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CIA's Jackie Kennedy Flirted with LBJ After Assassination

February 19, 2018

Listen to Jackie Kennedy flirt with the man she believed killed

her husband, just months after the assassination. It lends credibility

to the little-known claim, that Jackie Kennedy was a CIA agent. 

Some even believe she was implicated in the assassination.  This video is convincing.

"On June 21, 1942, [Jackie's mother] Janet married Hugh Auchincloss-a close friend of the Rockefellers, Morgans, and the Dulles Brothers. That meant that Auchincloss was now the stepfather of Jacqueline and Caroline Lee Bouvier. It was Auchincloss who recommended Jackie O for the position of the first female spy in the newly created CIA."

 "Jackie was the most mercenary person I've ever met. She thinks, talks, and dreams of money, nothing but money. The joke is I would have given her fifty times what I gave her for the pleasure of never having to see her again. What amazes me is that she survives while everyone around her drops. She's dangerous, she's deadly." Christina Onassis (Wright, All the Pain That Money Can Buy, p. 210).

[Disclaimer- I realize this report is far from complete but it certainly opens new doors for investigation.}

Partial Source- Jane Bond by Patrick Scrivener 

From "Buddy Silver"  

(Excerpts by 

Jackie and Lyndon Johnson were in collusion. They had something in common: they had both been pushed out of the loop of John F. Kennedy's personal life. Perhaps their bitterness caused them to come to an agreement to aid each other in removing the source. LBJ was aware that Republicans wanted to look into his possible bribe-taking, and Jackie was undoubtedly aware that her husband's tryst with a possible communist spy, Ellen Rometsch . (As well as his secret marriage to Durie Malcolm) was about to become public knowledge. 

Tape-recorded phone calls between LBJ and Jackie from shortly after the assassination reveal an over-familiarity on LBJ's part that could possibly stem from his knowledge of her role on that fateful day in Dallas. It sounds like he was using it for all it was worth to coerce Jackie into a more intimate relationship with him. Jackie reportedly did not know she was being recorded but seems to take care in choosing her responses, perhaps due to CIA training and political savvy.


LBJ: Listen, sweetie. Now, first thing you've got to learn-you've got some things to learn, and one of them is that you don't bother me. You give me strength.

JBK: But I wasn't going to send you in one more letter. I was so scared you'd answer.

LBJ: Don't send me anything, don't send me anything! You just come on over and put your arm around me. That's all you do. When you haven't got anything else to do, let's take a walk. Let's walk around the backyard and just let me tell you how much you mean to all of us and how we can carry on if you give us a little strength!

JBK: But you know what I wanted to say to you about that letter? I know how rare a letter is in a President's handwriting. Do you know that I've got more in your handwriting than I do in Jack's now?

LBJ: Well-

JBK: And for you to write it at this time, and then to send me that thing today of, you know, your Cape announcement and everything-

LBJ: I want you to just know this, that I told my mama a long time ago when everybody else gave up about my election in '48-

JBK: Yes?

LBJ: My mother and my wife and my sisters and you females got a lot of courage that we men don't have. And so we have to rely on you and depend on you, and you've got something to do. You've got the President relying on you. And this is not the first one you've had! So there're not many women, you know, running around with a good many Presidents. So you just bear that in mind. You've got the biggest job of your life!

JBK: [laughs] "She ran around with two Presidents." That's what they'll say about me!


LBJ: Darling, you know what I said to the Congress-I'd give anything in the world if I wasn't here today. [laughs]

JBK: Well, listen, oh, it's going to be funny because the rooms are all so big. You'll all get lost, but anyway-

LBJ: You going to come back and see me?

JBK: [chuckles]

LBJ: Hmm?

JBK: Someday I will.

LBJ: Some day?

JBK: But anyway, take a big sleeping pill.

LBJ: Aren't you going to bring- You know what they do with me, they just keep my, they're just like taking a hypo, they just stimulate me and I just get every idea out of every head in my life comes back and I start thinking new things and new roads to conquer.

JBK: Yeah? Great.

LBJ: So I can't. Sleeping pill won't put me to sleep. It just wakes me up.

JBK: Oh.

LBJ: But if I know that you are going to come back to see me some morning when you are bringing your-

JBK: I will.

LBJ: -kid to school, and first time you do, please come and walk and let me walk down to the seesaw with you like old times.

