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Shocking Picture Turned Me Off Porn

November 12, 2017


Marco: "This is not the photo I refer to. I don't think I should share it with you for your own sake. It's overpowering in its diabolicalness. I cannot describe what he did to that girl. When I was on the phone with the police the man over the phone lost his breath when he saw her." 

Marco finds it disturbing that while famous people

are being destroyed for their sexual excesses, 

the most unspeakable sexual depravity

continues to flourish on pornography forums such as Reddit.

by Marco A


Pornography is of the Devil. I know this beyond any doubt in my mind; it is from Hell. It is Satan's contempt for woman, and it his attempt to ruin all natural love between men and women. It is a gateway to Hell, and it is opening the door for unimaginable evil to come upon this Earth. 

I was a slave to pornography 
on and off my entire life, but this was a hammer blow that totally crushed that deviancy in me. In my hypocrisy, I often railed against pornography, and indeed I often hated it and went for weeks at a time not looking at it. When I did, I contented myself with the so-called 'lighter' forms; a photo here, a story there. 

But I know now that it is all wrong. All of it. 

I have had the misfortune of seeing something that irrevocably changed my entire being. My mind shifted, my spirit mourned, everything about me changed in that very moment, and I turned back to God. How can this be a misfortune? It is because of the nature of what I saw.

Eventually, you will always lose when you play with fire, and for a few weeks, I delved deeper into pornography. Long story short, while indulging in depravity on the internet, I had the misfortune of seeing a photo of a poor girl sexually exploited, and brutally tortured. Her abuser was taking pleasure in causing this suffering, bragging about it online. 

When I saw that photo, and read what he wrote, my entire body rebelled. I stood up, walked three steps and collapsed. I thought I was going to vomit. I was afraid I was going to go mad. 

I immediately contacted every law enforcement agency, local and international I could. I also contacted child exploitation organizations and did everything I could to possibly help this poor girl.

I knew then and there that pornography is ultimately tied to sexual exploitation and every horrific sexual crime imaginable. I explored the scientific literature and found this:

"...Schultz (1971) interviewed severely violent sex offenders and found that invariably they were extensive viewers of pornography from a very young age. Half the men Shultz interviewed told her that pornography played a definite part in their crimes, either by arousing them, or by actually teaching them what to do, or both. The emphasis on the deviant norm: cruelty, perversion, bestiality, and the like, in sex material so readily available, was influential in their sex-linked crimes. 
Gager and Schurr (1976) similarly concluded, from reviewing police records, that a distinguishable relationship exists between pornography and the method of operation of sex criminals." (1)


Now, where did I find this tragic photo? I found it on One of the largest social media outlets on the internet where millions upon millions gather every day to discuss everything from politics to sexual deviancy.

Along with contacting many law enforcement agencies, I likewise contacted Reddit administration. They suspended the account and provided me with the general statement, "We took all necessary actions." I just pray that this involved handing over all necessary information of the suspect to law enforcement. 

 There are some with over 100,000 subscribers to subreddits devoted to sexual depravity. I cannot possibly describe just how large a network of pornography thrives on this website, but I will try to shine some light on this overarching darkness.

Some of these subreddits have common themes - for example, some may seek to role-play sexual encounters with the opposite sex, some may seek bestiality encounters, and some may seek to role-play rape encounters where one acts as an 'aggressor' while the other participant acts as the 'submissive'. These encounters are textually based, meaning they occur online through the internet via text, but they can also include video, voice, and photography. 

Many of the people on these disgusting pornographic subreddits are extremely dangerous. Of particular concern are subreddits where people will seek to meet up in real-life. For example, a person can seek a 'submissive girl' for a real life encounter for a night, perhaps to serve drinks at a party. Can you imagine the danger involved in allowing this to continue?

I will provide examples of threads where individuals are seeking another for a sexual encounter, whether through online chat or for a real-life encounter. I will also provide a brief quotation from the post-prompt in order to give a better understanding of the posts highlighted below. 
You will notice how far society has come to resemble Hell, and how incredibly evil it is for Reddit to allow this behavior to continue unrestrained on their platform. (I will put whether or not the posts are for a textual role-play or for a real-life encounter in parenthesis beside the title of the sub-reddit thread; however, God only knows how far a simple 'role-play' encounter can lead and how manipulative the people behind these 'role-play' prompts are. I fully believe that many girls are vulnerable and have been ensnared by these seemingly less harmful 'role-play' threads by manipulative people):
- "Submissive girl visiting a BDSM dungeon" [Online Textual Roleplay] "...I've always been interested in BDSM and wanted to submit to master or mistress."

