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January 30, 2018


Poles ban reference to "Polish" Death Camps 

"...Jewish Concentration Camps" - By Wojciech Sumliński


So what is going on?

The answer is not easy, but paradoxically it is simple - just like in investigative journalism, one has to connect the dots.Through all these years of spreading lies about the alleged "Polish concentration camps" - mainly in the United States and Germany, but not only - I have NEVER heard a sigh of dissent from Israeli ambassadors in these countries, officials or representatives of Israeli government circles-- after all they are so sensitive to everything pertaining to Holocaust,--against such overt lie. 

On the other hand, there was at least permission to falsify reality and spread lies. But is "just" consent? 

The fury which in some circles in Israel caused the law of the Polish Sejm ( Parliament) to punish for lies about alleged "Polish death camps" caused that masks have just dropped and more clearly what today was hidden - that it could be something much more than "Only" allowing for lies and that the reproduction of these obvious lies was simply good on the Jews.

 Perhaps because it is effective - or at least more effective than before - to fight lies about Poles, as accomplices of "Nazi crimes" (there is no speech about German crimes in the world at all), and instead show Polish contribution to the fight against "Nazis" and the terrible price we have suffered for this struggle is a threat to the "MONOPOLY " of the sufferings of Jews, victims of the Holocaust? 

Perhaps it is because blocking lies and discovering a world that is obvious to us could DISRUPT the functioning of the well-functioning machinery of the "HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY " which, with the help of the US Senate, entered the decisive stage of the struggle for payment by Poland (in one way or another in form) 65 billion dollars, which claims would be attributed to Jewish education organizations about the Holocaust? It can not be ruled out that it may be one or the other.Anyway, let's forget about the Polish-Israeli friendship, because even if we do not know how much they enchanted reality, it's clear that there is no friendship here , and if it's the one that Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain: said: "if I have such friends, then I do not need enemies anymore...".

...." Talking about "Polish concentration camps" - " just because they were located in Poland," as the defenders of this term explain - is just AS ABSURD as talking about, for example, "Jewish concentration camps", just because most Jews were locked in them . 

You can use a naming geography - why can not you get statistics?

 Reality can be relativized in many ways, but it is a road to nowhere. Therefore, the only way that has the chance to stop this madness is the path of truth. And that is why I expect from the Polish authorities and the Polish government that regardless of everything, regardless of pressure from one side or another, it will not stop half-way and will enforce the law that is being enforced, in relation to absolutely everyone who dares talk about "Polish death camps". And what if it means the weakening of relations with some countries? It's hard. Perhaps this is the price of the fight for the truth. And let it be the last fight for the truth in the most obvious case..."

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