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We are Political Prisoners of Organized Jewry

November 18, 2017

(This is an earlier version of the speech that  Organized Jewry banned. There is no hate here. It is just European Canadians defending their conception of Canada.)  

Executive Director of CAFE, Paul Fromm is a self-described "white nationalist." He is one of the few critics of Canada's immigration policy which is designed to make the European founding races a minority.  When he tried to hold a meeting here in Winnipeg Wednesday, he was literally thrown out of two hotels and denied accommodation at another two. Can you imagine this happening to a homosexual, a transsexual, a Muslim or a Jew? 

Clearly, Organized Jewry will not allow white goyim to congregate. Why? Because as Fromm explains in the speech, more Canadians are becoming fed up with a racist, anti-white, globalist immigration policy being imposed without democratic debate.  Paul posts a story from the Winnipeg Free Press, a Jewish-Masonic owned newspaper that declared, on the front page Tuesday, that a "White Supremacist" and "Neo-Nazi" was coming to town. 

I do not belong to Fromm's group. But I am alarmed that political freedom -- free speech and the right of peaceful assembly-- has been curtailed in Canada. Anyone who doesn't embrace the globalist Jewish agenda is smeared as a "Nazi." This is how Communists operate.

 Only Israel is Allowed to Maintain Racial Identity -- Organized Jewry News Releases


Report from Pyongyang on the Prairies -- Hotels Don't Honour Bookings; Hotels Discriminate Against Whites; 
Cops Engineer Banning of Service

By Paul Fromm

Posted on 

Report from Pyongyang on the Prairies -- Hotels Don't Honour Bookings; Hotels Discriminate Against Whites; Cops Engineer Banning of Service

SOMEWHERE IN MANITOBA, November 15, 2017. It's been a wild day here in Winnipeg. Except for there not being the smell of kimchee in the air, this city is about as free as Pyongyang. It is a story of utterly cowardly hotels, blatant discrimination and, in the background, interference by the political police.

I was supposed to speak to local supporters at the Airport Hilton.

Before I arrived in Winnipeg, there had been two days of lies and denunciation in large articles in the Winnipeg Free Press, written by a reedy writer in a wool cap, one Ryan Thorpe. I comment on one of his smears at the end of this article. You'll note the article reveals almost nothing about what I believe but unleashes a torrent of weaponized words -- "neo-Nazi", "White supremacist" etc.


When I arrived in Winnipeg early this afternoon, I hopped the shuttle to the Airport Hilton. I was met at the door by Wade Barkman. He was accompanied by a massively overweight East Indian who wouldn't identify himself to me. I assume he was some sort of a bodyguard. The two barred the doors; "We are not able to honour your reservation." [That's a contract guaranteed by a credit card.]

Why, I asked. I had patronized this hotel on and off for more than 20 years. He agreed I'd been a good guest. Well, why?

"Circumstances," he said. I told him that was insulting and was no answer As late as Tuesday, the Hilton was hanging tough. Jewish groups -- the usual instigators of censorship, were denouncing the hotel for profiting from my presence. Joel Lazer of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said: "It is shameful that a local hotel is reportedly providing a platform (and therefore profiting) from Paul Fromm, a notorious white nationalist, to peddle his bigoted agenda." (Winnipeg Free Press, November 15, 2017) Actually, I had rented a large bedroom suite for a small gathering.

An e-mail from Barkman even references the number of the contract that he was breaking:


Inbox x


to me

Mr. Paul Fromm,

Due to circumstances surrounding your scheduled visit to the Hilton Winnipeg airport Suites, we will be unable accept your request for accommodations tonight. We will begin searching for alternate accommodations and will inform you if we are successful in finding you a hotel room elsewhere.

Local anti racists also promised protests. So, by this morning, the hotel had changed its mind. They were a little more forthcoming with long-time anti-free speech campaigner Helmut Harry Loewen: "We appreciate and acknowledge your concerns regarding Mr. Fromm's proposed event... Due to safety and security concerns, the reservation has been canceled and Mr. Fromm will no longer be staying at the hotel," a spokesman for the hotel company wrote in an email to Helmut-Harry Loewen, a retired University of Winnipeg professor with a specialization in neo-fascism.


