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Jews- Neither Race nor Religion but Cult

January 17, 2018

Uri Shapir - Israeli Jewish Artist.jpg
This is not Michael Berg. But, like this blue-eyed Israeli, Berg found that his DNA test results show NO trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA. His DNA test shows that despite coming from a multigenerational Jewish family,  his DNA is 98.7% Northern European, mostly Germanic and the rest is Celtic etc.

Judaism (much like Freemasonry) isn't really a race and a folk in the traditional sense but a secret society - a Satanic cult - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. "Race" and "Nation" are used as covers to keep the brainwashed mixed race "Jewish" masses following the Satanic agenda.

By Michael Berg

I was born in Israel
in 1985. My parents are European Jews. 

In the following article, I would like to make the point that Jews are mixed-race population and are as much as victims of the Satanic Cabalist-Talmudic agenda as anybody else. 


The Talmudic Jews refer to negative behavior as "Yerida L'tzorich Aliya" which means "Descent for the Purpose of Ascent" (the same philosophy was also embraced by the Frankists.)  In other words, you can engage in all form of evil things and the lower you descend, the higher you ascend. They believe that their Messiah will only come once Humanity is totally morally degraded hence they attack the only normal, healthy, natural and God-given form of Sexuality i.e. Heterosexuality (Opposite-Sex Attraction = Marriage) and promote Homosexuality (i.e. Same-Sex Attraction), Zoosexuality (Human Animal Attraction), Pedophilia (Adult-Children Attraction) and incest.


Many people believe that ordinary Jews are spared the Satanic influence of the Jewish Masonic NWO. This isn't true. Jews are as much victims
as anybody else. We have to remember that the agenda is SATANIC by nature. The Agenda is indeed directed by Jewish forces but these forces could not care less about ordinary Jews. Ordinary Jews are being used to serve the agenda of International Jewry. 

The rulers won't be ordinary Jews or ordinary people but the Elite. They don't care about Jews in general since Jews aren't really a race in the traditional sense (as shown below) but a Satanic cult. 

Judaism, much like Freemasonry, is only a means to push the NWO agenda. The Rothschild and the rest of the Jewish Elite are willing to throw ordinary Jews under the bus if it serves their agenda.

Ordinary Jews are affected by the same social ills that affect the west today. Feminism, Abortion, Divorce and LGBT deviancy are 
also promoted and tolerated in Israel. Jews are also poisoned by Feminism. in Israel it is very difficult to find a good woman. Half of the women in Israel care only about money and their ego. They don't care about getting married and starting a family. 

Women are also put into military service in combat units which degrades the quality of the military. Feminism had made these women so difficult to start a relationship with.


In terms of multiculturalism, Israel is even more multi-racial in the real sense of the word than any other country in the world. 

500,000 gentile Russians have been converted to Judaism and had become Jews legally, along with 120,000 Blacks from Africa who also converted and became "Jews".There are about 1.5 Million Arabic & Iranian Jews, 2 Million North African Jews and about 4 Million European Jews - and all of these "Jews" don't look the same as there are Nordic, Turkish, Iranian, Arabic and African looking Jews. 

Article intro - Jewish Men (1).jpg(Four Jewish men -  members of the Jewish extremist Chabad cult)

The Talmud indeed speaks of non-Jews as "animals". However, once a non-Jew is being converted into Judaism they suddenly receive a "Jewish Soul" and become "God" along with every cell of their DNA. (Suddenly, DNA turns "Godly"). 

This is further proof that Jewish racism against non-Jews is not a biological racism - anybody can become Jewish - but rather a spiritual racism. You are "God" as long as you are part of the "Club". If you are a non-Jew, you can become a "Jew" and part of the "club" by conversion and thus you get a "Godly Jewish Soul". If you chose to remain a non-Jew, that means you have a "Satanic soul." Of course, they are the ones embracing Satan.

As already stated, Israel is by no means a racially pure country - fact that the powers-that-be know very well. Jewish marriage laws aren't based on biological racism. Anybody can be converted into Judaism and allowed to marry a Jew. If you are not a Jew, you cannot marry a Jew but if you converted to Judaism you can.  This proves to me that Judaism (much like Freemasonry) isn't really a race and a folk in the traditional sense but a secret society - a Satanic cult - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. "Race" and "People" are used as covers to keep the brainwashed mixed race "Jewish" masses follow the Satanic agenda.

While I was in the United States not long ago, I did a DNA test to find out who I really am in terms of my blood. I was simply curious to know since I read that it is possible to do a DNA test and trace one's ancestry based on their DNA. I was told by my parents that my grandparents on both sides told them (who were secular Jews in Germany) that their ancestors lived in Germany for many generations and that they were "Jews" all that time. They also told me the area their ancestors originate from in Northern Germany, which to my surprise - I later found out thanks to the internet - was not known to be inhabited by Jewish communities......
This is where I felt that something just doesn't add up.

bar-rafaeli-bio-gty.jpg(left Israeli Jewish model, Bar Rafaeli) 

Furthermore, physically I don't look like a "typical" Jewish person. I look like an ethnic German person i.e. I have white skin, blue eyes, blond hair and Nordic facial features. Both of my parents have blond hair and blue eyes as well and since I now realized that the story my grandparents on both sides told my parents just doesn't add up since there were no Jewish communities in that area of Northern Germany. I decided to do a DNA test to find out who I am through my blood.

