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"War of Civilizations" is a Zionist Scam - Muslim

January 9, 2018


A British Muslim reader explains the

Saudi role in the Zionist (Masonic) plan to start a war

between The West (Christianity) and Islam.  

He exposes the online facilitators of this agenda, 

Alex Jones and Jeff Rense. 

by Ash


To bring about the Albert Pike's World War 3, the Satanists had to create a violent bloodthirsty "Islamic" cult. The British establishment found an ancient sect, the Khawarij, that had existed at the time of Prophet Muhammed and had always been at odds with mainstream Islam. The characteristics of this sect were their arrogance and narrow literal interpretation as well as their readiness to label a fellow believer an apostate and hence kill him/her. 

The modern-day Khawaraj, the Wahabi movement, was established by the British using the bandit Saudi (Crypto Jew Tribe) clan. The Wahabis issued fatwas against the Ottoman Empire declaring them unbelievers. British imperialist pawns, the Wahabi movement turned their violence against fellow Muslims. The Wahabi tag is largely considered a dirty word in the Muslim world outside of its birthplace Saudi Arabia. 

The Modern day Wahabi hides behind the "Salafi" label, the Salaf were the pious early generation of believers. By adopting this label they are arrogantly claiming to be a people who follow the early generations of Islam, but nothing could be further from the truth!


Traditional Islam knows that a majority of these people are fraudsters. It is only by the financial patronage of the Saudi royal family and the support of the western governments that this sect has spread around the world. No matter how bad things get, the West rarely criticize the factory of extremism which is Saudi Arabia. 

Never trust any literature that has come out from Saudi Arabia, whether it is a Quran translation or any other text. Look to the authentic traditions of Islam taught by people like Humza Yusuf, Umar Abdullah, Abdul Hakim Murad, Sheikh Imran Hosein etc.

 We know the internet is run by the enemy, so when you are searching for knowledge, you must be aware that the system is forcing you down a certain route to control the message and keep you fumbling around in the dark.


The Illuminati have completed stage 1 in their creation of the poster boy enemy of Islam. Stage 2 is to instruct their agents in traditional media as well as internet media to create hysteria and justification for civilizational war between Islam and Christianity. 

This is Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Jeff Rense and the Controlled Christian movement and their ilk. Fraudsters like Jeff Rense have robbed so many women, he can live in a luxury 4-acre house with a giant model train track. Rense pours out such an extreme vitriol against Muslims that even Netanyahu would blush. 

Alex Jones with his three Rolex watches invites Tony Robinson, a racist UK street thug, to talk about Islam.  Alex's UK sidekick, Paul Joseph Watson, can't make a video about the weather, without attacking Islam. The Infowars network's main mission is to distract westerners from the enemy within their ranks and instead direct the rage towards Muslims. That's why the never criticize Israel or Zionism.

World Wars 1 and 2 were largely contrived events, where the flower of the youth of Europe and America were thrown into the industrial war machine. How many people lost loved brothers, fathers, sons, sisters, mothers so a satanic banking cult could consolidate their control of our planet. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 13.14.40.png

Please, for the sake of God, wake up to this insanity and stop sending your loved ones to consolidate power for these Satanists. Read the American General Smedley Butlers booklet "War is a Racket." Get a decent job or immigrate somewhere on Gods beautiful planet, but don't join any army. As the arch-Zionist Henry Kissinger says of your beautiful children "Soldiers are dumb stupid animals"

For so long the Muslim world has suffered under the boot of these satanic bankers. When they started waking up, the Zionist armies of the west turned up to bomb them back into the stone age. Turkey is starting to get on its feet, with the President trying to wrestle back control of their central bank, so now the usual media suspects are constantly demonizing Erdogan and the AK Party.


We Muslims love Jesus and believe in his return. In contrast, the Talmud of the satanist Jews says he is in the lowest pit of hell boiling in excrement. Yet the Christian lunatics around the world hate Islam and say the Zionist are their friends?

Sheikh Imran Hosein, a famous Muslim scholar on YouTube, says the Quran talks about an end time alliance between Christianity and Islam. He believes this is referring to authentic Islam and Orthodox Christianity on the one side and Zionist Jews & Christians with their Wahabi allies on the other. 


Before the Zionist-created Al Qaeda and Isis, we had ancient Christian communities living in Muslim countries for thousands of years. In a time when everything is being taken from us, protect and value your mind. Don't jump on the bandwagon of hatred, make an effort to meet and talk with open-minded Muslims. I've made that effort with Christians and now some of my dearest "Christian" or believing friends understand we have lots more in common than we have that divides us.

