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Who is Jim Stone?

November 14, 2017


Background on the Internet's most provocative and secretive truthteller

It seems unlikely that James Heikilla (aka Jim Stone, left) ever worked for the NSA 

James Heikilla "claims that the U.S. government denied him a passport because he was an NSA whistle-blower. He was actually legally forbidden from getting a U.S. passport because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears."

by Merit Freeman


In the world of independent journalism, there are princes and there are paupers.  If Alex Jones of InfoWars acclaim is Apollo Creed, the man with loads of money and a mass of affluence to throw about, then surely, the Rocky Balboa, the everyman doing his damnedest to stand up against the status quo, must be no other than freelance investigative journalist Jim Stone.

Any truther worth their salt has read Stone's report on the March 2011 Fukushima disaster. It is the backbone of his journalistic catalog. His magnum opus, it weaves the evils of political Zionism with the theatrics of undersea nuclear explosions, all under the blanket of a government cover-up.

But who is the man behind the media? Stone guards his privacy with a virtual chastity belt of anonymity. While he slips in the rare quip about his personal life now and again, his readers know relatively little about the man whom they idolize, the man to whom they donate their hard-earned money in order to preserve that his brand of no-nonsense truth. 


While the name "Jim Stone" may be catchy, the man steering this particular ship of freelance journalism is better known to his friends and family as JAMES MILFORD HEIKKILA. Born on March 13th, 1966 in Hartford, Wisconsin, Heikkila was abandoned by his parents as a toddler. He spent his childhood in foster care, where he was tortured and abused by foster parents and siblings. He eventually aged out of the foster care system. As a teen, he attended Prescott High School in Prescott, Wisconsin. There, he developed a love for music, playing the contrabass in the 'Rivermen Drum and Bugle Corps.' He graduated in 1983 and would go on to release his own musical album, "The Menstrel."

Heikkila has been married five times. He met his first wife in Wisconsin. She would file for divorce and they legally separated in 1993. He would later marry another woman, but that relationship also ended badly. Heikkila divorced his second wife, citing her drug issues and infidelity. He met his third wife in Utah. He adopted her son from a previous relationship and they eventually had a daughter together, but James filed for divorce in August of 2001. 

In 2009, his fourth wife helped him pen his initial truther report, entitled "Tainted Nightmare." It outlined the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccines and the plans that were in place to unleash those tainted vaccines onto selected members of the populace. He had a bad falling out with wife number four. Upon hearing that she was leaving him, Heikkila emptied a can of pepper spray in her face. He would go on to be charged by the State of Maryland with second-degree assault and, later, domestic violence. He told his readers that the assault charge was due to a can of pepper spray accidentally discharging in his luggage and inadvertently striking a law enforcement officer, resulting in trumped-up charges. This was a lie. He now resides in León, Guanajuato, Mexico with his fifth wife.


Before he became a freelance investigative journalist, Heikkila tried his hand at many things. He was a mill worker at Geneva Steel in Vineyard, Utah until it shut down in 2001. He later started his own company, selling, renting and stocking vending machines. He continued to play music, becoming a locally renown pianist in Massachusetts, before leaving the world of music in 2003.

In early 2001, Heikkila introduced himself to the online world with, dedicated to his music. In early 2008, he launched a website dedicated to his photography. "Jim Stone: Freelance Photographer" featured his original images. In early 2013, he started another site, "Budget Camera Review." 

Heikkila eventually added a forum, where he would discuss his conspiracy theories and political views. That forum would eventually evolve into his current site, He would later integrate another truther forum into his site, the 'Reactor Breach Forum.' It was heavily controlled and moderated. Anyone spouting anti-Jim Stone rhetoric was quickly gaslighted and banned. The forum eventually fizzled out after it became evident that the goal was not to share ideas, but rather to blow boost Heikkila's ego and to promote the personal website of the head forum moderator, a power-hungry Canadian Scientologist.

