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The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool Aid

February 3, 2018

(left, national suicide, or is it murder?) 

Last week, self-hating Halifax civic officials removed the statue of the founder of Halifax, Edward Cornwallis (1713-1776). It doesn't matter that he founded the city; he had a skeleton in his closet. He had issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi'kmaq (Indian) people in 1749. Since he was long dead, the only thing that could be removed was his statue, which was considered an obstacle to "reconciliation."
After decades of Masonic Jewish (Communist) tutelage, Canadians now have so little respect for their own heritage that they could do this. They could not focus on the many positive things this man has done. 

There is a connection between the removal of statues of white men and the #MeToo movement. Both are racist and sexist hate, designed to stigmatize the white male as a sexual predator and brutal killer. Cornwallis could not be accused of an improper sexual overture, so scalps were used as an alternative. The Illuminati always have a victim handy. 

You cannot disown your heritage without destroying yourself. This is how it began in Zimbabwe and South Africa. When self-hating Haligonians are ready to turn the city over to the Natives, they can drown themselves in the harbor and make Jim Jones proud.  

To put this in perspective, the Illuminati attack the four legs of human identity -- race, religion (God), nation and family (gender) -- to re-engineer and enslave humanity. 

Here is the story from The Toronto Star where the natives invoke their trademark spirituality to justify this attack on Canadian heritage. 

As the statue of Edward Cornwallis was lowered onto a truck in Halifax on Wednesday to be taken away and placed in storage, a bald eagle soared high above.

Rebecca Moore, a Mi'kmaq woman who's fought to see the statue fall, held a feather in the air, and dozens of people who'd gathered in the cold craned their necks to look up at the sacred bird.

It took workers hours to free the bronze statue from its granite pedestal.

Using power saws and crowbars, they cut away at the base under Cornwallis's feet and rocked the statue till it broke free and a crane picked it up, lowering it onto the bed of a truck.

Earlier in the day, they'd pried off the former Nova Scotia governor's name and a plaque honouring his founding of Halifax in 1749.

Cornwallis issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi'kmaq people that same year, in response to a raid on a sawmill in what would become Dartmouth.

On Tuesday, Halifax regional council voted 12-4 to temporarily remove the statue, pending the outcome of a committee process to look at how Cornwallis's name is used on municipal property like the statue, the name of the park where it sat, and a nearby street.

That process came to a halt last week when the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Chiefs announced it was pulling out, citing delays and demanding the statue be removed immediately.

During the debate Tuesday, numerous councilors called the statue a barrier to reconciliation between the municipality and the Mi'kmaq, and hoped the committee could be revived with this show of good faith.

If the committee can't be struck, municipal staff will report back to council with other options for the statue in six months.

The statue is headed to an undisclosed municipal storage depot.

"It will be located at one of our municipal depots, but we are keeping that confidential, purely for safe-keeping," HRM spokesperson Brendan Elliott said on Wednesday. "We don't want to bring added attention and the potential of vandalism to the statue while it's sitting in storage."

The cost of removing the statue is estimated to be $25,000. It was sculpted and erected in 1931 for $20,000, paid for by Canadian National Railways, the province, and the city.


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Comments for "The Goyim Have Drunk the Globalist Kool Aid "

Mersie said (February 5, 2018):

If the Canadians are so worried about taking down an "offensive" statue of a man who fought Indians (which was typical of the times and was sanctioned by most), then why aren't they demanding their own government take down all the government buildings that were built on the Indian's land?

Pedro said (February 4, 2018):

How about we get some marxists to do an honest appraisal of the savage aspects of the savages, then we go into their reservations and pull down anything that reminds us of these horrors. That would be fair, wouldn't it?

My gg Grandfather as a missionary helped get the savages off being cannibals, even though he was probably, in reality, softening them up for the petroleum industry of Dutch/BP for the Rothchilds bred and funded Luciferian royalty. Do we get to keep half a statue for that one? How long before we have to mandatorily spit on their graves, per the Jewish custom.

JG said (February 4, 2018):

Canada needs a leader like Donald Trump who does not apologize for his existence and is not ashamed of his white European heritage or his country's founding fathers and their constitution. Canada does not need another helpless Soros stooge like they have now that's willing to sell his nation and it's people down the drain for a little fame and fortune in return.

Canada is slowly getting diced a little more each day.
The globalists are now working on the gender neutrality "psyop" and where that one will end for the Canadian people who knows.

The Canadian people always have and will continue to be welcomed in America if they wish to come here. But, they also must take a stand against this globalist invasion that's now going on in Canada. They owe it to the founding fathers of their nation and themselves.

Phil said (February 4, 2018):

Henry, similar to here in Oz. Self hating SJW's, Greens and Leftists calling for removal of statues and renaming parks of Melbourne's founder, John Batman.

John Batman, the beloved founder of Melbourne, is widely considered to have been sympathetic towards Aboriginal people.

This reputation stems largely from his famous attempt (unique in Australian history) to purchase the land around Port Phillip via a treaty with the local Wurundjeru people.

This snippet of Batman’s life, nurtured by a long tradition of venerating pioneers, has endeared him to generations of Australians, particularly as a friend to the Aborigines.

In the school book series Great Australians, Batman is said to have “acted always with a humanity and kindness unheard-of for his day.”

Why then, in his 2011 Vogel Award-winning novel, The Roving Party, would Rohan Wilson depict Batman as a scoundrel and a murderer?

This fictional account, which Wilson claims is based on real events, describes Batman’s exploits as a “roving party” leader in Tasmania during the late 1820s and early 1830s, sent out to hunt down Aborigines.

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