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Did Cold War Result from Internal Jewish Feud?

November 7, 2017


(Trotsky left, and Stalin)

Like Donald Trump, Hitler, Churchill & FDR,  
Stalin and Trotsky were Freemasons. 
Freemasonry is devoted to Cabalist global hegemony. However, Michael Piper Collins argued that the rivalry between Stalin and Trotsky was real and may have been over the shape of the New World Order, i.e. Communism. 

While most Leftists are dupes, I suspect the Left's hatred of Trump is part of a large Masonic Jewish charade. 

"There is no genuine validity in either the "Right" or "Left" positions in politics. These are artificial, Jew-invented positions. Jewish control of communications is absolutely essential to the success of this power system. Jewish political quackery would not long survive exposure. The Right-Left Age is the Jewish Age, and it is an age which, on the world stage, is now receding into the past. If America continues to live in this Jewish past, then America has no future."

 The Struggle Between Stalin-Era Soviet Communism and Zionism: 

A Little-Understood Political Phenomenon Which Contributes to Our Understanding of The Enemies Within 

as They Exist Today  --Chapter 12- Judas Goat, Enemies Within

by Michael Collins Piper

(Excerpts by

The twin forces of Bolshevism and Zionism have often collaborated on many fronts throughout the 20th century--both alien forces having evolved in the closing years of the 19th century. However, there have been conflicts between the two philosophies that remain little understood... While there are many who view Bolshevism and Zionism as two heads of a single snake, ...the realities of 20th-century geopolitical struggles suggest that there is much more to the story.

In fact, there were sharp differences between the Russian nationalists (led by Josef Stalin) and the Jewish internationalists led by Stalin's arch-enemy, Leon Trotsky. By the time of the Cold War, following the establishment of the Zionist state of Israel in 1948, many traditional Trotskyites began a transmogrification process, evolving, particularly in the United States, into the leaders of an anti-Stalinist element that emerged as the hard-line pro-Israel bloc that came to be known as today's "neo-conservatives."

This is, of course, a cursory overview of a complicated and often confusing international struggle between revolutionary elements, both of which have been hostile to American interests. A detailed history of this struggle would go far beyond the purview of this volume. However, the fact remains that the modern-day disciples of Trotskyism are key figures among The Enemy Within, twisting old-fashioned conservatism into a divisive and destructive force that is utilizing America's military might, the blood of its children, and its national treasure to enforce a global Zionist imperium--in short, a New World Order.

At the time of Stalin's death in 1953--the circumstances of which suggest that he was certainly "helped" to his death--the Soviet leader was becoming openly and actively hostile to political Zionism. ....In fact, in the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of The Barnes Review--Russian nationalist historian, Dr. Oleg Platonov, asserted, flat-out, that Stalin had indeed launched a major offensive against Zionism.


Platonov, left, wrote:"The Jewish-Bolshevik rule over Russia was broken by Stalin who, in the second half of the 1930s, carried out a counter-revolution and stripped the carriers of the Zionist ideology of their power. In the 1930s and 1940s, no less than 800,000 Jewish Bolsheviks were annihilated under the leadership of Stalin--the elite of the anti-Russian organization which had planned to transform Russia into a Jewish state. Nearly all Jewish leaders were purged, and the chances of the remaining ones to regain power were reduced to a minimum.The last years of Stalin's life were dedicated to the uprooting of Zionism and the liquidation of the organizations associated with it. 

Dr. Platonov added these highly relevant details: After Stalin's death, everything changed abruptly. The state was taken over by people bent on the restoration of Jewish Bolshevism. The renaissance of Zionism continued during the entire government of N. S. Khrushchev. The situation somewhat improved under Brezhnev, who secretly limited the number of Jews in government positions. As a matter of fact, these measures were rarely put into practice, and both secret and open Zionists found many ways to elude them.

From the 1950s to the 1970s, a powerful fifth column spearheaded by the carriers of the Zionist ideology arose in Russia. Many of its leading figures were sons or grandsons of Bolshevik revolutionaries. These very people later became the most active elements of the so-called perestroika, which led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the assumption of political power by the Jews and the transfer of a considerable part of Russia's national wealth to foreign countries.

The point that we need to focus on--and which must be emphasized--is that the break between Stalin and the Zionists, which began in the 1930s and which reached a fever pitch at the time of Stalin's assassination in 1953, led specifically to events in the United States which played a major part in behind-the-scenes intrigue in the so-called "Cold War."


