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The Unspoken Epidemic -- Immaturity

December 13, 2017

The epidemic has a name.

Arrested development.

Failure to mature in a timely fashion. 

Why did it take me 68 years

to achieve maturity?

I welcome your thoughts on arrested development and how maturation works. [email protected]

"This world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing."  Winston Churchill 1920

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When I reflect back over my life, my overwhelming sense is one of WASTE due to a case of arrested development.  

Simply stated, I took too long to grow up and now I am old. I expended my precious time, money and energy on specious causes and chimeras. Yes, I accomplished a few things, but much time was squandered.

I am not alone. George Bernard Shaw said, "Youth is wasted on the young." My youth was wasted because I didn't believe in myself, my own ability, instincts and perception. I believed what other people wanted me to believe. I was depressed much of the time.

Society has been subverted by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry.) One of its goals is to infantilize humans. The Protocols of Zion (15) states that the superior intelligence of the Chosen People proves "nature herself has intended us to guide and rule the world." It describes a paternalistic despotism. The peoples of the world and even their governments are "only children under age." 

Society suffers from arrested development. Grown men expose themselves to horrified women. Adults play childish video games. They date and pursue sex until advanced age. Movies are based on comic books. Schools are dumbed down and used to indoctrinate. Standards are abolished. There is no spiritual education; no serious attempt to educate or uplift society. Humanity is trapped in a perpetual adolescence.

In 1975, 57% of young adults aged 18-34 lived with a spouse, while just 26% of adults lived with parents. In 2016, only 27% of young adults lived with a spouse, while 31% lived with parents. (Source)

However, I came of age before the worst of this. Why was I such an extreme case? I was extremely idealistic by nature and took society at its own estimation. I respected my elders, worshipped "great men". I imbibed the liberal media and thought society was benevolent.

I didn't discover that we are run by a satanic cult until I was 50, which coincided with my current marriage. If you don't understand the world, and yet take your cues from it, you will not grow up. 


My immaturity was partly due to my failure to win a suitable wife at a young age. I had inculcated the media brainwashing men receive in Western society.  Women are put on a pedestal and seen as unattainable Goddesses. Sex is detached from love and is an end in itself.  Women are sex objects. 

To be complete, to mature, a man needs to possess a woman. For this to happen, a woman needs to give herself to a man.  A man matures when a woman loves him, believes in him and depends on him. 

All the social engineering was geared to making women unapproachable in a man's mind. The assumption that male-female relations are even natural was being questioned.  

Hence, arrested development. When women and sex are idealized, the man is really looking for himself in the wrong place. The male-female dynamic is sabotaged. 


This is how I described it in "How I Became a Mensch," my very first internet article in 2001.

I grew up in an era that bought the feminist lie that men and women are identical. In our culture, women are encouraged to be "equal" -- do everything men do, and vice versa.  "Equal" became "identical."  This retarded my personal development by 25 years. I doubt if I am alone.

"Identical" made me look for for myself in a mate. I was literally attracted to lithe young women with cropped boyish haircuts: my own persona.

I put a woman on a pedestal because she had my identity. She could give it back to me. Some women were immediately repelled. Others enjoyed the adulation for a while, but eventually lost respect.

What I needed was someone quite different from me, my feminine complement...

The breakdown in the traditional family caused by feminism is the main reason for our social, personal and existential problems. People have always derived meaning and purpose from familial roles (e.g. daughter, wife, and mother) and from life-cycle rituals, (marriage, birth and death). Indeed, marriage and family are a God-given path to achieve love and personal fulfilment.

We do not find wholeness by incorporating masculine and feminine in ourselves but by uniting with our opposite. Heterosexual love is the attraction of opposites. Indeed, as heterosexuals we define ourselves in terms of these differences. If we are male, we are not female, and vice-versa, like dark and light. Because I denied these differences, I didn't know who I was. I didn't understand women, and I didn't know how to approach them.


I was looking for myself instead of a woman who would help me achieve my goals. Instead of perfecting myself, I made her my god. That will never work. Women are not perfect. They were not intended to be worshipped as sex goddesses are in the movies. Women are natural facilitators. They were intended to help a man achieve mutually agreed goals, and to be loved for doing that.