JBK: I will, Mr. President.

LBJ: Okay. Give Caroline and John-John a hug for me.

JBK: I will.

LBJ: Tell them I'd like to be their daddy!

JBK: I will.


LBJ: Well, I've got to see you before long. I've got to see you.

JBK: Well, any time you say is great.

LBJ: All right.

JBK: Thanks.

LBJ: I'll call you sometime and come by.

JBK: Okay.



Jacqueline Bouvier was a C.I.A. agent assigned to infiltrate the Kennedy clan as they moved up in political circles. Here's an excerpt from an online biography of Jackie (among others) that cites this fact. "Jackie ... enrolled in George Washington University in Washington, DC, graduating in 1951. She took a job at the CIA and in January of 1952 went to work at a Washington newspaper, where she was a photographer. During an assignment, she met U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy . They were married on September 12, 1953. Their first child, who lived, was Caroline Kennedy, born November 27, 1957."  

The entire biography can be read here. Jackie may have been merely following the orders of her superiors to hit their target.

Jackie's and her mother's long association with George DeMorenschildt, a known CIA asset, closest friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, acquaintance of George H.W. Bush, LBJ, Abraham Zapruder (!) and others leads me to wonder if he was, perhaps, Jackie's (and maybe her mother's) "handler," as well as Lee Harvey Oswald's! 

Here's an excerpt from a site dealing with a publication called, "Timeline Chart," discussed on this Education Forum: "I first started researching the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission for clues, when I came across George De Mohrenschildt. I thought it was strange that a man who visited Jacqueline Kennedy's mother on a regular basis would also befriend the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. In the first several years of my research, I even had a nightmare that Jackie Kennedy had been involved in the assassination. I began to look at this or the possibility that her mother Mrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss was involved. But I concluded, that no one in their right mind would have placed themselves or their daughter in an open convertible with a possibility of being shot, for Jackie sat three feet away from JFK on that fateful November 22, 1963.

De Mohrenschildt testified that before Oswald was even born, he visited with Jackie and her mother in 1938 on a daily basis at Easthampton, New York. You may, like myself, find this hard to digest." ...


(Jackie's mom with Alan Dulles)

Jackie's mother, Janet Norton Lee Bouvier Auchincloss, was of "fake Jewish" ancestry. The original name of her father was "Levy" but the name was changed to "Lee" when his parents emigrated to the U.S. [She was connected to the CIA and knew both George De Mohrenschildt Allan Dulles.]

Because of his drinking, womanizing, and his failure to keep his hands off his daughters, Janet divorced Jack [Bpuvier, Jackie's father] in 1940. Jack was irresistible to females who often mistook him for Clark Gable.

After his divorce from Janet, Jack bought an apartment in Manhattan and Jackie spent the weekends with him while she attended Vassar College.


In June 1951, Jackie O and her younger sister Caroline Lee were sent to Europe on a "vacation."

In reality, Alan Dulles wanted to overthrow the legitimate French government and replace it with a military dictatorship. Overthrowing constitutional governments is the raison d'être for the existence of the CIA. Jane's spying cover was "reporter" for Vogue magazine.

Vincent Jules Auriol was the first President of the French Fourth Republic.

A CIA hit team was already in France planning to overthrow and replace him with a military dictatorship.

Jackie O and her sister were part of that team.

Thanks to the Directorate-General for External Security, and the Directorate-General for Internal Security, the plot was foiled. France remained a Republic, with an independent foreign policy, and she was never caught up in the anti-Communist hysteria of Dulles, Joe McCarthy, and other right-wing fanatics.

The two dejected spies returned home in September 1951. That experience in France was considered good training for the future exploits of the female James Bond.


(Jackie's father, Jack Bouvier)

Jackie's second assignment was a successful CIA coup d'etat in Cuba!!

Even though that coup d'etat failed, Dulles must have been very pleased with the performance of his first female spy because she was recommended for more advanced training.

From October 1951 to January 1952, nothing is known of the whereabouts of Jackie O. Most likely she was undergoing intensive covert operations training for her next all-important assignment:

There is no record of any of Jackie's activities from October 1951 to January 1952. She and Lee traveled in Europe during the summer, a trip that was a graduation present for Lee, who had just finished Miss Porter's and was about to go to Sarah Lawrence. The Bouvier sisters created a delightful scrapbook of their trip, which they later published in the 1970s under the title One Special Summer. They returned from Europe on September 15, and Jackie's job as the Inquiring Photographer for the Washington Times-Herald started in January 1952, but there is no record in any of the multitudes of biographies that have been written about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis that cover her activities in the late fall and early winter of 1951. (Mulvaney, Diana & Jackie, Maidens, Mothers, Myths, pp. 73-74).

