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Hitler was a Billionaire

February 2, 2018

grinning-hitler.jpg(Fooled you!)
Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause but by the mid-1930's, he was one of the richest men in Europe. Because the West is now largely controlled by Communist Jews (Soros) and Freemasons, there is a nostalgia for Hitler. But if he were their genuine opponent, would he have enriched
himself to this extent? That's the kind of reward a False Opposition receives. 

First and foremost, the Nazis hierarchy (like Communists) were common thieves. Like a plague of locusts, the Nazis looted every country they occupied.  "Gold bullion, business assets, priceless art and personal property were only part of the plunder stolen to order. Antiques, rare manuscripts and books, religious artifacts, gems, statues, porcelain, tapestries, and even tens of thousands of bottles of vintage wine were just part of a hoard which...included 1/5 of the world's art treasures..." - Paul Roland, Secret History of the Nazis, 2017, p.11. 

Moreover, if Hitler were a genuine opponent of Communism, he would have made common cause with all people oppressed by Communism, instead of offering an even worse bondage. If he had done this, he might have won. But his mandate was not to win. It was to take a fall. 

When Hitler returned to Munich from one of his frequent visits to Berlin, he
compared himself to Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple.

 "The traffic on the Kurfurstendamn, the luxury, the perversion and the Jewish materialism disgusted me so thoroughly that I was almost beside myself," he 
told his friends Putzi Hanfstaengl and Dietrich Eckart. "I nearly imagined myself to be Jesus Christ when he came to the temple and found it taken in by the money changers. I can easily imagine how he felt when he seized the whip and scourged them out." (Stan Lauryssens, The Man Who Invented the Third Reich, p. 108)

While many today are willing to take Hitler at his own estimation, Hitler was a deft liar and hypocrite who indulged in the materialism he pretended to despise. When he returned from Berlin, or any trip abroad, his suitcases were stuffed with Swiss francs and US dollars, precious metals and jewelry-- gifts from his many wealthy supporters, mainly entrepreneurs and aristocrats. (It is rumored that even Stalin funded him.

In the early 1920's, these gifts in foreign currency were worth many times more due to the exorbitant inflation. Hitler used this money to support his personal retinue and the Nazi Party, which he treated as a personal business enterprise.

IMG_0112.JPGBut according to Wulf Schwartzwaller, (The Unknown Hitler: His Private Life and Fortune, 1989) he did not deny himself. He became a billionaire from a massive personal slush fund,
ownership of the Nazi publishing monopoly, and from Mein Kampf.


After Hitler purged the socialist elements from the Nazi Party in 1934, and smashed labor unions, the Reich Association of German Industrialists set up the "Adolf Hitler Endowment" to which every employer contributed quarterly. The tax deductible contribution went directly to Hitler and he did not have to account for it.

"Based on reliable estimates, this bogus endowment received 100 million marks annually, all of which was available to the Fuhrer "privately and personally." (194)  This is equivalent to $40 million a year in 1935, or roughly $640 million today.

Hitler knew that "as long as German industry was making money, [thanks to rearmament] his private money sources would be inexhaustible...broken down to each individual was a modest contribution, one he was entitled to as the savior of German industry from Bolshevism..." (197)

Whenever Hitler wanted money for anything, Bormann paid, regardless of whether it was a house for a meritorious party member or a gift for Eva Braun, commissions for artists and sculptors or renovations for theatres. 

"Controlling the purse strings enabled Hitler to determine the living standards of his paladins and to reward them with money and gifts, like an absolute monarch, or punish them by withholding funds. Having inexhaustible funds provided an almost erotic stimulation for Hitler." (197)

According to estimates, more than a billion marks passed through the private donation account managed by Bormann. "By present-day standards, and given the purchasing power of the era, Hitler was a billionaire several times over." (196)

Hitler-billionaire.jpg(New Year's 1936)

Nevertheless, Hitler didn't leave any stone unturned. For example, many Germans left their estates to the Nazi Party in their wills. In 1935, Bormann instructed all provincial party treasurers to route inheritances directly to Hitler. (p. 196)

Hitler spent 30 million marks ($480 million today) on his retreat on the Obersaltzberg. He also amassed close to 10,000 paintings and art objects valued at more than one billion marks. Many were "taken into protective custody" from wealthy Jews. Art that didn't belong to Jews was bought on the open market for high prices.