This led to the establishment of the power bloc that today--in the 21st century--is known as the "neo-conservative" movement: that is, the Zionist-Trotskyite globalist warmongers who are using the wealth and power of the United States to enforce their world imperium. 

There were a few discerning voices who recognized that the fight between Stalin and Trotsky had a definitive "Jewish slant" that needed to be examined in careful context. In the late 1950s, John H. Monk, the American nationalist and frankly anti-Semitic editor of the Texas-based journal, Grass Roots, published a remarkable essay entitled "Let Us Look Into This Thing Called 'Trotsky Communism.'" He concluded...that, put simply: "Trotsky Communism and Soviet Communism are enemies."

In Soviet Russia, as Monk noted, beginning in the late 1930s, "top ranking Jews began at that time toppling from their high seats," and that "Russia, at last, had gotten her eyes open [and that] the good work started in 1928 with the exiling of Trotsky" by Josef Stalin. 

No wonder the American Jew-Trotsky gang invented the slogan:"Down with Communism!" They meant Russia. Monk pointed out that the Zionist movement and affiliated groups such as the ADL had quickly aligned themselves with the Trotskyite movement that set up shop in the United States--in New York City in particular--upon Trotsky's exile from Russia.

"If we run with the Trotsky Communist slogan, 'Down with the Communists," we automatically become partisans of the filthiest underground that has ever existed any- where on this earth: Trotsky Communism."

Monk's essays on this controversial topic were even reprinted by famed Lyrl Clark Van Hyning in her popular Women's Voice newsletter, which no one ever accused of being a "communist" journal. On September 15, 1969, writing in the popular American nationalist newspaper, Common Sense,  one Morris Horton wrote in part: Originally "Communism" was nothing but a tool of the wealthy American Jews of New York. In the United States, and in much of the rest of the world, it is still just that."


"What is the difference between a Stalinist and a Trotskyite? Some people will tell you:"All Communists are alike."


This is a dangerous piece of shallow misinformation. ...A Stalinist represents primordial Russian nationalism. A Trotskyite represents the Jewish interests of New York City. The Jewish interests of New York suffered a terrific setback one day many years ago when a taciturn hood planted an ax in Leon Trotsky's skull in a villa in Mexico.

The world Communist conspiracy is not a Russian conspiracy; it is an American Jewish conspiracy. Today it is falling into great disrepute around the world. America is being blamed for supporting communism around the world. Unhappily, the charge is true. New York is the real hub of the conspiracy.

If some of our Anti-Communists would stand up foursquare and tell this plain truth, we might possibly yet be liberated from Jewish misrule. Few of them ever do. Most of the Communists and many of the Anti-Communists are on the same payroll, the Jewish payroll. They carry on a sham battle with each other.

The first basic rule of this sham battle is:"Never drag any real truth into the matter on either side; tell anything else you want to tell, but never tell the truth." This is the basic background of most of the phony "experts" on Communism who have been "experting" about it for forty years and haven't made a dent in it.

Horton was particularly adamant in pointing out that the American "anti-Communist" movement was increasingly falling into the hands of very real Communists--the Trotskyites--who in the guise of "fighting Communism" were actually working to introduce it into the American system.This is a point that few anti-communists understood then and even today they find it difficult to digest.

Horton wrote: "These people generate the literature on Communism that is generally available to the American public. They have no interest in providing any genuinely valid information. Their aim is to manipulate public opinion. Therefore, they seek to divide the Gentile.They seek to make the middle class believe that the working class is allied to Red Russia. All of this is, and always was, pure hallucination, generated by Jewish intellectual quacks in order to promote a minority tyranny over the American Majority."

In his essay, Horton emphasized that the age-old labels of "Right" and "Left" no longer had any real meaning--a point that even many legitimate and self-styled modern-day American "conservatives" of the 21st century have yet to realize: "There is no genuine validity in either the "Right" or "Left" positions in politics. These are artificial, Jew-invented positions. Jewish control of communications is absolutely essential to the success of this power system. Jewish political quackery would not long survive exposure. The Right-Left Age is the Jewish Age, and it is an age which, on the world stage, is now receding into the past. If America continues to live in this Jewish past, then America has no future."


You can order the book here.

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Comments for "Did Cold War Result from Internal Jewish Feud? "

Eric said (November 9, 2017):

Continued great pieces you are putting up. Now for some global updates. The purge you are seeing in Saudi Arabia is aimed at those princes who were aligned with the Bush and Clinton camps. There is also some chatter that the Deep State may have another 9/11 type attack slated for this week involving Yemenis . . . this from an Alex Jones source who predicted the Mandalay event. We'll soon see.

