they rebelling against? Look at Satanic prayer and it is all about denying God and Jesus Christ. In order to hate...they must believe because the object of hate must exist. Why do so much to subvert and assault Christian religion unless it threatens you? If Satanists didn’t believe God and His Son Jesus Christ existed then wouldn’t they just leave them alone? Nope...the Good News for us is that Jesus Christ the Son of God exists and destroyed death by death. Satan was already defeated and these old fools are worshipping a loser. Poor fools. Let the enemies of God be scattered. The time is almost at hand where those who turn to God and get down on their knees in appropriate humility will be saved. Goodbye Satanists. You must repent or be destroyed. No two ways about it. We all must. God loves us all.

Michael C said (October 28, 2017):

Piper's book is excellent, revealing the common thread linking all elements in JFK's murder to Israel's intelligence arm, Mossad. Jewish historian, Alfred
Lilienthal supported Piper's thesis that Mossad was the moving force behind the assassination, and Piper thanks him twice for his support and encouragement in the book. Kennedy was not happy about pressure to control his
Middle East foreign policy, and pressures to give nuclear weapon ability to Israel. He was disliked and perceived as an enemy of the state and had to be eliminated. The book is a valuable asset among a mountain of other data
showing how rabid Zionism is and the deception American leaders and certain high profile Christian leaders are for blindly supporting it.

Tony B said (October 26, 2017):

As a personal friend of Mike Piper on a conspiracy study level (we even shared the same office at American Free Press) I can attest to not only his research abilities but also to his ability to logically follow a trail. And a memory I will always envy.

Mike religiously read the writings "of no interest to goyim" and learned all the "code words" in common media meant only for the insiders.

I am not convinced his death was natural. There was some outside influence over him in his last year which led him astray on the false flags of Sandy Hook and Boston to a large extent. There may be a connection. Just a couple of days before his death Mike emailed me enthused about a new project he was about to begin which would truly stir the pot. Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately for me - he didn't go into what he was about to expose. I was promised an advance of his initial effort which, of course, never arrived.

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