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March 27, 2018


Ken Adachi's Wi-Fi Danger Resource List 

I've been posting articles on WiFi dangers - and what to do about it - since 2006. I'll paste in links below to numerous articles that both explain the scope of the problem and how to mitigate it relatively inexpensively. You need knowledge more than a fat wallet. When you start looking at the prices charged for RF reflecting cloth at for instance, to make a bed canopy or clothing, it can cost you a small fortune, and most people don't have that kind of money. You can mitigate and reduce microwave energy fields entering your home by inexpensive shielding techniques laid out it the articles seen below, even if you have a smart meter on the outside wall of your bedroom. It's far more important to acquire a basic understanding of what microwave radiation energy fields are, how to measure them, and how to block them inexpensively.

The Basics:
First, you can't have any source of EMITTING WiFi microwave energy being generated INSIDE your home. That means getting rid of "WiFi" anything INSIDE your home: You can't avoid this step. No WiFi routers, laptops, printers, mouse, etc. Use Ethernet cable for EVERYTHING. I keep my laptop 10 feet away from me and use a remote monitor, keyboard, and a long usb extension cable for my mouse to avoid the small amount of radiation coming from the laptop itself. You must DISABLE the WiFi function of your laptop, not merely "turn if off."
DON'T use Smart phones. It's a WiFi transmitter that puts out a HIGHER microwave energy field GREATER than what you would measure in micro-watts standing at the base of a cell phone tower (I did the measurements). Smart phones usually put out 25,000 to 50,000 micro-watts during a phone call with your ear right next to the Smartphone. The SAFE level is 1-3 micro-watts.
Third, to stop WiFi from coming into the house, aluminized mylar "energy blankets" are the cheapest way to do it (see article below on inexpensive way to shield your home), but I would use aluminum screening on the wall BEHIND the smart meter to block the waves from entering your home (see article). You can also make your own inexpensive aluminum screen cover that goes COMPLETELY OVER the Smart meter itself which will cut down its microwave wattage by about 90% and still allow enough signal to reach the power company to get the reading. People on Youtube will sell you a fancy looking stainless mesh Smart meter cover for $100 or you can make your own at home in 10 minutes for $2. Your choice. 

Second, you need a way to "see" the microwave energy fields using a high-frequency RF meter like the Acoustimeter AM-10 RF meter. You must have a meter to see what kind of readings you have and then be able to measure them again after you've installed your shielding. There's two models, the more expensive one is $370 Amazon.

or the less expensive unit for $180 from Acousticom. With 5G coming, you'll have to eventually get a meter that will measure in the higher frequency band of 5G, but for now, the AM-10 will do the job. 

If you are sensitive to microwaves just walking around the mall, and you don't want to spend $200-$300 for a set of RF shielding silver full body undergarments, to wear under your clothing to block microwaves, you can sew or Goop mylar energy blankets to the inside of your pants or shirt or jacket to get a similar shielding effect for 3 or 4 bucks. You can line your hat or baseball cap with aluminum foil or mylar energy blanket material or line the inside of your hoody with mylar energy blanket. With an AM-10 Acoustimeter, you can see what the microwave energy field is before shielding and after shielding and adjust how many layers you may need to get the level of shielding desired. You can also watch videos on making shoes or sneakers or sandals that will connect to the ground while walking outside. You get the best grounding by walking on grass or plain dirt, but you still get some grounding with these grounding shoes by walking on pavement or asphalt. (see articles below)

The other problem about ear ringing etc. is due to the build up of NANO PARTICLES (metals and polymers) in the body that is daily being rained down on us via chemtrails. You're inhaling these tiny, submicroscopic particles in the air and ingesting them daily due to contamination of crops grown outdoors. As they build up in the body, they SELF ASSEMBLE into nanobot neural networks (under the influence of external AI computer programming being transmitted from cell towers) that invades your DNA and the deepest recesses of your cells. This is not science fiction, It's happening to all of us. Become informed and remove those Nanoparticles and the ringing and OTHER symptoms will go away.

Countering microwave poisoning:

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