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Does Jason Aldean work for Illuminati?

October 7, 2017

(left - Vegas massacre performer Jason Aldean has cards from 1995 Illuminati card game tattooed. Jack = 10 Ace = 1  Oct 1)

"Jason Aldean was acting on orders when he left the stage without a peep. He did not even try to warn the thousands of fans who came to hear him sing. Jason must have known that something was very wrong; so why didn't he at least put out an SOS?"

Aldean: "This tour stands for you. It stands for us."   Notice all the "Red and Black" imagery as well as the cultism.  This Country & Western singer is the most downloaded artist and C&W music history

Entertainers complicit in CIA mind control & social engineering. Most must join Illuminati to succeed.

Encore- Video captures two shooters in LV crowd.  Wearing police vests?

State of the Nation 

From the very first moment of viewing the Las Vegas mass shooting, the entire SOTN staff was really struck by a specific occurrence. We watched many videos of American country music singer Jason Aldean singing his last song -- and then quickly and mysteriously disappearing from the stage when the shooting began. Who has not seen this by now? 

VIDEO: Jason Aldean runs off stage as gunshots ring out at Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas 

Through it all, we were really bothered about the fact that: Jason did not say a word. Jason did not utter a single warning. Jason ran off stage never to be heard from again.

Here's his Wikipedia page which corroborates that "Aldean ran off the stage and was unharmed". Who is Jason Aldean? And what was his role in this false flag psyop? The following article by "50 Shades of Pissed Off" may be short, but it's loaded with radioactive data and eye-opening info.

 Illuminati Card Game Predicted Vegas Massacre: Did Jason Aldean Have Foreknowledge?  A couple of obvious conclusions can be drawn from this article.

 First, that Jason Aldean was in some way used in this [ONGOING] psyop and false flag mass shooting. 

Second, that it seems quite unlikely that Jason Aldean is unaware of his participation in this CIA-conducted black operation in Las Vegas. 

Tattoo on the left arm of Jason Aldean 


The entire corporate Music Industry is controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency. The C.I.A., working in concert with the Department of Defense in Southern California, totally infiltrated the Laurel Canyon celebrity society way back when. Mike Wilson's famous breakdown during the peak of The Beach Boys' popularity is often associated with the CIA mind-control influence which dominated even in the earliest days. 

Music is composed of lyrics and melodies. The lyrics are made up of words. And all publicly disseminated words are considered a form of intelligence. When combined with powerful instrumental sound, the lyrics can motivate people to do things like shut down the Vietnam War. Which is exactly what the war protest movement did during the Vietnam era. Vietnam War Era Protest Music -- Top 14 

As referred to in the excerpt above, the Beatniks were intensely introspective, profoundly aware of themselves and their place in the world, as well as natural teachers and mentors. When the Baby Boomers hit the scene, there could be no better relationship than the one forged by the philosopher Beatniks and their wonderfully willing Baby Boomer protégé students. The greatest example of the fruit of this "marriage made in heaven" was the speed and ferocity by which both demographics working in concert shut down the Viet Nam War. Never in history was a popular movement directly responsible for slamming the brakes on a war ... any war, EVER! Such was the power of their synergy and cooperation around slogans like "Make Love, Not War", "Flower Power" and "WAR IS OVER, If You Want It!" (Source: The First Popular Movement in History to Shut Down a War) 

This is precisely why the C.I.A. has made it  a mission to control every single famous musician in America. Which is exactly why there have been virtually no protests of all the odious and unlawful wars since the USA abandoned the battlefields of Southeast Asia. 

Yes, courageous Cindy Sheehan protested vigorously against the Second Iraq War... practically alone. And, yes, Code Pink is quite admirably out there doing their thing when war is raging. But where is everyone else? AWOL! OUT TO LUNCH! NOBODY HOME! 

Which brings us back to Jason Aldean. It really appears that Jason was acting on orders when he left the stage without a peep. He did not even try to warn the thousands of fans who came to hear him sing. Jason must have known that something was very wrong; so why didn't he at least put out an SOS with his live mic? 

POINT OF FACT: These singers simply won't make it unless they take strict orders from their agents and their attorneys. The current structure of the Music Industry-wide agency system was set up specifically to ensure that these highly influential 'role models' and stentorian singers NEVER leave the reservation of political correctness. 

Because when they do, this is what happens: Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized After Comments In Support Of Trump. There's another recent example of what happened to a really famous musician when they repeatedly left the reservation. There was perhaps no one more politically incorrect and musically powerful as American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer PRINCE.

 Prince Died today after Talking About Chemtrails ... ... the New World Order Depopulation by the Illuminati! In the case of Prince, we see a common pattern of his physicians illegally prescribing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, which basically killed him. This was perpetrated by purposeful design by those who knew that Prince could NOT be controlled and, therefore, was quite dangerous to the NWO agenda administered by the Global Control Matrix. 

PRINCE: American Celebrities Are Never Allowed To Leave The Reservation--NEVER! 

As for Jason Aldean, everything points to the likelihood that he is in the very same predicament as every other celebrity. They do what they're told to do ... ... ... if they want to have a successful career. If they don't, their contracts are not renewed. Or they are quickly ushered into the well-known California drug rehabs. Or their family members are suddenly suicided with 3 bullets to the back of the head. 

KEY POINT: It didn't take long for C&W singer Caleb Keeter, a guitarist for the Josh Abbott Band, to declare after the Vegas shooting: We need gun control RIGHT. NOW.   As if right on cue, others throughout the C&W community also expressed their unprecedented sentiments for some form of gun control.  They never stopped to think that mass shootings like this are exactly why people need guns to protect themselves because the police are conveniently NEVER at the scene of any of these false flag attacks.  If these musicians knew that the Vegas massacre was a government-coordinated black operation perpetrated on the We the People to strip us of our 2nd Amendment, would they have reacted like liberal snowflakes?   Or, are they simply co-opted by their agents to change their tune, as asserted in this exposé?

