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Marilyn and the Jews

October 21, 2017

In 1955, 20th Century Fox awarded Monroe the richest per-film contract of any actress. 
"It means," remarked Monroe, "I'll never have to suck another Jewish cock again!"

Marilyn Monroe is a reminder that some actresses deliberately traded sex for success. 
"Monroe had resolved to sleep with anyone who could help her attain fame and fortune in Jewish-dominated Hollywood. Close friend Ted Jordan notes that she had 'sex with anybody she thought might be able to advance her career.'"

Many Jewish men like Harvey Weinstein suffer from adolescent arrested development when it comes to satisfying their sexual needs, and since they control Hollywood, this immaturity 
has infected Western culture.  

Marilyn Monroe is one of many Gentile actors who fell under the dominance of a string of Jewish psychoanalysts, including, most famously, Ralph Greenson (born: Romeo Greenschpoon, 1911-1979) who was her therapist when she allegedly committed suicide. 

"Like many of his colleagues at the time, Greenson relied heavily on drug therapy for his patients, routinely prescribing barbiturates and tranquilizers or having patients' other doctors do so. He referred Marilyn to [Jewish] internist Hyman Engelberg, who prescribed many of the medications Greenson ordered for her ... Her friends noticed that the more Marilyn saw Greenson, the more miserable she became ... Greenson encouraged Marilyn's deep dependency on him (he was seeing her twice daily)" (Good Housekeeping, 1993, pp. 212, 214). 

The incestuous nature of Hollywood life may be observed in Greenson's case: his sister Elizabeth was married to Milton 'Mickey' Rudin, a Jewish entertainment attorney who was one of the town's major power brokers. Rudin was Monroe's lawyer.

Marilyn's publicist, Arthur Jacobs, was also Jewish. So were her agents at MCA, Jay Kanter and Mort Viner. Many of the directors of her films were Jews (for example, Billy Wilder of Some Like It Hot and George Cukor of Let's Make Love). Natasha Lytess, her personal manager and the subject of speculation about Monroe's rumored lesbianism, was Jewish, from Austria. Their relationship, says Barbara Leaming, was "mutually exploitive" (Leaming, 31). Milton Greene, a Jewish fashion photographer "with whom she'd reportedly had a fling during the late forties," was another early personal manager.

Natasha Lytess and Marilyn on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Monroe had resolved to sleep with anyone who could help her attain fame and fortune in Jewish-dominated Hollywood. Close friend Ted Jordan notes that she had "sex with anybody she thought might be able to advance her career" (Jordan, 121). 

"It is clear," says Anthony Summers in his biography, "that Marilyn made judicious use of her favors. A key beneficiary was the [Jewish] man who got Marilyn that vital first contract at Fox -- Ben Lyon. According to writer Sheila Graham, Lyon had been sleeping with Marilyn and promising to further her career ... Lyon called the casting director for Sol Wurtzel, a [Jewish] B-movie producer of the time [and Monroe was awarded a small part in the 1947 film Dangerous Years]" (Summers, 35).

In olden times," Upton Sinclair once remarked, "Jewish traders sold Christian girls into concubinage and into prostitution, and even today they display the same activity in the same field in southern California where I live." Or as F. Scott Fitzgerald summed up the Hollywood scene of his era -- "a Jewish holiday, a Gentile tragedy" (Gabler, 2)

Garment millionaire Henry Rosenfeld was another Jewish sex partner on Marilyn's road to fame. "She would join Rosenfeld at his home in Atlantic City for trips in his speedboat and for quiet evenings of talk and laughter" (Summers, 45). Jewish mobster Bugsy Siegel, himself a Hollywood powerbroker, also slept with her (Jordan, 84, 87). 

Ted Jordan (born Edward Friedman) even wrote a book about his early sexual experiences with Monroe -- they began on his fourth date with her when she was 17. Then known by her real name, Norma Jean, Monroe was soon sleeping with Friedman's uncle, Ted Lewis (original name also Friedman), who, "with his clarinet and distinctive style of old favorites, was among the hottest acts in show business" (Jordan, 73). It was Lewis who introduced the then-unknown model to narcotics.

"I learned," says Jordan, "that at one point in their little backstage meeting, Ted had slipped Norma Jean a piece of paper with his telephone number on it. Soon they were meeting in hotel rooms whenever Ted was in town ... Soon he was pulling strings for Norma Jean, trying to hook her up with an agent who would do her the most good ... As Norma Jean had vowed to me, whoever she had to fuck, she was prepared to do it. And, for good measure, she did the same with [prominent Jewish gossip columnist] Walter Winchell" (Jordan, 75).