Brainwashing that inflates the importance of sex is the reason for the arrested development exhibited by many prominent men who lately are being called to account. Their behavior is due to the breakdown in heterosexual relations contrived by Illuminati social engineers.

We inherit the good and the bad from our historical times. I dodged war but not mind control. My arrested development was partly due to subversion by an occult cabal that sabotages society by pitting male and female against each other. 

The conspiracy is cosmic. Luciferians have hijacked humanity. They want us to miss our Divine rendezvous. They are determined to arrest human development and enslave mankind in the Communist and Satanist NWO. This is the larger meaning of arrested development.


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Comments for "The Unspoken Epidemic -- Immaturity "

Peter S said (December 18, 2017):

I disagree with your notion regarding the Hetro-sexual relationships in marriage. You say; “To be complete, to mature, a man needs to possess a woman. For this to happen, a woman needs to give herself to a man” This line of reasoning exposes itself to logical contradictions. Your proposition is that

(1) Man is incomplete without a Woman

(2) A woman should surrender to the Man.

(3) Man has a right to possess a woman

(4) Therefore the Woman is there as a Man’s “property”

If Man could only complete maturity by the presence of a woman, then, it means that Man by himself is basically childish until he gets married. Some tell us that Man is actually finished when he marries (whatever that means!) But I wager that we are placing too much a premium on the woman’s contribution towards man’s maturity. Do all women complete a man, or do not many finish a man?

You say that “ Man needs to possess a woman in order to be complete” I am of the opinion that you are reading it all wrong. It is normally the other way round, you included! It’s the woman who needs to possess a man, in order for her to feel secure. That, is where most of the problem arises. I guess that both Man and the Woman, need to surrender to each other "measure by measure" Again, there, we have problems!

Then you say that a woman needs to give herself to the man, for the equation to work and that “A man matures when a woman loves him, believes in him and depends on him” I guess you are giving our sisters a little less than they deserve on the side of logic. Your proposition would work in an ideal world where there is an agreed inequality between Man and woman. Submission by either presumes a subservient nature, which infers "less than" So, for such to work, all must agree that Man is "The Big Dog" That is not gonna happen. A Woman presumed weakness most of the time plays to her advantage, man being clueless!

Your proposition assumed an ideal world and also tends to presume that the “Old Style” tradition of dominant Male even the right of whipping a woman, (remember the Rule of the Thumb!) would have been okay. I guess many would having a problem with that! Let’s face it, men are far from being ideal. They were never really ideal, even in the “Old Days”

My point is this; let us not idealize the past. It was not “good” What the Illuminati and their coterie are doing is not good either. Our solution lies in simplicity. And that, means abandoning "Materialism" That, unfortunately will take some time. They are now, most of them, in the herd of the Illuminati as Illuminati Lemmings;

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” Charles Mackay

Kurt said (December 14, 2017):

Yea, I can relate to what you wrote.

I’m 74 and didn’t grow up until my mid 30’s. In my 20’s life was a party of drinking, racing motorcycles and wreaking cars. I put the hot girls on a pedestal and took advantage of an endless parade of dog’s to be used and discarded. The only redeeming factors were that I always showed up for work, learned a trade and didn’t do drugs (why make yourself stupid?).

I quit all the crazy stuff, started working out to improve my health and began to look at women as the daughters and sisters of people I knew and who were just as lost and confused by the current culture as I was.
I married a wonderful woman with two grown children and we enjoy each other’s company.

Wouldn’t trade it for my former life if you offered me a million dollars.

Dr. Jim said (December 14, 2017):

Satan, according to the Bible, is the greatest of all liars. The Bible says is the “father of lies.”

Unfortunately, the teachings and lessons of the Bible are banned in many places in Western society, including some churches.

Sad it is because the truth of the matter is unknown to most men in our culture.

Someone was once quoted as saying “It is what it is.” The “IT” is the truth of the matter. Women are different from men. They have been since we humans have been here on earth. It is what it is. It’s true no matter
what some humans say to the contrary. Liars will never agree with truth. Liars just don’t tell the truth. It is what it is.
Some of us are aware of the ongoing distractions of the culture in which we live in. Too many men and women believe the lies and accept them as the truth of the matter.
The truth is women are just girls that wear big clothes. They are not goddesses, nor are they designed to function, feel, and act like males.
Sure some want to, but that doesn’t make it so. They are just girls. Normal women don’t think, act, or feel like men. It is what it is.
Some are truly great women, because they think, act, and feel like real feminine women. I feel sorry for those who have thrown their femininely aside for feminism.