Many of the most famous singers (and exalted actors and idolized pro athletes) are in fact highly mind-controlled zombies who have no conscience. They have been conditioned through protracted drug use administered by the notorious Project MKUltra -- the CIA's ongoing mind-control program -- to conduct themselves as they are directed to. 

Truly, many of these poor souls are slaves ... and they are not even aware of their slavery. Only the Higher Power can free them from their servitude to the Illuminati. 

Conclusion: Nonetheless, We the People are now well aware of this integral component of the Global Control Matrix that cynically utilizes the rich and famous to unduly influence the public. We comprehend the true depth and breadth of the "Celebrity Culture" and how it has been used to literally destroy American society. Who among us has not seen and experienced the very fabric of society irreparably torn in just the past few years? Now that the light of awareness is shining on the extremely deceptive celebrity culture, it can be taken down for good. 

THE BOYCOTT BEGINS: Collapse of the celebrity culture now inevitable Let's get busy ! ! ! 

 Special Note: There was another extremely famous singer who decided not to go with the flow back in 1966. Even though his bandmate -- John Lennon -- who was much more known to be the fierce countercultural iconoclast of BEATLES fame, so was Paul. How did Paul McCartney really die in November of 1966?

Thanks to Debra for sending this!

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First Comment by Glen:

Is Jason Aldean a CIA MK-ULTRA mind controlled brat. I would say without a shadow of a doubt.

That point being made, I found some statements in this article to be misleading. The Laurel Canyon scene was not only infiltrated by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, it was created by them. In the very early years of the Vietnam war there was a genuine resistance being formed by real live college students. These students were clean-cut young Americans who were not at all thrilled with the idea of being drafted and sent halfway around the world to fight an enemy who frankly, they had never even heard of. The hippie movement was created to cause a divide in the American psyche. These dirty, filthy, drug taking degenerate hippies would cause average Americans to line up on the side of their government. It was now a war between hippy draft dodgers and  "patriotic Americans". If you were a good red-blooded American, you would sign up(or at least not dodge the draft)in Uncle Sam's army and go do your "patriotic chore". "They" had managed to make the war between the hippies and the patriots, and not between rational thinking Americans and a government which wasn't making a lot of sense. How do I know this you ask? Because I lived through it and watched 58,000 of my friends and neighbors die in this conflict, all for naught.

 The reason they are able to keep these never-ending wars going now is that there is no draft. If every American, no matter what race or creed, was forced to sign up for the draft at their eighteenth birthday, this crap would end, just as it did back then. The youth today have no idea what it was like to watch as they did the draft lottery and you prayed to God your birthdate as well over the two hundred mark so maybe you wouldn't have to worry about a letter in the mail which stated "You are here by ordered for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States, and to report at(fill in the blank)." Can you imagine these whiny college students who had to take the day off because Trump won the election receiving a letter like this in the mail? I sure as hell can't.

 As for so called "country music" today, I can think of nothing more plastic and disgusting. Shooter Jennings, son of real country artist great Waylon Jennings say's it best in his song. This one's for you Jason Aldean and the rest of your phony bologna, plastic banana, good time rock and roller "country stars".

This 2010 album by Shooter titled "Black Ribbons" will open your eyes, if you chose to let it do so.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Does Jason Aldean work for Illuminati? "

Christine said (October 8, 2017):

I knew the moment Beyonce (aka Sasha Fierce) - married to Satanist Jay Z - soiled the stage at the 2016 Country Music Awards that they had successfully infiltrated the Country Music Industry.

Her presence on the stage was a blatant message of their arrival.

Look at what they've done to Taylor Swift and her light to dark transition.

Also, every other country song references alcohol, and 'women's empowerment' over the so-called loser, cheating men.

It's only going to get worse as they continue to chip away and finally destroy what is beautiful about Humanity.

Hopefully, country music fans will see right through their agenda, having seen what the Satanists did with rap and Hip Hop, and turn away from it all.

Troy said (October 8, 2017):

Henry, in all your reporting as well as all other alternative media there is one thing I still haven't hear said.
How do you shoot out of closed windows?
Every video out there of the incident that has shots of the hotel show there are no broken windows anywhere during the event. As soon as daylight broke there are two of them, but eyewitness video shows they were still closed during the chaos. Apart from wondering who eventually broke the windows out to make it look legit, how come there is no evidence that the windows were gone at the time of the shooting to enable him to carry out the attack.
Bottomline-If you can't shoot because the windows are intact, then the shooting didn't come from that location.



I have been saying Paddock was a diversion. Shots came from within the crowd.


David said (October 8, 2017):

Henry, although this government psyop is falling apart rapidly (believe Paddock was a patsy and there were multiple shooters), I'm still conflicted whether Aldean was part of the psyop. If he had announced from the stage "They're shooting at us, run for your lives!" it would have triggered a yelling-fire-in-a-crowded-theater reaction and ensured more injured/killed. I think he was just being The Star and trying to save himself or taking the lead of his handlers like the president would Secret Service's direction during an assassination attempt. One thing for sure: these "random" massacres are happening with such regularity to advance anti-2nd Amendment legislation, you can almost predict the next one.

James C said (October 8, 2017):

If you're a nobody, you say anything you want to say. But if you're a "highly influential role model" who has the potential to threaten the system and you begin to condemn it, watch out! They will murder you! Numerous examples of this phenomenon could be cited. John L. Potash wrote an entire book on the subject: Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other [anti-war] Activists.

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