- "Degrading and Humiliating Fucking" [Online Textual Roleplay] "...Ever wanted to be treated like a fuck toy, solely for the pleasure of dominant men? ... to be called names, made to do and say humiliating things on camera while the men laugh, to have your naked body covered in writing and cum."

- "I love hurting girls like you..." [Online Textual Roleplay] "Hit you in the back of the head once, then every time you see me pull my fist back, you'll tense up... I'll turn you into a self-hating abuse slut... drinking, drugging, and cutting herself to forget about your daddy issues for a while."

- "looking for a submissive woman." [Real Life Encounter] "...I'm looking for a submissive woman. Plain and simple... I'm located just outside of NYC."

- "Orange County, CA - daddy/dom for sub/switch" [Real Life Encounter] "...I'm a dominant looking for an in real-life relationship with a submissive in Southern California."

[Female] "Edmonton Canada - Domme seeks slave for 24/7 poly TPE" [Real Life Encounter] "...I'm a 25 year old university student currently seeking a second slave to add to my house. Currently, I own one male slave and we live together in Edmonton. I'm definitely polyamorous..." 

- "Slaves needed, UK based get priority" [Online or Real-Life] "...Ok so what I'm looking for are submissive women who either want to be trained to be my slave, have already been a slave and want to serve me online or in person."

- "NYC - I want to penetrate you only twice, as clinically and coldly as possible, in near silence." [Real Life Encounter] "We will select an evening, after 6pm, to meet... You will be told the cross streets to meet me at with a time..."

This list does not do justice to the sheer volume and depravity you could find. I reported this behavior to Reddit; however, they never replied in regards to this matter. Reddit's CEO Steve Huffman will personally respond to complaints regarding 'The Donald' (Donald Trump subreddit) as he did when questioned about it in his "quarterly inquisition" post, but he will not touch this open proliferation of sexual deviancy on his website: 

"Finally, the_donald is a small part of a large problem we face in this country--that a large part of the population feels unheard, and the last thing we're going to do is take their voice away." (2) 

I wonder if the "large part of the population" he is protecting are the deviants thriving on his website because they definitely have a large voice on his platform - no one is taking their voice away!

I even went to the main Feminist subreddit desperately seeking aid in reporting the deviancy on these sub-reddits, but I was banned almost instantly. I suppose Feminism doesn't go so far as to protect the innocent and to fight against sexual deviancy that endangers and demeans women. I suppose Feminism is just another enemy of women pretending to be a friend. 

I have threatened Reddit, threatening to contact the press on this matter, and I have. I have contacted Breitbart and Life Site News, but I have received nothing, not even a reply. Not surprising to say the least. Pornography on a powerful engine like is perhaps uncharted territory and is asking to be sued. 

But that is no excuse, it is cowardly and the press has failed in this regard. They haven't failed me, but they have failed all the innocent victims of sexual exploitation who suffer, and undoubtedly future victims of this degenerate culture:
"Research reveals that all genres of porn, not only those simulating rape, perpetuate rape and degrading views of women... A 2011 study published in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity analyzed the effects of pornography use on sexual attitudes and behaviors of fraternity college men. It found that 83% of those who used "mainstream" pornography expressed greater intent to commit rape, should they be assured they wouldn't get caught... it is vital to recognize that porn culture is feeding the rape culture on college campuses, in our communities, and in our homes." (3)

(1) Pornography and Sexual Abuse of Women


(3) Dawn Hawkins Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

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First Comment from CR

It appears to me that part of the objective of the pornography industry is to promote certain sorts of deviant acts and normalize abnormal behaviour.  For example, anal sex and group sex have been steadily gaining in popularity over the years, we can only assume that this is due to the amount of porn videos depicting this sort of behaviour because it was neither normal or common in the past.  Or Playboy's new transsexual playmate - you can't possibly believe that there is such a large demand for transsexual porn that the best-know porn magazine in the world would feature that for "straight" men (they cant be too straight if they are looking at that shit).

I have seen lists in the news of the most popular porn searches and such, so I looked it up.  According to the Pornhub Network, the top 10 most popular searches in the world are:

1-mom son




5-step sister






So basically, incest, anal sex, and young girls.

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Comments for "Shocking Picture Turned Me Off Porn "

RL said (November 14, 2017):

I was going to let this article go without commenting. But yet again the innocence of the holy, sacred, victimized female is being exonerated on your site. "It's all men's fault."
You think I ever wanted to see a random nude female if I had a wife in due season? No. Yet dumb, evil parents and society torture teen boys by sending them to public school with the opposite sex is "taught" by a female. Like teasing a dog with some meat or a female in heat.
Who's making all the porn? Seems like the majority of young females enjoy being on tape and online. Most probably are. No guilt or shame. No repentance possible. I keep hearing is how female teachers and babysitters love to awaken the beast in young boys.
When a man takes a woman's virginity he cherishes her. When a woman does she enjoys the power and the corruption.
"Satan hates women". Yeah right. They are his most powerful tool for control of mankind.