Sad to witness so many young women who have bought into this big lie trying to be someone who they were not created to be.

They’ve been conned by the greatest con artist in history since he got the ear of Eve in the Garden of Eden.
And so have men, conned into spending so much of their time, money, and energy on sex. So sad to waste so much of their lives on so little.
It is what it is.

RL said (December 14, 2017):

What's mature? What's grown up? Is that good? Haven't met ones worth honoring. All I see is brainwashed, stuck in their ways, unreasonable, overconfident idiots. Obama and Hillary seem like the pinnacles of maturity.
What is bad about being childlike? Jesus said His kingdom belongs to the childlike.
I had a bad childhood, yet they were my best years till about 13.
The only bad is being being spoiled or brought up by insane (ordinary) parents.
People today don't suffer from "immaturity". They suffer from being spoiled causing an overinflated self worth caused by being given power they didn't earn and sex and other pleasures they don't deserve. Sex is "free" now. And the psychopathic dogs in power think they have "sexual access" to every woman.
When power is taken away from the father and given to "authorities" the children become your oppressors and women rule over you.

MA said (December 13, 2017):

I will jump right to a major relation with AD which is the EGO, imho. Anyone can easily compare AD to childish, selfishness and temper/anger issues (narcissism). The opposite I understand, from Gina Lake who is a master of this theory, is a personal relation to the NOW present time and a spiritual Essence which guides us with intuition, instead of “me/my/I reference or power. The ego always starts its programming self-dialog with me/my/I words, and I believe this is at the core of arrested development. This results in seeing both ourselves, and the world falsely.

It often starts with refusal to accept reality/truth or what is in the moment, leading to seeing the past and future falsely also. The benefits of “acceptance” are discussed often in some translations (Carol K Anthony, a Guide to the I Ching) of the I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes). Indeed, “Inner Truth” is the translation of Chung Fu, hexagram #61. This is perhaps the worlds oldest (around 3,000 years) and most popular book of all time! But largely hidden or disregarded (occulted) in todays world.

You are correct Henry, we are dropped into an intentionally fucked-up world to outgrow it, and to better it. To learn that we are not more important than other life in some significant ways. The agenda here is to trouble, curse, challenge and nearly overcome us to eventually evolve us to a higher or brighter level. Trying to understand why we must go through such seeming darkness and sheer madness is why we need, and eventually find acceptance, and improvement, if we are LUCKY! No matter if it takes us until old age to get it, final wisdom and truth are parts of the plan. This is why the young almost always have no ears to hear it. They are programmed & designed to be oblivious to the truth by the masters of this world. We can only hope we dont have to repeat such a compromised existence again and again, as we are led to believe.

Garry said (December 13, 2017):

Henry thanks for the upstanding honesty.

Can say at the ripened age of 66....." been there and done that".

Jesus through the leading of the Holy Spirit has helped pull me" out of Egypt" for the last 20 years or so.

One of the primary roots of the vestige responsible for my arrested development was spiritual.

This is in the domain of the sins of the fathers.

Once I could grasp this concept that there were generational strings so to speak that had access to arrest me I began to seek Jesus deeper.

One of the first roots he led me to pull up was the ones that had bee planted by my ancestors. One of the lines ran back to the name of Jordon who came from what I was told was a long line of rabbi's.

The first root was hooked to the Masonic web. This falls into the ammonite curse domain which can go up to ten generations.

Except that the enemy of our souls uses these ten-year windows of time as a renewal period to get us to sin in the last couple of years of the ten-year window in order to renew the access for another ten years.

This can in effect create hundreds and thousands of years of bondage aka arrested development.

The first root pulled out through the leading of the Holy Spirit came about via this ministry
If led to pray this we( wife and I are ready to pray this with you... if so led?

The prayer of release from the Masonic pulled out the initial root which enabled me to begin to experience a cascade of other sources of freedom prayers.

One of the last more significant ones was after Jesus awoke me to whisper the word Gershon to me over and over. I finally researched this to discover that these were the links back to my ancestry.

This one ran back through all of the stuff the Levites had done against God and even Jesus while he was on the earth.