I got the result of the test a few weeks ago, My DNA test results show NO trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA. My DNA test shows that I'm 98.7% of Northern European blood. Mostly Germanic and the rest is Celtic etc. While there's only 1.3% deviation (which is well within a margin of error). I am a "Jew" but my DNA says "Germanic".

To be frank, I wasn't surprised at all. Things now started to make sense to me. Accepting the "Jews" as a "one unified race" was always a paradox to me, given the immense differences between different Jewish groups. Studies show that European Jews contain huge amounts of European DNA in addition to Turkish and Semitic DNA and many of them are total converts whose ancestors lived in European towns who were totally converted into Judaism during the past 500-1000 years.

European Jews started out Kazhars (Turkish People) converting to Judaism after they mingled with Semitic Jews. These Kazhars (Mixed with Semites) who initiated European Jewry then mixed and added more converts from among the Slavic and Germanic populations with whom they contacted. European Jews of today are basically a mixed-race people made up of largely Kazarian (Turkish), Germanic, Slavic elements. Since there are Nordic blond blue-eyed 
Jews, Brown Arabic Jews, Black Jews from Africa etc I came to the conclusion that present-day Jews cannot be regarded as a race in the traditional sense. 

So what do they base their identity on? Simply put, You are a "Jew"

 if you are a member of the "Club". What club? A Satanic Cult whose main goal is to enslave mankind as I've shown in my previous articles.
Jews present themselves as a religion and a race when they are obviously neither.


(examples of "ethnic Jews")

As the pictures above prove, Jews are comprised of all the worlds races - There are White Jews, Brown Jews, and Black Jews. There are Jews in all shapes and colors. Yet Jews are brainwashed into believing that they are a "race" and a "people". 

All Jews are not the same race as all Christians are not the same race. 

Judaism Is a Satanic Cult - Not a race - whose main goal is to enslave mankind. It's a secret society that keeps its followers under control by selling them the lie that they are a race (a Biological absurdity as I've shown) in order to make them unite and keep the club going - The club in the service of Satanism i.e. Judaism.
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Comments for "Jews- Neither Race nor Religion but Cult "

TB said (January 17, 2018):

That is correct! Today I read again the Article from Dr. Andrew Joyce

I think it is very important to know that the hostile Elite is quite the same as Judaism. Look at Merkel, the German chancellor, she got a lot of Jewish awards and honoring, for instance from B'nai and B'rith for whatsoever she has done.

We are on the road to our self-destruction for this civilization. The only way out is when the crash and burn starts, that our civilization comes to consciousness and change the direction. But I think this will be wishful thinking.
The Illuminati's force is strong upwards. No opposition here in Europe.

Greetings from Germany

Syd Green said (January 17, 2018):

There is no such thing as "Northern Germanic" "DNA"
or "Celtic" DNA. The Celts and Germans were two waves of the same migrants.

The Germans and Celts originate in the near east and not in Europe.

The history of the Scythians, the ancestors of these peoples starts in Mesopotamia and the Caucasus. There have always been Jews living amongst Scythians, Jews and Scythians are the same people and the leaders of Scythian tribes were descended from the tribes of Judah through the Persian Arshakuni lines. There is no valid distinction between "Jewish" DNA and "German" or "Celtic" DNA. Khazars are a Scythian race that was descended from the lost tribes of Israel and Semitic Jews as Berg even stated. They converted to Judaism through Jewish influence. The Khazars, Germans, Celts, and Ashkenazi Jews are all the same people and they all descend from the near east.

There is no such thing as "Germanic" DNA proving someone to be "not Jewish".

European DNA contains Jewish blood. Judaism may not be a homogenous race, but Europeans are in no way "non Jewish" You have to actually research things before you make assertions.

There is no such thing as some indigenous European race spawning as white people in Europe, those were migratory tribes that came from the middle east including Israel. "Scythopolis" is Beit She'an in Israel Henry. This guy's DNA is on file now, and they gave him definitions that don't mean anything. Read European historical chronicles, Europeans are Jews.

MB replies:

Richard Dawkins seems to agree with us that Jews are not a race..

"Syd Green" in one of the comments denied that there is a "Germanic" DNA. Obviously he just proved his ignorance. "Germanic DNA" are simply DNA markers that are more COMMONLY ASSOCIATED with the White Germanic peoples of Europe (i.e. Germans, Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians etc.). "Celtic DNA" are genetic markers more associated with the Celtic peoples of Europe (Irish, Scots etc.) - even though these markers are also present in the Germanic populations. I attached a file on the distribution of Germanic DNA in the native European population. (see bellow).

My DNA test results found NO trace of Non-European or Semitic DNA (DNA markers associated with non-Whites or Semitic peoples)

My test results show that my DNA proves that my ancestry is Northern European and my genetic markers show ancestry mostly from the Germanic parts of Europe, while the rest is markers associated with Celtic parts of Europe.