In September of 2011, Heikkila claimed to have been arrested and illegally held for 6 days. There is no legal record of this ever occurring. He claims that law enforcement officers destroyed all of the inventory and equipment for his vending machine company. He wanted to leave the country, but claims that the U.S. government denied him a passport because he was an NSA whistle-blower. He was actually legally forbidden from getting a U.S. passport because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears.

Heikkila's backstory would not be complete with addressing the 8000-pound elephant in the room: his claim to have been an 'MOS33Q10: Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing / Storage Systems Specialist' with an above-top-secret clearance at the NSA [United States National Security Agency]. Heikkila has offered up ZERO proof over the years to substantiate this claim. Furthermore, such a rank and designation does not even exist within the NSA. Whether he worked for the NSA or the flea circus, Heikkila has, for the most part, proven to be pretty reliable with the information that he puts out. But why the dishonesty?


Let's move on to Heikkila's beliefs. He constantly espouses his hatred for the Zionists [namely the Ashkenazi Jews], but does he subscribe to any particular religion himself? He says that he was raised as a Christian. He claims to have converted to Islam during his fourth marriage, taking on the name "Annas Heikkila" during that time. From 2005 to 2008, he attended Jewish services in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. He was in the process of converting to Judaism until the Jews SPILLED THE BEANS ON THE JEWISH CONSPIRACY and realized they would have to kill him. They poisoned him but he was [magically] able to cure himself with pickling salt, vinegar and ammonia window cleaner.


Since absconding to Mexico with his fifth wife, Heikkila claims to be on the run from Israeli-sponsored assassins. He went so far as to claim that 30 "storm troopers," replete with helmets, shields and riot gear, were once camped out at his domicile, waiting to murder him. Luckily, he spotted them from afar with his god-given night vision abilities and subverted the attack.

Returning to Heikkila's Fukushima report: While it is the cornerstone of his website, it, like the rest of his history, is not without controversy. Heikkila has been accused by Ken Adachi of of plagiarizing parts of his report on Fukushima, which was published a full ten weeks before his. It seems that Heikkila elaborated on their report, added high-resolution photographs of the Fukushima disaster from  and repackaged it as his own. To his credit, Heikkila's report is leaps and bounds above that of

Heikkila has constantly been able to dun his readers for hundreds of dollars every month [sometimes thousands]. He has used the money to purchase land, multiple vehicles and to build a house in Mexico. He is unable to return to the U.S., as he is wanted by the courts on past-due child support, contempt of court and domestic violence charges.

I trust his news updates more than I trust 95% of the rest of the alternative media. He is smart and in the know, but he lies about his personal life. If you can overlook his transgressions, he's an ace. I trust him as a truther and a reporter [for the most part], but he doesn't hold himself to the same code of conduct that I do.

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Comments for "Who is Jim Stone? "

Paul S said (November 16, 2017):

I can confirm the scientology influence on Jim Stone's now defunct Reactor Breach forum. Sometime around late 2014-early 2015, Farganne and myself were given Administrator status on the forum while Jim went on a short hiatus.

The deal was for us to try and get control of the forum and bring it back around to being more open to encouraging whistleblower and investigative types to post, as well as squelch the troll and cointel types. Since Farganne was more of a diplomat and I was more into the technical end of things, I dug into the back end of the forum software and also worked with Farganne on more open front end policies.

While I won't divulge anyone's info or specific details, I will say that there was a Scientology faction amongst the moderators that was very powerful and had a lot of influence over the forum, the narrative, the topics of discussion and most startlingly (to me at least) Jim himself. Several moderators (Yeah, you, DonQ) had multiple accounts with the same IP addresses as their own, they declared in no uncertain terms, that we were the enemy and they would prevail, and they did.

We did a LOT of work on that forum to try to bring it back around and the minute Jim returned, he dumped us as admins and threw us under the bus in a public show of force. Then he gave back the forum to the (gloating, arrogant) Scientologists.

I myself lost all faith in Jim's commitment to the truth at that point. However, like a lot of the people who have commented here, I still read his site because he pulls no punches.

Caveat emptor: IMO, his site is a limited hangout. Do your own thinking, dear readers.

