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Let's Distinguish Between Sexual Assault & Bad Behavior

November 2, 2017


Hurricane Harvey (Weinstein) will be positive if it spares women sexual harassment and takes down some Illuminati icons. It will be negative if it pathologizes heterosexuality. (The fact that homosexuality is also in the spotlight re. Kevin Spacey is a positive sign.) 

Thus, it is necessary to distinguish between sexual assault, as in the case of predators like Brett Ratner or Jim Toback and lewd, boorish, bad behavior which is deplorable but not a criminal offense. There is no end to women who have experience of offensive male behavior. More than half of Canadian women could step up to the podium. 

But should reputations and careers be ruined for crude acts, even if they deserve to be ruined for better reasons? George H.W. Bush and Elie Weisel are accused of pinching some bums.  Dustin Hoffman was lewd to a teenage intern 32 years ago. He propositioned a writer in 1991 which while distasteful and inappropriate is not a crime. NPR Editor Michael Oreskes french-kissed a couple of job applicants 25 years ago.

Thanks to social media and a change in social attitudes, creeps now will be exposed. But, as Lanny Goodman points out below, women like assertive men. Heterosexuality is about males winning female favor. We should not allow a pall of fear to fall over heterosexuality. Women want male attention, from the right male

"Imagine if breathing and eating became criminalized/regulated by the Illuminati?" 

by Lanny Goodman 


Humans have the right to consent (or not consent) to sex, but the feminist movement has taken it to the point where now college students all around the United States must have a signed consent form before they engage in sexual intercourse.

Polls tell us that the vast majority of women prefer a strong, dominating, aggressive male because they feel more protected, and less aggressive, dominating and beta males usually wind up alone.

But organized feminism, which represents a tiny minority of the female population, has hijacked women and their feelings about sex and relationships.

This is because organized feminism, like other "protected classes," have been openly (and clandestinely) funded and supported by the Illuminati who desperately want to control people, and what better method than controlling the sexual impulse?

This is the closest thing to acting like God on Planet Earth than human beings will ever come close to. (1 Thessalonians 4:3-7).

The Illuminati reason that, if one can control the sexual instinct, one can control the entire human race.

This is why they invest in organized feminism, lesbianism, and idiot short-sighted politicians and celebrities who criminalize the very act of sex, right from dating all the way to marriage.

Because the power to criminalize is the power to control.


It is very important that men begin to organize and push back against organized feminism for their own sake, and the sake of their families and children.

image (43).png

(Has Dustin Hoffman become expendable?) 

Otherwise, they are sitting ducks, ready to be arrested and taken out of society whenever they fall out of line within the Illuminati paradigm.

Their incarceration will be inevitable since the only act that follows the necessary human necessity to both breathe and eat, is the act of sex.

Imagine if breathing and eating became criminalized/regulated by the Illuminati?

Well, that's not a very far cry off, given the circumstances.

Men must begin to push back against this "feminist sexual revolution," and begin to force the government to determine what "consent" means, what "sexual intercourse" means, and also to prescribe severe punishments against women (and men) who falsely claim rape or other sexual abuse.

Men must raise the legal and equitable bar for what defines "rape" or "sexual assault," since the consequences of getting arrested and/or convicted for this is more heinous than most other criminal charges.

And since it has now become so arbitrary, no man is safe.

And this is no way to live.


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First Comment from Marco A-

Sexual assault is sexual assault, there is no way around it. I am not interested in fighting the spectre of feminism. I have yet to see a feminist ruling this World from the top of the pyramid. I have yet to see a feminist with esoteric knowledge of her secret religions, wielding it like black magic over the entranced people, as I have seen the BROTHERHOOD do this. 

Lanny Goodman peddles the same nonsense that we are fed by the masters he seemingly condemns. Men are not just base animals with instincts of lust and coself-preservationrvation; we are spiritual beings and there is no height we cannot reach. 
To equate sex as a basic need like food and air, is not true. If I go without food and air I die, while continence will not kill me, if anything it will increase my vigour and give me more life by storing this incredible life energy we are all gifted with. 

Sex is obviously a beautiful thing, but it becomes something incredible if it is shared between two people who love one another, it is called love-making; however, like all beautiful things this has been debased. 

Women today are nothing but objects for lust. Modern feminism is symptomatic of the behaviours of men in society. While men are turned into beasts, women reciprocate and turn in on themselves, seeking protection from men when men should be protecting them.

I'm tired of so-called men throwing the blame on women, when in reality feminism would never exist if men accomplished their purpose on Earth. There is a proverb that goes like this: "The duty of man is to protect the woman, while the duty of woman is to reunite the man with his soul."
If men continue complaining about women while never acting on higher impulses to defend them from this world, then there will be no future. The future needs love between men and women, its one of the most powerful things there are, nothing can stop a man who is in love - so stop hating and do what's right... protect women from a world that takes an innocent girl and turns her into an object of pleasure for base men as she grows. 

There is nothing more worth dying for in this evil world than for this. Without rekindling this flame between men and women, we will always be slaves. Men must learn how to love again. 