William D said (November 13, 2017):

I would agree that porn has become the scourge of the internet and I never spend a dime on it. I dont gamble on the Net either and many porn movies would never be shown if authorities culled the detestable or violent films from there. I think it's deplorable to show a woman treated like a piece of meat, but if porn made all men criminals then a large percentage of men would have to be jailed. So . California has fifty strip clubs going. So many they have a directory of them, and their parking lots are full on the weekends, the same as all over the US. I curiously went to one in Winnipeg where the woman on stage was totally nude, which is not allowed many places in the US. I suppose we could eliminate nudity altogether on the Internet or on stage, but that won't prevent people sending nude or suggestive photos to each other. To say its degrading to women means it's also demeaning to men, unless men are to be judged solely on the size of their penis or their ability to impregnate. I agree it's way out of hand and should not even be available to those underage. We keep them from R rated films and other adult venues, but we then give them phones and computers which have the nastiest images imaginable. Now they want to tell kids they can chose their own gender. How confusing is that?

Jason said (November 13, 2017):

Thank you for posting this honest depiction of the horrors of pornography. Porn is a plague that hurts everyone exposed to it, and there is nothing magical about the arbitrary age of majority (usually 18) that somehow makes pornography any less demeaning and/or damaging to those it infects.

Two thoughts finally got me to break free from pornography once and for all: 1) the realization that by consuming porn I am creating the demand for its creation (and so I am almost just as terrible as the one filming or subjecting the subject to those demeaning and depraved sexual acts); and 2) after consuming porn in any way I noticed that I could not interact with the women around me without my mind being constantly bombarded by sexual thoughts.

Marco is absolutely correct about the link between pornography and sexual deviance. Media pimps agree, too, otherwise why would they spend billions to influence us with images and emotion if such had no effect?

Stephen Coleman said (November 13, 2017):

As a therapist I work with mostly women whose husbands are addicted to porn. Women look at this as a personal rejection and many marriages break up because of porn.

Men however do not feel it's rejection and some men actually wonder why their wife is making such a fuss.

Men addicted to porn feel a lack of intimacy and self esteem,. This often is not the fault of the spouse, but it will drive her away in tears and disgust. Men need to understand that porn deeply wounds their beloved wives and children.

I treat this addiction by seeking out why the person (yes, women get addicted too) feels a lack of intimacy and self esteem. Often it regards childhood wounds that have never healed or satisfied.

Working with the wives of addicted men, as the wife begins to realize it's not a personal betrayal against her, her husband starts cutting down on porn and as their relationship heals he tends to continue to lose interest in porn.

I find it interesting yet sad that the state of Utah, the Mormon state has the highest rate of porn consumption in the US. The Mormon Church constantly harps on this... yet it seems the more we resist the stronger the pull to porn grows. The church lays down eternal damnation and guilt, which ironically can lead to further addiction as these men have low self-esteem and seek to quench the descending guilt with further involvement.

It is also true that porn attracts demons into the home, enabling them to create maximum misery. These entities can grow the problem to the point of violent and mentally ill behavior. Demons take sadistic pleasure in destroying families and porn is one of their favorite tools.

I believe it's best not to view porn, not even a little bit. It is the feelings of lust that attracts demons, the demons will amplify these feelings and lust can never be satisfied.

Harold said (November 13, 2017):

Thanks Marco for your honesty and being obedient to share the fearful warning in your "Shocking Picture" article.

Tony B said (November 12, 2017):

People, parents especially, need to be aware that all this begins on open cartoons designed to be addictive to extremely young children, the ones most parents plant in front of the TV as a "safe" babysitter. Violence has always been there but now sex is everywhere also, all manner of sex if one bothers to see it as an innocent child does.

Imran said (November 12, 2017):

In a scientific study it was found that people accepted hard and brutal acts of sex if they were to witness it. Can't remember the name of that study now. I am afraid we all like power and control. In that sense we are no different from the Globalists.

Did the woman in that photo you saw submit willingly or unwillingly? Women do like strong men to subdue them and find them attractive. And sometimes that is like the examples given in this article Why? Because dominant men are perceived (in internal attraction female mechanisms) to have superior genes to pass offspring to for one thing. And sometimes that can include the cases which you mention.

I don't really like the kind of behavior mentioned on the article. But what if some people doing these kind of examples mentioned above is stopping some from committing sex crimes which lead to women getting raped and murdered?

As for porn I view it like drinking alcohol. Don't overindulge. Ted Bundy became a serial killer because of it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at