Early in Monroe's career as a struggling actress, the Jewish head of Columbia, Harry Cohn, left, invited her to an overnight cruise on his yacht. Monroe was required to strip naked for Cohn in his office. As she bent over, at his direction, he approached her, penis in hand. When she declined his advances, said Monroe, "I had never seen a man so angry" (Jordan, 91; Wolfe, 211-212). Cohn then "banned her from the [Columbia] lot after she refused to accompany him on a yacht to Catalina Island" (Leaming, 8).

 "You know," Monroe once said, "that when a producer calls an actress into his office to discuss a script that isn't all he has in mind ... I've slept with producers. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't" (Summers, 34-35). In 1955, 20th Century Fox awarded Monroe the richest per-film contract of any actress. "It means," remarked Monroe, "I'll never have to suck another Jewish cock again!" (McDougal, 217).


The network of Jewish men that controls Hollywood has always been characterized by an intense sexual fixation on the shiksa -- shiksa being a derogatory slur for a Gentile woman, literally signifying "unclean animal" according to its Yiddish etymology. Hence the ubiquitous "casting couch," a Hollywood institution that provided Jewish powerbrokers access to otherwise unavailable non-Jewish women, whom they despised as non-Jews yet idealized as avatars of alien sexual desirability. 

The shiksa thus became the ultimate sexual trophy. The Jews who ruled Hollywood noted Hollywood rabbi Edgar Magnin, "were men who made all that money and realized they were still a bunch of Goddamned Jews. Sleeping with a pretty gentile girl made them feel, if only for a few minutes, 'I'm half gentile.' No wonder they made idols out of shiksa goddesses." 

A key agent in accelerating Monroe's early career was Johnny Hyde (like many Hollywood Jews, born in Russia, and a veteran of vaudeville.) She was also his mistress; he was 53, she was 23. Hyde "not so coincidentally ... was Ted Lewis' personal manager" (Jordan, 85). "In making Marilyn known," says Fred Guiles, "[Hyde] flexed a lot of muscle. The simple fact is that Johnny Hyde was the chief architect of her fame and her eventual legend" (Guiles, 147).

"By 1953," Jordan reports, "... [Monroe] could be virulently anti-Semitic (a prejudice that grew as she got older). To my discomfort, she would sometimes refer to Joe Schenck, the mogul [and another sexual stepping stone], as 'that Jew shit' and to other Hollywood personalities as 'Jew' this or that. Occasionally I would have to remind her that I was half Jewish" (Jordan, 188). Monroe's anti-Semitism did not prevent her from later converting to Judaism, at the behest of her Jewish husband, playwright Arthur Miller, who (despite his vocal anti-racialism) would not wed an unconverted Gentile.


The Hollywood world and its pressures of being a sex goddess, of course, destroyed her. Monroe's physician Hyman Engelberg and her therapist Ralph Greenson were the first to her death scene, reported to be the result of a drug overdose, but they did not call police for four hours. One investigative author, Donald Spoto, in a 1993 work, even burdens Greenson with the responsibility for killing her, directing that a female employee "administer [to Monroe] ... a fatal barbiturate-laced enema." (In this scenario, Greenson's motivation was that Monroe was trying to free herself from his influence and control, and had fired him [Wolfe, 99]).

A friend of Monroe's recalls that she was beginning to feel that Greenson was "trying to substitute himself for everything she'd built up those past years. She decided he was anti-everything she wanted. She was radically turning on Greenson and Mrs. Murray, the woman he'd put with her, she felt, to spy on her" (Strasberg, 250-251).

The famous movie star's alleged suicide has always been controversial, and there are various conspiracy notions about who would want her dead. Greenson's secret life is much clouded. As well as being a therapist, he was an activist Communist Party member and part of its international Comintern. Greenson, as his sister Elizabeth has reported, was also a Zionist with "strong ties to Israel" (Kelley, 305).