After she completed her CIA training, Jackie O was now sent to Cuba to participate in a CIA coup d'etat against the lawfully elected government of Cuba...Assisted by Jackie O and the CIA, Fulgencio Batista seized power in March 1952. That was the end of the golden era for Cuba.

 Jackie O spoke Spanish fluently and she had previous experience during the attempted coup d'etat in France.

 Jackie was also intimately involved in the Revolution that brought "Communist" Fidel Castro to power in 1959.

 The dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista led directly to the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. From 1952 onward, the country was ruined by the CIA as their Mafia gained a virtual stranglehold on the economy. What eventually led to the Cuban Missile Crisis was the close ties between CIA Castro and MI6 Nikita Khrushchev.


After ruining Cuba with a military dictatorship, Jackie's next assignment was to marry a young senator from Massachusetts named John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

 By following the career of the female James Bond, it can be proven conclusively that she was completely OWNED by the Agency. Once you successfully perform a "hit" or execution, you belong to them completely for the rest of your life. Nothing can get you out of the CIA snake pit except divine intervention. That is why you won't find very many ex-spies writing their autobiographies.



In early 1952, Jackie O got a job as a "reporter" and photographer with the Washington Times-Herald. Jackie's owl eyes, with her extraordinary peripheral vision, made her an excellent photographer.

 That job was not too distasteful to her as it just entailed photographing and asking people silly questions. Soon after taking the Inquiring Photographer job, Allen Dulles dropped a bombshell. She was told to use her job to meet and marry a young senator from Massachusetts named John Fitzgerald Kennedy....Jack was just as reluctant to marry Jackie, but his father threatened to disinherit him if he did not comply.

 No two different people could be found in any country. Jackie's passion was horseback riding but Jack was allergic to horses! But he "rode" anything in a skirt!

 At first, Jackie O abhorred the idea of marrying Jack, but orders are orders, especially as they came from her boss Alan Dulles.



Since his father forced him to divorce his first wife, Durie Malcolm, Jack was not interested in ever marrying again. Jack's father, the infamous Joe Kennedy, held all the purse strings of the family, and he threatened to ruin Jack financially if he did not comply. Jackie was actually planning to marry a young stockbroker named John Husted...

Janet was just following orders from her husband and Allan Dulles. Jackie might have been consoled by Dulles, who reminded her that Jack was very sickly, and might die at any time. Like Diana Spencer before she married Prince Charles, Jackie O believed that Jack would change after the marriage.

Jackie's fourth assignment was a CIA coup d'etat in the United States!! Immediately after Lyndon Johnson was nominated for Vice President, Dulles visited him in Texas and appraised him of his role in the upcoming coup d'etat. He reminded him of the successful coup d'etat in Cuba and the fact that the President's wife was CIA all the way.

 Sinister general Edward Lansdale was in charge of the meticulous planning for the coup d'etat.General Edward Lansdale reassured Curtis "Mad Bomber" LeMay that he would get his first strike on the Soviet Union just as soon as Kennedy was assassinated.

 When Allen Dulles told Jackie O about her role in the upcoming coup d'etat, she was not too thrilled. Suppose something went wrong or the plot backfired. When Dulles reassured her that the Pentagon, the FBI, and the local police in Dallas would cooperate fully, she finally consented.

Dulles also reassured her that the CIA and the FBI would do their utmost to eliminate anybody who questioned her role in the assassination.


Related - YouTube makes the case that Jackie was the assassin



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Comments for "CIA's Jackie Kennedy Flirted with LBJ After Assassination "

Eric B said (February 21, 2018):

I always viewed her as a "plastic" gal . . . she looked as if she could be very easily manipulated . . . and no doubt was. Thanks for this very insightful report.

Tony B said (February 21, 2018):

You've got some real nuts commenting on this one. Jackie as the assassin? Sure, right out there in the open and no one saw it?????????

Mike Piper found the true motive which places the planners. The details of who actually did the killing are not even important.

