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Let's Boycott Racist Illuminati Corporations

November 27, 2017

Whitephobic corporations wage relentless psychological warfare on you. Compared to alpha black males, TV commercials portray white men as doofuses and bottoms for homosexuals.



By Mike Stone
If the bully down the block punched you in the face every time you passed by his house, would you continue to walk down his street,  get punched in the face for it and actually pay him money to hit you? 
That's exactly what you're doing when you continue to financially support companies and organizations that are punching you in the face repeatedly, day after day, with their anti-white, pro miscegenation agenda.
Let me spell it out for you, white man: There's a war on, and you are the one that's under attack. You're marked for extinction. Your head is on the chopping block. While you were asleep, the enemy took over, and he's entrenched himself in all the major positions of influence.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'd better put down your smartphone, turn off the boob tube, and educate yourself. And you'd better do it fast. Your life, and the future of your race is at stake.

Myron Fagan warned us about this years ago, but very few listened. And now we're paying the price. Fagan worked tirelessly in exposing the New World Order. He and others, outlined in precise detail how every great white civilization was first mongrelized and then destroyed from within. It wasn't accidental. It was planned. And it worked every single time.
As Fagan wrote, "The plot is to mongrelize our people and to transform the U.S. into a Land of Mulattoes - on the theory that they (the Masterminds) can very easily control the Mulattoes."
It's happening in Europe as we speak. Low IQ "migrants" from Africa and the Middle East are being funneled into white, formally Christian countries by the millions. Women and children are being beaten, raped and murdered. Men who dare to speak out are jailed for "hate speech." In twenty years, Europe will be completely conquered, European whites will be extinct, and what little is left of European Christianity will be destroyed. America is next. Unless you act now. 
Your first step is a complete economic boycott of all the companies that want to see you dead. 
In the movie "Apocalypse Now," Martin Sheen's character says, "Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger." 
Every minute you refrain from boycotting those who are determined to destroy you, you get weaker, and every dollar you give to your enemy, helps him grow stronger.
Begin boycotting the companies in the video above. I've listed them below. You'll find Subway on that list. I guess it's not enough for them that their Jewish spokesperson - the face of their company for over a decade - is a convicted pedophile currently serving time in prison. Now they're running ads to further alienate their white customers.
(Left, Boycott all Pepsi products including Frito Lay) 

Tide detergent is doing the same thing. So is 7-Up. Here's a list of companies from the video: Plural Sight, Subway, 7-Up, Zaxby's, Doritos, Live Links, Car Fax, Red Robin, State Farm, Old Spice ESPN, Belvita. Nissan, Tires Plus, Visa, Foot Locker, H. H. Gregg, FedEx, The General insurance, Boston Market, Volkswagen, Best Buy, Trip  Advisor, Quirky, TransUnion, Little Caesars. Turbo Tax,, DQ, Hyundai, Dannon, Time Warner, Nationwide, Ally, Homelife, Yahoo, Samsung, Icebreakers, Maytag
Hollywood and the entire fake news mainstream media. Boycott all fake food. Boycott Israeli-made products.  

Unless your church is preaching the true Christian religion, handed down by Jesus Christ to his disciples - and I don't know of a single church today that is - then why give them your money?  

proposal .jpg
(Boycott State Farm. Miscegenation is not acceptable when it is part of a Masonic White genocide agenda.) 