"Those who believe and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." Quran 2:62


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----------------- Secret Military Cooperation Between Israel & Saudi Arabia 

First Comment from Mustafa

I agree that we need a truce to fight a common enemy.

Did you know that Prophet Muhammad said exactly this 15 centuries ago.

"You will make a firm truce with the al-Rum until you and they wage a campaign against an enemy that is attacking them. You will be granted victory and great spoils. Then you will alight in a plain surrounded by hills. There, someone among the Christians shall say: 'The Cross has overcome!' whereupon someone among the Muslims shall say: 'Nay, Allah has overcome!' and shall go and break the cross. The Christians shall kill him, then the Muslims shall take up their arms and the two sides shall fall upon each other. Allah shall grant martyrdom to that group of Muslims. After that the Christians shall say to their leader: 'We shall relieve you of the Arabs,' and they shall gather up for the great battle (al-malhama). They shall come to you under eighty flags, each flag gathering 12,000 troops." [= approx. 1 million]

Muslims follow and love Jesus Christ.

We circumcise our boys according to the Law.

We don't eat swine or blood of animals.

We don't drink alcohol.

We love our neighbours.

We do unto others......

However, we do not turn the other cheek. Neither did Jesus when he turned over the tables of the Money Lenders.

We know who the enemy is. You need to learn more about Islam to find the truth.

Submission to Allah without equals or partners.

His is the Kingdom. To Him belongs all praise.

He is over everything Capable.

In chapter 5:82 of the Qur'an Allah says:


You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah ; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, "We are Christians." That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

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Comments for " "War of Civilizations" is a Zionist Scam - Muslim"

Tony B said (January 10, 2018):

Even though this whole article is essentially the truth there remain problems, especially for Christians.

Real Christians have no doubt whatsoever that Jesus Christ is God Himself incarnate, one of the mysterious Trinity of three Persons in One. Because they know this they automatically know that every other religion is a false religion. They know that the Muslim religion, like all religions other than Christianity, is another false religion created by a mere man (the Israelite religion being Christianity's forerunner but, since Christ's Crucifixion, dead to and deserted by God).

Also, in spite of the fact that most Muslims are willing to live with other religions peacefully, the Quran DOES order Muslims to murder all infidels, including Christians. This is the part of the religion that MI6 found useful in its program to create the head choppers. This horrendous flaw will not go away until the Quran goes away. It can always be manipulated into just what ISIS, etc. is today.

All this being true it is still necessary for everyone of good will to join in fighting the satanic beast pulling souls to hell as best represented and operated on earth by the world controlling Rothschild cabal headquartered in its City of London. Israel and now the U.S. government are direct franchises of this center of evil. Unfortunately, almost everyone who sees the evil hates the U.S. and Israeli SYMPTOMS but never look deep enough to even mention the name of the Rothschild cabal CAUSE of all their misery.

It's called DIVIDE AND CONQUER which tactic the devil has used successfully from almost the beginning of time. If the people of the world would join forces to fight the evil, as asked in the article, this small center of Satan would fall quickly as most people are well meaning and want the evil away from their families regardless of their religion.


whatever the Quaran does or does not say, Zionists are behind Muslim extremism. Don't be duped.


M.S. Moorad said (January 10, 2018):

with regard to the article by Ash & the comment by Mustafa- they are speaking the truth but what happens is that many Muslims tend to become over-zealous when they see an opening/chance to speak honestly/openly to non muslims about Islam.

the reason is simple: we know our religion is the truth- OK, many of us are bad examples of practical Muslims but when it comes to this, we are 101% sincere but actions speak louder than words. we are always being advised by the scholars "don't tell them Islam is the truth, show them, by your practical examples" but alas, most of us are in the same rat race...chasing more & more of this material world.

sometimes I wonder who is better off, those who don't know or those who know but still lead their lives in the same way as those who don't.

the verse of the Quran quoted by Mustafa about Jews having the most animosity towards Muslims does NOT mean ALL Jews are the same.

please don't misunderstand- just as all Muslims are not good examples of what their religion teaches, same with Jews & Christians but overall, we all know that the biggest mischief-makers on earth are from among the Jews.

the forces of evil that wish to lead us all to hell have been plying their trade for many centuries and their desire to mislead us is still strong as ever.

we all know that we only live on earth for a very short time, 60-70 yrs on average & this short life is just a test that will determine how we will fare in the everlasting hereafter. even our stay in the grave will be much longer than our time on this earth.

the thing is that unlike most tests of this world, we only have one chance & what we stand to gain or lose is too valuable to risk.

some may say that im going totally off topic- this is supposed to be about the Illuminati & the Zionists but im actually getting to the root of the issue- these guys are Satans army their aim is the same as Satan himself- to do their utmost to ensure we all end up in Hell.