In addition, Hitler also collected Gobelin tapestries, antique arms, and furniture. He intended to endow a future cultural complex in his hometown of Linz. (217)


Another source of wealth was Hitler's ownership of the Eher Publishing House which by 1944 controlled 90 percent of the German press and book market. By war's end, the Eher Syndicate had assets worth 600 million marks, roughly $8.5 billion today. The monopoly did not pay a cent of taxes after 1940 as it came under Hitler's personal exemption. (p.105)

Hitler's Mein Kampf sold a million copies every year after 1934. His annual royalties were between 1.5 and two million marks (between $6 and $8 million today.) In 1944, there were 5.5 million marks in his royalty account, about $22 million today.  (p.168)

Hitler may have been very generous to the people and causes he admired but he also looked after Number One. Hitler's personal fortune dwarfed FDR and Stalin, who had about $70 million. He certainly was no Jesus Christ expelling the money changers from the temple!  The size of his pay-off casts doubt on his motives.

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First Comment from Dan:

One has to understand that Hitler's image of Jesus wasn't the altruistic vagabond of the synoptic gospels.  He meant the reference to money changers story as an analogy for himself driving the Jews out or Europe. It was just a handy cheap shot, basically. Much as any rhetorical megalomaniac sound bytes we heard from Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Obama, and all the rest of them.

It didn't hurt that Mein Kampf became mandatory reading for public institutions across the board.  When a couple was certified 'Aryan' enough to be allowed to be married, Der State gave them a copy of Mein Kampf.  Hitler youth were also provided with mandatory copies. The State was actually bankrolling sales, as well as forcing a percentage of purchases.

Beneath the glamor, Fascism was a populist dictatorship which covertly served the big industrial interests.  The Third Reich's rapid economic recovery was due to backing State currency with the potential of German labor instead of gold.  It looks great on paper, but the fine print was the Nazi policy of exploiting coerced labor and ultimately - slave labor.     That's what concentration camps were for.  Everyone that could be tagged "you're it!" became unpaid labor, and anything they owned was simply stolen by the State. And the State was meticulously 'honest' about it - Himmler gave strict orders that any SS man who stole as much as a cigarette for himself would be shot.

At the end of the process all those stolen goods translated to grandiose luxury housing, the finest automobiles, private planes and unlimited staff, chefs, everything first class on demand - for the Nazi elite.


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Comments for "Hitler was a Billionaire "

Ann said (February 2, 2018):

Hitler was likely funded by Rothschild and the royal (pain in the arse) British aristocracy, for the sole purpose of claiming Palestine as a homeland for Ashkenazi-jews and a NWO. To this day, America through organized-religion is controlled and manipulated by fakers. People all over the world are sending their money to a Nazi regime in AshkenNazi-Israel.

The bulls**t surrounding anti-Semitism has got to be the most anti-Christ behavior ever fabricated in the history of mankind carried on in present-time as some torch of freedom.

Kurt said (March 3, 2016):

It irks me that historians and other otherwise intelligent people will tolerate any absurdity when it involves Hitler and Nazi Germany.

I’m of the opinion that Hitler was a dupe tasked with fomenting one side of a massive dialectic designed to fatally weaken the white Christian nations of the world with a genocidal war.

The ‘billions’ were probably funnelled clandestinely thru Hitler to support the cause, but I doubt it was for personal gain.

Hitler seemed to me to be a genuine zealot who misunderstood the British royalty thinking they were race patriots like him rather than lackey’s of the Rothschild’s.