A couple of dozen sealed indictments in D.C. Rumors that some of these involve pedophilia from high ranking officials. This is why they probably have a BIG false flag in the works. Related---Feinstein just introduced gun control legislation in the Senate. Things should get VERY interesting.

Pedro said (November 8, 2017):

A better distinction might be from Gilad Atzmon's latest book, being in time, considering Athens and Jerusalem (I have not read it, but have viewed several of his online videos).

A Jerusalemite is one who is under the Levitical yoke, you obey first, and seek the truth later quietly in your spare time if you must (or to create false oppositions etc). Athenian democracy is open to the truth at all times, or as I say (subject to the try to do the right thing golden rule), truth first, consequences later.

I haven't 'done' Stalin much yet, but as Greg Hallet's book goes, he was gifted the United Nations when Paton was thwarted (assassinated?) and Eisenhower ('that terrible Swedish Jew' from his military classbook) got busy slaughtering a million German prisoners of war and starving a million or two German civilians instead of, for instance, saving Poland from the 'Jerusalemites' (though I must add, Democracies, save yourselves first).

In any case, if there wasn't a cold war, they would have to have invented one, say, the War On Terror.

JG said (November 7, 2017):

Never really was a big fan of Michael Collins Piper. I had read some of his articles in the American Free Press years ago and also heard him on podcast radio.
He made a poor showing against James Fetzer on a Sandy Hook debate and seemed not prepared to articulate his position that rejected any conspiracy theories about the event at all. I also heard him on different podcasts where he rambled on about things with really no coherent conclusions about the issues he was addressing.

Communism and Zionism are two different entities.
It was the bankers who financed the Communist Revolution that looted Russia's wealth and yielded those banks a hefty return on their investment at the cost of millions of Russian lives.

Russia's wealth was lotted again years later under Boris Yeltsin but this time under the name of Free Enterprise and Privatization.

Zionism was an international movement to achieve and ensure the Jews return to the Holy Land. It had nothing to do with Communism at all.

James C said (November 7, 2017):

The people who actually run the planet create and control both sides of every issue. As impossible as this may sound, it just happens to be historically verifiable. Both Communism and Fascism were the creations of western banks and corporations. There is ample historical proof of this fact. The powers that be must have constant conflict in order to stay in power. The alleged conflict between Trump and the Left is a perfect example of such an artificially created and controlled conflict. It's a lot like t.v. fake wrestling. Trump and the Left are supposedly in a wrestling match, yet Trump had numerous campaign contributors from the Left. His son in law and daughter are members of an extremist Zionist religious organization. Trump himself is an openly professed Zionist.

During his campaign, Trump promised to be the most pro-Israel president ever. Trump's Secretary of State recently stated that Assad has to go, a long-term goal of the Zionists. The American people are being played by these evil bastards, and the American people are too simple-minded and naive to ever realize it. We need to realize that what we are watching is just another fake wrestling match.

Jude D said (November 7, 2017):

Henry, I admire the work of Collins-Piper, but the word 'Stalinist' is liable to trip up the unwary. Many hardcore Zionists (e.g. Robert Maxwell) supported the Soviet Union long after the 1930s purges of the Old Bolsheviks. The Neocons in the US may have been ostensibly anti-Soviet, but many of the liberal left forces that made the doctrine of liberal military interventionism a reality on the ground in the 1990s and beyond never opposed the Soviet Union.

There were more erstwhile 'Stalinists' than Trotskyists around Tony Blair, and they were usually the most avid warmongers, e.g. Peter Mandelson and his former comrade in the 'Tankie' Communist Party of Great Britain, David Aaronovitch ('Tankie', for the uninitiated, being term on the left for a communist who wholeheartedly supported the crushing of the Prague Spring).

By and large the media and cultural elite that worked to ensure America's humiliation at the hands of the communist Viet Cong are the same forces now promoting western militarism at every opportunity. Modern western wars benefit Greater Israel of course, but in addition, the West differs markedly from what it was even 40 years ago - and the anti-Christian cultural Marxists now see the western powers as their global enforcers.

The rise of Blair, the Clintons, Obama, Justin Trudeau, changed their whole outlook. You won't find Antifa protesting Hillary' rallies, or even those of John McCain, even though these folks are responsible for more non-white deaths in a day than the Klan managed in 150 years.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at