NL said (November 16, 2017):

Jim Stone, or whoever he is, looks like a very good man with a very eclectic personality, there's some genuine passion for his work and this is what it matters. He raises questions, he tries to find a different point of view, sometimes is wrong, sometimes he's right, sometimes looks too naive, sometimes is smart but the most important thing is that he's honest in what he does, let's add his site is cool and one of a kind. Who cares about his past, his wives, his real or not NSA links and so on, whoever is able to collect so many pieces of information about him had some intel feeds and he's inspired by we know who... That's a dirty game, so beware

Mohammed S said (November 15, 2017):

Thank you for your article post on Jim Stone, it was good to finally see someone research him as I remember posting an e-mail with forum screenshots to yourself a few years ago regarding his allegations of being locked out his forums by phantom hackers of the government, but was able to freely post replies to my calling him out on who he was etc.

I also remember James Farganne as being a forum moderator who banned me after failing to shut me down numerous times (I kept making accounts and calling them out in posts which got deleted rapidly and banned the accounts, I even remember how they changed new account creation to a moderator being required to verify the account, more than likely due to me keep making new accounts lol), but they managed all that when they apparently had no control of the forums or website during that period...

He may well be putting forth credible reports and information, but given the previously unknown to myself Scientology link, it would not surprise me if he is being fed information to build up that credibility, so should someone like Rense or Jones fall from grace due to a smoking gun being uploaded proving beyond a doubt what everyone knows (they are paid shills), then they have a backup to take his place and slowly subvert the direction of truth seeking once again. Then again because most truth seekers know the above are tainted information, they are using Stone to put forth information that we find truthful, but is tainted at crucial parts to push a false idea forward and convince us that it is the truth.
Either way I have avoided him for the most part due to my past experience and distrust of the man.

The fact he has been lying through his teeth about his past just proves my point, even if we take Farganne's argument to heart, we all have pasts and things we regret, but a good man and trustworthy man would either keep that to himself unless directly asked, then he would not lie when asked, but tell the truth and admit he did wrong, is ashamed of it etc. Not fabricate elaborate stories to try and make himself seem good.

Well thank you for the hard work you always put into your site and as usual it is a pleasure reading your articles. Keep up the good work.

Coastx said (November 15, 2017):

Ha! Fact is one's mother socializes the energy of the male child, and without this, Stone has no boundaries typical of a product of foster care.

This guy is an otherwise bright mind released from the system and perpetually spinning out of control on every project he starts.

Thank God this fellow is not wired like Ted Bundy was. It could be a whole lot worse.

People really should learn the spectrum, my opinion. This would not only help corral people like Stone but would insulate from predator politicians, too.

Man is a social predator, his claw and fang the con and radical transgressions against his peers. People, on the spectrum and not realizing this, are too stupid to save themselves.

My two cents.

James Farganne said (November 15, 2017):

Merit's moral high ground rests on his claims that Stone is bilking his readership. But Merit failed to report that on top of providing daily content for his website, Stone offers his donors additional perks, such as the monthly Conspiracy Files. Once the donation is received, the donors get a link giving them access to the Files, which are dozens of pages long and take work to compile. But Merit did not deem that worthy of mention.

Many truth websites rely on advertisers to pay the bills. I can tell you from personal experience helping Jim manage things in times past, he was never able to get served ads. Merit wants to paint him as a paranoiac, perhaps in a gambit to downplay this simple fact.

At one critical point somewhere in 2012, the harassment on Jim got so severe, he gave me the site password, “just in case”. Throughout that period, and beyond, I experienced various forms of electronic harassment, some of which I would call exotic. My computers were tampered with. I was permanently locked out of multiple email accounts.

Even back then, I knew that Jim wasn't giving us a full picture of his personal background; but the pushback against what we were doing was real, and I considered the information itself that he was providing to be paramount.

I've said and done shitty things to women. Now if I stumbled upon, say, a smoking gun that would definitively see the Clinton crime machine dismantled for good, and lived to tell the tale, and people donated to me for my efforts, would I deserve to have the whole world know about the details of my moral failings? Would it make one damned bit of difference?