Peter said (December 3, 2014):

Hitler had access to a checkbook that was automatically re-funded every time he used it. Borman had that job. The WW2 history books
had no other description of the money schemes in Germany. So that meant: “Keep it simple, Simon, and remain stupid by design.

The letter writer called Hitler Lover sounds like a royal pain-in-the-ass Free Mason whose job it is to ENFORCE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

No one but those assholes have All the Rights, Privileges, and MOBSTER LAW behind them. They are the New (Old) World Order.

Ian said (December 2, 2014):

The holocaust is being questioned in those countries where it isn't illegal to ask questions. The only thing being questioned though is whether or not there was a deliberate extermination policy against the Jews. Certain aspects of it definitely did happen, and Hitler definitely wanted rid of the "Jews" and their, as he apparently saw it, detrimental effect on Germany. For this, he and Germany were taught a lesson and made an example of, to any other country that might feel like, "ridding itself of Jewish people". Thomas Goodrich's book, Hell Storm, documents what may be expected by anyone who steps out of line, and it paints a bleak picture indeed.
Hitler took a poor and demoralized country and built it into a mighty and proud nation. Of that there is little doubt, as for deceit and corruption, I don't know, but compared to Churchill, Roosevelt and uncle Joe, I doubt he was the worst, or even in the first three, however as always, the victor writes the history, though other versions are available if you shop around.


Brian said (December 2, 2014):

I am sorry Henry but you got duped with this one.
Hitlers own words were that he would not eat or drink anything that his men at the front did not have.

he was a vegetarian because he could abide no needless cruelty/

After W W 1 Jewish profiteers scheisters black marketeers fences and stock swindlers stole everything they could from Germany, art jewelry
anything that went up in value, there are documents of train loads of plundered goods leaving Germany for the big Jewish houses in France.

but come W W II Hitler took it all back and much of it was returned to its rightful owners, this is still going on through the courts now.
With regard to Hitler having the wealth you say this is contradicted by the Nuremberg tribunals who wanted the money for the show trials to come from Hitlers personal estate , if you read through the papers you will see he was almost penniless

Historian Brian John Mitchell


Dear Brian,

No! We crucified another Christ!


GG said (December 2, 2014):

Adolf Hitler was a bloodline Rothschild and an Austrian born Zionist Jew. The Germans were duped into believing he was one of them. World
leaders are often Crypto-Jews. I was surprised to find the US issued a similar coin in 1932 to the one Hitler issued in 1933 when he was
setting up the State of Israel during the "Transfer Agreement". It reaffirms what Eustace Mullins said about there is only one political
party in the world, NATIONAL SOCIALIST, set up to rob everybody; NAZI stands for "National Socialist Zionist". Follow the money and you'll
find the butchers; The Committee of 300 / East India Company.

Hitler Lover said (December 1, 2014):

Ah, the never ending Hitler bashing, continues, the eternal semitic scapegoat.

He is the energizer bunny of absurdity and hate by the western judeo-christian satanists.
The endless rumors will never end will they Henry?

I wonder Henry, what will you Jews and Christians do when you can no longer hate on ze Nazies?

It seems, that every post in the "alternative media" is awash in leftists and Zionist Jew worshipers who will never stop....until the Jew world order is created.

No different than the mainstream media, really, then are you?

What makes you think your Semitic god is any different than the one satanists worship?

Pride? Arrogance? Or is it something else?

Is it that you sold you souls?

I think so. Every judeo-christian I have ever met was a satanist in drag.

A simple search on youtube proves that. And yet you still go on, like you get paid the most for "Hitler" articles.

How pathetic.


Sandeep said (December 1, 2014):

Nice article on Hitler. Interesting that their are so many books about him, but never hear about them from the Zionist media or so called Zionist education system. I wasn't totally aware of the extent of his personal funds. I only knew that his career and Nazi party were bankrolled by the Zionists in London and Wall Street.

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