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Comments for "Let's Distinguish Between Sexual Assault & Bad Behavior "

G said (November 5, 2017):

On all those "harassment" charges... Henry, I find it so sad that a consequence of all this is that it's puttin' a damper on fun stuff like flirting and affectionate hugs. And what about off-color jokes? I remember laughing 'till I dropped; they were simply side-splitting. Now they aren't allowed anymore, in most places anyway. Life is gonna get boring. No one wants to be uninvitedly (made this word up), inappropriately touched, but jeez, can't common sense discern between naughty fun and assault!? They want us in straight jackets. I might get some flack for feelin' this way, but the rules are becoming brutal. Guys are hurting from this. They're afraid to stop and offer help with a flat tire. It's a perpetual and perturbing gnawing cutting them off at the knees. And lost in the shuffle, the man/woman dance that makes creation work and continue. I hate this whole show and hope it somehow simmers down and free speech is once again given its place of honor and innocent hugs right next to it.

Tina Z said (November 3, 2017):

I just read one of your articles entitled, Let's Distinguish Between Sexual Assault & Bad Behavior. I don't know about you, but I was more impressed with the comment made by Marco A, although Lanny Goodman made a few good points.

I did find myself in situations in my late teens and early 20’s, wherein I was very lucky for not having been sexually assaulted with first dates or for not having been a victim of child trafficking. Throughout the years, rather than blame men for their bad behavior, I took responsibility for my own ignorance and for what I was energetically projecting (vulnerability) which was a learned pattern coming from my mom and with all the women relatives in the family. I don’t believe that all men are pigs or want necessarily sex with every women they meet or date however I do come from a background where men viewed women as sex objects.

There’s a balancing act that need to be made. In so far as men are concerned, they need to protect women and understand what their roles are, as God intended. It is indeed a great burden for men to take the leading role, as it was with Adam (in Adam and Eve) but we all have a cross to bear and men need to begin taking the reigns and women need to help them take the reigns. It's the only sane way for a better world. I am prayerful that the allegations made against Weinstein and Kevin Spacey will be a turning point in the positive. Or else, I suspect that the courts will legalize pedophilia, as they did with same sex marriage and bestiality, with full faith and comfort that the public will embrace it.

James C said (November 3, 2017):

Woman, thy name is hypocrisy! You dress provocatively, yet take offense if "the wrong man" makes advances. The gods are capable of making mistakes, and I think they really screwed up (no pun intended) when they created sex. For example, for a healthy man there is no way of turning off the sexual impulse short of castration. If a man doesn't have an organism every 72 hours, he begins to turn into a nasty, mean spirited bitch. In the Old Testament, you couldn't go into battle for 72 hours after having sex. The New Testament condemns "the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes" (1 John 2:16). Yet without those two things, none of us would be here. The lower the I.Q. the higher the birth rate. I'm convinced that the vast majority of humanity should never reproduce. Look at the state of the world, for example.

In Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, pregnancy and venereal disease had been eliminated, resulting in universal promiscuity. By way of contrast, George Orwell's 1984 portrayed a world where the sexual impulse was greatly restrained. They had to keep the testosterone levels high for military purposes.

Whether it happened or not, I don't know; but I once heard of an incident where a scantily dressed woman accused a man of making improper advances. The judge looked at the couple standing before him and said to the man: "Here's five dollars. Go find yourself a good whore."

The moral of the story being: Until women stop dressing and acting like whores, they better get used to being treated like whores." These Hollywood whores are some of the most hypocritical; they gave sex in order to get contracts and now they're bitching about it. I wish they would all give us a break.

AZ said (November 3, 2017):

Wow Marco A, you said it all. There is a war going on against love and the spiritualization of the sexual act. The energy of love is a subtle and playful interaction between the male and female polarities.

The sexual act can be a very beautiful expression of it, but it’s only a way of expressing it. There are many more ways to express love. I believe that when a man and woman develop a real deep loving relationship with each other, ultimately sexuality becomes less important. The ultimate goal of love is to unite souls and not bodies.

O said (November 3, 2017):

I think Lanny sees the bigger picture - the war IS on normal sexuality. Vilifying it (male drive) is the first step. This is where evil and good get so mixed its hard to see what's right and wrong.

Men and women have different emotional needs. Both - operate within constraints to balance their higher selves with lower ones.

But the goal here is to turn anything male into evil. "Romance" is the female equivalent of lust. Both Romance and Lust have their place.

RL said (November 2, 2017):

Aggressive and dominating males didn't survive the 19 century. They all got killed in duels for being assholes unless they were protected by their money. Today aggressive and dominating males are stupid or psychopaths. There wasn't such a thing in the tribal days unless there was a single male in the tribe. Alphas would all be assassinated. Women hate them as much as the weaklings but their hate and fear makes them want them.

The "alpha male" is a modern invention created by the snowflake betas and growing up without a good father.
A real man is superior to alpha yet simple, quiet and non materialistic and doesn't take advantage of dumb sluts. There are two kinds of humans. The animal male and the Christian man. The latter is almost extinct.

Tony B said (November 2, 2017):

Goodman is correct.

What is now often considered legal assault, including normal comments, would honestly be considered complimentary to the great majority of women since the beginning of time. Women naturally wish to be desirable to men as their only tool to "capture" their most desirable man possible. This includes physically desirable.

Unfortunately today, due to gross mis-education, a majority of women have consciously suppressed all other natural female qualities which are desirable to men. Their mindset has been perverted away from their true role in life, their true wealth and happiness, which is to be a willing helpmate to their man and loving anchor of their family, not competition to men, a role not only inappropriate but naturally impossible for a woman.

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