Man does not live by bread alone, but he still needs bread. A few hundred bucks a month in exchange for explosive content and additional perks for donors seems entirely reasonable to me. Why does Merit have such a problem with it? I think I know but I won't say why here.

Merit seems to be living in a universe where truthers who do not insist on martyring themselves into poverty and starvation are somehow immoral. Jim's contributions to our knowledge of skullduggery on this planet are not obviated by his personal sins.

We all have God to answer to for our wrongdoings. Merit seems to think that Jim somehow answers to him, and by extension, us.

I'm a fan of letting information stand on its own merits. I don't know why Merit can't do the same.



In this business, credibility is everything. Lying about having an NSA background does not add to it. This was no hit piece. Just an attempt to know the truth. Isn't that what being a truther is about?


Andrea said (November 15, 2017):

Perhaps a better title for the piece would have been "Who Is Merit Freeman?". A simple Intelius search shows no "Merit Freeman" in the United States. Okay, maybe he's from Canada or another country. So I just searched the name Merit Freeman. And what did I find? I believe I found the correct Merit Freeman, and what does it say right on the top of his website? That "Merit Freeman" is a "nom de guerre". In other words, a pen name. A fake name.

So, regardless of whether the information in his article is true or false, the fact that the writer won't put his real name to it rings a few bells for me. There are also no citations for his claims, which bothers me as well. The whole thing begins to smell like a hit piece. Is it? I don't know, but if I were going to write that piece, I'd damn sure put my real name on it and cite the sources for my claims.




MF is a pen name. I know his real name. I often use pen names. I have reached out to correct any errors. His silence speaks volumes. A major source is linked at the bottom. Believe what you want

It is not a hit piece. Freeman shows respect for much content. It is an attempt to learn the truth. I did the same with Rense.


Merit Freeman writes:

People are clamoring about article sources. We agreed to leave out the names of Heikkila's family members out of respect for them. Many of the sources would reveal them, that is why they were omitted from the article. If they would like, I can make a list of ALL sources used if they'd like. Also, I have been publishing under a pen name for years. I have nothing to hide though. Put Donald Langdon, Jr. if that will silence them. If it I wanted to do a hit piece, it would have been a HIT PIECE lol. I don't know how many times I can compliment a guy and still get told that I'm disparaging him.

If he keeps talking shit, he might just GET a hit piece. Anything that might be seen as disparaging in the article was a direct quote from his ex-wife or ex-neighbor or came from Stone's own posts. I left my personal opinions out of the piece. The only opinion in it is me praising the guy!

Glen said (November 15, 2017):

Jim Stone, along with conspiracy great Michael Rivero claim that the 1960's and 70's Apollo Moon missions happened just as we were told by the main stream media. It is for this reason I never really trusted him or Rivero. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone who is well versed in such matters could ever believe this load of B.S. With just a few minutes of research it becomes obvious that it was all a lie.

Like Freeman, I still check Stone's site as there is a great deal of good info there, but I cannot be sure he is not driven by some other agenda than the 100% pure search for the truth.

If you still believe the moon landings happened as we were told, perhaps you AND Jim should read Dave McGowan's "Wagging The Moon Doggie"

John C said (November 15, 2017):

He tries to explain his life as a larger than life character while evading child support payments and fleeing to Mexico while scamming hundreds out of their hard-earned cash. Female companions be vigilant of this individual you could be next. He should get screen test for Hollywood part in a movie since telling stories is what he appears to do best whether they are personal or real world ones. I have not visited his website in more than two years.

C said (November 14, 2017):

Thank you for posting this article. Of course, it would've been nice to see some posted creds on Merit Freeman, the author of this piece. Does he know Stone or is this all from a deep internet search? I see others have come forward with some of the same info. I am a big fan of Stone's but am disappointed that he (apparently) feels the need to lie so much. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Catch Me if You Can," but it is still troubling.

Tony B said (November 14, 2017):

This pretty much explains why his site, while cutting edge on his deductions from what is observed, always seemed a bit odd and unkempt.

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