God has sent all the prophets, some of whom have been given Holy books, to guide us so that we avoid these traps & temptations during our short stay in this world so that we earn Paradise/Jannah forever & ever.

James C said (January 10, 2018):

There is a vast difference between Alex Jones and Jeff Rense. For one thing, Alex Jones is a self-professed Zionist. Jeff Rense isn't. For another, Jeff Rense has constantly exposed the role the Zionists have played in our foreign and domestic policies (such as their involvement in 911). Likewise, Alex Jones is a Trump apologist (AS ARE ALL ZIONISTS). Whereas Jeff Rense is one of the few to expose Trump as an integral part of what I would describe as the ZioCommuNazi Establishment, the hideously grotesque religious, political and economic chimera that rules over us. Alex Jones has never done a single program exposing Israeli involvement in 911. Rense has done many.

Jude D said (January 10, 2018):

"Anti-Islamism is a clever way of luring unsuspecting conservatives into the cultural Marxist tent."

Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, and even Stefan Molyneux, all used to be quite critical of Israel - but that's all changed in recent times. A few weeks ago Cernovich tweeted that he now "disavowed" his previous "skepticism" about Israel. To the best of my knowledge, he's never really explained what brought about this Damascene conversion in reverse, but I have my own theories.

As for Alex Jones, the folk who from the get-go insisted that he was a shill have been comprehensively vindicated, but it's worth noting that he had largely ditched trutherism well before he embraced Trumpism. I first noticed a marked change in Infowars commentary on false flags at the time of the Boston Marathon "event". And Watson came on board with the new anti-truther paradigm when he tried to rubbish those who exposed the holes in the official version of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Anti-Islamism is a clever way of luring unsuspecting conservatives into the cultural Marxist tent. PJW & co attack Muslims for being "homophobic", "anti-semitic" and "misogynistic", and naive right-wingers cheer then on - apparently not realizing that in doing so they are signing up to a very hardline version of the anti-Christian cultural revolution.

Imran said (January 10, 2018):

The current Sunni Wahabism and Shite Islam are like two mob bosses fighting over power and turf. Saudia Arabia is one mob boss. Iran is the Shiite version. The globalists support the Sunni Saudis and this is why the Western nations/NATO are against Shia Iran. ISIS is created by the Sunni spheres of power including Saudia Arabia to keep the Shias in check. The textbooks in SA (and which they export throughout the world) calls Shias "blasphemers". Both sides hate each other more than they hate any religion on the planet.

This is one factor why I believe the West (with its propaganda news networks) beats its war drums with Trump. Perhaps the globalists want another regional war soon with Russia and the Mohammedians on one side and the West/NATO countries on other?

According to "Cheiro's World Predictions" (which can be read free online), the conflict will start when Israel would become more friendly with Egypt. Didn't Egypt support the Trump decision on Jerusalem recently publicly?

Cheiro is much too good with his predictions in his book which was written in the 1930's. He almost certainly had to be in the know...considering he predicted future events like Israel coming into existence, India being partitioned, Britain declining just to list a few. Psychic? Plzzzz.

Art said (January 10, 2018):

Ash writes well, & is informative.

The hell with those bags of gas, Pike & Mazzini.

We need to get in tune with like-minded folks, or we are doomed, & justifiably so

BA said (January 10, 2018):

One of the best, most informed articles I've read on your site. I hope we hear more from this gentleman.

RL said (January 10, 2018):

If you look at Islam and how it spread I don't know how any non Muslim can support it. Islam murdered hundreds of millions. Any non Muslim in their society is at best a second class citizen. The only thing good about Islam is they preserved some of the natural law of Moses. But anyone who obeys laws and traditions of men (the group) without question cannot obey their conscience. Almost every group and culture is under mass hypnosis. This is the only danger to any one who has understanding and sees the insanity of society and culture. Jesus came to save us from this. America was great not because of multiculturalism, but because it didn't have the hypnotic influence of culture and groups. Every man and his family was their own kingdom under God.

Now that real Christianity is dead it would be better for me if I was born a Muslim instead of living in modern society, but I won't convert because the guy just copied the Bible and changed it for his own gain. Islam is the punishment from God for the disobedient nations. As are talmudic/atheistic/and some other Jews, secular humanists and satanists.

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