Still learning and walking out this life of following Jesus and the Holy Spirit but do not have to look back very often to see how my development is now more than ever unlimited.

Pete said (December 13, 2017):

Thanks for being brave enough to write this article Henry, I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

I have looked back over my life many times and am saddened and disappointed that it took me so long to mature. I wondered, what was I thinking!

But I have come to see and understand that we have all been influenced by family, friends, circumstances ..the list goes on. I have also come to see that this is God’s grace in action, that allows me to fumble and bumble through this life and hopefully overcome all of Satan’s deceptions and distractions. Along the way, hopefully, I will influence others in such a way to help them to mature. I believe though, that it is hard to mature without seeking for truth.

Serge said (December 13, 2017):

Your text is very relevant in that it shows that the making of immaturity is a very effective means of castration of humanity.
However, it contains a recurring error, which consists in admitting that the finality of human life is the perfection of man.
The end (aim) of human acts can not reside in man, ie man can not be his own end. For that to be so, it would be necessary for man to exist by himself and to be indebted in no way to anyone, that he has aseity, which is of course not the case. Only God, his Creator possesses it, and the end of human acts can only be a return to God.
I add that God has given all means to man after original sin so that he can reach his end (first mosaic law, Jesus, then his Church).
I can testify that the (rare) families who follow the Tradition of the Church do not generally fall into feminism and other traps set by the devil.
In conclusion, I would say that immaturity consists in ignoring the finality of human acts (or not take into account it), which is the return to God. From then on, the gentleman who devotes his life to, for example, perfect knowledge of a discipline or art, is just as immature as the one who spends his time in sex or play. When the man has fallen into this state, it "does anything" and is therefore the easy prey of its mortal enemies.

Patrick said (December 13, 2017):

Dear Henry.......excellent article. I am 68 y/o and also part of the 'Worst Generation'. ...Clintons, Bush, Weinstein et al. ad infinitum.

Your points are well taken. I believe that the idealization of youth phenomena which started in the early 60's with the JFK election also played a large part in this arrested development taking hold in western society. The societal pressure to look and act youthful contributed to the pychological conditioning and subsequent behavior of our's and subsequent generations.

G said (December 13, 2017):

Henry, deep as your work has always been, you yourself are reaching a new honesty. How healthy.

My own story shares many similarities with yours. How bounced around we all were, growing up in the new perversions. Many of us "matured" into some tormented aberration of what a human should be, and now, in this time of waking up, where the lie is being exposed, we are hard-pressed to pull ourselves into true maturity where we can stand in self-respect and on the side of solution.

Wow, just look at two of the definitions of "mature" as they relate to humans:

mature, adjective

* fully developed, full-grown
* having reached an advanced stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult

There will always be more maturing to do, Henry, but at least we can do it with more skepticism and questioning. The forest is not without wolves, and we are no longer sheep. Works in progress, as they say, but so much more equipped to mature than we were say, a decade ago. All the bumps and bruises brought us to where we are right now, so they did serve some purpose.

Thanks Henry, for allowing your site to keep growing up.

AS said (December 13, 2017):

I think that it is no mystery as to what is needed for maturation: the rule of reason and contact with the real. For indeed, the modern environment is one of sentimentality and emotionalism, and separation from nature---physical work, toil, things, animals, rubbing shoulders with one's neighbors, as was the situation of mankind for most of his existence, and is still such in undeveloped places where traditional village life still exists. Modern suburban life leaves one so isolated from one's neighbors... --

As for correction of the follies of teenage, my profound unhappiness drove me to desire discipline, and, as the good Book says, the desire for discipline is the beginning of wisdom.

The other thing that helps is, quite simply, the holy fear of the Lord (which is also the beginning of wisdom). The simple fact of the matter is that those who transgress the Ten Commandments in their lives and die without repenting will be damned eternally. The fear of hell is a great motivator to overcome lust, covetousness, the seven capital sins, and to strive to acquire the virtues: humility, brotherly love, meekness, liberality, chastity, temperance, and diligence. St. Thomas Aquinas taught that in order to resist some powerful temptations, one must summon to mind the divine law and the eternal consequences of ignoring it. One very salutary counsel I encountered in a Catholic commentary on the Gospels and Epistles for Sundays was this: man must bind his weak will to the trellis of the fear of God.