Canadian white nationalist Frederick Paul Fromm arrives in Winnipeg Wednesday night vowing to speak to supporters despite a local hotel canceling his reservation.

 "Our goal is to provide quality accommodations for our guests, employees, and members of our community visiting our hotel. Racism in any form is not tolerated," the statement read.

  1. Who might pose a threat to safety or security? Presumably, the Antifa. One wonders: Are there no police? Or is the mere threat of a protest enough to tear up a contract? Or worse are the Winnipeg cops actually a political police in cahoots with the Antifa and more interested in suppressing politically incorrect thought than maintaining law and order?

Barkman claimed he'd tried to find me another hotel but could not -- in hotel alley? He provided a cab and I set off to find another venue.

Not far away, I stopped in at the MainStay Suites. I booked a suite. I contacted those invitees I could. I never cancel a meeting. I was receiving calls from interested people, some phoneys, some young and sincere. Indeed, I met three excellent new recruits this hectic. day.

I was treated to a fine supper by some good supporters. On the way back, I gave a short interview in person to scribbler, hatchetman -- he's not reporter -- Ryan Thorpe. I got a sneaky satisfaction from forcing him to buy me a double-double before I gave him a few quotations and let his frenetic cameraman wear out his camera snapping pics. Then, back into my cab and on to the MainStay Suites (250-594-0500).

Then, about 7:45 just as people were beginning to arrive, I received a call from the hotel manager, who, like many cowards in this business, refused to give his full name. I challenged this slimy behavior. I said: "You know my name. I want to know yours." He suggested that I might not be using my proper name. I said: "I showed your staff my photo ID."

Anyway, Jason -- that's the name he gave me -- his story was that he was throwing me out because he had been contacted by the police. By this time there were about a dozen Antifa protesters in the hotel parking lot. I suggested that he had no right to throw a person who had paid out of a hotel room. I cited the Innkeepers Act. [Can you imagine a sober Indian in a business suit being tossed out of a hotel room because of his politics? But then this is Pyongyang lite, not the True North of sturdy independent thinkers that is quickly fading into the past in this cultural Marxist vomitorium of diversity.]

I insisted that, if I was to be put out into the night, they would have to haul all my luggage, Eventually, a cab was found. Several supporters followed me as I headed to the Canad Hotel. The Filipina on the desk told me she had several types of rooms available. As soon as I showed my ID, she grew pale and asked me what the "P" in my name stood for. I told her, She became flustered. She made a phone call and then told me that having refreshed her screen, she found the hotel was overbooked. I expressed my serious skepticism.

She then broke down and confessed: "We had a call from corporate headquarters and were given a strict order not to let you stay." I said: "This is blatant discrimination! Is it because I am a Christian? Is it because I am a White male?" She was clearly distressed.

I said: "You were not born here. How would you feel if someone turned you out because, as you've just told me, you were from the Philippines?" She clearly sympathized. "I am only a worker," she said softly. And of course, it was true. This was not her decision but the decision of dark forces responding to pressure far greater than could be exerted by the motley crew of anti-racists.


(Trudeau with his chief fundraiser, Jewish billionaire Stephen Bronfman) 

My supporters and I headed out to a decidedly downscale hotel that was not part of a chain and was known to one of my guys. We pulled up to the Assiniboine, an old watering hole. As soon as the desk clerk saw my ID, he summoned the night manager, a bald burly man with earrings who looked as if he'd done some bouncing decades ago. "I can't let you stay. I have a bad gut feeling," the bouncer said. Here I am a 68-year old man in a suit. Perhaps, given the dingy beer joint appearance of the place, a guy in a suit may have given him "a bad gut feeling."