Preaching the true Christian religion means preaching hard against the Godless communists that have taken over our government, our schools, and our entire way of life. If your church isn't doing that, if your church is preaching global warming, we-are-the-world nonsense; if they're telling you to be tolerant of homosexuality, alternative lifestyles, and migrant rapists, or if they're not really saying anything at all except "love your neighbor" or "follow your dream," then walk out, and take your checkbook with you.
Boycotts are the strongest weapon we have to save our race, our country, and Christianity itself. Boycotts are all-inclusive, meaning anyone can participate.  Boycotts require so little from those who participate in them, yet they accomplish so much.  When you boycott, talk ceases to be talk and becomes action.
When you boycott, there's no need to march, no need to protest, no need to risk assault by clueless Antifa scum. In fact, there's no need for anyone to even know what you're doing. You can boycott in complete anonymity. 
Communist Jews are the masters of boycotts, and we can profit by studying them. 
In 1933, a full six years before the "official" start of World War II, worldwide Jewry declared war on Germany. The opening salvo in their war against the German people was an economic boycott.
Immediately after this declaration of war, a worldwide terror campaign was launched against the German people. In 1934, five years before the "official" start of World War II, Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote the following in his newspaper, "Natcha Retch."
"The fight against Germany has been carried on for months by every Jewish community, conference, congress, trade organization, by every Jew in the world. Our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany."
One by one, American companies stopped importing German goods. Those who refused were pressured economically and boycotted locally. Shopkeepers who continued to sell German goods had their windows broken by violent Antifa thugs, followed by their arms and their legs.
 Communist Jews were behind the 1995 Montgomery bus boycott, instigated and carried out by fellow communists Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.
When Malcolm X began speaking out on the need for blacks to boycott Jewish owned liquor stores and businesses in black neighborhoods and advised his followers to spend their money within the black community, he was promptly assassinated. 
Today, Jews are livid and up in arms about the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement against Israel. They're livid and upset because they understand, better than anyone, the power of boycotts.
That's why the Israel Anti-Boycott Act is currently speeding its way through the Senate. That's why recent victims of Hurricane Harvey - people who lost their homes, their cars, everything they had except the shirt on their back - were forced to sign an oath not to boycott Israel in order to receive government assistance. That's why local governments throughout our country are refusing to even consider, much less hire, any new employee who doesn't sign an oath promising not to boycott Israel.
Must we boycott?
In a word, yes. Unless you want the United States to go the way of Europe. Or South Africa, where whites are mutilated, murdered, beaten and raped.
No one else is going to organize a boycott. The other races aren't going to do it. (Although it would be wonderful and we would welcome them with open arms if they joined us.) The homosexual community isn't going to do it. No organized religion is going to do it. White Americans are the only ones with the gumption and the economic power to do it. 
Hollywood can't survive without white money. The fake news mainstream media can't survive without white money. The fake-food industry, and the fake-religion churches can't survive without white money. All of those companies pushing their anti-white, pro miscegenation agenda can't survive without white money. They want to see us all dead, and we have the power to bring them all to their knees, so what's stopping us?
It's up to us. It's all up to us. We boycott, or we perish.
The Great White Boycott. Buy right, buy white.
Mike Stone is the author of "It's Okay To Be White" - and "A New America" the first novel of the Alt-Right -

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First Comment from Al Thompson

I agree that the best weapon against the Jew World Order is the boycott.  However, I disagree with the idea that blacks are somehow less intelligent than whites. I don't see the issue in racial terms.  I see it mostly as a tool used by communists, socialists, and fascists to use as a smokescreen against the real culprit; Satanism which manifests itself in communism.  Communists hate everyone, not just whites.  All of the governments are essentially communist in nature and that is the real problem.

Generally speaking, it has been my experience that white people put up with more bullshit from the government than black people do.  You won't see white people demonstrating in the streets when a cop kills another white person.  In this sense, white people are dumber than blacks because they put up with more crap from the government.

When I was in prison, I got better conversations with black people than I did from whites.  I was always laughing (most of the time) when talking to the black inmates.  The white people were duds.  It is the white people who put up with the Freemasons and there aren't too many blacks who have joined that organization.  It is the communism that is the problem and I think it is stupid to think that race really means anything.

Using racism is never going to work.  Most sane people aren't affected by it.  After watching most of the posted video, I find it remarkable how many of these companies are going to find themselves in the position of the NFL.  Yes, the boycott works.  Vote with your money and not with your ballot.  This is what I call Suicidal Marketing which means that you destroy your sales by pissing off 80% of the customers.  Just take your business somewhere else.  The same should go for the communist governments; stop paying them.

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Comments for "Let's Boycott Racist Illuminati Corporations "

Kurt B said (November 28, 2017):

Many people I talk to have noticed the anti-white bigotry in the ads. What I tell them is: “Think about the tacit admission here: it’s ok to make fun of white heterosexual males (whm) but women and minorities are too fragile to be depicted as weaker or dumber. It is too close to reality for them while whm’s are superior and everyone knows it so it isn’t a real insult.”

If the cultural Bolsheviks thought most people were interpreting them this way, the adds would disappear overnight.

"Bill Gates" said (November 27, 2017):

Thank you for all you do! A fantastic idea, however, I think the biggest impact comes if we coordinate a national boycott day. Otherwise, these corps won't know sales are down because of the truth movement - they'll just attribute it to poor economy, etc.

And.. us lazy folk simply won't do it. What if you and Mike Stone were to reach out to other powerful voices, and we pick a day - like March 22, 2018 ... Truthers should take off work on that day, or upon whichever day is decided - and actively cancel accounts.

For me, bye bye Bank of America, Comcast, Sirius XM radio, MasterCard. A day is necessary in order to return cable boxes, clean out safe deposit boxes, and of course make lots of phone calls canceling accounts. Also, this is a good way to detect shills - any blogger or host that won't go along with this must be hiding something - for this is a peaceful way to help make much-needed change.

And of course, we need a catchy name and something like a truth movement top 10 list. Demands, core beliefs - that we can present to normies when they ask what we're up to - a recruitment tool. And.. it holds us truthers accountable - for if we won't do it on a national day of boycott, well then when will we - and we get what we deserve.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at