Unfortunately for the West, it has apostatized from God and enthroned man in His place. Nowadays children suffer frightfully in their development, so many shunted off to daycare in their infancy; so many mothers have become denatured and desensitized to their role as mothers; children are exposed from their tenderest age to the worst things the world contains via television and all the other screens that capture their fascinated attention. It is indeed terrible to see so many young people destroy themselves through the kinds of folly which once parents knew how to help them overcome by a proper upbringing and training in virtue...

But you know all that, and the causes thereof. There is a remedy, but alas there are still too few who have ears to hear it.


Some years ago I read a book by George Gilder called "Sexual Suicide." He reported on the findings of anthropologists studying primitive societies: there was a quasi universal understanding that the upbringing of boys and girls must be different because of the profound difference in their lives which is hardwired into their anatomy. In conclusion, he said that the teaching of the Catholic Church on educational matters (e.g. Piux XI's "Divini Illius Magistri") was spot on.

Modern sociological studies confirm this. Recently, a study was conducted concerning the effects of same-sex... education! It showed that both girls and boys benefited by going to school with members of their own sex, girls by a lot, and boys by a whole lot. And yet no one in public life will bring this up as a cheap and powerfully effective way of improving scholastic results for all children.

What shall we say: None so blind as those that will not see; or, You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink; or, Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Old Veteran said (December 13, 2017):

After 80 years of weird living, not realizing that I was not what I thought I was, I recently met a marvelous lady who is wonderful and loving and loves my joke stories. Her laughter rattles the ceiling tiles! We are already hugging.

A long time ago, when I was a kid, I was told to shut up and listen. If I said something that wasn't right, I was re-branded as "stupid" and I had to "smarten up."

Later on, I started out to seek dates and ran into the Communist-driven socialism that denies the man's right to be with women. I quit after deciding that I would take my chances in the future. I was 54 when my mother died from an aneurism in her head. It was then, I found myself in charge and then what. The low level of respect I got remained the same. I heard stuff like, "I'm busy, don't bother me." You don't qualify, you must be ?? old first. And a whole lot of junk. Back when I was working, now that I have figured it out, the work was legal at my end of it, but the hidden fraud was at the top with the honchos in charge following the money. The pay was lousy, the IRS was there with its hand out, the state I was living in had its tax fist out and because I was at the clerical level, I could not ask for a raise without being threatened with firing because I'm not doing my work. I wasted my time in college. The Economics 101 was the worst. Nothing I learned there matched anything out there in the real world. I was regarded as weird if I had an odd question that no one wanted to answer.

Since I'm a history digger, I realize that I have always lived in a Communist world, enforced by the old British Empire's Deep State and the filth left behind by Wilson and FDR and the mess from the "civil war." Plus the recent inner war with "O" before Nov. 2016.

JG said (December 13, 2017):

Living ain't easy....loving is twice as tough .....come back baby.....when you grow up.
Bobby Vee 1967
That song still brings years to my eyes. It was,a different world at that time. Men were men and women were women.
Growing up is the ability to see and accept things as they are without the poison of Hollywood or the MSM that often perverts what reality and love really is.
We are heartbroken when we discover that love isn't t the romantic fantasy that we have been falsely led to believe it was.
Maturity has to come from within. A man can't make an immature woman mature simply by marrying her nor can a woman make an immature man mature by marrying him. It's all part of that common misconception of marriage that we will change our partner.
We all know a mature person when we see one. It's written all over his face.

HS said (December 13, 2017):

Women Do Not Deserve A Pedestal U Silly Joo =)) That's Just A Divorce/$cam.

Mushrooms grow on poop. Men come from women? Need I say more? May as well HAHA =))

Women R basically whores with no will 2 live, mainly 2 just suck up whatever power they can grab. Because they feel powerless, they seek power in whatever way they can, including robbery as a substitute or expression of power over men. 4 this reason, women can not B trusted, ESPECIALLY if they seek a lease contract (so-called 'marriage').

The jews destroyed marriage so it no longer exists. It has been replaced with simple extortion. Marriage (for a man) is an act of suicidal stupidity. Also, 2 artificially limit your reproductive options by tying yourself 2 1 hag is stupid. Even at a rate of one a year or less, you can have tons more kids without it. It helps 2 not even use your real name =) Treat them nice and 'ride the wave of the perfect woman mask', because when they get bored with that they are horrible.