I asked his name. He said it was "Brian." What's your last name? I asked, "I don't have to tell you," the cowardly bouncer said. The parking lot outside the quiet Assiniboine was almost empty -- few boozers or guests tonight. Odd that such a down-at-heels place would turn down a paying customer.

Clearly, the fix was in and likely from people with the power to make serious threats and that's not the freakish Antifa.

My supporters saw the pattern and found me other accommodations.

Hectic as the day was, I picked up three new supporters because of the publicity, two of whom saw first-hand Antifa goons and the shameless cowardice of the hospitality industry, which, ironically still e-mailed me several times for my reaction to my stay at the Hilton!


This lying report captures only part of the drama.

White nationalist mulls legal action after Winnipeg hotel cancels room reservation

By: Ryan Thorpe
Posted: 11/15/2017 4:36 PM | Last Modified: 11/15/2017 9:49 PM | Updates | Comments: 23


Frederick Paul Fromm said his presentation would go on as planned in an undisclosed location.

Facing backlash over news Frederick Paul Fromm would be holding a Wednesday night conference at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites, the hotel issued a statement saying it has canceled the notorious Canadian white nationalist's room. [Actually, that's a bedroom and, a lawyer advises me, utterly illegal discrimination.]


(Antifa's Loewen) 

"We appreciate and acknowledge your concerns regarding Mr. Fromm's proposed event... Due to safety and security concerns, the reservation has been canceled and Mr. Fromm will no longer be staying at the hotel," a spokesman for the hotel company wrote in an email to Helmut-Harry Loewen, a retired University of Winnipeg professor with a specialization in neo-fascism.

Canadian white nationalist Frederick Paul Fromm arrives in Winnipeg Wednesday night vowing to speak to supporters despite a local hotel canceling his reservation.

 "Our goal is to provide quality accommodations for our guests, employees, and members of our community visiting our hotel. Racism in any form is not tolerated," the statement read.

Anti-fascists soon called off a protest planned for outside the hotel, which was to counter-demonstrate Fromm's far-right gathering and his presentation of a speech entitled Charlottesville Changes Everything.


"We're very happy and feel very positive that Hilton made the right decision. Morally and ethically, it was the right call," said Omar Kinnarath, left, a local organizer with Fascist Free Treaty.

"It's great and shows that community organizing and community pressure works. We did something together today, the hotel, anti-fascists, and all the groups that have been involved in this whole thing."

Kinnarath went on to thank hotel staff for their patience when fielding calls from concerned community members during the past two days. [In other words, an organized campaign to interfere with the free exchange of ideas.]

Following his arrival in the city Wednesday, Fromm characterized the Hilton's decision to cancel his booking as a breach of contract. He added he's "disappointed, but not surprised."

Fromm said he's been in contact with a lawyer and is considering legal action against the company.

Citing help from local supporters, Fromm said the presentation would go on as planned and some 20 people were expected to attend. He did not make clear if the meeting would take place at another hotel in the city.


During a press conference Wednesday, Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman, left, denounced Fromm's visit.

"Winnipeg and Winnipeggers are voicing their repulsion with the prospect of Mr. Fromm espousing his hate in the city of Winnipeg. I want to let those Winnipeggers that are expressing their repulsion know that I'm with them and I'd encourage them to continue to express their condemnation... in a lawful manner," Bowman said.

"Certainly, I find the hate he is promoting in cities across Canada, and now purportedly in Winnipeg, unwelcome and repulsive, and the vast majority of Winnipeggers will share those views as well." [What an ignoramus this mayor is, denouncing a speech that has not yet been delivered and which he obviously has not heard.]

Fromm is a former educator who was dismissed by the Ontario College of Teachers in the late 1990s for his association with neo-Nazi organizations, although he denounces the term "neo-Nazi" as a misnomer.