Ann said (February 21, 2018):

It never ceases to amaze me how some men, even the most holy type, are influenced by the physical beauty and charms of a woman. Jackie O. was a natural beauty (physically) that few would deny. Send a man a plain Jane photo of yourself to see how fast he runs. Send the same man a flattering picture of yourself, and see how he will be yours forever. Sad, but true, I’m afraid. Legs, face, breasts, arse; that is what men see; soul matters not. Few will admit it because beauty is part of the equation of procreation; so, I get it to some degree; but, the hypocrisy of how far it goes is mind-boggling. Men are mostly hypocrites when it comes to outer beauty. It’s something they have to work out personally with God.

Chris W said (February 20, 2018):

I’d read about the theory about Jackie being the assassin years go and while I found it incredibly tempting I just wasn’t willing to accept it. This removes any doubt, and the events of that day in 1963 come much clearer into focus.

It would be interesting to know if RFK cottoned onto her treachery.

Glen said (February 20, 2018):

I have read many times how Jackie was no angel, and how she was as much a philanderer and druggie as JFK himself. I must say this is the first time I've heard of her being CIA and possibly the one to kill JFK.

Bill Cooper always claimed the kill shot came from the limo and was carried out by Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman who was ridding shotgun in the limo. I could not make myself buy this theory, even though I had great respect for Bill and his work. I must say after reading this article I will now have to reconsider.

Thanks Henry, for proving once again, everything, and I do mean everything we have ever been told is a lie.

Here is another article stating it was Jackie who performed the kill shot on JFK .

Peter C said (February 20, 2018):

I just got done reading about that spy bitch play-acting as the wife of Jack. I must say I was stunned and teed off, loud enough to strip the paint off the walls. All the other stories we had to put up with around that time just kept the mysteries going without any real truth anywhere. The BS prevented us from learning anything useful.

I had the impression in those days that there was an underground war going on. As I recall, the Soviet Union was accused of dealing with the crime. I don't think they did anything except to spy on us so they knew what was going on. LBJ wore those Texas boots with spurs so he could kick ass whenever he wanted to and get off free.

Gangsters, gangsters, and more damn gangsters.

Vickie W said (February 20, 2018):

You know, I have thought for many years that she was WAY TOO calm after her husband's brains were blown out of the back of his head in that car ~ if it were me, I would be screaming hysterically, even though I knew he was unfaithful and was mad as hell at him! Finally, a story that corroborates my intuition!

Chad said (February 20, 2018):

You can assert that she was more of a useful idiot. Why volunteer to set up a person for assassination, only to find yourself downrange of a hail of bullets? She was obviously expendable.

Tony B said (February 20, 2018):

That whole article strikes me as a fairy tale. For me anyone who writes: "she was never caught up in the anti-Communist hysteria of Dulles, Joe McCarthy, and other right-wing fanatics," is someone grinding a very radical ax who is not overly married to the truth, to be beyond generous.

I never liked Kennedy while president but at the time of his assassination I was aware that many people who liked him did not like Jackie. I thought they either considered her "stuck up" or were Catholics who knew that his first wife had been made a non-person because Catholics marry for life. I wasn't interested in their reasons. Too bad Mike Piper is dead as he would be able to verify or dismiss this article in a NY second.

Some things I do know:

1. JFK and Bobby were determined to get rid of the CIA and establish their own such organization and the CIA knew it.

2. Johnson was one of the worst common thugs ever to be in the White House. He was as crude, crass and rude as any human being can get. As recorded in the book, "A Texan Looks at Lyndon" he murdered his way into the U.S. Senate. No, he didn't do the actual killings, like Hillary, he hired it out. Some said the money came from his Jewish wife. The bodies piled up in Texas in direct ratio to the ballot boxes that disappeared. Already poisoned to American elections, I didn't bother to check when he ran for president.

3. Cuba was NOT taken over by the CIA, it was taken over by Meyer Lansky and his mafia who turned it into one big gambling casino.

Betty P said (February 20, 2018):

Dear Sir: I wanted to let you know that I share information from your site to my facebook page from time to time. I find your information well-researched, non-biased and a documentation for truth. I go to your information often when I'm searching for real truth, which is almost impossible to find anymore.

Thanks for the encouragement Betty

My God is Truth.


Pat said (February 20, 2018):

This is the weirdest thing I've read in a long time!!!

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