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February 22, 2018

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Why would they use a pornography model's photos for Victoria Soto?

Teacher Victoria Soto didn`t exist, like so many other Sandy Hook actors. And now someone is researching the non-existent - no birth certificates - "Students" at Stoneman High? We already see the same patterns as Sandy Hook developing. 

Start with; The Sandy Hook school parking lot indicated the school hadn`t been used for 10+ years since there were NO oil stains in the lot. Add the students who were actually 11-12, singing at their own Eulogy - their 5-6 year old photos were used as the fake "dead" children. To make the story complete they needed fictitious parents, and the dead school teacher heroine, and the fictional shooter; Adam Lanza, and the David Wheeler guy who played both a parent and FBI gun guy - Humorously, he didn`t even know how to hold that gun! And he hid from the cameras! And then "crying" actress; Cali Soto. Add a bunch of other actors; i.e. Jennifer Greenberg [Sexton]. Supposedly the PAY for acting in this was $250,000. or your house in Newtown - the mortgage paid off. The Bank stayed open on a Sunday to make all this happen secretly. What a DEAL!
Commie-Obama was shown with little blonde Emilie Parker ALIVE AFTER the shooting hoax. All "actors" got a ride on Air Force One, supposedly. Others have done the research on much of this. I`ll take a guess that the Stoneman High School event will turn out just as false. 
The NEED to demolish - PULVERIZE!!! the school building like Sandy Hook School is to completely obliterate any evidence of what actually happened there. They spent 700% of what a replacement school would cost. -C

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