Some gals may look nice, but that doesn't last either. Stay healthy & strong & jump from hottie 2 babe B 4 they turn hag. Pretending U should 'settle down' is defeatist bull$hit... 2 'settle' (for something you don't really prefer, because of course lots of hawt nazty sexxx with pretty gals is way better), DOWN (as in 'downward spiral in a whirling, sucking eddy of despair') is NOT 'desirable' or 'adult'. It's just STUPID!

Do bears get married? How about horses? Give me a break... lots of horses. They don't have a problem =))

Get a grip, & stop trying 2 pimp 'alternate jew bull$hit' as if the 'fix' 4 'corruption' is 2 get eternally financially raped by a fat witch who just wants 2 rob U (as most women turn ~ 2 fat witches =))

They're rather like time bombs... dont' step on the mine LOL

BE said (December 13, 2017):

Further to your important article:, I would like to augment a few points.

The Modus Operandi of the Occult is a bi-dimensional spiral-of-death comprising of LGBT and Socialism. The more there is of any of these two poisonous dimensions, the further more there is of both of them down the generations. That's what a spiral of death is. Socialism is the fake-benevolence of society, which in fact confiscates peoples' lives to start with. LGBT holds people back from manhood. Feudalism manufactures its conceding slaves by means of driving and perpetuating both LGBT and socialism.

Having turned 19, facing difficulties at University, not having had a girl friend yet, and being absent of an Idea how to come out of these situations, I chose the continuing-progression approach, i.e. a step-wise persistent approach, in order to eventually come out of those intolerable circumstances. This allowed me to gain the crucial experiences about women and financial independence, which gave me the orientation of what I was really looking for in my life. It took various acquaintances with various women in order to figure out what a proper woman is, be it physiologically and be it mentally. It took professional progression in order to come out of the materialistic-denial of a student (who as such is bound to mild poverty) into becoming properly aware how much money I need in my life (not only in the best case) and only then at long last becoming able to admit how much a soft woman depends on a providing man. This course of progression may explain why bullies, who drop out of school and take on simple jobs, are first to mature,up to several years and even decades before Geeks of same chronological-age do.

The short-cut for Geeks is a straight and experienced adult, who shows them right. It is information, rather not treatment, which saves the cause.

The way not to blame myself any more for my hesitant approaches at adolescence is to look at Juveniles and conclude how far they are from becoming men, structurally and informationally alike.

I never suffered from arrested development, but rather from a constraining socio-economic environment, which I released myself from by means of a continuous struggle to achievement, thus freedom thus life. This has been my continuing-progression approach.

M said (December 13, 2017):

"Humanity is trapped in a perpetual adolescence."

Very true - when Winston Churchill mentioned the growing Bolshevik conspiracy to the Herald News back in 1920
was he referring when he mentioned controlling on the basis of arrested development?


Thanks M

I think so. Too bad he went over to the dark side.


David said (December 13, 2017):

You say that when you reflect back over your life you have sense of waste. But the truth is that if you manage to save your soul your life will have been a success. To do this you must become a Traditional Catholic. I reccommend you check out

Andrew M said (December 13, 2017):

I was in the same boat as you. It took me 35 years to mature. I’m 56 now. I suppose our own personal philosophy’s have to disappoint us repeatedly followed by “ If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.”

It wasn’t until I discovered the Nature of the human existence and my Roman Catholic ethnicity that I began to realize that there is only one philosopher; The Divine Philosopher; Jesus Christ. And that my secular desires are seeds of curses. That my secular failures are really my Holy Blessings. I, like all individuals have wants. My Lord King and Savior however, only delivers needs .You were a wiser man than I, and I am not indicating that I am wiser than you now. No! Like I said, I saw you on a retro of “ To tell the Truth.” And you’ve master the English language with a Ph.D.

Our commonality therefore must be at the very root of the cause. Men get into trouble when the little head does the thinking for the big head. And this was the very first case which occurred in the beginning meaning in the garden. This is apropos.

Jesus Said for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul. The parable of the prodigal son, and the parable of the rich man and Lazarus explains this quite nicely. And it’s the only thing I can offer.

A said (December 13, 2017):

Arrested development .
We are all victims of it. How many unmarried and childless because of that... I am determined and will change that! Now that I know it's really up to me.
God is great all the time.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at