Whatever Greenson's role as a listener of movie star's confessions, his communist ties have profound implications because Monroe had romantic affairs with President John F. Kennedy and knew a great deal about behind-the-scenes politicking, perhaps including plans against communist Cuba and Fidel Castro. Everything Monroe knew she undoubtedly told her psychotherapist. As Donald Wolfe writes:

"Once Marilyn Monroe became Greenson's patient, he became one of the most important Comintern operatives in America; he had access to the mind of a woman who often shared the bed with the president of the United States and was an intimate of the attorney general [Kennedy's brother, Robert] ... "

As Greenson has correctly stated, Marilyn Monroe had a tendency to 'get involved with very destructive people, who will engage in some sort of sadomasochistic relationship with her.' Ironically, among these people was her psychiatrist [Greenson], her physician [Engelberg], and her housekeeper, Eunice Murray [who was appointed by Greenson to live with Ms. Monroe and report back to him], who joined in a conspiracy to survey Marilyn Monroe within a sphere of influence designed to gather intelligence from her relationship with the president of the United States and the attorney general (Wolfe, 386).

CONTINUED - talks about drama teacher, Lee Strasberg  (includes footnotes) 

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First Comment from V:

Latest discussions about Weinstein and abuse of power over women brought memories from my work with people as a genealogist. In his case it was the would-be actresses, in my case it was maids. Striking similarity. In the second half of the 19th century and later, every Jewish family had a non-Jewish maid. The elderly population remembers that in many cases maids were sexually abused and had children with Jewish masters. This was so common, that There was no prosecution. It was normal. If the girl wanted to keep the job, she had to obey. I had several clients from the US, who believed something like this has happened to their ancestor and I had to research whether it was true or possible. Vienna and Trieste had tens of thousands of illegitimate births, where I suspect a great deal due to Jewish fathers.

Both cities had a very strong Jewish population in upper middle class and higher. These folks must have something in their religion and attitude toward goyim girls that motivates them to behave like this. It is in their blood, as we see on numerous Jewish names that came to light recently. So this is just a continuation of a very old behavior. I have no proofs for that but that is what people remember. I thought this will open up a broader horizon of this phenomenon.

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Comments for "Marilyn and the Jews "

Victoria said (October 21, 2017):

Hi Henry: One thing I haven't yet seen mentioned in connection with Harvey Weinstein’s voracious sexual appetite is the traditional method by which Jewish males are circumcised at the age of 8 days. These babies are circumcised without any anesthetic, and then, to add perversion to the trauma they experience, the rabbi sucks the blood off of the baby’s penis (from which I’ve read that he spits this into a glass of wine which is then consumed by the father - I read this somewhere online, but whether or not this is true, I have no idea). This has lead to the deaths of babies from herpes contacted from the rabbi (look it up if you don’t believe me). Most gentiles upon hearing of this are disbelieving and disgusted, and it is only after I tell them to ‘look it up for yourself’ that they come back to me in shock and say, “You were right”. They truly cannot believe it.

A man who worked at the Canadian university, Queen’s, in Kingston, Dr. Paul Tinari, who was himself brutally circumcised at the age of 8 under traumatic circumstances ( felt certain that this changes a child’s brain permanently, so he and some of the nurses in the department where he worked organized an informal study whereby they checked a baby’s brain using an MRI scan both before, and after circumcision. They found that there was a permanent change in the child’s brain (by following up some months’ later) affecting the areas that deal with reason and emotion ( ).

Interestingly enough, the authorities at Queen’s (we can guess what background they were) demanded that Tinari not only desist from doing any more such experiments but that he destroy the records of what he had already done, threatening him with immediate dismissal if he did not comply.

If Harvey Weinstein experienced this brutal operation at the age of 8 days, perhaps we should reserve a modicum of compassion for him. In my experience of having my own babies, and looking after those of other people, the last thing that a small infant is, is a lump of insentient flesh. If anything, their systems are more highly attuned to their environment than those of older people who have become desensitized to so much of what goes on in life, and what most of us accept as ‘normal’.

The other aspect of this is that foreskins are, apparently, valuable in that they are sold to the cosmetics industry to be put into facial creams, and as we know, where there’s money involved ‘someone’ has a vested interest in continuing this brutality.

RL said (October 21, 2017):

My dad was a low-class Ashkenazi who married a shiksa. He probably slept with every slut in Eastern Europe. My mom was ok with him cheating. He didn't want kids.
Insatiable sexuality in Jewish men goes back to the Old Testament(David, Solomon, and others). They would be better of if they kept their polygamist tradition. Now they have created the next best thing. With no marriage, restraint, powerless fathers/husbands and a hookup culture, they have access to an unlimited supply of sluts.

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