He identifies as a white nationalist activist, though he is generally viewed as a white supremacist, and used to host a radio show on the neo-Nazi and white supremacist website Stormfront. [I told the reporter Stormfront is not "neo-Nazi" and that the word is a smear. Note that he offers no evidence that I am "generally viewed as a White supremacist". I emphatically told him I am NOT a supremacist and do not seek to dominate anyone. I want to preserve the place of the European founder/settler people of North America.]

and has long-standing ties with some of North America's most well-known Ku Klux Klan members, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis, including David Duke, Don Andrews, Don Black and the late Ernst Zundel, among others.[An orgy of name calling. I told him that NONE of these men call themselves Nazis, neo- or otherwise. None considers himself a White supremacist and none is a member of the KKK.]

[Thorpe claims to have seen the video of this talk and, yet, you read the column and learn nothing about my views. You do read the weaponized words "neo-Nazi" and "White supremacist" which are vague but signal "bad guy"]

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Comments for "We are Political Prisoners of Organized Jewry "

Jerry said (November 19, 2017):

Dear Dr. Makow,
That quote by Trudeau, really? A white man dissing the white race? Then why pray tell is he in power if the white man needs to go? I can't begin to imagine what his father would say or do? Where's my leather strap!!!! That is unbelievable, truly shocking words. I'm so flabbergasted by that I want to spread the news of this to everyone!



Seems odd he would say this but the PM's office has ignored my 2 requests to confirm or deny this.



William said (November 19, 2017):

Isn't it amazing how all the talking heads repeat the same lines? The mayor of Winnipeg says he's "repulsed" by something he won't even allow the chance to enunciate and immediately labels it as "hate". I'm surprised he didn't trot out the old "there's no place in our city..." shibboleth

. Odd how there is lots of room for racism from non-whites and for sexual perversion in our society, but there's no room for whites defending themselves, celebrating their heritage, or even voicing such notions above a whisper.

What are the usual suspects afraid of? Why are they so scared to hear from non-self-hating whites on the topic of race and immigration? I think they're afraid of good sense and that the legitimate dialogue of such topics in the public sphere might break the trance that so many people are in as they walk blindly toward a future where they're strangers in their own land.

I'm surprised more whites like myself haven't clued in to this insidious game that the powers-that-be play by instantly labeling anyone who disagrees with mass immigration and the slow death of our culture as "racist", "Nazi, or any number of other unthinking epithets. Why have more of us not woken up to the fact they're sticking it to us with our own cooperation? They're brazen nowadays about saying how they want to replace whites in Canada and the United States, so why don't whites fight back? If we didn't play along, they'd have no power.

Is it going to have to come to the point where things get very dire before people wake up? Do we have to have an actual revolution before anything changes? I don't mind having some minority races among us in Canada, but I don't want them to supplant us. I'm all for each race having a homeland that they can belong to...including whites. I guess, in the eyes of the immigration lobby and their enablers, that makes me a "racist Nazi who wants kill six million Jews".

CG said (November 18, 2017):

What? White people are finding out what it feels like to be Native? That's just karma. Canada is in the middle of Europe, no wait, Canada is on the other side of the globe from Europe. I live on an Indian Reserve in Canada and have heard many stories first hand of the Canadian government dishing out hush money to residential school victims which were kidnapped, raped, etc.. Of course the natives that were murdered by the Canadian gov't can't speak but God bless people like Kevin Annett that speak for them. Blacks in Canada got the vote before Natives. The system of Apartheid was exported to South Africa from Canada. Apartheid started in Canada eh. Canada is not a nation, it's a masonic corporation under QE II.

MG said (November 18, 2017):

The story with Paul Fromm shows us that the freedom of speech in the west is long gone. Our only way to deal with the ruling tyrants is to organize ourselves and then take to the streets when we are many enough. In the process, we need to teach people the extermination policies of the ruling class and then let people know that they are the vast majority while the tyrannic Satanists are very few although they own almost everything due to theft over the centuries. If people know that they are turning our kids into whores and non-gender creatures susceptible to pedophilia I am sure most people will want to fight. The correct information must be spread by flyers on the streets and to the mailboxes since computers will be blocked. Back to the future.

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