In other words my DNA is no different than any other Non-Jewish White person of Anglo-Saxon, German, Dutch Swedish, Norwegian or Danish ethnicity.

Also" Syd Green" talked non-sense when he said that the native Europeans are the real "Jews"... This isn't true. The native Europeans are Aryan peoples of indo-European origins. They are NOT the"original Jews". Furthermore "Jews" no longer exist as a distinct race. Present day Jews are mongrels made up of all the worlds races. Modern Jews are not a "race". How can anyone claim otherwise when they see that there are Jews in all shapes and colors?!

Jews are not a race in the same sense that Japanese are a race... Judaism is a secret society - a cult. Anybody can join its ranks if he's willing to serve the agenda. Most Jews' DNA is the same as non-Jews. Generally speaking Jews are comprised of all the worlds races. Modern Jews are a mixture of every race known to man. There are even Chinese Looking Jews and Jews from every race and color.

Israeli government no longer suggests DNA testing for Jews. Since according to this most "Jews" worldwide will not qualify as "Jews". Present day Jews cannot be regarded as a race.

Luis said (January 17, 2018):

Jews are a race dr henry..We know most of them are false ashekanazi jews, but t here are still some sherpadim ones around.
Of course, the great majority of true jews have long converted to Catholicism and by doing so, they stopped calling themselves jews, but christians. This is what happened from the apostles times onwards.

I find surprising that you are now stating that jews are not a what are you?

To be a jew is to belong to the Jewish race and has nothing to do with religion, faith or country. Like the Arabs are a race, so are the jews. Where is the difficulty in understanding this? The problem is that you spreading disinformation, loads of people are gonna believe only because you got a PHD !!

Be wise Dr Henry, please !!!



Open your mind.


JG said (January 17, 2018):

I don't believe in all these "New Age" definitions of what Judaism is.
You had to have Jewish bloodlines in the Old Testament to be accepted as a Jew. This only changed when the Law was fulfilled by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Then and only then was the promise of eternal life open to all who believe in Jesus as the Messiah and Savoir.

The Old Testament blessings were earthly. The New Testament blessings are heavenly. Salvation is no longer restricted by race but it is now racially unrestricted for all those who believe in Jesus.

Fred N said (January 17, 2018):

I believe it was Moses Mendelssohn ( the Jewish Plato) who said that Judaism was not a religion but was a Law. Does that correlate with the article?

Yes indeed Fred. The Law is "Buy low, sell high."

Mohammed from SA said (January 17, 2018):

I know that most ordinary Jews are also victims to a great degree. Many are having to deal with insults & criticism due to the actions of their Zionist brethren. Actions which they don't necessarily agree with.

Even the majority of the original Jewish settlers in Palestine were forced by the actions of the Zionists to leave comfortable homes & lives in Europe to go live in a strange land.

that said, there's something I have noticed that's common among almost every Jewish businessman or professional: they worship money.

we all need money to fulfill our necessities but it's not the object of our creation. Many non-Jews are just plain greedy but when it comes to the type of Jews I'm talking about- they are on another level altogether.

these people don't like to talk of death(most non Muslims don't like the mention of death) and act as if we have been put on earth solely for the purpose of amassing as much wealth & material possessions as we any means possible(as long as you don't get caught).

so although they don't totally agree with the Zionists, they happily make the most of the advantages & opportunities that come with being one of the tribe of "Gods Chosen People"

one thing I find interesting:
Zionist Jews claim to be Gods Chosen People ie they are the most beloved to God but you will NEVER hear them saying that THEY love God the most.I believe that they don't want to claim to love God because they are very afraid of dying & they know that the ONLY way to physically meet God is by dying- when our soul leaves our earthly body. so they are content with just having God love them without claiming to love God in return.

Mr. Berg also says: "If you are a non-Jew, you can become a "Jew" and part of the "club" by conversion and thus you get a "Godly Jewish Soul".

does he not know how black Jews are being treated by the Ashkenazim scum? these black Jews are pure Semites & practice REAL Judaism but just because of their skin color, they are seen as inferior by the fake Jews from E. Europe.

The ONLY white Semite Jews are those who have been living in Palestine & surrounding areas for centuries- not the Rothschilds & other Satanists have decided to create & use Zionism as a vehicle to push forward their evil plans.

other than that, I agree with what he says.

Kevin Boyle said (January 17, 2018):

Nailed it today Henry.
Once you find the right word for something you wonder why it hasn't always been obvious. (I know you've been using this for a long time in the form "humanity has been hijacked by a Satanic cult" but today's slightly more direct formation of the words alongside the clear demonstration that Jews are not a race arms people with a usable truth:

Jews are neither a race nor a religion but a cult.... a cult that has befogged not only ordinary innocent Jews but also the minds of hundreds of millions of gentiles into associate membership.

Kurt B said (January 17, 2018):

I believe it was Michael Hoffman who said people who identify as ‘Jews’ are really part of a “paranoid cult being manipulated by a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion”.

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