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Bad Actors at the Faked Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting

February 15, 2018

Bjorn Jiskoot1.jpg
(left, eye witness "Christopher Hansen" a.k.a.
actor Bjorn Jiskoot.)

People are calling the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting event the sloppiest false flag hoax ever, full of contradictory and unbelievable narratives spoken by actors who are improvising and often changing their stories.

Gregory Fegel has compiled a series of Youtube links to demonstrate that the "Orlando gay massacre" marks a new low standard in American government hoax terror attacks in terms of script, direction and acting. How do the US government and media have the effrontery to perpetrate these clumsy hoaxes? Is it because the public is so gullible?

From June 26, 2016
by Gregory Fegel
The Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting event, which occurred on June 12, 2016, was a hoax performed by actors in the employ of the US Government, to further the agendas of gun control and the bogus War on Terrorism, which is actually a US war of aggression that was started, and is perpetuated, by the US Government and its allies. 

All of the "terrorist attacks" of the past several decades have been false flag attacks, that were falsely blamed on Muslims, but the attacks were actually perpetrated by agents of the US Government and its allies. 

(Few if any of these people actually died.)

The Sandy Hook School shooting (2012), the Boston Marathon bombing (2013), and the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris (2015) were all hoax attacks that were performed by actors. The 9/11 attacks of September 11, 2001 were a real false flag attack, that was falsely blamed on Muslims, in which the US Government killed nearly 3,000 people to launch the bogus War on terrorism.
People are calling the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting event the sloppiest false flag hoax ever. The Orlando Pulse survivors and police were filmed carrying the wounded TOWARD the Pulse nightclub, in the opposite direction of the Orlando Regional Medical Center, which is located three or four blocks away. Most of the victims have no visible wounds, nor any bleeding. No ambulances were filmed at the scene of the alleged Pulse nightclub shooting. 

The alleged Pulse nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, has been, since 2007, an employee of the world's largest security firm, G4S, which does contract work for the US Government. Omar Mateen's father,  Siddique Mir Mateen, is a top official in Afghanistan who has close ties to the US Government and the CIA. Omar Mateen performed as an actor in The Big Fix (2012), a dramatized documentary about the BP oil spill. Omar Mateen's employer, the global security firm G4S, has confirmed that Omar Mateen appeared in The Big Fix
(Movie, "Wag the Dog" was about fake news.)

Survivor Christopher Hansen, who is described by the media as the Pulse "hero", gave several interviews the following day "at the scene", but he was actually interviewed in a TV studio in front of a green screen. Christopher Hansen has been identified as an actor named Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr, who has performed in low-budget horror films.  
The survivor Norman Casiano has been identified as an actor named Luis Burbano, whose acting website features head shots and his acting resume. He appeared in The Sacred (2009). Norman Casiano (Luis Burbano) said that he saw a bullet four inches long sticking out of a victim's leg. There are no small arms bullets that are four inches long.  
Initially, Norman Casiano (Luis Burbano) claimed that he had been shot four times in the back, and that each bullet had gone "all the way through." Later, he said that he had been shot twice in the back. Any bullet that enters the chest will cause the lung to collapse, and the patient will not survive, unless he is placed on a chest tube to continuous suction for several days. Any bullet that enters the abdomen will perforate the intestines, which will require open surgery to repair, and a hospital stay of at least several days. Norman Casiano (Luis Burbano) said that he spent two days in the hospital, yet he was out of the hospital, looking fit as a fiddle, the day after the Orlando Pulse shooting incident, for his interview with Anderson Cooper. 
The bereaved mother Christine Leinonen was interviewed "at the scene", but actually, both she and the news presenter are performing in front of a TV studio green screen. The indoor TV studio lights are reflected on the surface of her glasses. Christine Leinonen made an audition video in which she talked about her acting ability, and about how she wanted to perform on the TV show "Wheel of Fortune". No death certificate, nor any death record, for Christine Leinonen's alleged son Christopher has appeared on the Internet. 
Survivor Patience Carter is an intern, and a news presenter, for Fox News. 
No members of the team of "famous trauma surgeons" at the Orlando Regional Medical Center have any online history of videos, nor talks, nor patient reviews. Six surgeons could not possibly have coped with 44 gunshot trauma victims at once as they claim. The Youtube blogger named Concerned American explains that the Orlando Regional Medical Center has severe long-term financial deficits, and the Orlando Pulse shooting hoax may have been planned, in part, to improve the ORMC's funding, and to boost its reputation as a regional trauma center. See also:

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First Comment by JB

Just a wee heads up regarding the June 29, 2016 article "Bad Actors at the Faked Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting"  by Gregory Fegel.

There are a few glaring errors in the article that erode any credibility Mr. Fegel might have.

1. The Medical Center was not in the opposite direction as the 'victims' were walking.  It's in the same direction, several blocks past the Pulse.

2.  Christopher Hansen is NOT Bjorn Jiskoot.

3. Norman Casiano and Luis Burbano were both participants, but are not the same person.

4.  Christine Leinonen was not filmed in front of a green screen.  Green screen was alleged to have been used on several occasions, but never proven.  In fact, one allegation of green screen was categorically disproven.

Mr. Fegel did a very sloppy research job for this article.  It reflects badly on him, and on your site for publishing it.
It gives the skeptics more straw men to attack.

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Comments for "Bad Actors at the Faked Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting"

Y said (July 14, 2016):

Good article on Orlando. Few things.

Three hundred people there, but very few cars in the parking lot. If 300 people were there, there would be a full parking lot and cars parked on the street. See aerial shots and customers carrying customers videos.

The doctor at the hospital at a press conference said that it took him 20 minutes to get to the hospital and that he arrived at 2:20 a.m. He received a call from the hospital telling him of the numerous people in the hospital who had been shot. This call had to come at 2 a.m. or before 2 a.m. and as it did, the alleged culprit had not even entered the nightclub yet. Further, the police issued a statement that no one in the nightclub died until after 5 a.m. Who was in the hospital injured with gunshot wounds before the culprit entered the nightclub?

I'm sure you've seen the rest of the videos on youtube. I've never seen anything so fake in my life.

James C said (June 29, 2016):

I maintain that these false flag hoaxes are deliberately sloppy and transparent. I think the author Michael A. Hoffman II said it best: It's "a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance." It's the Establishment's way of giving us all the finger. They know they have absolutely nothing to fear from the American public.

JG said (June 29, 2016):

This latest terror event has seemed to have fallen through the "memory hole" with a lot of Americans faster than even I thought.
The litmus test for what is real in the world of organized terror and what is false is what stays in the heart such as 911, Columbine, and Oklahoma City.
There have bern so many false flag terror events over the last few years in America that it's actually hard to name them all.
What worries me is that this could be mind conditioning for what's soon to be down the road.
This whole ISIS Psy Op is still being peddled around the world for those who are gullible enough to believe that they are a solely independent Islamic Terror Organization out to conquer the world.
Whatever happened to the Black Widows and Boku Harem?

Glen said (June 29, 2016):

The Jew York Slimes has come out with an article Trying to once again paint anyone with a lick of sense and at least one functioning brain cell as a conspiracy theorist. They do their best to get their message out which consist of.

1) We are the all knowing press and you must never doubt us

2) Your government would never lie to you

3)Any who think differently are bat shit crazy conspiracy theorist

The sad truth is these folks know their game is up. Nobody believes a thing they say anymore. Edward Bernays is turning in his grave. After you have read the article posted by Henry with all its facts and astute observations, please take the time to read what the above mentioned rag portrays as the truth. If nothing else, you'll get a good laugh out of it.

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